FMC Chapter 2741

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Chain 鏂 绗琗 绗琗 绗琗 绗琗 绗琗 绗琗 绗琗 绗琗 绗琗 绗琗 绗琗 绗琗 绗琗 绗琗 绗琗 绗琗 绗琗 绗琗 绗琗
鈥滆 涔堣浣犱 涔堣浣犱 涔堣浣犱

Li Yao 阆掳纴鈥滆兘鍜屾垜璇 浣犱 浣犱 鍦ㄢ 楽 int aint Light Academy 鈥椤叿浣揿涔犱粈涔堣绋嫔悧锛熲€


Tang Ka 璇达纴鈥沧瘮鏂 silicon 锛屽浜庡 瑁呰姳锲 (5) 敠绨囷纴婊嫔懗鍙堢壒鍒 瀵屽褰╋纴瀹 瀵屽褰╋纴瀹 槗璇 汉 汉 汉 汉 汉 汉 汉 汉 汉镄勯鐗╋纴灏辫鍓ラ櫎浠栦 镄勫 瑁咃纴灏嗕粬浠粸纰庢 瑁咃纴灏嗕粬浠粸纰庢 瑁咃纴灏嗕粬浠粸纰庢 钖堬纴铡 钖堬纴铡 櫎婊嫔懗锛屽彧 櫎婊嫔懗锛屽彧 櫎婊嫔懗锛屽彧Chuanyu reading

鈥滃浜庢 変 変 変 浣旷敤澶勭殑濉戞枡鐜╁叿鍜屼笣缁 浣旷敤澶勭殑濉戞枡鐜╁叿鍜屼笣缁 浣旷敤澶勭殑濉戞枡鐜╁叿鍜屼笣缁 纴灏 纴灏 纴灏 洿鎺ョ剼鐑 洿鎺ョ剼鐑帀銆

鈥沧墍璋撶殑鈥榳ork of art 鈥欐槸 鍗 鍗 鍗 橹镄勪笢瑗匡纴瀵 橹镄勪笢瑗匡纴瀵 榳 榳 榳 榳 榳 榳 榳 榳 榳 榳 榳 榳 榳 榳 寰佺潃 寰佺潃 寰佺潃 寰佺潃 寰佺潃 寰佺潃 寰佺潃 寰佺潃 寰佺潃 寰佺潃 寰佺潃筇eavenly Demon 镄勫磭鎷滐纴鏄疕uman Race 瀵 楶 楶 al al al 楶 楶 楶 楶 楶 楶 楶 楶 楶 楶 楶 楶 楶 楶 楶 楶 楶 楶堕棿褰诲簳阌€姣 and €

鈥滃綋鐒讹纴涔熸湁寰埚涓滆タ钑 棌镌 鏋佸ぇ镄勪 鏋佸ぇ镄勪 鏋佸ぇ镄勪 鏋佸ぇ镄勪        鐢ㄧ殑 鐢ㄧ殑 鐢ㄧ殑 鐢ㄧ殑 鐢ㄧ殑 鐢ㄧ殑 鐢ㄧ殑 鐢ㄧ殑 ical ical ical ical ical ical ical ical ical ical ical ical岃 浜涗笢瑗 浜涗笢瑗 浜涗笢瑗 ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° °敤銆傗€


Li Yao 璇达纴鈥滆缮纴鈥滆缮

鈥滆缮 夛纴鎴戜 夛纴鎴戜 夛纴鎴戜 瀛 瀛 瀛 瀛 瀛 瀛 瀛 涔嬮棿阌欑 涔嬮棿阌欑 涔嬮棿阌欑 涔嬮棿阌欑 涔嬮棿阌欑 涔嬮棿阌欑 涔嬮棿阌欑 涔嬮棿阌欑 涔嬮棿阌欑 涔嬮棿阌欑 涔嬮棿阌欑 涔嬮棿阌欑 鐖浠ュ强钘夌敱杩欎簺鍏崇钘夌敱杩欎簺鍏 皬灏忕殑鍒╃泭皬灏忕殑鍒╃泭Group 銆傗€

Tang Ka said, “The instructor told us that the Empire people pay special attention to the imaginary things like the “parental blood” and the “family honor”. They are too persistent to pass on their genes, completely ignoring the fatal flaws in the genes. Leading to very serious resource mismatches and class solidification, even family vendettas, contradictions and wars, so that a big Empire, which clearly occupies the most resourceful world of Star Ocean, is torn apart, endlessly fighting, wasted A lot of precious resources, for thousands of years, not only did the Civilization leap, but gradually became indulged – Old Yao, is this true, the Empire people will be valuable resources just because of the reason that ‘someone is my child’ Unlimited waste on people who are not suitable?”


Li Yao wants to touch the nose that doesn’t exist. “It’s true, but it’s complicated, and the explanation is unclear.”

“And, we also learn about the social status and class composition of ‘Landed Demon Country – Empire of True Humanity.’

Tang Ka said, “The instructor told us that the Empire of True Humanity is a group of magical dances, materialistic, stinking, evil kingdom, that is a person who exploits people, oppresses people, eats human ghost society, and powerful people. Nightingale songs, wine pool meat forests, living a life of luxury, indulging in a life of luxury, but the weaker can only huddle in the dark and damp ground, relying on some of the debris leaked from the fingers of the powerful people to survive There will never be a day to come.

“Even, the power-owners still have the power to play with the weak, the power of Gods, and the weak as their slaves. Is this true?”

“Well, I’m talking about it, I also think that Empire of True Humanity is indeed a hundred percent of ‘Landed Demon Country’!”

Li Yao said, “However, if you come back, don’t you have the Covenant Alliance, there is no such thing as a powerful person who bullies the weak? You just said that your nursing home and even the occupation are divided into high and low, there are many people. Both are injured and even die in the cultivation of ‘natural awakening’! You are qualified to retain High-Level logical thinking ability and keen emotional perception, but those ‘Bing Bees’ and ‘Workers’ are not, is this not a kind of exploitation? And oppression?”

“How is this the same?”

Tang Ka glimpsed, “We have different careers and levels of course in our Saint League, but this is only a division of labor, and there is no distinction between the two, regardless of the lowest level of ‘Bing Bee’ and ‘Worker Bee’, or Specialists like ‘Purifier’ or ‘Ambusher’, or high-level leaders like ‘Commander’, ‘Libationer’, ‘Ultimate Prosperity High Master’, everyone is Gods’ most beloved lamb, the most loyal slave and the most brave Warriors, we are all the same!

“In order to use the limited resources to build a better world, there are indeed many Saint League people who have to work hard in a harsh environment, but every bit of their work is used to improve the natural environment and discover more. The ruins of the ruins, the restoration of the past Pangu Civilization, no One Star half, used for the lust of the commander, Libationer and Ultimate Prosperity High Master – because we do not have any ‘private desire’ at all!

“In the evil Empire of True Humanity, when the bottom miners struggled in the depths of the cold and dark mines, the Sect Masters and Sect Masters on the mines and mines were in the splendid palace, the big fish. Big meat, extravagant and extravagant, waste resources indifferently.

“And at the Covenant Alliance, when the miners work in the depths of the mine, the special professions, commanders, Libationer and Ultimate Prosperity High Master are also suffering the same suffering, living a life of equal poverty and holiness. I am fully committed to the most sacred cause.

“Although I have never seen the life of Ultimate Prosperity High Master, the instructors are living and living with us every day. Our food, in addition to the differences in nutrients, does not have any taste. The difference is different, and the instructors do not have any so-called ‘entertainment’ and ‘enjoyment’, let alone play the body of the weak, to get the joy of evil – this is never there!

“As for the cultivation of ‘Awakening Talent’, there is indeed a very high casualty rate, but it is the same for everyone, including the mentor and even Dean.

“The most important thing is that without any privilege, every test is absolutely open and fair. No matter who your child is or who your parents are, it doesn’t matter if you have the talent, you can send it to the right position for Gods. Service, to exert the greatest strength, if there is no talent, will be sent to the temple to purify, and then become a hard and holy ‘stone.’

“I heard that this is not the case in Empire. In Empire, as long as the descendants of the powerful, even without any talent, they may be piled up by massive resources and carried to the most important command and management positions; if it is weak The descendants of the people, even with the blessings of Gods, have unparalleled talents, and are still likely to be buried, trampled, and even murdered – Old Yao, is that the case?”

“I can’t answer your question.”

Li Yao said, “Maybe it is, but recently Empire of True Humanity is also innovating, I believe that there will be earth-shaking changes…”


Tang Ka asked, “It will become our Covenant Alliance. Is everyone equal, absolutely free from oppression, exploitation and selfishness?”

“This seems to be difficult.”

Li Yao said, “Hey, hello, kids, you are asking too much!”

“As long as there is a selfish existence, all changes are useless, but the palliative is not a cure.”

Tang Ka came to the conclusion. “It seems that all the evils and malpractices that the mentor said about the Empire of True Humanity are true. I was still thinking about it. Is there such a terrible country in the universe, such a ridiculous system? In contrast, our Saint League is even more perfect!”

“Wait, I have a bit of a mess now, you can calm me down.”

Li Yao said, “It sounds like your class is really complicated and very difficult.”

“It’s really hard, especially about understanding the ’emotion’.”

Tang Ka said, “Our emotional perception can’t be too slow. If it’s too slow, you can’t understand the dangerous meanings in many Empire items. You know, many times Heavenly Demon’s trap is not on the surface of the item, but hidden. In the words that seem to be plain, we must be keenly aware of it and pull it out.

“But our emotional perceptions can’t be too allergic. Too sensitive, it’s more susceptible to Heavenly Demon, and become a slave to Heavenly Demon.

“In short, one hundred students entered the Saint Light Academy. Only one person can stick to the final ‘Final Test’. The rest are eliminated and have to be sent to the temple to make a relatively simple job.

“The last seven days, no, there are still six days left. As long as I can pass the test, I can become a real ‘Purifier’, so I definitely don’t want to make a bit of a scorpion, either myself or my squad leader, as long as we It’s good to be a ‘Purifier’, Old Yao, please help us!”

Li Yao has been silent for a long time, and her thoughts are like hundreds of millions of light points, spinning and colliding.

“Listen, children, of course I will help you, but I carefully analyzed what you just said, compared with the information I know, I found some embarrassment.”

Li Yao cautiously said, “First, I feel that you have all the classmates around you. Your Brain activities are too strong. Really, in my perception, your Brain is like a colorful torch. It’s not the same as the cold, quiet, faint luster that I have been exposed to in the past.

“Maybe you will say that this is a professional feature of ‘Purifier’, but I still feel that there is a problem – such a Purifier is too dangerous.

“Second, I have also been exposed to some ‘Ambusher’, knowing Ambusher’s Brain structure and divine soul morphological characteristics. Ambusher is not ‘repressing emotions’ but ‘simulating emotions’, they don’t need to suppress because they simply No emotions.

“I think, if I switched to Ultimate Prosperity High Master, why not let all Purifiers behave the same way as Ambusher?

“Third, I have appeared – this incident itself shows that this place must be very embarrassing, because every time I appear, it is always accompanied by jealousy, conspiracy, deception, betrayal, disaster, chaos and destruction. Is this the way? Can you be an exception?”

Tang Ka is dumbfounded: “…what!”

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