FMC Chapter 2773

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Three days later.

Li Yao was too busy in these three days.

He first conducted the most intensive physical examination in Empire, the highest level hospital in Human Race Civilization, and conducted the most in-depth study of his own Brain.

Then, according to his own brainwave burst index, he rebuilt a “brain wave amplifier” and integrated it into the core control room of Gold Crystal Tower, which was used as the launch platform of “Dark Mole Plan”.

The good news is that the battle between the Empire’s Army and the Saint League in the new glory area continues. Although the main forces of the two sides did not appear, the scouts of each other, the harassment and the symmetry battle did not stop for a second.

The Saint League people’s battles and even social operations rely heavily on the Spiritual Nexus, so the Empire’s Army attaches great importance to the Saint League’s Spiritual Nexus infiltration and invasion.

From Imperial Capital to the front line, an unobstructed ultra-high speed Spiritual Nexus information channel has been set up.

Li Yao’s divine soul through the “brain wave amplifier” upgrade, coupled with the Gold Crystal Tower’s agitation, theoretically hopes to cross the Star Ocean, straight to the front.

However, the risk of doing so is extremely high, which is equivalent to the ghosts and ghosts walking through the sun storm. If you are not careful, the divine soul will be destroyed and never surpassed.

“Dad, are you really ready?”

Deep in the Gold Crystal Tower, Xiaoming and Wenwen routinely protect Li Yao.

From a certain point of view, these two little guys may be the biggest beneficiaries of the entire “Divine Military Revolts”, no matter how much they improve Li Yao or Li Jialing’s realm.

Before “Divine Military Revolts”, they were just crouching in the depths of Empyrean Terminus. The two children who could not be used all the time, even though they controlled a secret base, but also the wreckage and ruins of tens of thousands of years ago, they can be used to form “Body” and “Brain” are just some of the rusty copper scrap and the riddled Crystal Computer.

But now, Revolution Faction Immortal Cultivator is forced by the situation, in order to make up for the shortage of troops, and to effectively coordinate the resources of the various parties, and have to give the entire Imperial Capital defense to them to a large extent.

They can use the most advanced Super Crystal Computer of the Empire of True Humanity, which is the most advanced Super Crystal Computer of Human Race Civilization, to form their own new “Brain”.

It can also manipulate thousands of the most advanced, powerful and ruthless steel shackles to form a mighty “unmanned fleet” as an extension of their own limbs.

The Empire of True Humanity is a more versatile database than the Star Glory Federation. It is also their most delicious “food”. They chew a planet and a planet, a world and a world, and greedily suck everything. Data to.

The two little guys are growing a hundred times faster than Li Yao’s. Every day, they will have unexpected changes. Every day, they will bring a new surprise to Li Yao. Every day, they will become even more Unfathomable.

Honestly, if it weren’t for the two little guys and the rapid advancement of Fist King, it would be impossible for them to figure out the Gold Crystal Tower in such a short time, thanks to the wisdom of Li Yao, Long Yangjun, Boss Bai and Empire. Mystery, put “Dark Mole Plan” from theory into practice, even Li Yao can’t wake up!

Li Yao never doubted the kindness and sincerity of the two little guys, but sometimes – or when he woke up every morning, he was inevitably surprised by the growth of the two little guys.

He has intentionally and unintentionally tried the Empire people, asked Li Jialing, Li Linghai and Lei Chenghu, and Immortal Cultivator is so confident that he will give his nest to the new generation of Information Lifeform to protect, really the most advanced Crystal Computer and Battle. Puppet took it out, and wasn’t afraid of the kind of incidents like “Spiritual Nexus Awakening, Mental Rebellion” in the fascinating fantasy novel?

The answers from the three Immortal Cultivators are also very consistent.

I am afraid of being afraid, but I can’t take care of it so much. In order to win, they are not worthy of the means.

Sometimes, knowing that you are drinking and quenching thirst, you still have to drink it with a big mouth–if there are so many people who are willing to drink and quench their thirst, how can the idiom “Drinking and quenching thirst” be passed down?

Li Yao doesn’t know that the two little guys are growing so fast, and it’s a blessing to control the enormous resources of Imperial Capital.

As he does not know, he is awakened by this ability like “Divided Spirit” or “Spirit Communication”.

He can only comfort himself. Whether it is a blessing or a curse, the evolution of Human Race is impossible to stop. The birth and growth of the new generation of life, Human Race successor, is impossible to stop, just as it was powerful hundreds of thousands of years ago. Power and superior technology’s catastrophic Civilization did not stop the rise of Human Race.

Life will find its way out, and tomorrow will come.

“Ready, let’s get started.”

Li Yao took back the thoughts from the vast thoughts and smiled at the two little guys.

Now, the two little guys are completely different in his eyes.

Although it looks like a square shovel, a mechanical spider with claws and claws, even a Crystal Computer and computing chip embed in the wall.

But Li Yao can see sparkling sparks and flowing heat flow between the cold steel, and in the sparks and heat flow, the breath of life is perceived.

That is the heartbeat and breathing of his children.

Li Yao took a deep breath and sat on the throne of the “Gold Crystal Tower Master”, which was made for himself.

Immediately, a few hollow silver needles were inserted into his blood vessels, and he was injected with nutritive drugs containing powerful energy.

There was another embed with a lot of crystal essences, and the shiny iron cap slowly lowered and buckled his head.

“Dad, I and Wenwen will closely monitor a series of parameters such as your breathing, heartbeat and brainwave changes, and in case of an abnormality, we will force you to wake up.”

Xiaoming once again said seriously, “However, what you have to do, there is no precedent in the database, so it is difficult for us to evaluate what is an ‘abnormal’, in case your divine soul is launched for too long, and The connection between the body is completely cut off, then you are equal to death and become a ghost.

“And, this time the ‘soul out’ is more dangerous than the one you just crossed to Empire and the ‘Evil Earth Paradise’, when your divine soul was just drilled into the steel icy cold, this time, You have to get into the brains of people with flesh and blood. If you are not careful, you will be swallowed up by others and become a part of others. Even if you are not swallowed up by others, you will be very vulnerable to interference from other people’s brain waves. You, can’t name things, are you clear about this?”


Li Yao said, “Come on!”

“That’s good, ‘Dark Mole Plan’ first trial, start!”

Xiaoming and Wenwen simultaneously launched the brainwave amplifier and the Gold Crystal Tower. At once, the whole “launching room” was bright, and each crystal essences bloomed in the most bursting manner, as if there were countless rivers of rainbows. At the same time impacting a small room, wrapped around Li Yao, infiltration into his pores.

Li Yao feels like she has to turn into a rainbow and go away.

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!”

Li Yao makes a hysterical cry, his body is getting heavier and heavier, the divine soul is getting lighter and lighter, and the split between the body and the divine soul becomes more and more obvious, as if the body is no longer a protective shell, but a solid but In the rancid cage, he became more and more intolerant of being in such awkward, heavy, sticky and rancid places, like a lobster falling into a frying pan.


Li Yao feels that his Heaven Spirit Shell is splitting. The divine soul passes through a colorful and high-speed rotating tunnel. It is getting faster and faster. It is finally like a splendid fireworks. It was launched by Gold Crystal Tower and appeared in Imperial. Over the capital!

This is a very difficult feeling of using ink and ink.

Many people often say that after a person dies, the soul will fly out in the air, staring at his body and his loved ones crying beside the body.

Li Yao’s current feelings are similar to those of the picture, but they are more elaborate and richer.

He is like a godless, invisible and high-spirited god, or simply a lonely ghost that has been smeared and unseen, floating in the most prosperous business district of Imperial Capital.

The following is a high-rise building, the bustling, the first light, the beautiful night scene.

And the scenes that he can “see” are far more than that.

He can see the intricate Spiritual Nexus ripples and wireless communication, like a colorful bridge of criss-crossing lines.

He can see that each building has a large amount of radiation released from the outside due to different building materials, like a layered candle.

He can see the long tail flame left by the Flying Shuttle Car after crossing the sky. This flame is constantly spreading and blending, and ordinary people can never see it clearly.

Of course, the most fascinating thing that occupies the entire field of vision is the star that is about to fall completely below the horizon, the satellite that has just risen, and the radiation released by Empyrean Terminus itself, and the magnetic field formed by the fusion of this radiation.

Li Yao has never quietly admired the beauty of the planet and the universe in this way.

Only another small, but ever-changing, ever-changing magnetic field can be compared with the beauty of the heavens and the earth.

That is the life magnetic field of Human Race. It is everyone who lives on this beautiful planet. It is the world of red dust, and the most gorgeous flame is released from the depths of the crowd.

Li Yao smiled and felt like a drop of water falling into the river, a light jump between the spirals of the Spiritual Nexus, and the power of the Spiritual Energy ripple and the network transmission.

Spiritual Energy Ripple and network transmission speeds are close to the speed of light, and Li Yao’s divine soul is so fast that it stretches a new life posture in an unknown field.

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