FMC Chapter 2767

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2767 is unforgivable! Floating astronomy
“How can you do this… treat your daughter?”

Chu Zhiyun couldn’t believe her ears, and her face was as ugly as a broken glass mirror. She had already retired, and her voice was crying. “That’s your flesh!”

“It turns out that you have never understood. I have already said that the “bone and flesh” thing is nothing but the original animal residue in our body. It is very low-level, very backward, and very stupid emotional fluctuations.”

Zhou Xiuyun lightly said, “The so-called ‘humanity’ is the combination of ‘animal’ and ‘divine’. We only have constant meditation and cultivation, constantly overcome and eliminate our own animality, and we can gradually move closer to the divine. Finally, Completely integrated into the glory of Gods and become part of the ‘God’.

“Now you – you don’t understand, but it doesn’t matter. If you are lucky enough to withstand the ‘test’ of the next few decades, then you will know that all sufferings are vain; all so-called seven emotions and desires Free will is a dream bubble. Only ‘God’ is the only real existence in the universe, the only thing worth defending and pursuing.

“Time is up, ready to welcome you… the future!”

She smiled and stretched a move arm, seeming to touch Chu Zhiyun’s cheek.

Chu Zhiyun stunned for a long time, watching the other’s fingertips about to touch themselves, like facing a group of “squeaky” viper.

She suddenly screamed, and she was freed from the Purifier on both sides, and she slammed into Zhou Xiuyun.

However, her impact, just picking up a piece of fine shackles, twisted Zhou Xiuyun’s image.

The three heads of “Demon Child Project”, Zhou Xiuyun, Xia Yuren, Qiu Yuanjia, are just in front of them in the form of three-dimensional 3D phantoms, their true body, not knowing that they are hiding in the depths of Floating War Fort. Somewhere – like the dragons seeing the end, the mysterious and unfathomable Ultimate Prosperity High Master.

Chu Zhiyun slammed through the phantom of Zhou Xiuyun and fell to the ground.

The arc exploded again, and the white skin suddenly burst into a plum blossom.

“Squad leader!”

Tang Ka was furious and wanted to fight for Chu Zhiyun, but his recital also made a strong arc. He was so eager to poke as a shrimp, and his mouth spurted a large group of foam and fell to Chu Zhiyun.

The rest of the students, as long as the mood swings beyond the warning line, also tasted the taste of the arc whip and the puncture, such as the arrow piercing the heart, painful bone marrow.

These โ€œDemon Childโ€, even though Saint League has collected the most dangerous genetic aggregates in the past millennium, are, after all, ten or four-year-old teenagers, in the face of specialized training, such as steel-cold and tough Purifier. There is no chance.

Purifier coldly watched the teenagers violently twitching until the last beam of arcs penetrated deep into their blood vessels, causing them to emit hot white mist around them, and they couldnโ€™t move until they were able to frame them and pass through a transparent pipe. It was dragged to a place that seemed to be a “preparation room.”

When the teenagers woke up, they found that most of the students who had been eliminated and mysteriously disappeared in the past few days were imprisoned here.

Some people are still lying on the bloody operating table, it seems that they have just performed a craniotomy, implanted something into the Brain, or removed something.

There are also people who walk along the top of the brow bone, nailed into the seventeen and eight nails, and put on a ring of iron hoops. As a guide for the Brain scanning and control instrument, it is convenient to carry a variety of Magical Artifacts.

Some people’s heads are implanted into dozens of thick crystal cables, like weird metal dice, which are dragged to the ground and connected to various instruments. Some seem to be Hologram Projector. The Magical Artifact, which presents colorful ripples and patterns, seems to be an intuitive feedback of their brainwaves.

Many people who have received strange and eccentric brain surgery are quietly lying in the medical cabin waiting for wound healing. Some people have widened their eyes, tears are like flash floods, and they look at new students with incomparable anger, fear and despair. Their throats and limbs were locked, and there was no sound at all. They could only use the rushing chest and make a silent roar.


The newcomers who just woke up, almost fainted again.

“Liao Meng ……”

Among the tormented students, Chu Zhiyun and Tang Ka did not accidentally discover an “old acquaintance”, just the deputy squad leader Liao Meng who had just accused them in the morning.

Liao Meng was sent here shortly and should be the last to undergo brain surgery.

His hair was shaved, and several transparent holes were drilled on the skull, but he was embed with tempered glass, allowing the researchers to see the vibrations of his Brain.

Through the “window” of the tempered glass, it can be clearly seen that Liao Meng’s Brain cortex is attached with some shiny microchips, and the wafers are connected by a fine crystal wire, like a celestial sky. Big net, completely lock his Brain

Liao Meng has just completed the operation, the wound is still bleeding, the blood stains in the infiltration hangs down, and his face is criss-crossed into dozens of pieces.

His expression is also like a fragment of dozens of broken bodies, and they are put together again.

He wants to struggle, but he can’t move at all, because the other person uses a special operating bed that is seamless, like a tailored iron coffin, and his hands and feet are firmly embedded in the steel, even a finger Can’t move even 0.1 millimeters.


Liao Meng’s vitality is perhaps the most tenacious of all “Demon Child.”

Even if the whole person is buried in the “iron coffin”, only a solitary head is exposed. Even if his throat is filled with Liquid Metal to block it, he still licks the big eyes of the bell and gives a heartbreaking Howling, the operating bed was shaken “beep”.

Seeing Chu Zhiyun and Tang Ka, Liao Meng’s look became more and more embarrassing, completely turning from Human Race into a beast. I don’t know if he was ashamed of the accusations made by Chu Zhiyun and Tang Ka in the morning, or regret that it should not be at that time. Accusing others, but should sneak up and run away, or he already understands that no matter whether the accusation is running or escaping or doing anything, waiting for him is a dead end, the situation in front of him is his only fate, in short, every face on his face A muscle, blood vessels, and nerves are prominent, turning his face into a gloomy mask. His divine soul seems to break away from this tormented body and indestructible shackles, fueling all vitality. Let the most violent, embarrassing, and most ruthless will explode.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!”

Along with the wave of high waves, Liao Meng bleeds blood, blood is transpiration into blood fog, and a human figure with a fangs and claws is formed outside the iron coffin. This barbaric, rude, and hearty is even strong, even for Chu. Zhiyun The boy who has a confused emotion has to break out completely!

But at this moment, from his Brain, there was a soft “wฤ“ng wฤ“ng” sound.

Through the “window” on the skull, it can be seen that the microchips that have just been implanted in his Brain cortex emit a faint light one by one. The light condenses into a handleless, invisible and sharp edge, deep into his Brain, temporarily blocking The intricate connections between the brain nerves.

Liao Meng’s roar stopped.

The angry face gradually dissipated, and the fresh expression was replaced by confusion and dullness. The radiance of the juvenile eye was dimmed, the tight muscles and nerves gradually stretched, and the corners of the mouth were involuntarily evoked, revealing a harmless smirk of humans and animals. The bloody saliva mixed down and replied in the chest.

He calmed down completely and lost his ability to be angry – perhaps lost forever.

“Liao Meng ……”

Somehow, Chu Zhiyun wants to cry.

She never likes Liao Meng, this is always over-excited, like a burning wild beast.

But she doesn’t even like Liao Meng now. This is a walking dead that accepts “treatment”, will be castrated, and life is suppressed!

However, she and Liao Meng are sympathetic, and Liao Mengโ€™s appearance is her upcoming ending.

Chu Zhiyun’s tears finally came out without scrambling.


She thought to herself, “This may be my first and last time to master the ability to cry freely!”

Perhaps the same thoughts as her, the classmates around, mostly whispered.

Only Tang Ka stood behind her, silent, and did not cry a little.

No, he still made a sound, not a cry, but a kind of… similar to the nerves, “slowing and sneaking”, the cell “ๅ™ผpฤซ pฤ ๅ•ช” is constantly popping up, the mitochondria is like burning fiercely, and the gene chain is like a dyke. The sound of flooding.


Chu Zhiyun heard Tang Ka whispering in an extremely whispered voice, “Absolutely, unforgivable!”

Chu Zhiyun hasn’t reacted yet. Two Purifiers, dressed in heavy-type Crystal Armor, are like towers. They have already come to her.

Zhou Xiuyun’s phantom, once again emerged from the “blood flesh and slaughterhouse”, haunted by the sacred light of her body and the horrible scenes around Nine Underworld Yellow Spring, she formed a sharp contrast, but she was used to watching Chu Zhiyun , with a smile: “You are the perfect one of this batch of ‘Demon Child’, it is up to you to start, solve all the mysteries of ‘heresy’!”

Two Purifiers, one left and one right, will be sandwiched by Chu Zhiyun.

Behind them, an automated operating bed with various scalpels, bone saws and Spirit Artifact prostheses also rises from the ground, like a cannibal flower.

A Purifier reached out and crossed his fingers to grab Chu Zhiyun’s head.

Chu Zhiyun’s Brain is blank, his muscles are still in the paralysis of the arc, and he can’t move. He can only watch the palm of his hand and cover his face.

But just when she and all her classmates were completely desperate, this steel hand was strangely stopped – stopped!

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