FMC Chapter 2745

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Latest chapter, Chapter 2745 Mission and Truth, Astronomy
“dī dī dī dī dī dī !”

The flaming flames of each child are particularly exciting and embarrassing. Their portable Crystal Computer screams one after another. All the people except Chu Zhiyun and Tang Ka have changed their physiological indexes greatly, especially the vice. The squad leader Liao Meng, his portable Crystal Computer screaming and emitting a dangerous red light, indicating that he is on the verge of losing control.

It is like having dozens of small souls, roasting in the flames, constantly struggling, screaming.

The screams lasted for three minutes and the children’s emotions stabilized slightly.

“I am out of control?”

Liao Meng, the deputy squad leader, looked at his trembling hands and muttered incredulously. “I was out of control?”

The rest of the children are somewhat guilty and do not dare to look at each other’s eyes.

It is also like a tacit understanding of something hidden together, not to mention his own performance.

They originally wanted to set this up as a gathering point, but in the face of the black building and the carousel that burned the skeleton, everyone was reluctant to stay for half a second. As a result, they went a little further and set up a building next to it. point.

Then, everyone fled and succumbed to each other, to the corners of the secluded, alone, to face the deeper self.

“Squad leader, don’t you think that everyone’s performance is very weird?”

Going back to the supermarket yesterday, just locked the door with the iron chain of the arm, Tang Ka can’t wait to see Chu Zhiyun.

In fact, he would like to share with Chu Zhiyun a series of quirks that happened to him from last night to today, including slimy pants, “Old Yao” descending from the sky, and toys that have just been left in the kindergarten. When I was painting, I was almost ashamed of my own feelings.

The real-world kindergarten was burned in flames, but another brightly-coloured kindergarten rose up in his mind and deeply rooted into each of his nerves and every brain cell, regardless of How can you linger?

What is the saying?

“I could have endured the darkness if I have never seen the light.”

Tang Ka feels that there are some unclear emotions in the depths of his heart, as Old Yao said, it is the “kā chā kā chā” split ice and the greenness of the ground, which makes him gradually unable to bear the things in front of him. It includes both the kindergarten just now, and now the brightly-coloured, dazzling supermarket.

His eyes couldn’t help but scream at the flowers that looked so delicious. There was a sinful voice in his head: “Nothing, take a piece, eat nothing, the whole supermarket. Everything is yours, you can enjoy it, hehe…”

“and many more.”

Tang Ka silently said in his heart, “Old Yao, wouldn’t you really talk?”

“Yeah, I see you endure so hard, no need!”

Li Yao’s voice came, “If you want to eat, you can eat it. Specialist research shows that eating more carbohydrates helps keep your mood and spirit focused, really!”

Tang Ka: “…”

“Other people are weird and not weird. It has nothing to do with me. Anyway, I didn’t want to be a ‘Purifier’ anyway. The more weird others are, the better, then no one will pay attention to what we are here.”

Chu Zhiyun said indifferently that she was much more active than Tang Ka. She had already picked up a can of candied fruit and tasted it with a sigh of tenderness. While twirling the candied fruit with her tongue, she said, “I can only discover my talent. Prove that Ultimate Prosperity High Master is wrong, you can open your mouth!”

She couldn’t help but say that she had stuffed a candied fruit into Tang Ka’s mouth.

“Oh, hey, don’t!”

Tang Ka was red and red, and the heartbeat began to speed up again, stuttering. “We, we can’t do this!”

“Useless things, if a candied area can beat you down”

Chu Zhiyun coldly snorted, “So your loyalty to Gods seems too weak? Don’t spit it out, give me the force to chew and swallow it, you dare to spit it out, I will put ten in your mouth. , sore you!”


Tang Ka’s face is redder. Li Yao’s training for a night has long been thrown into the clouds, and somehow deep in her mind, there is a daring squad leader, wearing a red dress, being tied up with five flowers and smashing with a thorny strip.

“Wait, let’s confirm.”

Li Yao said, “Is your wish to go to the hero to save the beauty when the squad leader is tied up by the five flowers, or simply want to see the squad leader being tied up by the five flowers and then slap?”


Tang Ka is really shameless, “吭哧吭哧” for a long time, “Squad leader, why do you have to be so obsessed with pointing out the mistakes of Ultimate Prosperity High Master?”


Chu Zhiyun walked up to the women’s area on the tiptoe. “This is the meaning of my existence. This is what I feel, Gods gave me the mission!”

“If you think about it, Ultimate Prosperity High Master is also a human being. If someone makes a mistake, then someone has to point out the error of Ultimate Prosperity High Master, so that the error will not get worse and even lead to the collapse of the entire Saint League. Is it right? But have you heard before, who pointed out the mistake of Ultimate Prosperity High Master? No, never, so why can’t that person be me?”

“I, I don’t know, I still think…”

Tang Ka took the courage and said, “You will be so strangely thought that you are possessed by Heavenly Demon.”

“Yeah, Heavenly Demon is deceitful and ever-changing. Each of us is slightly indifferent and may be possessed by Heavenly Demon.”

Chu Zhiyun icy cold’s face moved a little and seemed to make a “slightly smile” expression. “If we are possessed by Heavenly Demon, the instructor will be responsible for helping us exorcise, if the instructor is possessed by Heavenly Demon. Dean will be responsible for helping the instructor to exorcise, so that the layers will go up one by one, and there will always be higher layers that will exorcise the following people, but if you think of it, if the Ultimate Prosperity High Master is attacked by Heavenly Demon, you don’t know it. Who can exorcise them?”


Tang Ka couldn’t believe his own ears. I couldn’t believe that the squad leader had said such a big rebellion. The blood in his body was almost solidified, and he had been stunned for a long time. “Hey, you are the most serious!”

“I thought that only Gods was skeptical.”

Chu Zhiyun coldly said, “Ultimate Prosperity High Master can’t reach Gods anyway?”

“Even if you can’t get it, it’s almost the same.”

Tang Ka once again stressed that “Ultimate Prosperity High Master is the last drop of blood from Gods flowing in the world. It is Gods’ ‘First Apostle’. How can they be eroded by Heavenly Demon?”

“Even if Divine Capital is eroded by Heavenly Demon, Nüwa Clan in Gods is not eroded by Heavenly Demon, it is the tragedy of the wild war. Most of the Divided Spirit falls, and all the surviving gods are Are you falling asleep?”

Chu Zhiyun asks, “Ultimate Prosperity High Master has the power of Gods 1%, why not be eroded by Heavenly Demon?”

“No, no, not like this!”

Tang Ka shook his head like a rattle. “The end of the wild war has long been expected by Gods. They deliberately used this method to test and normalize our Human Race.”

“Yes, then how do you know, what is the test that Gods has given me? Maybe it is to let me point out the error of Ultimate Prosperity High Master.”

Chu Zhiyun took a deep breath and opened his arms. “Don’t you have doubts for even a second, doubting the world we live in? You see, everything we know is told by others, including ours. Who is the parental gene provider? It is just a few lines of information. How do we cultivate every day, what kind of mission to execute, what are the ideals, all others tell us, and this ‘other’ has another The higher level ‘others’ tell him what to do.

“In this way, the layer of ‘others’ is built up until the top is Ultimate Prosperity High Master. It is said that Ultimate Prosperity High Master is watching us every minute, and we are guiding us in the direction and shelter. We are not attacked by Heavenly Demon, but in the end, the Ultimate Prosperity High Master we saw is an illusory illusion, we have never even seen the real Ultimate Prosperity High Master!

“My devoutness to Gods is unparalleled, but does Gods believe in the Ultimate Prosperity High Master, which is known as ‘First Apostle’? And believes in Ultimate Prosperity High Master, does it mean absolute trust to claim to be Ultimate Prosperity? A bunch of 3D 3D illusions from High Master?

“Tang Ka, look at my eyes, move your brain to think about it, suppose, I am assuming that one day, a long time ago, Outer Territory Heavenly Demon has invaded the body of five Ultimate Prosperity High Masters, usurped What about their divine soul, the image of the fake Ultimate Prosperity High Master, giving us orders?”

Deep in the bone marrow of Tang Ka, a cold chill appeared.

“This, this idea is too ridiculous and too dangerous!”

Tang Ka almost pleaded with Chu Zhiyun, “Don’t think about it, the squad leader, this is not a question we should think about.”

“Not that we should think?”

Chu Zhiyun sneered, “Who should think about it?”

Tang Ka blurted out: “Ultimate Prosperity High Master.”

As soon as the words were exported, the teenager realized that it was ridiculous. Sure enough, Chu Zhiyun icy cold said: “You want Ultimate Prosperity High Master to think that you have been possessed by Heavenly Demon. Isn’t this a person holding his hair up? ?”


Tang Ka finally said the bottom of his heart, “I am worried about you. I am worried that if your thoughts are known to others, others will take you to the temple and thoroughly purify your thoughts and feelings. You will… Don’t know me and yourself!”

“If the Ultimate Prosperity High Master is the most loyal apostle of Gods, it will never do this.”

Chu Zhiyun is full of confidence.

“…if they are not?”

Tang Ka was shocked by his own problems and didn’t understand how timid he was.

“Then I should stand up and point out this. This is my mission and my duty!”

Chu Zhiyun said of course.

“Squad leader, what do you want, how do I feel that what you want is far more than just ‘Ambusher’?”

Tang Ka murmured.

“The truth, I only need the truth, all the truth about Gods.”

Chu Zhiyun tried several times, and finally success showed a perfect smile on his face.

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