FMC Chapter 2775

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2775 is in the name of God! Floating astronomy

Just as Li Yao St Wenwen asked this sentence and smashed the divine soul 涟漪, ready to enter the people’s Brain to be a guest, this “black child” was shocked by the sudden sound, Brain deep instinctive reaction , bursting out a cockroach, smashed towards Li Yao’s divine soul.


Li Yao was struck by lightning, and the divine soul was instantly lost, like a big foot that was condensed by thunder and cockroaches.

“Ah, ah, ah!”

Li Yao screams.

“咻咻咻咻咻咻whoosh! ”

Surrounded by streams of light, the head of the head turned to the stars, Li Yao’s divine soul was dragged back by a strange force, flew into the sea, fled the land, along the launching silo above the Gold Crystal Tower, the wolf escaped into the launching room, above the silver throne, himself Inside the body!


Li Yao jumped up from the silver throne and felt that his head was punched. No, it was a hundred punches, and one head was as big as ten!

“What’s happening here?”

Li Yao only turned around, her headaches were cracking, and her nose and eyes were infiltration of various suspicious liquids. She took a look at the mirror and her eyes were red and bloody. The blood vessels next to the eye socket burst and burst into blue.


Xiaoming and Wenwen hurriedly manipulated the robotic arm, held up the crumbling Li Yao, increased the injection volume of sedatives and nutrient drugs, helped him settle the divine soul, and repair the damaged neural field.

“We just scanned your brainwaves at a very abnormal peak. Isn’t it, what very sudden means you used, and the target was greatly frightened Ah?”

Xiaoming analyzed, “Human Race is greatly frightened, and Brain will involuntarily start the deepest protection mechanism, instantly enhance the output intensity of brain waves, and isolate all external invasions. Therefore, your movements should not be so rude, have patience. Come slowly!”

“Who is rude, I have always been very gentle!”

Li Yao took a sip of blood, slammed his sleeves, and said, “Come on!”

“Are you sure?”

Wenwen said with anxiety, “This kind of soul is out of the way, the divine ability of the day trip, it is too big for itself, daddy don’t have to take a break?”

“Every second, there are countless people who have lost Star Ocean and have a rest!”

Li Yao gritted his teeth, “less nonsense, come on!”

The second time, he clung to the silver throne, and the divine soul bloomed like a fireworks.

This time, he is more familiar with the divine soul ripples like mercury and diarrhea. He travels through the clouds, chasing light and electricity, and instantly arrives at the Third Spirit Institute on the islands, and appears again next to the “sunspot”.

Between the shadows, Li Yao can perceive the neural field of the sunspot. It is no longer the ancient well without waves, but because of the shock, there has been a very weak flaw.

He was actually out of the big force that was being seriously trained, and one person stayed in the corner and sat down.

The Saint League people held in this town are the bottom of the “Bing Bee” and “Worker Bee”. They have no commander’s existence and cut off the connection with their superiors. No one knows what to do with him. Most of the Saint League people still train and work with instinct, but give Li Yao the opportunity to get along with the “sunspot” alone.

Eat a bit, grow a wisdom, this time Li Yao certainly won’t let his divine soul be too close to the “sunspot”, but it is far from releasing a telepathic thoughts, and the patience asks again: “Don’t Fear, I am not malicious, I am a friend, can I come in?”

The “sunspot” trembled and the pupil was enlarged.

But he did not have much ability to think independently, and the mark of engraving in the depths of the gene was too strong, which made him subconsciously nod and fully open his own neural field.

Li Yao breathed a sigh of relief and the divine soul drove straight into it.

“who are you?”

Perceived by an inexplicable, grand, mysterious and majestic force, gradually appeared in his own neural field. This “sunspot” gave birth to a pure and innocent joy from the bottom of his heart, muttering, “You are God, Yes… omnipotent, Supreme is the god of the benevolence!”,

“No, I am not a god. There is no God at all in this world.”

This is the principle of Li Yao. He will never use the means of deception and coercion to get the approval of “black son”. He insists, “I am a friend, I want to –

When the voice is not falling, I feel that a sharp lightning flashes in the neural field of the “sunspot” and is ready to go.

“You are not a god, but you can get into my mind!”

The “sunspot” held his head and screamed unswervingly. “Then you must be a demon, Outer Territory Heavenly Demon, the worst and worst devil! Roll, get out!”

“Boom! Hey!”

The thunder was rolling, the lightning was splashing, the demons were dissipated, and Li Yao was blown out again for a hundred thousand miles, and Xiaoming and Wenwen returned to the depths of the Gold Crystal Tower in their own bodies.

“What the people are!”

Li Yao rampage is like a thunder, screaming red and swollen like a peach-like eye socket, heartache, “Ignorance, ignorance! The poison of feudal superstition is too deep, really too deep!”

“Dad, or else forget it, let’s think about something else?”

Wenwen is both distressed and worried. “If you go on like this, you really have to fly away, always floating outside, and you can’t get back into your body!”


Li Yao gnawed his teeth, and the light that bloomed in his eyes, even the thick Black Blood had to be burned through. “If there is no way to wake up a ‘black boy’ in the district, how can I wake up thousands of Saint League people? As the dignity and hope of Human Race! Try again, let me try again!”

For the third time, Li Yao’s divine soul turned into a shadowless invisible rainbow, descending over the third institute, and instantly penetrated the reinforced concrete and superalloy walls to the top of the “sunspot”.

The “sunspot” was breathing a big breath, his eyes were dripping, and his look was fascinating. He was completely frightened by two consecutive contacts. Li Yao estimated that he had never used his life like this. Multi-brain cells have stirred up so many suspected emotions.

“What the hell are you?”

Li Yao took the warning of 120,000 points and sent a thought to him again. “Where are you like this, everyone is very happy talking, I am also very Sven, if you must not let me in, I can’t come in, but you invited me in for a second, and I took lightning from me in the next second. Is this too unreasonable?”


The “sunspot” once again widened his eyes. Li Yao didn’t have to read the information about his telepathic thoughts released by his madness, he knew what he meant, “Heavenly Demon, Outer Territory Heavenly Demon !”

“I am not Outer Territory Heavenly Demon. Don’t you feel a familiar, very intimate atmosphere, just like you have a very strong relationship between me and me. If I am Outer Territory Heavenly Demon, how can you produce this? feel?”

Li Yao said, “Of course I am not a god, or I can say this – I am the ‘God’ that you admire and absolutely obey, hey, have had very deep and intimate contact, and it is simply called a blend of water and milk. ‘Well, and finally, your God has indeed become a part of me, giving me his inheritance and mission, so twisted and bizarre, love and hate the relationship, can you understand?”

Li Yao estimates that with this “sunspot” logical thinking ability, it is certainly impossible to understand such intricate relationships.

But “the sunspot” squinted at his head. After thinking for a long time, he sat down in a proper manner and opened his own neural field and mind to Li Yao.

“You are Supreme, the omnipotent god, I am your humblest servant.”

From the deepest part of the “sunspot” neural field, such information came.

Li Yao took a deep breath and knew that breaking feudal superstitions and enslaved thinking was not a one-off event, or trying to merge with this “sunspot” first.

For the third time, his divine soul was carefully and step by step, drilling into the neural field of the “sunspot”.

When the divine soul is condensed, the invisible virtual nerve merges with the real nerve bundle of the “sunspot”, Li Yao hears a soft “bang”, and wonderful things happen, the whole world” “Sharpness” and “Reality” instantly increase by a hundredfold. He can clearly see everything around him through the eyes of “black son”. He hears the movement of the whole town through the ears of “black son” and perceives the air through the skin of “sunspot”. Humidity, the flow of the breeze, the roasting of the artificial sun, and the roughness of the earth below the buttocks.

It seems that he has a brand new body!

If he is willing, it is even possible to manipulate and substantially strengthen the body and act and fight as he pleases, just like the real “spirit possession”.

Of course, the consumption of this is too big, the danger is high, and it is against the Yao Yao’s Dao Heart.

“No wonder Wuying Ji was at the end of the Star Ocean Republic a thousand years ago. In the war against Saint League, he became a high-profile singer and became a prominent figure in the future. He has accumulated a lot of military power and capital!”

Li Yao thought, “It turned out that he had made such a good number of ‘spy’s, and through the eyes and ears scattered in the Saint League army, he could always be a prophet, and he couldn’t win if he didn’t win!”

Realizing this, the intense disgust and contempt, once again came to my heart.

Such as Wuying Ji, relying on the new realm, arrogant between his own kind, killing the same kind of emotions and will, turning his kind into his slave, in such a group of slaves, he is king and he is dressed as a god of heaven. This is really a “god” that is not as good as a pig or a dog!

Even if “God” really exists, those who lead their own kind, resisting foreign enemies, Expeditions a broader universe, so that all the similarities in the entire Civilization jump to a higher level of life – such an expert is eligible to be Call it “God”!

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