FMC Chapter 2759

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2759 Men’s True Color! Floating astronomy
The two men carried the poisonous plastic items in the big bags and carried them to the empty places on the street outside, pretending to be burned in the open air, but they took the opportunity to expand the perception to the limit and scan the suspicious signs in all directions.

The white mist is still inextricably lingering, except for the sound of drizzle “sand sands”, there is no more sound, the sound of the boots “tread” and the caterpillar track of Crystal Tank crush all the roar, all gradually Farther away.

The two looked at each other and made up their minds and took off the gas mask.

They crept to the bottom of a broken wall at the corner of the street, carefully moving the collapsed concrete slab to reveal a wrecked Flying Shuttle Car wreck.

Tang Ka bent his fingers and tapped three times on the outer shell of the Flying Shuttle Car: “Hey.”

Then he clenched his fists and hammered them twice: “Hey!”

The Flying Shuttle Car was silent for a while, then “squeak”, the back cover slowly opened, revealing two small, sly heads, and a series of “cough” sounds.

“Little Tiantian seems to have a fever.”

Zhou Xiuyun put her daughter in her arms as if she had to keep her heart warm, she said nothing. “It’s still raining outside, what should I do?”

Tang Ka put his hand on Little Tiantian’s forehead and called out, “It’s hot!”

Look at Little Tiantian’s look, his brows are tight, his eyes are closed, his cheeks are red, and he lost his yesterday’s laughter.

“Not what to do, eat fever after taking a fever, we must go!”

Chu Zhiyun coldly said, “No one will take you out today, and tomorrow will not go any more!”


Zhou Xiuyun was shocked and cried. “Do you want to go with us? This is really good, great!”

“Do not talk nonsense, let’s go!”

Chu Zhiyun found a large piece of rainproof felt, wrapped Little Tiantian, and together with Tang Ka, took out the big parcel hidden in the wreckage of the Flying Shuttle Car.

Since this step was taken, they could no longer return. The two men looked back at the direction of the camp and did not return. They and Zhou Xiuyun and Little Tiantian set foot on the road to escape.

“Here, the map shows this!”

The “compass” loaded with a three-dimensional 3D map was held by Tang Ka, who led the way, Zhou Xiuyun walked in the middle with Little Tiantian, and Chu Zhiyun took two Arrow Exploding Cannon in the back – on the front line It is not uncommon for weapons. Even in civilian towns such as Xinle City, there are many Magical Artifact stores. When the citizens fled, they also lost a lot of offensive Magical Artifact on the corner of the street. Instead, Chu Zhiyun collected a lot of swords and swords. Oh, barely used to be courageous.

They gradually reached the depths of the city, surrounded by silence, seemingly empty, but it seems that there are countless beasts with eyes full of eyes, holding their breath, behind Bewildering Mist, watching them unscrupulously.

“Out of this downtown area, the front should be the northern suburb of Xinle City. As far as I know, there is an agricultural area, so there is no arrangement for purification.”

Chu Zhiyun whispered, “It should be safer to stick to it.”

“Have you heard, Little Tiantian?”

Zhou Xiuyun whispered to the daughter in her arms, “I will be safe right away, right away.”

Her mouth twitched a smile.

Tang Ka suddenly stood up and raised his wrist high, as if the ghost hit the wall and walked around.

“what happened?”

Chu Zhiyun said, “Why not go?”

“I’m lost.”

Tang Ka muttered, “How can I not find a way out?”


Chu Zhiyun hasn’t talked yet, Zhou Xiuyun is anxious. “The map clearly shows the line, and the navigation mode, just follow the arrow on the navigation and go straight ahead!”

“I know, but the map is stuck, it crashes, you see-“

Tang Ka shook his “compass”, and the arrow above it was like a stiff dead fish. “Probably there are too many high-rise buildings nearby. Today it is rainy and rainy, and the fog is full, blocking the signal. I am looking for a little empty space, or a higher place, search for signals…”

Tang Ka walked east, turned west, and struggled to climb a wall and ruins, searching for something.

Chu Zhiyun and Zhou Xiuyun also had to follow him, silently praying in their hearts, not to be hit at this time.

Their luck seemed to be really good, and they were all in danger. They didn’t hit the classmates, nor did they encounter the Purification Army soldiers who performed the patrol mission.

But good luck seems to be completely exhausted at this moment, because it is used in Tang Ka’s hands and feet, climbing a high wall that is not too high, even with Chu Zhiyun and Zhou Xiuyun climbing up, not far below their feet Suddenly there was a deafening loud noise, not only the entire wall collapsed, but even the ground was bombarded with a big hole.

It is a mine or a roadside bomb!

When a valuable area is withdrawn, a large number of mines and roadside bombs are buried, which is a very common tactic used in long-term consumption wars.

Speaking of this, even the Saint League people are very popular – in the “Empire’s Counterattack” of the past two decades, although the Saint League people have lost ground, they have turned most of the world into a “scorched earth strategy”. A piece of deadly mud, the most powerful of which is mines and roadside bombs.

The seemingly simple and inconspicuous low-level Magical Artifact has caused a lot of headaches, not to mention the horrible ordinary soldiers.

The large-scale landmines and roadside bombs of the Saint League people have brought infinite troubles and deep impressions to the Empire people. It is not indecent as well. Now it is the turn of the Empire to retreat. Naturally, we will leave a few small pieces for the Saint League people. A small “gift”.

It is estimated that Tang Ka was just a distraction, involving the roadside bombs, which triggered a sudden explosion.

Perhaps it is coincidence, or perhaps the person who put the bomb intentionally, under this ruin, it is actually a gathering point of several sewer pipes, except for a few meters thick hardened road surface, the underground is hollow!

The surface collapsed, and there was nothing in their feet, like falling off a cliff and falling into the sewer line together.

After a light rain, a lot of rainwater had accumulated in the sewer pipe, and it was almost not above the pipeline.

The war must have collapsed the pipeline in some places, blocked some key lines, and the water flow became more and more urgent and turbulent.

“pū tōng! ”

The four people fell into the cold and dirty rain, just like falling from a waterfall into a deep pool. They only turned around and couldn’t tell the direction. There was a great suction around them and under their feet. It was like an invisible monster. Live their feet and drag them into the bottom of the water.

“Tang Ka, Zhou Xiuyun, Little Tiantian!”

Chu Zhiyun thinks that she is the strongest of the four – Tang Ka has a lot of money and she is very clear, Zhou Xiuyun is a civilian with no hands, not to mention Little Tiantian.

According to her original ruthless character, the maximum number of Tang Ka is two, and she will not care about the life and death of Zhou Xiuyun and Little Tiantian.

After all, everyone is just a stranger on the side.

But somehow, yesterday and Little Tiantian’s play in the “Children’s Paradise” came to the forefront, and the little Tiantian silver bell-like laughter appeared again in her ear, and she just frowned and looked painful. .

No matter how Chu Zhiyun slammed his head, there was no way to make it like this. This sound broke out of Brain.

“Is this Heavenly Demon?”

The big girl was thinking about it. “Is this Heavenly Demon, damn it, damn it!”

She cursed as she screamed and tried to find where Little Tiantian was.

It is a pity that the water flow here is too urgent and too chaotic – a total of seven or eight sewer pipes are gathered here in all directions, and seven or eight water flows here generate seven or eight huge vortex that interfere with each other and increase each other, floating the sewage of fallen leaves and garbage. Visibility is extremely low, she is a few ups and downs in the water, her eyes are so painful that she can barely open, and she is grayed out, and she can’t see the figure at all.

The voice she sent out echoed on the black wall and bounced back. I don’t know if it could be heard by Tang Ka.

I don’t know if it’s auditory or not. She heard the little girl’s crying and was trying to swim in the past, but at this time, her ankle suddenly came with a feeling of cold and biting, as if she was caught by something. She pulled to the bottom!


Chu Zhiyun drank a few mouthfuls of sewage and felt that the whole person would suffocate.

When the head came out again, the light disappeared and she was rushed to the depths of a certain sewer pipe.

The water is too fast and too strong, like an invisible sledgehammer hammering her chest, and she feels that her sternum is completely shattered.

“How can the water flow in the sewer be so strong?”

Chu Zhiyun is unbelievable. “This, this is totally unreasonable!”

Regardless of whether there is any reason, she was almost devoid of consciousness, and she could only follow the tide, letting the water flow take her to somewhere.

The force flowed down the limbs and the fingers, and the consciousness gradually became blurred. Time did not know how long it took, and she gradually sank into the swamp’s bottom.

“Is it… Is this the punishment of Gods?”

Chu Zhiyun’s last thought thought, “I was wrong. I was tempted by Heavenly Demon and turned away from Gods’ road, so I lost Gods’s care, so much so that I was so inexplicable and died in the depths of black sewage?”

at this time–

She suddenly felt that there was a pair of strong and powerful arms, holding her tightly in her arms, taking her away from the dark Abyss, and even escaped the shadow of death, from the wet and odorous sewage, to the shore. !


The owner of the arm broke a light stick and swayed down hard, using the light to dispel the darkness.

And his figure, also shrouded in light, as if the Gods messenger descended from the sky.

Chu Zhiyun fixed his eyes and looked at it. When the pupil gradually adapted to the light of the other side, he found that the person who saved her turned out to be – Tang Ka!

The juvenile’s face can’t tell the calmness and perseverance, and his arms are still holding a very familiar felt. The arch is like an arched cat in the felt. It is Little Tiantian!


Chu Zhiyun felt that he was soft at once and couldn’t help but scream.

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