FMC Chapter 2837

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2837 Fuxi Fleet, Astronomy
“Ultimate Salvation Ship !”

Yaksha Squad’s four members look at each other in dismay, no one thought that the origins were special, the experience was different, they were deeply jealous and vigilant, and they might be infected by Puppet King, they were qualified to go so… And the core place!

Legend has it that five Ultimate Prosperity High Masters each have a large and star-studded Starry Sky War Fort as their car and sanctuary.

The “Ultimate Salvation Ship” is the contact center of the five Starry Sky War Fort, the main computing and storage center for the “Fuxi System” in the form of “Colony Civilization” throughout Saint League.

The vast majority of the “Fuxi System” data is stored on the “Ultimate Salvation Ship”. The information of each “Bee Bee” and “Worker Bee” in the entire Colony Civilization is passed through the Spiritual Nexus of hundreds of Greater Thousand Worlds. Communicate, then analyze, integrate, calculate, and re-transmit to the new nerve endings through the “Ultimate Salvation Ship”.

Ultimate Salvation Ship is the “Brain” of the entire Saint League and Fuxi System.

Therefore, some people refer to “Ultimate Salvation Ship” as “Fuxi”, and the five Starry Sky War Fort with the “Ultimate Salvation Ship” as the core and the large-scale Saint League main fleet called “Fuxi Fleet”!

And now, are they… humble sinners qualified to enter the main brain of Fuxi Fleet?

Where are you waiting for their fate?

The four members of Yaksha Squad are silent, and Divine Capital is a little swaying.

Perhaps it is to see their embarrassment, the “photon” continues: “You have been hunting Puppet King for a long time, the divine soul has been tired, especially in the battle of Radiant City, it is very likely that Puppet King The secret skill sneaked in and ruined your Brain, you must get the best treatment.

“After the ‘Ultimate Salvation Ship’, the five Ultimate Prosperity High Master will join forces to get rid of all the viruses in your brain, and those that are…evil, dirty, unpleasant.

“At that time, you can evolve to a new height in a state of sacredness, lightness, and tranquility, and you will always enjoy the glory that belongs to you.

“Please, four.”

He took a shallow look at Chu Zhixiao and others, and made a gesture of going outward.

The main entrance of the inpatient building was opened, and the outer guarded jungle of the sword was faintly visible. Numerous Divine Protection Army, Cleaner, Purifier and “Photon” were full of vigilance, staring at the medical cabin between them.

Perhaps, they are also staring at their every move, including every hair on them.

Chu Zhixiao and Yun Haixin exchanged a complex look that was difficult to describe with pen and ink.

In addition to executing orders, they don’t seem to have a second choice. There is no second way to go.

“Go, everyone.”

Chu Zhixiao took a step, and the ghost made a pat on the head of the Spider Tank, Li Yao. “And you, Red Pig.”

Li Yao’s divine soul, stunned.

Just a few words of this “photon” just revealed a lot of “celestial opportunities.”

First of all, Fuxi Fleet, including Saint League’s five Starry Sky War Fort and Supreme Flagship “Ultimate Salvation Ship”, has been secretly mobilized to the periphery of Paramount Heaven Sector.

The vastness of the sky, Star Ocean, the diameter of a Greater Thousand Worlds is calculated by billions or even billions of kilometers. On such a large scale, the traces of Human Race – regardless of Federation, Empire or Saint League, It is like dust falling, needles in a haystack, extremely difficult to search and lock.

What’s more, Imperial Capital is now empty, and most of the Empire elites have been transferred to the rear to deal with the Remants of Four Great Emperor Selecting Marquis Families. Only Information, such as Xiaoming, Wenwen, etc., control the highly automated defense system, plus some Imperial Troops. The old, weak, and sick, barely maintain the Imperial Capital line of defense.

Therefore, the main force of Saint League really sneaked into the periphery of Paramount Heaven Sector, for example, a ridiculous Star Field tens of billions of kilometers away, with the turbulence of Star Ocean Storm or stellar radiation to cover up its existence, indeed It is very likely that the sky will cross the sea and will be quietly assembled and reorganized.

Of course, the distance of tens of billions of kilometers, relying on crystal fuel and working power system for conventional navigation, is still an insurmountable scorpio.

Even if the entire Fuxi Fleet can maintain a regular cruising speed of one-tenth of the speed of light – this is only a theoretical possibility. In reality, this is simply the fleet’s “all-out assault, death and charge”, it is impossible to keep too For a long time, it will take a year and a half or even three or five years to reach the resource-rich area of ​​Paramount Heaven Sector.

It is still the case that the Empire has been stupid enough to not discover the existence of this fleet and not to harass them.

Once the Empire harassed and blocked, and for the existence of Fuxi Fleet, it completely lost the advantage of “sudden attack” and became a long journey to find a way out.

Therefore, when the distance between the two sides is extended to more than one Lightyears, the length of the distance within the three dimensional space loses its meaning. Anyway, no matter how far away, the problem is solved by four dimensional space jump.

Even if the Saint League main fleet is really quietly assembled outside the Paramount Heaven Sector, it will still take another Star Ocean jump to appear in the space above Imperial Capital. This is just a psychological deterrent.

However, for Li Yao, this intelligence still means two things.

First, the strategic battle of the Saint League people is really on the verge of exploding. Even if it is not three days of exaggeration, they will definitely hit Imperial Capital in a week or a month.

Second, if they jump in from the periphery of Paramount Heaven Sector, it is considered to be a “medium short-range jump” category. The jump accuracy is relatively high, and it takes only a small amount of time to get rid of the chaotic state caused by the space after the jump. .

This is not good news for Empire and Federation.

Fortunately, Li Yao also has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to plug in the heart of Saint League and the “master brain”, Ultimate Salvation Ship.

It is even possible to find five Ultimate Prosperity High Masters there, and come directly to a “one pot”!

However, the entire “ghost action” includes the escort mission now arranged for Yaksha Squad, full of strange smells and conspiracy. Li Yao does not know what secrets are hidden on the Ultimate Salvation Ship.

Is that a trap?

If it is a trap, who is it for whom?

In a short moment, Li Yao’s computingal ability reached its limit, so that Spider Tank’s Mainframe Crystal Processor almost had to emit a “wēng wēng” noise.

Think about it, he feels that he has not been exposed, even if there is a trap, it should not be prepared for himself.

The key is that his stay in the Saint League is a temporary intent, even an unpredictable change, no one expected.

Half a month ago, even he couldn’t think of it, he would become… such a strange life form, and was trapped in the Spiritual Nexus of Saint League.

If there is a huge scale, a sophisticated structure, and a trap that is interlocking, it will not be temporarily imagined within three or five days. Three or five days ago, even he himself did not know what he was going to do. How could the enemy predict his actions?

Therefore, this trap must not be designed for him.

So, sneak into the Ultimate Salvation Ship to find out, even in the critical moments to make a little damage, is not his strengths?

“Very good, now the attention of Five Great Ultimate Prosperity High Masters should be focused on Puppet King. They never dreamed that the ‘fatal virus’ sent to the ‘Fuxi System’ brain was not one, but two, except Puppet King. And my ‘Vulture Li Yao’!

“This is the rear of the Saint League. It’s very difficult to stay with the home, but if you go to the front line and be close to the Paramount Heaven Sector, you might have the chance to contact Xiaoming, Wenwen and Fist King!

“Even if Saint League is really so fast on the heart of Empire’s, I can also meet with Xiaoming and Wenwen, and sprinkle some wild in the Brain of Saint League!

“Puppet King – Lu Qingchen is really so finished? It’s always too simple, too relaxed, and hidden behind Lu Qingchen, the mysterious existence that turned him into a ‘Puppet King’ has not yet appeared, this mysterious existence Would you like to do something about ‘Ultimate Salvation Ship’?

“The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind ; sandpiper and clam war together , the fisherman catches both — but now who is the cockroach, who is the oriole, who is it, who is the fisherman? Believe, very There is an answer soon.

“Come on, let me see what the so-called ‘Master League of Saint League’ looks like!”

Li Yao silently thought, following Yaksha Squad from a secret Teleportation Array back to the dock in the outskirts of the Eternal Radiance Ship.

A clear, streamlined small type shuttle ship is waiting for them here.

There are still not many soldiers around, and the few Divine Protection Army and “Photon” are armed with mirrored Crystal Armor. They don’t reveal the slightest gap. They are like an enemy, alerting them to the source of the deadly infection.

Even the auxiliary Battle Puppet is the simplest low-end model, as if the Puppet King will suddenly wake up and invade and control these flaws.

As you can see through the fist-sized viewing hole above the medical compartment, Puppet King is still asleep.

He is like being sealed in a whole piece of jade, sleeping very smoothly, quiet and serene.

The Crystal Computer light curtain on the side shows his brain waves at any time, just like a sleeping baby.

Of course, this Crystal Computer installed in the medical cabin is completely isolated from the wireless network, and even from the refining structure, the possibility of networking is eliminated.

But they did not deprive Li Yao of the ability to surf the Internet.

It is also impossible to deprive.

This is enough.

The shuttle ship is like an embroidered needle made of crystal, slid out of the Eternal Radiance Ship silently, heading for the edge of the “well in the middle of the world”, the ray of light around Starship is getting more and more shining, like the darkest in the dark. The place, set a small hole.

The light blue gel fills the entire cabin, fixing everyone in their seats, including the medical compartment with Puppet King.

However, when the “three-dimensional” and “four-dimensional” transformations, the qualitative barriers of everything will be broken, that is the best opportunity for communication and erosion.

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