FMC Chapter 2830

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, the obvious choice of Chapter 2830, Astronomy
“咻whoosh! 咻咻咻whoosh! ”

The air between the two seems to be turned into a knife and a sword that is visible to the naked eye, causing screams and collisions that tear the eardrum.

Afterimage of the air, it also smashes the ripples of the skin and spreads in all directions.

In the twinkling of an eye, the two have been dodging, moving, and changing hundreds of orientations and postures, but they seem to have no movement at all, two still statues.

But if someone is standing between them, it must have been cut into thousands of pieces of broken nails.

Chu Zhixiao seems to be easily and casually hanging on the fingertips beside the legs, a few drops of blood condensed and dripping, in the silence of the birds, a deafening roar.

On Yun Kaixin’s cheek, there was a deep visible bone wound, but the wound was quickly blocked by the creeping black fog, which added a bit of jealousy and ghosts.

“Stop, Black Dream, I don’t want to fight with you, we have no reason to fight!”

Chu Zhixiao looked at the blood of his fingertips, narrowed his eyes and sighed.

“The reason for the battle?”

Yun Haixin smiled. “So, major, what are the reasons for supporting you to fight and kill in the past few decades? Is the lie of Ultimate Prosperity High Master the reason for the battle?

“Admit it, we are just some kind of higher level existence. It is not called “God Devil”, “Fate” or “Heavenly Dao”. The manipulated playthings, continuous fighting is the only meaning of our existence. There are reasons, no reason, in addition to fighting, what should we do, and where should we find a way out?

“So, don’t say much, fight, kill, like a puppet with a clockwork, let’s dance wildly!”

In the desperate laughter, Yun Haixin rushed up again in a weird pace.

His footsteps are like a broken puppet, a twisted dance that is neither swift nor brave.

However, Li Yao, from his Brain, perceives that a circle of sticky cockroaches is constantly being released, turning the surrounding space into a swamp that interferes with the divine soul.

“Black Dream” Yun Haixin is a veteran Mind-Mending Master, a specialist in the spirit of fighting. His best areas and Puppet King are the ones that make Illusion World and illusion attacks.

What’s more, he also has the blessing of Puppet King, the ability to create Illusion World has increased tenfold in an instant, and even Chu Zhixiao has to be on the alert.

In front of his seemingly easy dodge, Chu Zhixiao showed a confused and chaotic look, whether he was hit by the words of his mind or was entangled by Illusion World.

“咻whoosh! 咻咻咻whoosh! ”

The two turned into streamers and exchanged dozens of positions again. The air ripples between them were sharp enough to tear the Crystal Armor. This time, not only Chu Zhixiao, but also Yun Haixin’s fingertips were contaminated with Yin Hong. Blood.

Of course it is the blood of Chu Zhixiao.

Chu Zhixiao coldly snorted, the palm of the hand once again appeared a dagger that blows hair.

“That’s right, this is right, my major!”

Yun Haixin is like a drunk, slanting, and making a frantic laugh. “I have long wanted to play with you, without any interference, and play a game with great enthusiasm. See the legendary Saint League individual combat power. One of the strong ultimate weapons, ‘Slaughtering Heavenly Daughter’ is so powerful! Even if you die under your knife, it seems to be a pretty good ending, haha, come on, major, kill me!”

The two members of Yaksha Squad once again turned into two streams of entanglement.

Their divine soul 激 is enough to collapse the entire building.

The frantic roar outside is getting louder and louder, and there is a blast of explosions. It seems that the bulkheads around the “Radiant City” have been smashed by the furious people, and the crowds swarm like the tides of the dykes. One cabin was swallowed up by a cabin and attacked towards the bridge.

Li Yao’s divine soul, swearing hundreds of swear words.

If every swearword is a bullet, now Puppet King – Lu Qingchen has long been shot into a horse.

“Calm, calm, must find a way to stop the riots, no matter how evil the Ultimate Prosperity High Master and Puppet King are, at least Radiant City’s Resident is innocent, and must do everything possible to minimize losses!

“Yun Haixin ……Yun Haixin This Immortal Cultivator is fine, but his wife and children are also very innocent. I don’t know if they are still alive. Maybe we can save them and help them create a brain with Puppet King. , a completely different future!

“Those Ultimate Prosperity High Masters are pigs, and Puppet King – Lu Qingchen drilled into their own interior and did not find such a big plot. I got a cultivator that I have to come to Star Ocean for a long time. They wipe their ass? I am so fucking great!”

Li Yao’s divine soul is twisted into a mess.

He did not know how to stop the struggle between Chu Zhixiao and Yun Haixin.

However, after thinking about it, a flash of lightning blew up over the sea of ​​the divine soul, and the idea was illuminated.

“Wait, Puppet King’s purpose is not that Chu Zhixiao and Yun Haixin are killing each other. Instead, they want to consume each other’s divine souls, break through each other’s mind walls, and let each other’s neural fields open, facilitating further erosion of Puppet King. And analysis.

“That is to say, Puppet King’s Spiritual Force, divine soul tentacles, intricate telepathic thoughts, and so on, are sure to hide and sneak away, always ready to sneak into it?

“As long as we follow the vines, is it very possible to follow these things like the divine soul tentacles and find his deity?

“Yes, Puppet King – Lu Qingchen does not have an ontology, but his divine soul must be attached to a Super Crystal Computer in order to inspire enough power. By destroying this Super Crystal Computer, Puppet can be weakened. King 90% or more, if you are lucky, you can even seal him in the wreckage of Crystal Computer!

“The source of Puppet King is cut off, Yun Haixin is naturally not so easy to control, and the chaos of Radiant City is solved. At least temporary calm, let us fight more time, wait until the reinforcements of Empire and Federation arrive!”

Thinking about everything, Li Yao’s spirit is in full swing, and the range of divine soul scanning continues to expand, not letting every ripple in the air.

The Spider Tank is pretending to be seriously invaded and destroyed by the Mainframe Crystal Processor. The six limbs are constantly twitching and twitching while retreating.

This is the “the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind” of a hundred percent.

Puppet King – Lu Qingchen It seems that there is no expectation that Li Yao’s divine soul is close at hand.

His divine soul power firmly locked Chu Zhixiao and Yun Haixin, preparing to smash their neural field when they were fighting to the most intense time.

And such a dedication, inevitably in the eyes of the onlookers – Li Yao, revealed flaws.

“caught you!”

Soon, in Li Yao’s scan, in the ever-changing digital world, two sets of extremely deep anomalous data emerged.

It is like two large snakes crouching in the swamp, revealing traces of shackles in the diffusion of ripples and the changes in ripples.

Li Yao once again observed the battle.

Chu Zhixiao’s strength is slightly higher than Yun Haixin’s, but she has no fighting spirit, even the Crystal Armor has no colonization, but she looks at Yun Haixin’s crazy attack.

And Yun Haixin is not so much to complete the Puppet King’s mission, it is better to say that he is unable to die, and wants to use Chu Zhixiao’s dagger to break his extremely painful life.

It seems that as long as Chu Zhixiao does not hurt the killer, the two experts who bear the fate of the “experimental body” can still be entangled for a while.

That’s enough!

Li Yao crossed the heart, crawled back a few steps, sneaked into the shadows and jumped out of the abandoned building.

He can faintly “see”, the two strings of abnormal data are like two faint black traces, smashing in the air, all the way to the depths of Radiant City.

“Hidden for so long, the deity will finally show up, this time, see where you are going!”

Li Yao muttered to himself, spreading six limbs, rotating the sliding wheel to the limit and rushing toward the source of the black mark.

There are not many people furious in the streets and alleys along the way.

Because the vast majority of the citizens rushed to the gap in the bulkhead, trying to escape the man-made “park”.

However, the blood and corpses of the land still silently tell the cruelty of a moment of riots.

There are still some people who can’t bear the “truth”. Even under the spur of “Fury Virus”, people who are still completely broken, crying like a child, completely mad, turning Radiant City into a burning fiercely mental illness. hospital.

In this situation, Li Yao is filled with anger that I don’t know who to vent.

Who made this tragedy, who should remember the account – Ultimate Prosperity High Master or Puppet King, or the existence behind the Ultimate Prosperity High Master and Puppet King, as Yun Haixin said, named “God of Devil”, “Fate” and “Heavenly Dao” on the head?

Li Yao doesn’t know.

He just wants to do everything he can to grab the Puppet King and stop the tragedy in front of him from getting worse!

“Calm, don’t be impulsive.”

The sound of blood heart’s demon icy cold once again washed Li Yao’s divine soul. “Even if you can catch Puppet King, how can you stop the tragedy? You know, the same tragedy is not limited to the Eternal Radiance Ship, but In all the experimental ships, even all Starships of Saint League, and even Saint League and Empire, also staged!

“Perhaps, Puppet King – Lu Qingchen’s idea is not wrong. Since the real world is so evil and ugly, then what is wrong with making Illusion World, which is always quiet and happy?

“The question of Yun Haixin, how should a false paradise and real hell be chosen? I think the answer is not difficult?”

“Real hell and illusory paradise?”

Li Yao coldly snorted, “This question is like ‘chocolate-flavored and astringent chocolate, which one to choose to eat’. The key is, why not make this choice? I don’t choose one, I don’t choose one. As long as the real paradise! Who is not forced to choose me, I will put chocolate-flavored and astringent chocolate into his mouth!”

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