FMC Chapter 2781

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, the real XIXX chapter! Floating astronomy
Li Yao is used to ignoring the first half of the blood heart’s demon, muttering: “What kind of state do you think we are in?”

“In a general sense -“

Blood heart’s demon calmly said, “We are dead.”


Li Yao’s divine soul releases sharp ripples, corrugated as a lot of pale gold data and Glyph Rune. “Is there anything wrong? Is this your conclusion?”

“if not?”

Blood heart’s demon asks, “Our divine soul has completely lost contact with the body. No matter how I search and perceive, I can’t find the ‘line’ that can take us back to the body. Our body is far from hundreds of millions of stars. In addition, perhaps Brain and the internal organs have stopped activities. The best situation is just to become a vegetative person, frozen by Xiaoming and Wenwen.

“This state, called ‘death’, isn’t it?”


Li Yao retorted, “We have experienced a similar state before, just jumping to the center of Star Ocean, suffering from excessive star radiation in the Poisonous Scorpion Star Cluster, the fleshly body almost decaying, our divine soul also Leaving the body, sneak into the Martial Hero Star, attach to a Spiritual Energy Puppet, and get to know Han Te and Liu Lí!”

“That’s not the same. At that time, our divine soul and body are in the same Greater Thousand Worlds. In the same stellar system, the distance between them is no more than ten light seconds. It can be said that it is still in the same star. Within the envelope of the magnetic field, in the same piece of heaven and earth, in a mysterious way, keep in touch.”

Blood heart’s demon sighed. “But this time, our divine soul is too far apart from the body. It is called ‘quantity change causes qualitative change’. When the distance reaches the level of 10 million Lightyears, it is enough to split or even obliterate the body and the divine soul. Everything between them is involved.

“Yes, for Realm’s deep Spirit Transformation expert, the soul is out of the way, day trips and night trips seem to be a must-have skill, but most people’s divine soul and body will not be separated by more than a few hundred kilometers, up to Just a few light seconds, like us, we don’t want to sneak a sneak peek at dozens of Greater Thousand Worlds, and we have a super-strong battle in the form of a divine soul, almost exhausting the last divine soul power, and being completely A fleet of bombs bombarded from low-Earth orbit. For nearly an hour, it was in the ionic flame of nearly 10,000 degrees of high temperature. Do you think it is not dead?

“So, now is not the way we can find our way home, find our body problems, but I am very skeptical, even if we find the body back, there may be a problem that the divine soul and the body are incompatible and cannot be integrated!”


Li Yao heard the scalp numb and couldn’t help but feel hurt.

Although everyone said that they came out of cultivation, they had already put their heads on the waistband of the pants. They were eating blood and eating rice on the edge of the knife. They paid attention to the big bowl of the head. After 18 years, they were a hero, but, but really “Dead”, it feels weird, so good, so melancholy.

“So, have we become Ghost Cultivator?”

Li Yao squirmed the divine soul, and the pale gold data and information flow that filled the overflow of the divine soul formed a virtual palm. He flipped the palm of his hand and moved his fingers and carefully looked at it. “Although I have never died. I don’t know what it is like to be a Ghost Cultivator, but I used to have a lot of Ghost Cultivator friends, such as Ding Yin’s predecessor and Elder Sister Qingqing who saved my life on the Great Wasteland train. I heard them talk about Ghost Cultivator. feel.

“Ghost Cultivator… does not seem to be like this.

“Ghost Cultivator is a very special set of remnant fluctuations. It is quite sensitive and fragile. It can only be hidden in a special Crystal Computer. It depends on the Spirit Artifact Artificial Body. This special Crystal Computer is equivalent to their uniqueness. Brain, once merged into Crystal Computer, it is difficult to go around, want to migrate to the second Crystal Computer, the program is very complicated, the risk factor is also very high.

“But my feelings are not like this.

“I don’t think it’s just a simple integration with Floating War Fort’s Crystal Computer wreck, it’s not that simple – I can stretch my will and perception in all directions to invade and manipulate more Magical Artifact and Crystal Computer. I can clearly see ‘the outside world’, a world of inexhaustible magnetic ripples, information data and cosmic radiation, a very new and wonderful new world. I even feel that my divine soul can be smashed through the Spiritual Nexus, extremely Fast mad, go anywhere I want to go!

“Even if I really become a ghost, it’s a ghost between the Spiritual Nexus. Is this what the ordinary Ghost Cultivator can do?”

“You are right, ordinary Ghost Cultivator, there is really no such super power.”

Blood heart’s demon said, “But there is a special Ghost Cultivator, maybe, that’s ‘Star Spirit’.”

“Star Spirit?”

Li Yao gave a slight glimpse.

He has not heard of this term for a long time.

When he first launched the Star Ocean jump and tried to get along with Skeleton Dragon Demon, the Starship Spark Ship also carried five special Ghost Cultivators or virtual spirit bodies, which were four of Professor Mo Xuan and Li Yao. Senior Brother.

As a result, Spark Ship and Skeleton Dragon Demon have encountered a massive Star Ocean Storm. In the extremely intense radiation and high-energy particle flow strikes, the virtual spirit body such as Professor Mo Xuan has undergone a wonderful change and become a former The prototype of Ghost Cultivator or Information Lifeform, which is not seen, is “Star Spirit”!

Later in the Heaven Saint City battle in Meteor Sector, Professor Mo Xuan had to forcibly engulf the Mainframe Crystal Processor containing Star Child – Outer Territory Heavenly Demon in order to save Li Yao and the entire Meteor Sector, which was tempted and eroded by the darkness. In the end, it became “Heavenly Demon Mo Xuan”, which turned “Ghost Cultivator” into “spirit” and became the main body of Human Race Civilization. This is another story.

“What do you mean by saying that we accidentally misunderstood and unlocked the ultimate mystery of the entire heritage of Professor Mo Xuan?”

Li Yao reacted instantly. “So, our divine soul has also become the form of Professor Mo Xuan, Super Ghost Cultivator – Star Spirit?”

“In the beginning, I thought the answer was like this.”

Blood heart’s demon Deeply, “But after careful consideration for three days and three nights, I think the causal logic is very likely to be reversed. The key question is why Professor Mo Xuan can get rid of the state of the original near-annihilated virtual spirit body. Become a ‘Star Spirit’ that is far above the ordinary Ghost Cultivator and can freely invade Crystal Computer and Spiritual Nexus with Human Race divine soul?

“If you say that at the moment he became ‘Star Spirit’, his divine soul has undergone a high degree of variation, no longer pure Human Race, then who is the culprit causing his variation?”

“What about this…”

Li Yao is in the way, “This question is difficult to explain. God knows what kind of cosmic radiation and high-energy particle flow in the Star Ocean Storm that we encountered in the past, and what impurities are mixed in the particle stream. What kind of frequency ripples and combinations of elements trigger the variation from ‘virtual spirit body’ to ‘Star Spirit’?

“As early as the Meteor Sector, Professor Mo Xuan did some experiments and wanted to perfectly replicate the old Star Ocean Storm and upgrade more Ghost Cultivators to Star Spirit.

“When the news of New Federation was established and the news of Black Wind Fleet came, the Federation Government took the training of ‘Star Spirit Warrior’ as one of the key projects of a hundred years of construction, and took a lot of resources to simulate the past. Scenes.

“But no matter how many Star Ocean Storm areas they found, or artificially simulating a Star Ocean Storm with a variety of shapes, they almost tried every mixed wave of ripple frequency and metal elements, and could never find it from ‘ Ordinary Ghost Cultivator ‘Upgrading to the mystery of ‘Star Spirit’ is really amazing!”

“Yes, the resources invested in the entire Federation have been repeated for tens of thousands of times.”

Blood heart’s demon said, “But in those days, the casual Star Ocean jump, inadvertently encountering the Star Ocean Storm, created the magical Star Spirit – do you believe in such a coincidence, such a lucky thing?”

Li Yao gave a slight glimpse and said: “I really don’t believe in coincidence, but don’t believe in luck, but Professor Mo Xuan becomes Star Spirit. This is also a true fact. How can I explain it?”

“Perhaps, the problem is not on the Star Ocean Storm, not how special the Star Ocean Storm is, but another crucial factor.”

Blood heart’s demon said, “That is ‘Vulture Li Yao’, because ‘Vulture Li Yao’ is present, and in the process of being with Skeleton Dragon Demon, life and will are burned to the limit, so, Professor Mo Xuan Will be infected, from ‘virtual spirit body ‘ to ‘Star Spirit’.”

“You mean, we…”

Li Yao grabs it again.

“The answer to this question, and the answer to the other two questions, may be the same.”

Blood heart’s demon continued, “Why, when we were present and burned the divine soul to the limit under the attack of Star Ocean Storm, we were contaminated by the ripples that we spread out, and Professor Mo Xuan could evolve from ‘virtual spirit body’ to ‘ Star Spirit ‘?

“Why after consuming our Brain scan database, the huge information ocean of Civilization Games has the self-awareness of birth ‘Xiaoming ‘ and ‘Wenwen ‘, a new generation of Information Lifeform?

“Why, even the core of ‘Fist King Lei Zonglie’ comes from Magic World’s ‘Self-learning and upgraded Battle Puppet’. When we first saw us, we mistaken us for its kind?

“You should know how special and powerful Fist King is. Do you think it has never encountered any other ‘self-learning and upgraded Battle Puppet’ in ‘Evil Earth Paradise’? Those broken copper It is not because it did not hesitate to take down the light, and did not see it to talk about the same kind of friendship.

“No, it’s the same kind of “common” at the time, not just the meaning of the upgraded Battle Puppet, but a deeper meaning, perhaps with the instinct from Magic World, it perceives the deepest hiding in our divine soul. Know that we are indeed…the real kind!”

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