FMC Chapter 2848

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2848, Little Light Point, Astronomy

When Li Yao realized this, a loud bang from the powerhouse of the “Ultimate Salvation Ship” was heard.

Spiritual Energy Protective Shield is like a dam under flooding, and the data flow is like a runaway fire-like fiercely. The rushing of the Spiritual Nexus has shown that the Fuxi Fleet’s Supreme Flagship is being met. The garrison’s crazy set fire attack.

Tens of thousands of Crystal Brains suspended in the center of the bridge, finally dozens or even hundreds of them burst in the sound of “ๅ™ผpฤซ pฤ ๅ•ช”, or suddenly fell, or burst directly in the air, debris such as Heavenly Daughter scatters flowers, draws a flash of light, and shoots everywhere.

Even the five Ultimate Prosperity High Master’s laws seem to have been invisibly hit hard, and they are stunned and faint.

From the original crystal clear, clearly visible light and shadow, turned into an ethereal smoke.

At first glance, both Ultimate Prosperity High Master and “Fuxi System” are at the weakest moment.

However, since Li Yao has sneaked through the other’s loopholes, the divine soul is naturally like a sharp scalpel. It can dissect layers of illusion and find the deep hidden truth.

The explosion can be self-directed, “Spiritual Energy Protective Shield suddenly collapses”, and “Starship is severely damaged everywhere” can also be virtualized by tampering and distorting data.

Lu Qingchen, like Li Yao, can only read the data from the enemy’s hands to judge the situation.

Li Yao is a bystander, and Lu Qingchen is in the deep mountains covered by Bewildering Mist. How can I see the whole picture of Qingshan?

Good swimmers, such as Lu Qingchen, who are good at creating Illusion World’s Spiritual Attack Specialist, do you have to fall into the higher Illusion World, virtual data and Spiritual Attack?

In Li Yao’s silent sigh, Lu Qingchen’s “ultimate virus” finally started.

No sound, itโ€™s a blockbuster. A moment ago, his divine soul is still tortured and torn apart, like a candle in the wind, it will be annihilated at any time, but in the Ultimate Salvation Ship and the five Ultimate Prosperity High Master At the moment of being hit hard, his divine soul turned into a nest of awakened hibernating, hungry viper, black venom-like tentacle instantly inflated, cruising and entangled, not only entangled thousands of crystals in midair The virus that is contained in every Crystal Brain broke out, and it was entangled in the five Ultimate Prosperity High Master.

“Why, is the offense blocked?”

Lu Qingchen’s divine soul is full of madness, and laughs, “Let me help you!”

He is like a black hole, endless, endless, extremely greedy to swallow the information and data in the “Fuxi System” and five Ultimate Prosperity High Master methods, and spray his own virus into Crystal Computer and the law.

In just half a second, his divine soul has not only restored its original appearance, but also wrapped a fine and delicate black Battle Armor around the body. The Battle Armor is surrounded by a strong flame, and the flames become tentacles and minions. Burning and raging, the “Fuxi System” and the five Ultimate Prosperity High Masters are all played in the applause and squeezed and smashed.


Five Ultimate Prosperity High Masters, it seems that they didn’t expect Puppet King – Lu Qingchen would choose such a desperate moment, but he didn’t even think of his broken soul. He also hides such a sharp ultimate virus. “Blackening”, there appeared a piece of ugly black spots and “mold”, the power quickly passed, and Lu Qingchen sucked it all!

“I didn’t expect it, this is the real power of Human Race!”

Lu Qingchen laughed and enjoyed the happiness of the five Ultimate Prosperity High Masters. “This kind of power is the embarrassment of you, you can never understand, and you can never win!”

“So, don’t resist, don’t struggle, give all your power to me, hand over the control of ‘Fuxi System’ to me, and transfer your loyalty to the so-called ‘the gods’ to me. There is no god in this world, it is worthy of worshipping you. If you have to choose one, I am more qualified than your gods to get your allegiance!

“Hey, look at you, sitting on such a large and advanced Fuxi Fleet, and facing the great situation of the Empire of True Humanity civil war, there are 10,000 strategies to choose from, but you have chosen the most stupid ‘Strength Capital’ I really don’t know that in your empty mind, except for the ‘Way of Ultimate Prosperity’, which is beyond the shit, Fuxi Fleet gives you five idiots to control. It is a violent thing, and it is the same as Paramount Heaven Sector. Is your limit!

“Give it to me, hand me Fuxi Fleet, give me the entire Saint League, I can use it to unify Human Race Civilization, lead our Civilization forward at a hundredfold speed, move forward, keep moving forward, In just a hundred years, it has evolved into the ultimate form of perfection. Nothing can stop in front of us. Even if the wild gods really wake up, they will be turned into meat in our subway hoof!

“Forget it, now Iโ€™m talking to you five ๆฆ†ๆœจ็–™็˜ฉ, itโ€™s all about playing the cow, huh, huh, when my virus completely occupies your Brain, and your divine soul is fully integrated into my divine soul, bathed in my Dao Under the heart, at that time, you will awaken true humanity, understand your mission, and create a new future!”

In the scream of madness, Lu Qingchen has brought his deformed, evil, powerful divine soul to the limit.

The venomous venomous snake, the serpent turned into a violent magical flame, and the magic flame gathered into a surging black wave, as if he had eroded the Black Wind Fleet’s enhanced upgrade in Star Glory Federation, toward the “Ultimate Salvation Ship”, the five Supreme War Fort and the entire Fuxi Fleet spread.

Of course, his divine soul core is completely exposed to the Eye Great Ultimate Prosperity High Masters and the “Fuxi System”.

Infection and erosion, or “fusion”, were originally two-way.

Whoever integrates, depends on who’s will, Dao Heart, and computational ability are stronger.

Li Yao’s feeling is like sneaking under a rock on the shore, listening to the waves, flashing flashes and thunder rolls, the whole sky will collapse.

“Sure enough!

โ€œIf the ‘power of erosion’ can be quantified, Lu Qingchen now erodes Fuxi Fleet’s efficiency, at least ten times better than his original erosion of Black Wind Fleet!

“In just a few years, what kind of encounter did he have such a horrible creation?”

โ€œEven if the five Ultimate Prosperity High Masters really set a trap, can they capture such a ruthless Lu Qingchen!โ€

Li Yao originally held the mind of sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight, and even faintly sighed for Lu Qingchen’s ending, but Lu Qingchen’s brave and violent performance was beyond his expectations, making him uncertain. stand up.

Just to confirm his “uncertainty”, the five Ultimate Prosperity High Master under Lu Qingchen’s arrogance, there is no force of rebellion, the law was smashed and swallowed by him one by one, and it was completely incorporated into him. Among the divine soul!

The Crystal Brain, which carries the “Fuxi System” in midair, has also become black, directly controlled by Lu Qingchen’s divine soul, and turned into his “neuron”.

For a time, Lu Qingchen’s divine soul and computational ability swelled in geometric progression, skyrocketing, arrogant, constantly breaking through the limits, breaking the limits of the limit!


He evokes the most qualitative excitement of drugs, and makes a satisfying sigh.

“Our battle plan seems to have to make a small adjustment.”

Li Yao’s divine soul almost solidified into a rock, and whispered to the blood heart’s demon. “I think that the husband can bend and stretch. In fact, we will do a strategic retreat for a while, unite the strength of more compatriots and comrades, and then arrest Lu. Qingchen, the heinous devil, put him back to the Federation to conduct a trial of justice. It is okay. After all, individual heroism is unacceptable. You still want everyone to fight together, right?”

“To you!”

Blood heart’s demon hate iron is not a steel road, “erect your ears, okay, you don’t have it, then let go of your ‘thinking’ and feel that there is nothing wrong with it!”

“What do you mean?”

Li Yao gave a slight glimpse.

But then, instead of letting go of “thinking”, he also reacted.

Silence, the silence around to the extent of extreme surprise.

The โ€œUltimate Salvation Shipโ€ was just mired in the most violent artillery fire, the Spiritual Energy Protective Shield collapsed, an explosion followed by an explosion, a shock wave followed by a shock wave, and Fuxi Fleet’s other Starships were all the same, struggling in the meteor fire – At least, the data and information transmitted from the outside world are displayed as such.

But now, just after Lu Qingchen swallowed five Ultimate Prosperity High Masters, all attacks, all explosions and shockwaves, all information turbulence and data clutter disappeared within 0.1 seconds.

They are like a quiet swim in a long-lost cemetery.

What Paramount Heaven Sector, what Empire’s defenders, what torrents of destruction, what burns the Crystal Armor and the explosive Starship, what Destroy the Heavens and Exterminate the Earth’s doomsday battle… all disappeared.

The “Ultimate Salvation Ship” became a frozen iron coffin, and the data interface connected to the Star Battle Network was closed. Even Li Yao’s “thinking” could not escape, and it was sealed here. In the Supreme Flagship of Fuxi Fleet.

The laughter of Lu Qingchen came to an abrupt end.

He finally realized the strange silence.

The black tide, the magic flame, the tentacle, the Battle Armor, and the divine soul, lingering around him.

“What happened? How could it be!”

Lu Qingchen muttered to himself, the divine soul, the madness has not faded, but the confusion has come to mind.

โ€œThese are the underlying data that is hidden in the deepest part of your divine soul. Itโ€™s really interesting.โ€

At this time, a crystal clear flow of information, from the depths of tens of thousands of dark-skinned Crystal Brain, was transmitted in the core database of “Fuxi System”.

The darkness splits, the magic flame retreats, the crystal Brain sways and collides like a wind chime, and a pure and innocent little light spot flies out like a firefly.

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