FMC Chapter 2838

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2838 Four-dimensional “Thinking”, Astronomy
This is not the first time Li Yao has entered the Star Ocean jump, four dimensional space.

It was his first attempt to observe and analyze the four dimensional space in an extremely sober way, even trying to bloom and freely move his divine soul in four dimensional space.

This is a kind of…wonderful to the extreme.

The surrounding world seems to have become a colorful kaleidoscope, and it is like the most viscous swamp and mud. His perception is instantly enhanced by 10,000 times, but his ability to move is greatly weakened, trapped in an invisible cage. in.

For a moment, Li Yao feared to the extreme, for fear that time and space would lose all meaning. He was like a fossil in a certain fossil or amber, and was always trapped in this strange state.

Li Yao thought, if there is some kind of…a two-dimensional plane creature, like a Little Black point on a white paper, by chance, to escape the two-dimensional universe it is in, into the three-dimensional world, it also I will be as overwhelmed as I am at the moment, and I can hardly move.

Li Yao watched as her skin and muscles melted into the milky white light.

Everyone around, Chu Zhixiao, Yun Haixin and even Puppet King are like him, like a flower of flesh and blood, and withered, from skin to muscle, from muscle to blood vessels and nerves, from vascular nerves to five internal organs. Six hexagrams, every cell and every bunch of genes are falling apart and unfolding indefinitely.

Even the shuttle ship is becoming transparent, revealing intricate pipelines and Magical Artifact units, such as from cubes into innumerable shiny floor plans, which are in a new way, overlapping and intersecting together.

According to the normal procedure, Li Yao should keep his divine soul at this time. In deep meditation, he spends a very long time.

This is the best way to protect the divine soul.

But he did the opposite, and the ripples of the divine soul were stirred to the limit, extending a bunch of bunch-like tentacles from the ripples, struggling through the thick and colorful four dimensional space, swimming around. .

These tentacles are thin and long, shiny, soft and sensitive, and Li Yao named it “Thinking.”

In the beginning, it was harder to move a single touch, even if it was a distance, than to move a mountain. Or, just like using a soft hair to poke a hard rock, it is impossible to complete the mission.

However, Li Yao has mastered the embarrassment in β€œjumping”, and in the process of transforming into Information Lifeform, he has a deeper understanding of the nature of life and the transformation of the universe in different dimensions.

He quickly found the path.

It’s like breaking up hair and rock into the most basic molecules, atoms and even neutrons and electrons. The gap is enough for a mighty Star Ocean fleet to cross.

In the smog of the four dimensional space, Li Yao’s “thinking” moved.

He laughed, and sure enough.

In the four dimensional space, the flesh-and-blood body can’t move, only the synapse of thought can be extended to an infinite distance without being affected by time and space.

Of course, Li Yao has not let his “thinking” extend so far.

He first wrapped the medical compartment of the seal Puppet King with a touch of light.

In the four-dimensional state, all matter is decomposed and restored, even if the strong armor or seal becomes riddled, even the Puppet King’s Brain is listed by Li Yao in a certain “inside-out” way. No more.

Puppet King is still asleep, like a baby on a leaf-like lonely boat in the stormy sea, in the mother’s arms, without any signs of horror.

On the four-dimensional level, his neural field is like a gray, frozen ocean, with no cracks in the ice layer. It was destroyed by two Ultimate Prosperity High Masters, self-destructed remnants, perhaps Also hidden in the depths of the frozen sea, no one can find a place.

Now, Li Yao can easily ruin Puppet King’s Brain and kill him completely.

It seems that this seems to be the best chance to hide the existence of Star Glory Federation.

However, after careful consideration, Li Yao gave up this seemingly tempting idea.

First, he is not sure if this is the only body of Puppet King – Lu Qingchen.

Taking Lu Qingchen’s three caves, the character of speculation, it is so suspicious that it is so simple.

Second, Li Yao can erase all the information and remnants of this Brain, but it will inevitably leave its own traces.

The Brain was sent to the “Ultimate Salvation Ship” for five Ultimate Prosperity High Masters to study. If they determined the existence of Li Yao through these traces, it would be self-defeating.

Third, Puppet King’s body is an excellent bait that allows Li Yao to lock five Ultimate Prosperity High Masters at once. If there is any accident in the middle, so that five Ultimate Prosperity High Masters have no reason to get together, then The little lost.

Therefore, Li Yao stared at Puppet King’s Brain for a long time, but still curbed the killing intent of the heart.

Crossing Puppet King, his “thinking” swam toward Chu Zhixiao.

Now, Chu Zhixiao should be in a state of meditation, like a dream of deep sleep, even if Li Yao uses “thinking” to communicate some information with her, she will mistakenly think that she is dreaming.

“Major, major?”

Li Yao’s “thinking” gently entangled Chu Zhixiao like a flower bloom, “I am afraid, I am so scared!”

“…Red Pig?”

Chu Zhixiao’s neural field, rippling with a nervous embarrassment, “What’s wrong with you?”

“I am scared and still worried.”

Li Yao paused. “I am worried about you. Ever since I fell into the Illusion World of Puppet King, you have been eroding the divine soul. You have been lost, and now you seem to be stubborn and unwilling to go. What does ‘Ultimate Salvation Ship’ look like, what is going on here? I want to help you!”

Chu Zhixiao For a moment, the divine soul came again: “I don’t know, Red Pig, it should be fine, Ultimate Prosperity High Master has arranged everything.”


Li Yao said, “Major, you seem to be afraid of the Ultimate Prosperity High Master. Is it really okay? I don’t understand, Puppet King should be a bad guy, Ultimate Prosperity High Master should be a good person, but why do you still have me? Fear, what are we afraid of?”

Chu Zhixiao was silent for a long time.

“I don’t know, Red Pig.”

She murmured, “I really don’t know.”

“What should we do next?”

Li Yao continued to ask, β€œWhen we wait for the ‘Ultimate Salvation Ship’, what will happen to us, will we be… completely deleted?”

“Do you mean to clear the memory?”

Chu Zhixiao sighs. “Maybe, it will capture the memory of Puppet King, especially the memory of Radiant City, including the large amount of data in your Mainframe Crystal Processor.” All the hidden dangers of infection and the pain of … thinking, then we can restart, lightly loaded, and start again.

“What, Red Pig, are you afraid to delete and restart?”

“I do not know.”

Li Yao said, β€œMajor, have I been deleted and restarted before?”

“Of course, many times.”

Chu Zhixiao said, β€œLike me, we have been deleted and restarted many times. It seems that you have never had so many problems.”

“But this time, I suddenly didn’t want to be deleted and restarted.”

Li Yao said, “If my data is deleted, even after the restart, I can’t remember the major, right?”

“No, you will be with me at that time.”

Chu Zhixiao said, “You will remember me again.”

“But you at that time, it is not yours now.”

Li Yao said, β€œThe current memory has been lost. Now the ‘majors’ Chu Zhixiao and Red Pig are dead. After the restart, there are two new existences, which have nothing to do with us. We are all dead and die forever. , nothing to remember!”

“Red Pig -“

Chu Zhixiao’s divine soul θ•΄ contains a lot of doubts. β€œIs it really you, or is it that you are infected by Puppet King without knowing it?”

“What about you, major?”

Li Yao said, β€œAre you infected with Puppet King? Do you find a true self? Do you want to completely remove yourself and change back to the past?”

Chu Zhixiao’s divine soul trembled fiercely.

It can be seen that her heart is in a fierce struggle.

β€œStar Ocean is awkward, no one can control his own destiny.”

Chu Zhixiao sadly said, “Red Pig, we have made a mistake, we have to be deleted, this is… can’t be disobeyed.”


Li Yao said, “I haven’t tried even the test. How do you know that it can’t be defy? Even if you can’t defy it, what is the downside of trying it? After the failure, it will be deleted and restarted. It doesn’t matter!”

Chu Zhixiao stunned, I don’t know how to respond to Li Yao’s obvious problem.

“I only hope that the majors will always be happy and happy – I just refining them for this purpose, and I was adjusted by the majors to be like this.”

Li Yao Gu Zidao, “But I feel that majors can’t get real happiness in the present life. You are very depressed, fearful and painful. Of course, neither Empire of True Humanity nor virtual paradise ‘Radiant City’ can help you.

“But I still don’t give up my mission. If there is no real paradise in the universe, then we will start from scratch, create one ourselves, create a more free than Saint League, more just than Empire, than ‘Radiant City’ More enterprising, isn’t that good?”

“Not bad.”

Chu Zhixiao smiled, “It’s impossible, Red Pig, you don’t understand, you will never understand.”

“I don’t understand, even if it’s really impossible, what good is it to try?”

Li Yao is persevering. “The big deal is to delete and restart. Anyway, it can’t be broken any more. Just try it again. Even if you try to resist once and make your own choice, what can’t you do?”

“In any case, no matter what decision the major makes, the pigs must support the majors, definitely!”

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