FMC Chapter 2775

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, the reason why the 2775 chapter cannot be backed off! Floating astronomy
Looking at Li Yao’s bright smile, all the “Child of Heresy” eyes are moist.

“Thank you.”

Chu Zhiyun suddenly bowed to Li Yao and said, “We know now, you are not Heavenly Demon, but a hundred percent of ‘angels’!”


Li Yao was a little embarrassed to touch the cheeks that didn’t exist. “Oh, the scenes that follow will be very bloody and cruel. It is not suitable for you teenagers under the age of 16 to watch, talk nonsense, go, go. Go!”

Under the urging and drive of Li Yao, the โ€œChild of Heresyโ€ was full of complexities and boarded the caterpillar track-type transporter.

The cabin doors of the hangar slowly open, and they have landed at a height of less than 30 meters from the ground. Even the non-flight caterpillar track can be lightly grounded by the anti-gravity system.

In front of the uninhabited no-man’s land, Chu Zhiyun looked back for the last time and looked at Li Yao, who floated at the core of the Floating War Fort. Then he gnawed his teeth and threw the power output to the limit, and the smoke and dust climbed up and flew away. !

The hangar door of Li Yao’s remotely-floating Floating War Fort is slowly closed.

Now, there is only one person left in the Control Center.

Through the external observation of the Crystal Eye, the caterpillar track transporter of the “Child of Heresy” gradually disappeared on the horizon, and even the dust from the caterpillar track was gradually dissipated in the darkness. Li Yao was long and comfortable. The tone, the smile on the face, and the smile on the face, also faded.


Just now, Yaowu Yangwei, domineering exposed pale gold divine soul, like a deflated ball constantly dry.

The imposing Sound Armor of the Battle Armor and the Hedgehog’s eyes, like a mottled paint-like piece, reveals his sullen, exhausted divine soul core.

Li Yao’s divine soul floats in the air, like a large piece of oil falling into the water, gradually spreading, melting and decomposing.

Blood heart’s demon’s pale red figure was drilled from the Floating War Fort’s Mainframe Crystal Processor, and looked at Li Yao with sarcasm: “Is it enough?”

“Over, enjoyable.”

Li Yao’s divine soul is full of laughter. “Fast, pull the brothers, it won’t work.”

“You didn’t know it. I thought you really thought of yourself as the ‘Pangu Universe’s first expert’. I thought that by virtue of oneself, no, not even ‘people’, just a vain soul. Can fight against Saint League’s entire garrison on the entire Black Castle Star!”

Blood heart’s demon hands on hips, like a mother-in-law, “I can be considered enough this time, not only did not dismantle your desk at all, but also try to help you control the Floating War Fort, let you Can be arrogant in front of this class of ignorant teenagers, suffocating the prestige, swindling them all five, dizzy, how, no need to say?”

“Nothing to say, absolutely nothing to say!”

Li Yao said, “So, everyone else is fake. What Long Yangjun is not reliable. Only you are the best brother in my life. The relationship between us is more than Jin Jian. Dead, oh, you said, if I didn’t have you, what should I do Ah?”

“Know it!”

Blood heart’s demon involuntarily opened his mouth, smiled a little, and coldly snorted, “Okay, since you have already had enough addiction, the show has been saved, the rescuers have also been rescued, the invincible glory The image has also been shaped, and the differs not much.

“We have two choices now. The first is to find a ‘black child’ to drill into his mind. There are thousands of Purifiers in the Floating War Fort. There must be a ‘black child’ in it. It is easy to find. of.

“Second, the direct disconnection escape, divine soul first flee back to the home to rest for a while, and then come back.

“But I suggest that you still go to find a ‘black child’, implant a divine soul coordinate in his brain, and then apply oil to the sole of the foot. It is more convenient to jump over the next time. What do you say?”

Li Yao is silent, staring at the blood heart’s demon.

Blood heart’s demon was stared at him by the horror, and he couldn’t help but lick the goose bumps that didn’t exist on his body: “Hey, hello, what do you mean by such a strange look, why don’t you talk, every time you look at it so affectionately With me, there are bad things happening! You, what do you want?”

“Not too good.”

Li Yao smiled charmingly. “Just, I suddenly thought that we can’t easily find a second ‘black child’, and we can’t ‘run off the line’.”


Blood heart’s demon Unbelievable, “What do you want to do with your moth?”

“No, I just think that it is very meaningless to find a second sunspot casually.”

Li Yao explained, โ€œThe largest of the Floating War Fort, Xia Yuren, Qiu Yuanjia and Zhou Xiuyun are already dead. The rest are middle- and low-level grassroots officers and the ‘Bing Bees’ who have no logical thinking ability. These people’s minds are not convenient to communicate with them, and it is difficult to find opportunities to reach higher levels of behind-the-scenes black hands.

“More importantly, you didn’t listen to what Zhou Xiuyun said. The other party has mastered our identity and knows that we are casting through a certain far-distance divine soul to the body of a Saint League.

“So, as long as the other party has a computing capacity above the level, it is easy to think that after we get rid of Tang Ka’s body, we are very likely to change the body of another person, then they are all survivors of Floating War Fort. How can we not strictly guard against it, scan it carefully, or even check it, and destroy it all?

“If we easily get into the depths of a survivor’s neural field, but surrounded by the army of Saint League people, the other party does not give us the opportunity to explain and perform, directly kill all the survivors in the Floating War Fort, then Are we not very embarrassed?”


Blood heart’s demon Indulge for a moment, “Damn, it makes sense. I have already told you not to be so impulsive. I have to jump out to save these ‘Child of Heresy’. This is good, and the ‘Dark Mole Plan’ is very likely to be exposed. The difficulty of the next mission is a tenfold increase in difficulty!

“If you forget it, first flee to your hometown, discuss it with Xiaoming and Wenwen, and then plan!”


Li Yao whispered, “We can’t run away, at least not now.”


Blood heart’s demon’s eyes are protruding. “Do you know how much our divine soul has dried up? The limelight is letting you out, the audience is gone, the audience is gone, not running, waiting for Ultimate Prosperity High Master. Are you eating?”

“No, Chu Zhiyun and Little Tiantian, they haven’t gone far.”

Li Yao sighed and smiled. “You shouldn’t think that such a group of ten or four-year-old teenagers, perhaps the first time in life to drive a caterpillar track-type transport vehicle, can rely on their own strength to get rid of a big enemy. Are you chasing it? If there are no interference factors, they will definitely be caught up by Saint League people within an hour.

“Save the people and save the Buddha, send the Buddha to the West. Since we have spent so much effort to save them, even the ‘Dark Mole Plan’ is very likely to be exposed. It is natural to help them resist all the pursuits. At least attract most of the attention and firepower so that they can peacefully arrive at the shelter, right?

“So, we must insist on… for three to five hours, I will supply all the rest of my strength to you, so that you can completely control this Floating War Fort, and inspire its 120% combat power, should, no What about the problem?”

Blood heart’s demon’s eyes are getting bigger and bigger, like two bloody vortex, devour the entire face.

The gaze from the bottom of his eyes is like a roaring magma, and Li Yao should be sprayed with blood.

“Say it again.”

It has to squint and gnash its teeth. “How long do you want to stay?”

“Three, three and five hours.”

Li Yao stretched out three fingers and turned into five, and then said, “Of course, if you can persist for one day and one night, even killing sex, you really kill the entire Saint League garrison on the Black Castle Star. I have no opinion.”

“I have opinions! You are sick! Your brain is in the water! Your divine soul is radiated by the sun. You really think of yourself as the first expert of Pangu Universe!”

Blood heart’s demon is furious and screams.

โ€œDon’t we be the ‘Pangu Universe first expert’?โ€

Li Yao screamed at the watery eyes and asked seriously.


Blood heart’s demon gas is snoring, “Stop, even if it is the ‘Pangu Universe first expert’, after projecting its own divine soul to hundreds of millions of Lightyears, it has experienced a high-intensity battle, so that the thief goes to the building After the oil wells are dry, you have to control such a large Floating War Fort to fight against tens of thousands of Crystal Armor, Battle Shuttle and Starship. This is all suicide!

“How long is your brain, what are you thinking about, do you know how fragile and disordered we are now connected to the rear divine soul, do you know that our perception and control are rapidly fading, we are like It is like a dead wood that burns out, and it will collapse at any time!

“I am very tired. I am so tired that even the fully automatic toilet in the Floating War Fort toilet can’t be controlled. You still have to insist on three or five hours. It is impossible, absolutely impossible!

“Let your mind clear, think about our mission, don’t lose because of small!”

“I know, I have never been a second, forgetting our mission.”

Li Yao smiled. “Our mission is not to guard the children like Chu Zhiyun, Tang Ka and Little Tiantian?”

Blood heart’s demon coldly took a nap.

“Asshole, don’t say so numb without warning!”

Blood heart’s demon was so angry that he clenched his fists and slammed into Li Yao’s head. “Don’t die, don’t drag me down, I still have a good life to enjoy, unlike you, a courageous fool!”

Unexpectedly, Li Yao hugged his thighs and shed tears. No matter how it smashed, he couldnโ€™t get rid of it: “Please, help, the inheritance of Professor Mo Xuan and the fragments of Spiritual Nexus Heavenly Demon. It was swallowed up by you. I didn’t invade Spiritual Nexus and Crystal Computer, and I couldn’t control such a large Floating War Fort, so I just said that you are the most important person in my life, my dearest. I trust the best brothers who can best rely on them. They are 10,000 times better than Long Yangjun. They are just the same as Ding Lingdang. I canโ€™t do it without you. Really, I really canโ€™t live without you, and you are also a knife and a tofu. I am reluctant to leave me? Help me, save my life, look at the different personalities of the same person, help me once again, the last time!”

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