FMC Chapter 2755

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2755 codenamed “Fuxi”, Astronomy
“So, is Zhou Xiuyun fake?”

Tang Ka murmured, “You mean, she is not an Empire’s asylum seeker, but a Saint League person like us, even more High-Level than us, can simulate the emotions of Empire people…” Ambusher ‘?”

“I don’t know the true identity of this ‘Zhou Xiuyun’, but I am more interested in the little girl in her arms, which looks like her daughter’s ‘Little Tiantian’.”

Li Yao’s voice is getting colder and colder. Every word is surrounded by a thick ice shell. But no matter how thick the ice shell is, it can’t seal the hot magma inside. It is like a burning fiercely. The ice fire meteor shot from the depths of Li Yao’s divine soul. “Assume that ‘Zhou Xiuyun’ is really the ‘Ambusher’ of your Saint League. What happened to Little Tiantian? Why is it so affectionate to her? She is like a biological mother, such a small child, will not lie?

“I thought of several possibilities.

“First, ‘Zhou Xiuyun’ is a real person, that is to say, there is such a woman with a lot of destiny, holding the hope and hope of living in new student, coming from the inland of Empire to the front line, and the result is in Saint. The League is in full swing.

“Because this woman’s identity is more appropriate, all her memory and emotional patterns, including her love for her daughter, are ‘extracted’ by some of your seniors as a ‘template’ applied to a part of ‘Ambusher’. On the body, these ‘Ambusher’ can simulate the identity of ‘Zhou Xiuyun’ to be vivid, not bad, even the extent that the biological daughter can’t tell.

“In other words, the ‘Zhou Xiuyun’ we saw was fake, but Zhou Xiuyun’s daughter ‘Little Tiantian’ is true!”


Tang Ka’s divine soul is getting more and more scattered.

The evil and incredibleness of this possibility is far above his barren imagination.

“The second possibility, ‘Little Tiantian’ is indeed the daughter of ‘Ambusher’ who looks like ‘Zhou Xiuyun’, and the only purpose she was born is to act as a ‘prop”, a prop that can be trusted by others. After all, others may suspect a unkempt middle-aged woman, but who would doubt a child who is two or three years old and ignorant?

“Even, you are not saying that you have to cultivate these ‘Purifier’ from a young age. You were born with the title of ‘Child of Saint Light’, knowing that this ‘Little Tiantian’ is not the same, born, no, still In the embryonic state, I am carrying the fate of becoming the future ‘Ambusher’?”

Tang Ka took a deep breath and couldn’t speak.

“The third possibility.”

Li Yao paused for a long time. It seems that even he has to adjust his emotions so that he can express this cold possibility with a cold and ruthless tone. “Little Tiantian is indeed the daughter of true Zhou Xiuyun. But time hastily, Saint League’s ‘Ambusher’ can’t simulate ‘Zhou Xiuyun’ to the extent that even their own daughters can’t tell, so they used some kind of drug control, or Brain surgery, to change Little Tiantian’s cognition made Little Tiantian mistakenly think that it was her mother!

“Well, I can only guess these three, more despicable practices, I… no way to think about it again, Tang Ka, you think these three possibilities, which one is more likely, and which one is more evil What?”

“I…Old Yao…”

Tang Ka chewed and chewed his teeth, and his tears couldn’t help but flow silently. He muttered, “How can this be, how can they do this, the world – how can this be!”

“I have asked myself this question countless times, but I still can’t find the answer.”

Li Yao sneered. “But then I found out that the answer to this question is simply meaningless. All I have to do is change the world, and by the way let the messies of this tragic world pay the price!”

“Old Yao…”

Tang Ka was amazed at the turbulent waves that Li Yao had in his mind, which was a hundred times more powerful than Tang Ka’s familiar “Old Yao.”

Tang Ka is completely convinced that Li Yao has nothing to say before, what he has only exerted the power of 1%, he can smash the camp to the ground and so on, it is true!

He, who is he, the Devil of the Magic, King of Heavenly Demons?

No, if “Gods” can do a good job of playing with the emotions of a two- or three-year-old child, such a horrible thing, then what is the existence of the opposite of “Gods”?

“I thought that Empire of True Humanity was the limit of evil, because in that damn Immortal Cultivation country, all good people were ruthlessly destroyed.”

Li Yao said, “When I see the Saint League in person, I discovered that here, not only good or evil people, but even all the ‘humanity’ is destroyed, being played with pleasure, being treated as Tools and weapons, which are precisely dissected and changed by scalpels, may be the limit of evil!

“Human Race can be destroyed, but all the emotions and will of Human Race should never be manipulated and manipulated. This is my bottom line and the reason why I am so angry today!”


Tang Ka took a deep breath and said, “What is old Yao going to do, I, my squad leader and I will definitely stand on your side!”

“Even if I am on my side, fight against your ‘Gods’?”

Li Yao finally laughed.


Tang Ka was very vocal, thinking very seriously about Heavenly Dao. “Who knows what the real ‘Gods’ looks like, and what is the true purpose of Gods?”

“Hah, you are finally awake, yes, my purpose is just to figure out what the real ‘Gods’ is, and to create the entire Saint League and all the tragedies of the ‘Ultimate Prosperity High Master’. What? They are made by the last drop of blood that Gods shed in the Prehistoric War. What a hell!

For the origins of Saint League, looking at the entire Pangu Universe, no one is more clear than Li Yao who received the memory of “Wuying Ji 3.0”, because Saint League is simply created by Wuying Ji!

But the former Wuying Ji only discovered several “Human Creating Factory” left by Prehistoric Era, activated the Crystal Computer system in the Human Creating Factory for hundreds of thousands of years, and implanted some “back door” inside the system. Secret instructions, that’s all.

Wuying Ji’s original purpose was to train a group of people who are loyal to themselves and have a liver and brain. Where did you think about creating a “Saint League”?

Therefore, Wuying Ji did not even think about creating five particularly powerful super warriors, and named it “Ultimate Prosperity High Master”!

Unfortunately, the melee and conflicts of the various forces created too many uncertainties. Some of the people who were created inexplicably awakened their absolute loyalty to Pangu Clan, which in turn controlled the Human Creation Factory’s Crystal Computer system.

According to “Wuying Ji 3.0”, the Crystal Computer system was originally in vain, and there were many flaws. The logic of the operation was very confusing. The ghost knew what happened in the process.

Li Yao remembers that “Wuying Ji 3.0” said that the Super Crystal Computer system in the Human Creating Factory is known as “Fuxi”.

Li Yao also asked Long Yangjun afterwards whether she knew such a Super Crystal Computer system called “Fuxi”.

Long Yangjun nodded and told Li Yao that “Fuxi System” was once the greatest creation of the entire Civilization, and even the cornerstone of the Pangu Alliance, which is inseparable and indestructible.

This is a set of thirteen carbon-based life race supercomputing systems that have been combined to achieve 100% compatible Grand Unified System.

Any carbon-based Civilization that can develop into the Homeworld and the Star Ocean will inevitably have a complete set of developed supercomputing systems and tools.

Depending on the energy used, the way it is calculated, and the underlying logic, these tools have a variety of appearances and names.

Using crystal as a raw material, it can be called “Crystal Computer”.

Weaving arithmetic logic with a rapidly changing current can be called a “computer.”

If, like Kuafu Clan, a strange plant grows slowly from the depths of the earth, there are countless computational cells in the huge tree tumor, which may be called “Biochemical Brain”.

It is conceivable that it is so complicated and difficult to connect so many Crystal Computers, computers and Biochemical Brain… and so on to achieve perfect compatibility and unification.

But there is no way to let the thirteen carbon-based life races come together to share each other’s history, memory and emotions, and form an inseparable community of destiny. This is a historic work that must be completed regardless of the cost. !

Long Yangjun told Li Yao that the entire Pangu Civilization Alliance has worked hard for this work for 10,000 years. Over 10,000 years, the lives of countless wise men have served as fuel, and in this brilliant fiercely undertaking, they have overcome countless difficulties that they could not have imagined. It broke through the endless levels, and finally, all the information and computational skills in the Pangu Universe were finally brought together, that is, the big one super computing System – “Fuxi”!

It is through the existence of “Fuxi” that thirteen carbon-based life races with different living environments and different customs and customs can peacefully coexist, share their wisdom and courage, and make their Civilization last for hundreds of thousands of years. .

Even the Pangu Civilization Alliance can break through the black wall, Expeditions, according to Long Yangjun’s guess, can not be separated from the “Fuxi System”.

However, the good times are not long. Later, Li Yao also has a general understanding through various channels. The Expeditions team of Pangu Civilization is scared by the horror picture outside the black wall and the unknown “Hong Chao”. Broken, with the tail fleeing back to his hometown, not to mention, but also self-casting and sealing, destroying a large number of Star Ocean navigation technology and Crystal Computer technology, so that now the Exhistoric Era Crystal Computer technology is no more advanced than Human Race technology. How much is almost the same level.

The first thing to be castrated or even dismembered is of course the “Fuxi System”.

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