FMC Chapter 2777

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2777 sweeps thousands of troops! Floating astronomy
Li Yao feels like a steel giant in the raging flames of Nirvana.

The more divine soul is combined with Crystal Computer, the more the power hidden in the deepest part of the divine soul is squirting out, constantly adjusting the balance between him and Crystal Computer, so that his perception and thinking can be unimpeded. Every pipe and every corner of Floating War Fort.

Now, he is Floating War Fort.

The outer shell, which is full of reactive armor and fully automatic turrets, is his sturdy body.

The intricate pipes and crystal cable are his blood vessels and nerves.

Running to the limit, the crystal reaction furnace that stirred thousands of degrees of high temperature is his Dantian.

The array-centric central control Crystal Computer group consisting of dozens of Super Crystal Computers is his Brain.

And all the crystal cannonballs in the arsenal engraved with the offensive Glyph Array and the tiger’s roar dragon’s cry are his angry fists!


Li Yao’s vision instantly expanded tenfold, clearly scanning and locking out the target of more than 500 large and small one hundred kilometers away. It was the reinforcement that found the “Demon Child Project” out of the shackles and rushed from all around. .

They formed two columns, like a pair of iron tongs, and a team came to entangle Li Yao. The other team was ready to bypass the Floating War Fort and chase Chu Zhiyun, Tang Ka and Little Tiantian. “.

Li Yao will naturally not let them succeed.

A hundred kilometers away, for most of the weapon systems on the Floating War Fort, it still greatly exceeds the effective range, even if the firepower can be covered, but the accuracy is not guaranteed.

However, that was before, under the “general state.”

“Try this, you guys are still dead!”

Li Yao laughed, maddening laughter, and the dense data and line of sight in the field of vision, firmly entangled with 572 targets, all of which are the most threatening to the “Child of Heresy”. High speed reconnaissance vehicle and low-altitude attack boat. Subsequently, Floating War Fort is flying more than a thousand ball of light in the direction of the enemy. Various Crystal Railguns, railguns and hot-melt guns are stirred by his Spiritual Energy. The limit output power 200%, not to mention the heavy-type crystal shells that are more than one meter in diameter, are entangled by his Spiritual Energy, and are also rotated at the ultra-high speed in the depth of the track, the speed, Range, hit rate and destructive power are greatly improved!

Hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng !

Zī zī zī zī zī zī !


Under the blessing of Li Yao divine soul, a Floating War Fort in the district, even with the momentum of thousands of guns, thousands of straight beams of light and twisted tail flames entangled together, turned into a ruined fire net, shrouded the square The scorpio of the hundred miles, it is already late at night, but it is illuminated by him!

“dī dī dī dī !”

The Saint League people’s Crystal Armor, Battle Shuttle, Crystal Tank, Battle Puppet, and the low-altitude attack ship in the atmosphere, all Magical Artifacts that can issue warnings, all the most screaming warnings, sharp peaks, just to break through the light curtain Restrictions represent an unprecedented high energy response!

The vast majority of the rushing reinforcements only knew that the Floating War Fort that implemented the “Demon Child Project” was invaded by the enemy, but did not know that the enemy turned out to be a tricky character like “Black Wind King Li Yao”, even if they guessed it, I can’t think of Li Yao’s one’s own strength, it will blast the destructive power of such Destroy the Heavens and Exterminate the Earth!

Hundreds of armed Battle Shuttle and Battle Puppet were the first to be crushed by Li Yao’s fire net, burning and exploding in an instant. In the colorful shock waves, scattered ashes and dispersed smoke, turned into powder.

Later, Crystal Armor and Crystal Tank raised Spiritual Energy Protective Shield in time, but they were also shot and riddled with strong black smoke and spins.

The low-altitude attack ship at the rear resisted the indiscriminate bombardment of Li Yao, but the Spiritual Energy Protective Shield was also changed to color. The original light and ripples in the direction of the unmanned area were seriously disturbed and lost. Of Heresy’s traces.

Their attention and firepower are deeply attracted by Li Yao – there is a big fish like “Black Wind King Li Yao”. Who cares about the small shrimps like Chu Zhiyun, Tang Ka and Little Tiantian?


Three hundred kilometers away, the depth of the no man’s land.

“Child of Heresy” heard the roar of the sky behind them, and sensed the shock wave of the strong wind after five hundred miles. They patted their outer shell of the transport vehicle and opened the top cover of the transport vehicle. After wearing the goggles, Look out your head and look out.

Then, their eyes were once again attracted to the magnificent scene on the horizon, almost hedgehog.

At this moment, the bleak sun has already set, and the whole continent has been shrouded in darkness. Because the smoke and poisonous mist cover the atmosphere, even if they open their eyes, they should not see the moon and the stars.

But they not only saw the red “moon” and the golden “star”, but also saw a burning fiercely, claws and claws, and the sun that constantly released the most vitality, the higher the height, the bigger and bigger, almost Half of the sky is dyed in gold, and all the darkness that covers the earth will be shredded!

Even at a distance of three hundred kilometers, Li Yao’s fiery ripples are still like burning snowflakes, falling and falling to the top of the “Child of Heresy”.

It was like a splendid golden rain, sloppy, infiltrating their souls full of scars.

“Great, good… beautiful!”

For the first time in their lives, the teenagers saw such a magnificent and incredible battle scene.

For them, perhaps this is the “miracle” of a hundred percent.

Some people couldn’t help but reach out to catch the burning snow, but the snow was always extinguished and dissipated before they were caught, leaving only a little warmth, through the palm of their hand, into their hearts.

“Black Wind King Li Yao?”

Chu Zhiyun wore goggles and looked at Li Yao’s direction, looking at the burning fiercely’s horizon – the horizon seems to be the last line of defense that Li Yao built for them. No matter the number of enemies, Li Yao will not. Let those smashes step through even one step.

Chu Zhiyun looked at it, and the liquid was flowing again and again, like a flowing crystal, swaying in the goggles.

“Squad leader -“

Looking at it, there was a “Child of Heresy” asking, “I don’t understand why he did this and help us for no reason. Even if his strength is strong, it is very stubborn and dangerous. Ok?”

“I do not know.”

Chu Zhiyun silent for a moment, shook his head. “Maybe, we have to use it for a long time, even after exhausting our life to find the answer, and I have a hunch. When we find the answer, we become the real Human Race and become When he is like that person!”

These words made all the young people fall into deep thought.

The flames of volcanic eruptions hundreds of kilometers away are deeply imprinted in their pupils and turned into traces of indelible.


Li Yao, the divine soul that seems to be sweeping, sweeping everything, is in the visible exhaustion of the naked eye, and soon becomes the end of the powerful.

The Floating War Fort that he invaded and controlled was not a super-powered Combat Type, but was modified into a large type mobile experimental base.

A large number of standard fuel and ammunition bins have been transformed into cells and laboratories, which have caused a serious shortage of ammunition and fuel base. They have been indiscriminately bombarded, and various ammunition depots and fuel depots have bottomed out.

What’s more, the degree of automation of Floating War Fort is not high enough to completely eliminate the need for personnel operations. Soldiers still in the Floating War Fort will obviously not obey Li Yao’s orders, but will respond to their companions’ calls. The internal unfolding is like a bug in Li Yao’s belly.

There are too many troops stationed on the Black Castle Star. When the source is constantly coming, the Spiritual Energy Protective Shield is raised to the limit, like a turtle shell, simply and Li Yao, how is Li Yao? Is it an opponent of thousands of troops?

Soon, hundreds of various types of guns on the Floating War Fort attack level were overloaded with scraps due to the lack of Warship soldiers to replace parts and coolant in time.

A large number of important internal facilities were occupied by soldiers and cut off the connection with the Control Center, just as Li Yao’s “nerve” was cut off, and Brain lost contact with the eyeballs, cochlea and skin.

Not to mention, the attack of the Saint League army was also bombarded into the Floating War Fort in a tenfold intensive form, and the Floating War Fort, which collapsed from the Spiritual Energy Protective Shield, was riddled with holes. Four times, the fire was soaring, and even the anti-gravity system could not be maintained, bursting, making the height lower and lower, unable to maintain balance, such as spinning around the top.

Li Yao’s divine soul is just like the floating war Fort’s ammunition depot and fuel tank.

And he has already won enough time for the “Child of Heresy” to let the boys disappear between the black mountains.

It’s time to smile a little, grow up and go, and hide the power and name.


Li Yao is in a deep call to blood heart’s demon. “The mission is completed, after the work is finished, and then I don’t want to leave. I really want to be encircled by the enemy’s thousands of Starships, and the souls are flying, and my aunt doesn’t know!”

“I know.”

Blood heart’s demon coldly said, “But can’t go.”

If the divine soul can sweat, Li Yao will definitely be cold and sweaty. “What does it mean to ‘can’t walk?'”

“Do you think I don’t want to go?”

Blood heart’s demon calmly said, “From three minutes ago, when we put the last round of shells on all the guns, I tried to get out of this chaotic battlefield, but I couldn’t do it, the interference was too serious, both sides The violent fire has severely disrupted the Magnetic Spirit Force Field in all directions, into a ‘full-band blocking state’, which is difficult to transmit without any form fluctuations.”

Li Yao spent a long time trying to release a telepathic thoughts to the outside world.

Sure enough, the unimpeded air turned into a thick swamp, and the swamp was covered with stinging thorns.

With the weakness of his current divine soul, the protection of the body is lost. It is impossible to move, and if it does not fly for thirty or fifty miles, it will be torn into pieces.

“Damn, it ran into such a bad thing!”

Li Yao screamed lowly. “You didn’t say anything about it, and, things are so serious, you seem to be very calm?”


Blood heart’s demon silenced, lightly said, “habited.”

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