FMC Chapter 2836

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2836 Puppet King’s body! Floating astronomy
The attitude of Divine Protection Army, Cleaner, Purifier and Photon Forces around them confirms Yun Haixin’s speculation.

The medical center was surrounded by water, and when they arrived, everyone had a tacit understanding to open a way for them, even bowed their heads and dared not look at their eyes.

It’s like just looking at them, it’s possible to indirectly infect Puppet King’s deadly virus.

This attitude, Yaksha Squad has long been commonplace, but today is particularly obvious, and everyone’s alienation has greatly escalated.

The deeper the hospital, the smaller the number of Divine Protection Army and photon units, and the few people who used the sleek, mirror-like total reflection helmet and armor to wrap themselves up.

The faces of these people were isolated by helmets, and the eyes of Yaksha Squad were cast on them, only to see their faces from the mirror of the helmet.

In the atrium of the inpatient building of the medical center, there is a metal box with a length, width and height of about three meters.

There are also several portable tactical Crystal Computers next to them, pointing to their target and how to use the metal box.

Open the metal box, the Magical Artifact inside is not so much a weapon, but rather a formidable instrument. It is specially refining and suppressing Puppet King.

Chu Zhixiao, Yun Haixin, Guan Qixing, and Yuan Kou were indifferently armed and continued to walk toward the fourth floor of the inpatient department, the “deep coma area”.

The stairs and corridors are empty and there are no more doctors, nurses or soldiers.

In the ward of the two sides, there are a lot of people lying in the Brain who are seriously injured and fall into a long-term coma.

Only patients who have been in a vegetative state for more than a year will be sent here.

Long-term relying on nutrient solution to sustain life, these patients are “skinny”, and their body tends to their ancestors hundreds of years ago – those normal Human Race.

“right here.”

Chu Zhixiao stopped at the door of the fourth ward and looked at his tactical Crystal Computer. “The information given above points to here.”

“dī dī dī dī !”

When they search for the Magical Artifact of the residual wave of the brain wave, the sharpness is adjusted to the limit, and the magic sounds like a brain.

“pū pū pū pū !”

Yuan Kou sprinkled a large amount of fluorescent spray into the air, and immediately showed traces of squirming, snarling, frenzied and ugly snakes. From the ward to the corridor, the corridor spread to the end of the window and smashed out the window. go with.

It was like an invisible flame that had just invaded the entire building, and the fire was the ward in front of them.

This is a unique sign that the brainwaves are expanding and the magnetic field is released to the limit.

From the reaction of Magical Artifact’s screams and fluorescent sprays, it is almost like 10,000 people who have blew their heads at the same time.

The four held their breath and used Arrow Exploding Cannon to push the door in the door of the fourth ward.

Li Yao also condenses a layer of barbed carapace on the surface of the divine soul, raising vigilance and trailing behind it.

The fourth ward is a single-person ward, submerged in a pile of disorganized medical equipment. It is a very thin teenager. It is not like a human race. It is like a toy, a puppet.

However, seeing that he was full of pipes and crystal wire heads, Yaksha Squad’s four members were still suck in a breath of cold air.

Even Li Yao didn’t think that Puppet King – Lu Qingchen’s body used this time would be like this.

The height of this boy will not exceed one meter seven. If he has a weight of one hundred pounds, he should make a big question mark. It is his head. It looks like half a meter in diameter, at least fifty or sixty kilograms, and he is alive. Big head doll, wrong, is the cockroach of a big doll.

The nutrients in his body were all sucked away by his head. No matter how the nutrient solution hung around, he couldn’t keep up with the speed of the devour of the brain, so that the roots of the limbs and chest protruded, and the feeling of the skin would be pierced at any time, even on the face. There are no three or two meats, the face occupies up to one-fifth of the head, and the remaining four-fifths… all are Brain.

His head deformed and his skull was closed. The entire head was in the shape of a “heart”. The scalp was as thin as a cicada’s wing. The inside of the brain was clearly visible. Some heart-like bodies were also found in the Brain Organization. Organs, from the “Bu Bu” beating, giving people the feeling of extreme evil.

The juvenile’s body is light gray and there are no signs of alive.

But his Brain is still slowly and firmly beating. Every time he beats, there seems to be a drum in the depths of Nine Underworld Yellow Spring, which blasts in the nerve field and heart of everyone.

Although the teenager is a deep coma vegetative, and the “above” is also eloquent, and repeatedly guarantees that Puppet King has lost all combat power and the ability to release the Brain virus, Yaksha Squad’s four members are still involuntarily tightening the hands of Chainsaw Sword and Arrow. Exploding Cannon, like these icy cold machines, can protect them.

“He is… Puppet King?”

Guan Qixing murmured, “So evil!”

This is what everyone else, including Li Yao, wants to say.

“According to the admission treatment, the teenager was hospitalized at the age of 11 because of an unknown Brain tumor. After half a year, he fell into a long-term coma and never woke up.”

Chu Zhixiao looked at the information transmitted by the tactical Crystal Computer. “Radiant City’s doctors have exhausted all methods and can’t remove the tumor in his brain. They can’t find the name and cause of the tumor. They can only take conservative treatment. But the tumor is still getting bigger and bigger, and it is gradually spreading and growing.

“In the next four or five years, the tumor occupied most of the neural fields of the juvenile, and even gradually swallowed and replaced the original brain organization, and eventually it became this way.

“Brain is the most mysterious thing in the universe. No one can spy on all its secrets. No one knows what happened to this boy, but he didn’t show any exceptions except for the ever-expanding Brain. Therefore, he is not on the list of any dangerous elements, and the previous investigation of Puppet King has never been transferred to this direction.”

“These biochemical probes seem to be inserted directly into his Brain, monitoring his Brain reaction at all times.”

Guan Qixing knows, “In other words, his consciousness – if he is conscious, he can connect to the Spiritual Nexus through biochemical probes and crystal wires.”

Chu Zhixiao understands what he means: “Yes, this is the body of Puppet King. Let’s work, hands and feet are carefully, and the top is to live. He must not die.”

The four replaced the Puppet King’s bed with a portable medical cabin that was free to move, moving the entire life-sustaining system.

Subsequently, a carefully prepared Brain sedative was injected into the neck vessels of Puppet King.

Then, on Puppet King’s huge head, he nailed hundreds of medical screws engraved with the mysterious Glyph Rune to fix the wafers and guides and completely freeze and suppress Puppet King’s head.

Then, naturally, on Puppet King’s long-shrinking hands and feet, the chains that are enough to trap the wild beasts are thrown into the mobile medical compartment, and the reflective layer is not forgotten outside the medical compartment. , ceramic layers and lead plates.

After an hour, they completely moved Puppet King’s body into the “failure” coffin.

Li Yao looked at the coldly, but knew that no matter how “moving the mobile medical cabin”, it was useless.

Because of this unfortunate suffering from brain tumors, the boy who is deformed by Brain is not the body of Puppet King – Lu Qingchen, and it is at most the object of Lu Qingchen “returning the corpse and reviving possession”.

Lu Qingchen has no body at all, just like him.

Then, Lu Qingchen’s divine soul was really hit by two Ultimate Prosperity High Masters, blocked in the poor boy’s Brain, or escaped in some unexpected way, crouching in the dark, observing everything Planning a more secretive plan?

Li Yao’s divine soul, made a big question mark.

Yaksha Squad’s four members packed the medical compartment and activated the Anti-gravity Glyph Array under the medical compartment, pushing the medical cabin down slowly.

Unsurprisingly, the number of soldiers and priests who received them outside was even smaller. It seems that this hot potato-filled mountain is responsible for all the way.

“Looks like it doesn’t want more people to come into contact with Puppet King.”

Yun Haixin beat the spirit and smiled bitterly. “Also, when one person touches Puppet King, the risk of being infected and eroded is more likely to be escaped by Puppet King.”

“Since we have been tempted by Puppet King, it is very likely to be deeply infected, so we only have to turn this black pot all the way to the end.

“But I don’t know, what is waiting for us next time – with Puppet King, was it thrown into the incinerator? Haha!”

He seems to have died once, but he has seen everything.

When I returned to the atrium of the inpatient building, waiting for them was not the high-level of the Heretic Interrogation Bureau, but an expressionless photon.

This photon brings the “Holy” of the Ultimate Prosperity High Master.

“Congratulations, Major Chu, finally completed the crucial mission, and seized our most wicked enemy, Puppet King.”

The photon said, “Although there have been some twists and turns in the arrest process, Major Chu and you at Yaksha Squad have proved their loyalty with practical actions and your ability to resist the invasion of Puppet King virus.

“So, from the point of view of insurance, it is not necessary to fake the hand of Puppet King.”

“The five High Masters hope that you will be able to escort Puppet King to the front line, more precisely, in the Empire of True Humanity, on the edge of Paramount Heaven Sector and Empyrean Terminus – the most sacred and glorious army in history is gathering. Our Supreme Flagship ‘Ultimate Salvation Ship ‘ is also there, your mission is to escort Puppet King to the ‘Ultimate Salvation Ship ‘ and bring him directly to the five Ultimate Prosperity High Master!”

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