FMC Chapter 2827

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, 2827 chapter 20 years ago, fate, astronomy

Rao is Chu Zhixiao. The “Slaughtering Heavenly Daughter”, which is able to break away from the temptation of Puppet King, is also stunned by the words of Yun Haixin.

Li Yao even wowed in the depths of the divine soul. He said that this is another complicated family ethics drama.

“My surname is cloud, I guess you have already guessed it. I am from the Yun Family of one of the Empire of True Humanity Four Great Emperor Selecting Marquis Families.”

Yun Haixin smiled and bitterly said, “I was twenty years ago, but I was lucky enough to rush to Nascent Origin Stage by relying on a secret secret skill, coupled with a coincidence.

“In the general Immortal Cultivation family, the Nascent Origin expert is perhaps the mainstay of the mainstay, enough to sit in the old position of Patriarch.

“However, the Four Great Emperor Selecting Marquis Families, each family is as strong as a country, expert is like a cloud, it will be like a rain, even if the Spirit Transformation Old Monster is endless, a family is a branch, the roots are not deep Nascent Origin What is it?

“The tree is big, the height is not cold, and our family members born out of the branch, once they break through to Nascent Origin realm, have the ability to touch the interests of the family’s main thread, not to squat at the foot of the family’s main pulse, to be regarded as theirs. Walking dogs and chess pieces, constantly arching and arching, was used by them for conspiracy and traps, and the soldiers did not kill them with blood.

“Oh, let’s say that the ‘Empire’s Counterattack’ looks like a magnificent, devastating ‘Empire’s Counterattack’. If it is the real family core, of course, the ‘Expedition Army Command Unit’ in the rear of the overseeing squad, commanding the army, but We have such a sideline and have a small strength, which may threaten the status quo and interests of the rising star, but it is sent to the front line to perform the most dangerous mission.

“The mission is not finished, we naturally die clean, and can also show the family’s ‘Wuwei’ and ‘yongmeng’, indicating that our Yun Family is also full of loyalty, willing to sacrifice for the country.

“Even if the mission is completed, we are often seriously injured, paid a painful price, or even a lifetime of repairs, and there is a next more dangerous mission waiting for us.

“This is the fate of the Four Great Emperor Selecting Marquis Families, the sideline!

“I have seen all of this since 20 years ago. I deeply hate this kind of life, but I am in the bureau. The size of a family depends on the family to survive. Don’t try to move forward, die and then, how can it be?”

“In this way, I regard myself as a war machine, savage and savage, and finally, in a battle, I was attacked by the Saint League army. All the comrades around me were blown up and fleshy, even broken. The shock wave was thrown high into the air, and it fell into a coma before landing.

“When I woke up, I was taken prisoner by Saint League and sent to the rear.”

Both Chu Zhixiao and Li Yao are fascinated.

Yun Haixin was a captive on the battlefield. It was not unexpected. They concentrated on listening and continued to listen.

“My injury is very serious and I have been in the medical cabin for a whole year before I recover.”

Yun Haixin continued. “At that time, I was ready to kill myself. I wanted to find a chance to do it myself. It was not how loyal I was to Empire and Immortal Cultivation Great Dao, but I was used to being Saint in Empire. After the League captive, all kinds of terrible and cruel stories, I even saw the ‘Ambusher’ who was captured by Saint League and deeply brainwashed, and I will never be deprived of self and memory. Ghosts are not ghosts!

“Unfortunately, at that time, my bones were broken, the meridians were cut off, and even the power of suicide was not.

“And as time went by, my bones, meridians and muscles gradually returned to normal with the stimulation of ultra-high concentrations of nutrients, medical drugs and cell growth drugs, but I never waited for the ‘horrible Saint League people’. , brainwashing me.

“Like the legend of the Empire, the white light hits the mind, and people forget everything in their shackles.” This feeling never appeared.

“Time is the best anesthetic. I have been in the medical cabin for a year. The suicidal mind is getting weaker, my curiosity is getting more and more intense, and more intense than curiosity is the homesickness that can’t stop being cursed. .

“I don’t have a crush on Yun Family, but my marriage is not an exchange of interests, but I am really happy with my wife. She also gave me a pair of very cute dragons, my son and daughter. It has gradually grown into the best age in life.

“The three of them are the only light in my gray life. I really want to know what happened to them. Although I am not the pillar of the big family of ‘Yun Family’, it is indeed a day for my little family. Now, I This sky is falling, what should I do with my wife and children?

“Curious and missing, these two strong emotions, like two snakes licking my divine soul, make me toss and turn, sleepless nights, and spend the day.

“Until I can’t stand the torture of loneliness again, I yelled in the medical cabin day and night, and let the Saint League people kill me as soon as possible. The phantom of the Ultimate Prosperity High Master appeared in front of me.”

“Which family is Ultimate Prosperity High Master?”

Asked Chu Zhixiao.

“Water Clan, the High Master who specializes in the Spiritual Domain, top management, battlefield command and enemy backspace.”

Yun Haixin said, “Just, from the beginning to the end, there is a phantom in front of me. I don’t know if it is him or not. You know, no one has ever seen the true face of Ultimate Prosperity High Master, no matter what. Which Ultimate Prosperity High Master is deeply hidden behind the scenes, only with the illusion of light and shadow and the divine soul.

“At the time, I was angry and anxious. Where can I take care of the identity and true and false of the other party, I just sent out a beast-like embarrassment and questioned what the other party intended? – Or kill me with a knife; or wash my brain deeply, wash I lost all my pain; even sent me to the torture station, and served on a big sentence, and it’s better to stay away from it than to ask.

“Ultimate Prosperity High Master didn’t answer my question positively, but I gave me a lot of video materials. I looked at it and was shocked. The whole heart was going to explode. Then, it’s all Saint League people divine ability, sneak into Yun Family, sneak a video of my wife and children’s daily life!”


Chu Zhixiao glimpsed, “Empire’s ruler is ridiculous, and the people at the bottom have long wanted to go with them. Our Saint League’s Ambusher can infiltration into Empire’s nerve endings, but it’s not surprising, just sneak shots of your wife and children. What is the video used to threaten you?”

“No, not threatening me, but thinking… help me.”

Yun Haixin is a bit lost. “My wife and children, in the days of Yun Family, are very difficult, very bad.”

“How to say?”

Chu Zhixiao said, “You are captured on the battlefield, you can’t be considered a smudge, and there is even a great chance. It is a martyr who is a heroic sacrifice. Isn’t Empire even a martyr’s widow and blood man can’t take care of it? What?”


Yun Haixin narrowed his eyes and had a strong hatred in his eyes. “Empire, if it is politically clear and upright, and implements every military command and national law to the bottom, it will kill the Saint League in the early 500 years. How to kill it? Will you get this look today?

“Not to mention, you said, my body has never been found, and the bodies of many comrades are left on the battlefield. Their Crystal Armor and Crystal Eye on Crystal Tank are very likely to photograph me by Saint League. Grab the scene, then, I am afraid of death, humiliation and being captured.

“The widow’s widow and children, naturally halo blessing, but the wife and children of the captives who are afraid of death, what is it?

“I just said that I am a family member of the family.

“The collateral veins like ours, without deep personal connections and huge resources can be used, can only rely on a bad life, do everything without the need to fight, to grab, to bite, eat can not help but ugly, in On the road to rise, there will be many enemies.

“I am really dead, but it is a hundred, but now as a prisoner, I gave the enemy a good name to bully my family.

“A weak woman who is helpless, plus two half-children who have not yet grown up and are ignorant, in the Longtan Tigers like Yun Family, who are being treated by the enemy, what kind of treatment will they receive? Can you imagine?”

Chu Zhixiao was a little dignified.

“Immortal Cultivator likes to kill each other, is extremely cruel to his own people, intrigues, dark arrows, all-in-one, where is unity like our Saint League?”

Chu Zhixiao said, “I can imagine what your wife and children will suffer after you are captured.”

Li Yao also knows what the internal struggle of Four Great Emperor Selecting Marquis Families is. In a similar example, he has seen thousands of cases in related files.

– If it is not the top and the main line of Four Great Families, so harsh and demanding on the sideline and the underlying cultivator, how can Four Great Families United Fleet fall apart and even fall in love?

Many of the bottom cultivators of the Four Great Families, hate the family’s top executives more than hate the Revolution Faction, can’t wait to put the family’s high-rises in vain, and then swallow the broken meat, this is not an exaggerated rhetoric.

Li Linghai and so on Revolution Faction, the combination of Li Yao cultivator, together with Li Jialing, the small Sovereign Emperor, is also very important for the support of the Fundor Fultlies under the Immortal Cultivator.

Of course, Li Yao will not be naive enough to fully believe in Yun Haixin’s words, believing that he really said that he is so pure and innocent.

What is “inadvertently getting a secret skill”, nonsense, secret skill, is it a discount flyer in the mall that will fall from the sky casually?

Maybe he killed someone, grabbed the secret skill and Magical Artifact, and now the reversal of the wheel of fortune, it is his turn to fall, naturally as a guilty conscience, afraid that his family has also been retribution.

Killers, people who kill, this is probably the fate that every Immortal Cultivator can’t avoid?

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