FMC Chapter 2737

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2737 Heavenly Demon is here! Floating astronomy
When Tang Ka closed the door to the supermarket from the outside, his heart was like a big mistake, just like what he had made.

He didn’t know if he was unfaithful to Ultimate Prosperity High Master and Great God Pangu, but the squad leader told him that it wasn’t. The squad leader said that if he found the error of Ultimate Prosperity High Master, he didn’t tell Ultimate Prosperity High Master – that It is the real infidelity, even the crime of the “sacred cause.”

Tang Ka doesn’t know, he should believe that the squad leader is Ultimate Prosperity High Master, but in his mind, both of them are unquestionable and must be absolutely obedient.

Therefore, Tang Ka is still as always, like a small tail, obediently behind the squad leader, back to the meeting place.

However, just after returning to the meeting place, he encountered another guy who didn’t want to face it. The deputy squad leader “Liao Meng”.

Liao Meng is a tall, muscular boy who is two heads taller than Tang Ka and is taller than the squad leader.

His skin is dark, the tiger’s back is bearded, and the blood vessels around him are always full of violent, highlighting the power of explosives.

And he never concealed the existence of this kind of power. Almost every sentence, he has to swing down his fist, and his face is full of acne, which is like a crack at any time.

Liao Meng doesn’t like Tang Ka.

Although I don’t know why, it has never been straightforward, but Tang Ka knows that Liao Meng doesn’t like himself very much, especially when he is behind Chu Zhiyun’s ass, or when he and Chen Zhiyun avoid everyone and get along alone. .

At that time, Liao Meng looked at his eyes like a tiger looking at the shivering sheep.

Tang Ka doesn’t like Liao Meng either.

Yes, he knows that he should not “dislike” anyone, but he can’t do it. Every time Liao Meng stares at the squad leader, he will raise a nameless anger from the bottom of his heart. Will be eroded by Heavenly Demon, completely demonized.

“Where have you been?”

Liao Meng swing down a thick flamethrower, between Chu Zhiyun and Tang Ka, separating the two with cold steel. He stared at Tang Ka, coldly said, “There is not your mission area.”

“I asked him to help.”

Waiting for Tang Ka to answer, Chu Zhiyun took Tang Ka behind him. “I found a small supermarket that needs people to identify the dangerous goods.”


Liao Meng narrowed her eyes. “Why don’t you ask me for help, I am the deputy squad leader.”

“You are identifying the information in libraries and bookstores, and the mission is equally important.”

Chu Zhiyun said hard, “I am the squad leader. I can distribute the purification mission for everyone. I think Tang Ka is suitable for the supermarket. Is there a problem?”

Liao Meng was silent, and the hands of the flamethrower were smashed and smashed, and the flamethrower was slammed.

“Your mood is very strong, you are… angry.”

Chu Zhiyun suddenly said, “Why?”

“I do not have.”

Liao Meng took a deep breath and retired. “I am very calm, just want to know why Tang Ka students changed the mission, nothing more.”

“Now you already know, is that all right?”

Chu Zhiyun stared at Liao Meng’s black and red face, aggressive.

“Yes, it’s okay.”

Liao Meng walked away without looking back.

“Don’t be afraid of him, he is not good at managing his emotions than you.”

Chu Zhiyun watched Liao Meng go further and further, this is close to Tang Ka’s ear. “This guy will be accompanied by Heavenly Demon sooner or later, completely out of control, kicking out ‘Saint Light Academy’, let alone becoming ‘Purifier’. ‘Yes.’

The teenagers worked from dawn to dusk until the night fell, and the lack of systematic lighting ruins, they ended the first day of purification testing, with a lot of precious loot, the original return, returned to the camp set in the suburbs .

A big city, of course, not only do they have a class of 20 or 30 people to carry out purification, but there are dozens of classes, thousands of “Quasi Purifier” separate the different areas, while advancing from the surrounding to the city center.

At the moment, thousands of “Quasi Purifiers” returned to the camp at the same time, counting the day’s purification scores and recycled Heavenly Material and Earthly Treasure, receiving instructors’ inspections and instructions, and a real Purification Army stationed not far away, thousands. The people’s team is vast and lively.

Tang Ka followed Chu Zhiyun, the second instructor counted the spoils and scanned the mood fluctuations recorded with Crystal Computer for a day.

He originally thought that the act of touching the “warning line” twice in a day would be rebuked by the tutor, and at least he would be asked what was going on.

Who knows that the instructor only stared at him with cold eyes for a while, then waved and let go, without any intention of pursuing it, of course, did not “eject him out of the examination room.”

Tang Ka breathed a sigh of relief and helped Chu Zhiyun to play with the portable Saint Light Generator.

The planet has just been attacked by them. It has not yet established a fixed temple. It can only rely on the Saint Light Generator to carry out the daily cultivation.

In a short time, thirty-three students in the class completed the scan and sat down around the Saint Light Generator.

“wēng wēng wēng wēng ……”

The Saint Light Generator made a slight noise, and a milky Saint Light surged like a fountain, slowly spreading, wrapping all the classmates like a tent.

Tang Ka feels immersed in a pure, peaceful, holy and soft ocean. His divine soul resonates with the divine souls of the remaining 32 students. He seems to have heard of Ultimate Prosperity High Master and Great God Pangu in resonance. The voice, which made him forget the original desire to be restless, and even more forgotten the temptation and clarity of Outer Territory Heavenly Demon. He was once again ethereal, sacred, and pure.

After the end of Saint Light cultivation once a day, Tang Ka’s mood was much calmer. Even when she looked directly at Chu Zhiyun or Liao Meng, there were not so many hearts in the depths of everyday, in ridiculous thoughts.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

Not far away, suddenly there was a scream.

On a high platform that had just been built up, there was a silver-colored execution frame. A student with a fork and a fork and a foot tied to it, was swayed by a mentor with a poisonous thorn, and smashed thirty-six. The whip, drawn to the coma, the skin opened, and even the vertebrae can be seen, this was lifted.

Everyone is watching silently, and maybe someone is as curious as Tang Ka, but the Saint League teenagers are not allowed to “discuss spiritedly” without permission.

For a while, the instructor revealed the answer to them.

It was a child in the next class. In today’s purification work, the ghost made a poorly stuffed plastic toy that was originally destroyed, a very poor Giant Divine Weapon model.

He is so stupid that every student must go through the most meticulous inspections when they return to the camp, and there is absolutely no possibility of entraining anything.

No one knows why he is doing this. Even when the instructor asked him, he was red-faced and couldn’t say why.

Perhaps, being tempted by Heavenly Demon, is it so embarrassing, the mind is not clear?

Then there’s no way.

He is the first knockout of the “Final Test” and, after accepting the whipping, will be sent to the rear temple for the deepest purification.

I don’t know if he can still retain the ability of logical thinking, but even if he becomes a low-level unit such as “Bing Bee” or “Worker Bee”, he is also self-sufficient.


Tang Ka didn’t know how serious he and the squad leader was doing. It would be more serious than secretly hiding a toy. Will it be like the guy in the next class, tied up by the five flowers and tied to the execution platform? What are you doing?

Tang Ka has just been calmed down by Saint Light, and the mood is like a lake wrinkled by the spring breeze.

Back to the dormitory, Tang Ka is still very worried, and the soul is not at home.

The rainbow lollipop that Chu Zhiyun had just stuffed into his mouth seemed to open up his taste buds, and the usual synthetic foods like chewing wax became more and more odorless.

Tang Ka was forced into the two bowls of slimy synthetic food in the eyes of the scorpion. He resisted the urge to vomit and did not take care of it. He came to the Training Room.

The Saint League people do not have the concept of “entertainment”. In a few spare time, exercise is almost the only option to vent extra energy.

Tang Ka desperately slammed the sandbags and the gravity treadmill, trying to squeeze every force of each muscle, just like every Heavenly Demon crouching in the muscle fibers.

He is almost successful.

But this time, Chu Zhiyun also came to the Training Room and jumped on the gravity treadmill opposite him.

She likes to sweat very much, and the sweat quickly wets her chest.

Tang Ka instantly felt that the 18,000 Heavenly Demon, who had just died so hard, was resurrected.

In the dead of night, all the classmates in the class slept soundly, including Chu Zhiyun.

Tang Ka turned to the side and couldn’t sleep at night.

Even though he was separated by several high and low beds, he seemed to smell Chu Zhiyun’s sweaty aroma.

Hey, Chu Zhiyun’s unpredictable appearance in the supermarket overlaps with her sweaty appearance on the treadmill, turning into a soft, fluffy dream that suppresses Tang Ka’s head.

Tang Ka dreams, a strange dream that has never been done before.

He dreamed that he and Chu Zhiyun were holding hands and running on the white and delicate beach between the blue sky and the blue sky.

He dreamed that Chu Zhiyun was playing with a bright red skirt and showing him the expression called “smile.”

He even dreamed that Chu Zhiyun was tied to the execution platform by Wuhua Da, still wearing a red dress and being beaten by a thorn.

The clothes flutter like a red butterfly, revealing a whiter, finer skin than the sand, and the redness and swelling of the redness will make the skin next to it more white.

“Tang Ka, save me, Tang Ka, save me!”

The squad leader in the dream is extraordinarily delicate and sends out a whim that she will never give out.

Tang Ka suddenly woke up and felt the sweat in his body.

The lower body is more like an electric shock, and it is a slap, and he jumps. He has not reacted yet, and the crotch is wet and sticky.

“this is–“

Tang Ka’s scalp is numb. The 14-year-old boy made such a weird dream for the first time. When he encountered such a strange thing, he, he was wetting the bed?

At this moment, Tang Ka was a singer, like something falling from the sky and getting into his messy mind.

“Hey, boy, how are you!”

One sounded as if I wanted to pretend to be amiable, but when I thought about it, my mother’s voice was very loud and sounded in Tang Ka’s mind.

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