FMC Chapter 2751

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2751 gradually slides to Abyss, Astronomy
“This is just my speculation. After all, I am attached to you. I feel so slow that I can’t scan all the Crystal Eyes and eavesdropping chips within a few tens of miles. If it’s my body, just cough gently. Everything is known.”

Li Yao said seriously, “But I still doubt that your squad leader and deputy squad leader are the ‘special care targets’ of the other party, because I have just observed several classes of classmates and found that the squad leader and deputy squad leader of all classes are kind of… …divine soul The fire is particularly strong and even frenzied, the mood is quite clear, or the Brain is a piece of iron that is difficult to be snooped by others.

“Like your deputy squad leader Liao Meng, it is a special impulse irritating, emotional like a flame-like claws; and your squad leader Chu Zhiyun, Brain above the cortex, but it is like building a high wall without water, even if She really has a strong emotional swing, and outsiders may not be able to see it.

“If only these two special body qualifying children become the squad leader and deputy squad leader, it can be said that it is a coincidence, but all classes are like this, there must be problems.

“So, I suspect that people like your squad leader and deputy squad leader must be specially selected for the ‘special test body’. The monitoring of them may be ten times more strict than your ordinary classmates. You are in the supermarket. How can you escape the eyes of others?”

“It turned out to be…”

Tang Ka suddenly realized.

“Of course it is, so I asked you and the squad leader whether they did anything in the supermarket!”

Li Yao said with a good voice. “I just want to make sure that you are too overly motivated to upgrade the monitoring of yours. Otherwise, do you think I am the old hooligan who likes to spy on the privacy of young people?”

“Sorry, Old Yao, I am blaming you.”

Tang Ka blushes and whispers. “Those people deliberately want the squad leader and Liao Meng to be… either particularly unstable, or someone who is particularly closed is the squad leader, and brings us such a big temptation. What are you doing? ”

“It’s not just temptation to be so simple.”

Li Yao coldly said, “They deliberately released the news that ‘escape to change the fate’, even arranged two forerunners, and let you report each other, implanting jealousy, betrayal and unruly seeds in your heart, you Look at it, after a few days, there will be people running away.

“Their specific purpose is not important. What is important is that after the end of a ‘bacteria culture experiment’, no matter what the condition of each dish, it should be thoroughly cleaned and destroyed.”

Tang Ka was silent for a while.

“That is, I can never be a ‘Purifier’?”

The boy is secluded.

“That’s not necessarily, don’t be so depressed.”

Li Yao relaxed her tone and comforted Tang Ka. “I didn’t tell you yesterday, the real ‘Purification Army’ does not necessarily need independent will, free thoughts and keen emotional perception. They just need to follow the list of dangerous goods. ‘On the record, it is good to complete the work step by step.

“So, maybe you wait for the ‘Final Test’ to end, you are sent to the temple, completely destroy the Brain cortex, wash away all the memories and emotions, become an icy cold flesh and blood machine, still become a Glorious ‘Purifier’? There is no absolute thing in the world!”

“… Are you comforting me?”

The boy cried out. “I don’t want to, I don’t want to lose my thoughts, emotions, and memories. I don’t want to… forget the squad leader and forget about myself for a few years.”

“Even if this is the order of Gods?”

Li Yao deliberately said, “Are you not the most devout of Gods? If this is the fate Gods has given you, do you want to refuse even… Revolt?”

Tang Ka has been silent for a long time, her mind is fluctuating wildly, and she is arrogant.


The boy thought for a long time and finally gritted his teeth. “Who can be sure, this is the fate Gods has given me? Even if it is Ultimate Prosperity High Master, who can guarantee the Ultimate Prosperity High Master? I am right? ,I do not believe!”

“Good, it seems that you finally wake up.”

Li Yao’s voice is infinitely gratifying. “Then, I’m going to try to hold the throat of my destiny and prove that I am qualified to be a capitalist!”

“Help me, Old Yao.”

Tang Ka tightened his fists, and his eyes were released with no return. The turbulent waves in his mind condensed into an unspeakable sword and sword. “I, I need strength, I need to know… the truth!”

“I want to help you, but I need more preparation and information.”

Li Yao sighed. “I just needed you to be a simple springboard. You can find the commander of Dean or Purification Army through you, but, oh, if it is my deity, come directly. It’s okay to take you and the squad leader to kill it, but now I’m just a projection, a vain divine soul, I don’t know, to what extent our cooperation can be coordinated, and how powerful it can be.”

“It doesn’t matter, you can develop and use my body.”

Tang Ka bites his teeth, “I can’t stand it, I just want the truth!”

“This is not a problem you can’t bear.”

Li Yao indulged for a moment, “Yes, if I develop each of your nerve endings and every brain cell, maybe my divine soul and your body, the ‘synchronization rate’ can reach 99% or more. Just like my deity, I showed the divine ability of move mountains and drain seas, Destroy the Heavens and Exterminate the Earth.

“But your body is too weak, and my deity is too far away. The result is probably that after three or five minutes of prestige, your oil well is dry and violent on the spot, and I am scattered and broken. The solitary ghosts are quickly captured or shattered by the sun storm.”


Tang Ka did not expect that the consequences were so serious.

“Of course, this is only the worst estimate. It stands to reason that my luck is not so bad…”

Li Yao’s divine soul once again stretched out like a octopus in the juvenile’s neural network, helping the boys get through the Eight Extraordinary Meridians, all the limbs, and a reddish scent from every hole. And from the Baihui point at the top of the boy’s head, “In any case, I will help you cultivation, and strive to strengthen your body several times in the shortest time!”

A few days later, the situation was as Li Yao said, people’s hearts, a strange atmosphere, lingering over the camps and towns.

With the deepening of the purification work, the children are also getting more and more scattered. Sometimes a child is responsible for the purification of a building or a street, and he has to be alone, facing a variety of temptations.

Children’s emotions are getting worse and worse. Some people become more and more violent and irritable. From time to time, they break the third rule of Way of Ultimate Prosperity and fight against other students.

Some people have become more and more unfathomable, often sitting in the corner and screaming, seemingly the eyes of the ancient well, but it is a long-term gaze into the horizon of the distance – that is the direction of the no man’s land.

Although the two children who fled the first time were arrested, the rumors did not stop for a moment, but they became more and more intense.

Some people say that many children have escaped from the city in the next few days, but this time they no longer dare to send a large number of children to participate in the search, for fear of a large number of children fleeing together, just let the Purification Army search alone, so much that Some children have escaped from the blockade and entered the no-man’s land.

Others say that not far from Xinle City, there is the activities of the Empire guerrillas. They are ready to meet the children and they are safe to escape to the no-man’s land.

Some people even said that the Empire guerrillas have mastered a huge underground arsenal. The materials in it are very abundant, and support for three or five years is not a problem.

No one knows where these rumors started, but the children around them are getting fewer and fewer, but it is also true. Some people are too many times of emotional volatility, touching the “exiting the examination room.” The red line; some people directly violated the Way of Ultimate Prosperity, Three Great Source Laws, tied the ascending squad and sent it directly to the rear of the temple; some people are inexplicable, no one knows why, just When I woke up, I disappeared, and even the cover was cleaned up, as if this person had never existed before.

The rest of the students are more and more worried, everyone wants to find out other people’s problems, in order to get the hospital’s reward, let themselves “safely go ashore.”

But this kind of mentality will only make their emotions more out of control, like a group of dog-stricken, hungry, staring at each other.

When everyone gradually broke into Abyss, Chu Zhiyun and Tang Ka became two different classes.

Tang Ka followed Li Yao cultivation with a heart and a bundle of nerve bundles and muscle fibers, giving Li Yao more subtle and delicate control over his body.

The other is to pay attention to the collection of Xinle City maps, and constantly build a crystal clear virtual town in the brain – from the high-rise buildings to the underground drainage channels, all clear.

Chu Zhiyun, as always, used the excuse of “purifying the supermarket” to learn how to be a flesh-and-blood person.

In the past few days, they have watched countless series of episodes and glare illusions that have been handed over by Empire. They have been dressed in a variety of ways, imitating the classic passages in those episodes.

The smile on Chu Zhiyun’s face is more and more natural, and the eyes are getting brighter and brighter, and the Empire’s way of speaking and behaving is vividly imitated – she may have the talent of “Ambusher” in just a few days. No one can see that she turned out to be a Saint League girl, an “icy cold flesh-and-blood machine”.

Even Tang Ka and Li Yao don’t know, Chu Zhiyun is only playing a role, or in this speculative “Final Test”, gradually awakened the true self.

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