FMC Chapter 2795

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2795 unique personality model, floating astronomy
light spot.

Colorful light spots.

Colorful, colorful, extremely bright spots, a never-ending random movement, dragged into a thin and long light, the light is interlaced and entangled, into an intricate group of light and Unpredictable light vortex, in the end, all the light converges to form an ever-changing, vibrant ocean of light.

This is the new world Li Yao feels in the form of “Star Spirit” or “Information Lifeform”.

Under the “meat figurity state”, the world that is seen by the “eye” is that people are human beings, and martyrdom is a martyrdom. Crystal Computer is Crystal Computer, and the invisible network is something that is invisible at all.

However, in the form of “Information Lifeform”, people have become the temperature of exhalation, the frequency of breathing and pulse, the paralysis of brain waves, the undulations of his chest, the sound of abdominal peristalsis, etc. combination.

Similarly, a Magical Artifact that looks like icy cold has become an agglomerate of surface hardness, materials, and radiated magnetic fields. When Li Yao “sees” it, it instantly receives information about it. Massive information.

The original illusory, unpredictable network has become a bundle of beautiful and beautiful light, just like the best dancer in the universe, the trajectory of light jump.

Li Yao has been adapting for several days and has a deep understanding of how this new world opens.

He can “see” that the Human Race’s Brain blooms like a delicate flower, their life magnetic field is like a fireworks flash, and the next Crystal Computer is in a different but equally beautiful way. The “flower” in the middle trembled as if to call him a deep affection and seduce his invasion.

From this perspective, the human brain is no different from Crystal Computer.

At the same time, the seemingly peaceful and peaceful ocean of light also hides some dangerous spots, spots and lines, some like poisonous jellyfish and octopus, and some like patrolling everywhere. The sharks that ran rampage, vigilantly searched for all the anomalies around them.

This is the trap, bait, barrier, and guard that the “Fuxi System” is scattered in the Spiritual Nexus.

Li Yao doesn’t want to be entangled in them.

Fortunately, after being transformed into a new life form, the memory door from the earth seems to open a more spacious gap, and all kinds of new “weapons” continue to flow from the depths of the divine soul, making him the essence of life. With a deeper level of consciousness, you can change your form in the Spiritual Nexus as you like, wrap your divine soul with a heavy normal data, and pretend to be a large file of ordinary ordinary.

The Saint League main fleet will attack the core world of Empire. The strategic battle is about to start. Every minute and every second, there are countless data transmitted between the main forces of Saint League and the huge Starry Sky War Fort. Every detail of the strategic battle is consumed by five Ultimate Prosperity High Master and Fuxi System 99%’s computingal ability. At such a critical moment, they are innocent to care for Li Yao’s little “virus.”

Therefore, Li Yao took a day to break through the defense, invaded the internal network of the Heretic Interrogation Bureau and the Cleaner Organization, and mastered a lot of High-Level permissions.

“shuā shuā shuā shuā !”

Yaksha Squad Several members who were seriously injured in the “Chasing Light Ship” big bang, lying in the medical cabin for repair, appeared within Li Yao’s vision.

Especially the “major” Chu Zhixiao, who was closest to the explosion point, was the deepest injured. She was resisted by Spider Tank and Crystal Armor. She was still deeply burned, lost a lot of skin and muscle organization, was immersed in nutrient solution, and relied on Nanometer Grade. A number of micro-type biochemical repair agents that accelerate cell division and proliferation, grow new flesh and blood, and promote wound healing.

Li Yao knows that this kind of therapy is the most advanced biochemical technology. It has almost the effect of “living dead, white bones”. The only side effect is “pain”, the kind of cells that burst from the depths of the divine soul. It’s not a casual first-class expert that can hold back.

But Chu Zhixiao not only endured, but even the eyelashes did not tremble half a half, the wound on the face was not completely healed, and it was urgent to start researching the information of Puppet King. It was… a woman like a copper cast iron .

This picture makes Li Yao frown.

The more nervous the opponent’s nerve is, the tougher it is, the more stubborn it is, the less naturally it is easy for him to invade and persuade.

But this is also expected.

Eligible to become the captain of one of the strongest assault squads in Saint League, how can this “major” be a weak, crying character?

Now Li Yao only cares about one issue.

Chu Zhixiao’s Spider Tank, can still be repaired.

Blood heart’s demon has collected a lot of information. From the side, Chu Zhixiao loves the specially painted Spider Tank, which is carried around almost every battle, and no matter how serious the damage, it is strongly requested to repair, instead of Replace a new one.

Of course, this experimental model of the Spider Tank, for the characteristics of the owner, carried out a number of enhanced modification, even in the design of the human-computer interface, but also try to meet the owner’s appetite, with a smooth hand, suddenly change a new There is indeed an adaptation problem.

Including Li Yao, many people are like this, with the smooth Magical Artifact, even if the performance is a little weaker, but the win is familiar and reliable, it is easy to change it – like “Fierce Dragon Fighter”, Li Yao before and after It took more than a hundred years, not to mention Black Winged Sword.

Only this time, the damage of this Spider Tank is very serious. The Mainframe Crystal Processor and the core memory chip are both strongly impacted and shot. If you carefully repair it, you will definitely lose some information. For the old man-machine. The interactive interface has a certain impact.

For Li Yao, this is no better.

Both the Mainframe Crystal Processor and the core chip are damaged, and it is convenient for him to sneak into the air!

Li Yao’s divine soul is like a muddy, dexterously shuttled through the network, carefully avoiding one trap after another, invading several of the Crystal Eyes in the Hertic Interrogation Bureau’s dedicated repair shop.

It’s clear from these Crystal Eyes that the dark red Spider Tank, at least from the exterior, looks fresh on an extremely automated job station with dozens of spirally retractable and rotating Spirit Artifact prostheses. .

Now, the maintenance staff is connecting the large crystal cable to its abdomen data transmission interface, trying to recover all the data for 0.1 seconds before the explosion.

The time is just right.

Li Yao’s divine soul swayed a few smiles, and the whole person turned into a stream of light and drilled into the Spider Tank.

As the divine soul gradually invaded, he felt like he was floating in the air with his parachute, and he was finally down to earth.

The divine soul is getting heavier and heavier, and he once again perceives his “body.”

But the body created by the cold machine, like the Supreme One in the past, has something more perceptual, but less something.

——The metal outer shell is naturally impossible to feel the delicate touch with the skin of Human Race.

But Crystal Computer and Spiritual Nexus are more closely connected, spreading the divine soul, invading and controlling the surrounding Crystal Computer, Crystal Eye, and the wafer, just as breathing.

Control permission capture, Mainframe Crystal Processor intrusion, data interface hijacking, deep understanding of the human-machine interface interaction mode, read all the information in the memory chip!

Li Yao feels her divine soul, steadily occupies the Spider Tank’s rounded abdomen’s Mainframe Crystal Processor, and extends out to the surrounding telepathic thoughts, like a constantly spreading neural network, until each of the six limbs A sliding wheel.

Control degree 85%, control degree 90%, control degree 99%, control degree 100%!


Li Yao’s divine soul hides deep in the Spider Tank and blew a silent whistle.

The red lights on the front and back of the Spider Tank flashed, and the abdomen made a pleasing mechanical sound, like a yawn from the sleep, slowly waking up.


The sound of blood heart’s demon is slightly hesitant.

“what happened?”

Li Yao is immersed in the excitement of a “perfect invasion.” “This is a very successful invasion. We erased all the traces left in the original Crystal Computer wreck, and also avoided the Fuxi System set in the network. All the traps and obstacles, absolutely no one knows, we will be ignorant of infiltration here, what is the problem?”

“There is a little…a small problem.”

Blood heart’s demon said, “I just read a lot of data from the memory chip and found that the Spider Tank’s ‘human-computer interaction system’ did not use the standard mode, but adopted a self-learning and simulation. The special mode ‘, in other words, it seems to have a unique personality.”

The so-called autonomous learning and simulation personality, of course, is not the real “strong artificial intelligence” of Xiaoming, Wenwen and Fist King. It is only simulated by algorithms, pretending to be a character, imitating sound, and forging behavior patterns.

In Star Glory Federation, many of the children’s Spiritual Energy Puppet toys have similar settings that turn the cold machinery into a pet that looks like a lively jump.

Although the Covenant Alliance is a country that emphasizes the elimination of all personality and emotions, the human-computer interaction system that simulates character is quite different, but it is not surprising considering the special nature of “Yaksha Squad”.

“What does it matter?”

Li Yao doesn’t take it for granted. “With our current surrealistic ability, what kind of personality and behavior patterns can be simulated, absolutely false, will not be discovered by Chu Zhixiao.”

“I know that this is not the problem, the problem is…”

Blood heart’s demon Silence for a while, said, “In short, you will know after watching this video.”

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