FMC Chapter 2749

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2749, Escape under the night, Astronomy
As night falls, the raindrops of the patter are getting denser and denser.

Perhaps it was just a few days ago that the smoke of the birth was still in the sky for a long time, the raindrops were eroded and turned into thick black ink, splashing on the earth, shrouded in all directions more blurred and chaotic.

The city is like a rancid body.

The tall buildings in the east are the bones that are intertwined.

In the wreckage, the children are like hungry hyenas, running between the rain and the lightning.

Everyone’s gesture is a bit anxious, and I can’t wait for myself to grab two defectors instead of others.

But there are a few rushes, and I don’t know if someone has defected, will it affect them, and Purifier will leave a bad impression on the whole batch of “Child of Saint Light”.

Raindrops, like waterfalls, gradually blocked the view beyond ten meters.

The sound of “哗哗” also blocked most of the sound, including the sound of the Crystal Computer.

The heavy rain brought an illusory sense of security to the children, making them think that they can stretch their will and not be discovered by anyone.

Their route has long since deviated from the “safe area” set by the mentor and entered the unknown area in the deepest part of the city.

Some children lost their way, fell to the depths of the broken wall and broke away from the big forces.

Some children occasionally found each other in the black raindrops, quietly confronting each other until the lightning illuminates their pale faces, only to find that the other party is not the target of hunting, and they are disappointed.

There are even more suspicious gossips that spread like viruses in the short-lived contact of children.

Some people say that the two classmates who escaped were a man and a woman. They violated the extremely serious rules when they executed the mission. They must be expelled from the examination room and sent to the temple to purify, just like the child who stole the Giant Divine Weapon model yesterday. They just took the risk and fled.

It is said that the entire Black Castle Star was occupied twice by Empire and Saint League in just a few decades. Most of the area was turned into a scorched earth, and the strength of Saint League was seriously insufficient. 1% of the surface of the planet colonizes towns, Star Harbors, and mining bases, while the remaining 99% of the area is vast and uninhabited.

As long as they can escape to the no-man’s land, they will win. It is impossible for Saint League to draw a large number of human and material resources to enter the no-man’s land to catch two unnamed pawns.

Others say that at the bottom of the Black Castle Star, there are still numerous secret passages, arsenals and dungeons of Empire’s Army, and hundreds of Empire’s guerrillas are fighting. These people are very welcome to the Saint League teenagers. “On the one hand, they can bring them the latest information, on the other hand, they can also demonstrate the “efficacy” of Heavenly Demon erosion, so they will give the Saint League people very generous treatment. It is estimated that the two fleeing teenagers and girls are thinking.” Escape from the city, go deep into the ground and go to the Empire guerrillas.

They just stay with the Empire guerrillas and can’t get out of the ground. For a year and a half, if Empire’s Army can make a comeback and once again occupy Black Castle Star, then it will achieve the goal of “from Saint League to Empire”, maybe It will become the propaganda object of Empire and be touted as a hero who “goes to freedom”.

These rumors, like the gloomy Ghost Flame, burned in the darkness of the night, no matter how violent the rain, they could not annihilate them.

As for the “someone said” who said that the children were dizzy, but no one could tell.

Throughout the middle of the night, Tang Ka did not find the shadow of the two defectors, even after a squat, fell into the mud pit, and separated from his classmates.

The raindrops flying in all directions were all over the rain. The mud from the heavy rain stuck his gas mask, took off the mask, and another group flew into his eyes and mouth, so that he could not open his eyes.

Even Crystal Computer is “squeaky” and presents three-dimensional three-dimensional image confusion and distortion. Spiritual Nexus is seriously disturbed by storms and lightning flashes and thunder rolls, unable to communicate with classmates, and can not receive tutors. And Dean’s instructions.

“Squad leader!”

“where are you!”

Tang Ka stumbled, only feeling like a small ant, and the silhouette of the tall and tall cockroaches around him were all black tombstones. After more than ten minutes, they could not distinguish the direction and area. See the existence of half a classmate.

In Tang Ka’s heart, suddenly a strange thought was born.

It seems that there is only one person left in the whole town.

All the classmates, mentors, and soldiers of the Purification Army are searching for the two fugitive classmates, perhaps running farther and farther in the opposite direction.

If you run away at this time, is it not possible to escape from this abandoned city, go deep into the no-man’s land, or even find an underground stronghold of the Empire guerrillas?

It’s not “someone said,” and the Empire people welcome the Saint League people who have taken the initiative to go to the past. Will they become “heroes” in the Empire propaganda?

Then he can completely get rid of his current life.

The thought was like a sharp lightning, and it flashed through my mind, which made Tang Ka deeply stunned and couldn’t believe it was his own thought.

“Old Yao”

Tang Ka asked, “Is you guiding me to think like this?”

“No, I am not so mean, this is your own idea.”

Li Yao paused for a while and continued. “Maybe someone is guiding you to think so, but not me.”

“What do you mean?”

Tang Ka is getting more and more confused.

The world around him is like a bloody mouth of a black beast, and he swallows his belt bones.

Although the space on the planet is hundreds of millions of times larger than the Starship, he feels suffocated.

With a certainty, Tang Ka quickly smashed this ridiculous thought.

The main thing is that the squad leader is not around, even if he really wants to escape, he must be with the squad leader, right?

wrong! Of course not right! How can he escape? He has unlimited faith in Gods, he is extremely loyal to Ultimate Prosperity High Master, how can he produce such absurd and evil thoughts, this is a shame, this is a shame, this is the deepest and heaviest sin!

“huā lā !”

At this moment, a lightning bolt like a dragon smashed the sky and illuminated the 100-meter street.

Tang Ka saw a classmate bending over and squatting in front.


Tang Ka yelled and chased him up. “I am here, you are a few classes, wait for me!”

Perhaps the rain was too loud, the classmate did not hear his voice, still limping forward, the speed has also accelerated a few points.

However, his leg injury was very serious and he was quickly caught up by Tang Ka.

“Shao Jie?”

Tang Ka opened the lighting mode of the portable Crystal Computer, and swayed on the other’s face and found that it was a classmate of his class. He was excited. “How are you here, where are the other students, the squad leader, do you see the squad leader?” Or are you also separated from everyone?”


The boy named Shao Jie stuttered. “I also walked away with them. I was looking for them. Why don’t we find them separately?”

He was stunned by the deputy squad leader Liao Meng, and his facial features were distorted, showing a few sly and pitiful expressions.

Tang Ka blinked and the light moved from Shao Jie’s face to him. He found that Shao Jie had a great mountaineering bag and two small bags in his hand. They were full of Dangdang and were not served by Academy. Synthetic food, but the Empire food from the city, or a high-energy nutrient based on compressed biscuits and energy bars.

Looking at Shao Jie’s flickering eyes, Tang Ka understood everything.

“You want to escape too?”

Tang Ka stepped back two steps and muttered, “How can you behave like this, betray Ultimate Prosperity High Master and betray Gods!”

“I do not have!”

Shao Jie’s face was screamed by an invisible fist and screamed, “I don’t have to run away, no!”

His cry was instantly shattered by heavy rain, and the whole person was like a sudden death in a rainstorm.

“Then you licked such a big backpack and it was filled with high-energy food that we would never allow!”

Tang Ka Yizheng resigned and suddenly forgot to eat Haisai in the supermarket during the day. “We carry emergency supplements with enough to support a temporary temporary transportation. If you don’t have to travel long distances, you secretly take these. What do things do!”

Shao Jie, like Tang Ka, is only a big boy of three or four years old. The lie is pierced and immediately becomes a deflated ball.

“Let me go, Tang Ka, I can’t go back!”

Shao Jie was crying and sorrowful. “You know, I just had a fight with Liao Meng. He is a deputy squad leader and has the power to discipline his classmates. But I have no power to fight with him. I, I fell, I broke. Way of Ultimate Prosperity, I will be sent to the temple to purify, I don’t want that, I don’t want to become the bottom miners or warriors.

“You, you haven’t seen me before, Tang Ka, beg you!”

Tang Ka was silent, his mind was in a mess, muttering: “You, you shouldn’t sing the voice of Empire’s.”

“I didn’t mean it. I swear not to be deliberate. It’s just that those voices ran out of my nose inexplicably!”

Shao Jie shouted, “There is nothing in the past. Liao Meng has to hold me down. He can’t control his emotions. He said me? I, I have no way to go, Tang Ka, let me go. No one will know!”

Tang Ka has never seen such a weak and poor look in the eyes of Shao Jie, or he has never seen it in the eyes of any classmate.

His psychological defense stepped back and collapsed step by step, his legs trembled.

“You can’t let him go.”

Li Yao sighed. “Go up and stop him.”


Tang Ka stunned, don’t understand why Li Yao, who is “Heavenly Demon,” would say something like, “You don’t want him to “go to freedom”?”

“He can’t escape, you are the same.”

Li Yao coldly said, “Someone is staring at you. This is part of the ‘Final Test’. The torrential rain is just an illusion. Your every move is in the spotlight and is closely monitored.”

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