FMC Chapter 2854

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, the 2854 chapter Lu Qingchen shines! Floating astronomy
With the low profile of Fuxi, the cluster of light dots that make up its “body” has become a faint Little Black point, like a myriad of black holes in the tip of a needle, swaying around Lu Qingchen’s divine soul, releasing black Bewildering Mist, like to wrap and swallow his divine soul, seals him in a concrete “dark barrier.”

“Do you know what the deepest despair is? If you leave your hometown and meet the most powerful enemy, you will be beaten by the enemy or even the whole army. It is not the deepest despair, but the ants are stepped on by the dinosaurs. It’s just dead.”

Fuxi’s voice is low and full of sorrow and compassion. “But, after exhausting Nine Ox Two Tiger Strength, burning all the wisdom and courage, paying countless sacrifices, it is hard to overcome the powerful enemy that has never been seen before, the joy of victory and When the ambiguity of the future reaches its peak, I suddenly know that my so-called ‘victory’ is just a faint hair that shakes off a strong enemy, and the strong enemy has not found you yet – this kind of falling from the cloud, falling into endless The feeling of Abyss is the deepest despair.

“Think, think about it, and put yourself into the role of Pangu Civilization Expedition Army Commander – you lead the entire fleet of Civilization, the most powerful fleet of 100,000 years and Three-Thousand Greater Thousand Worlds resources, Commander With the thirteen carbon-based Civilization races, the most prestigious expert, with the ardent expectations of the hometown father and the infinite hope for the Multiverse, embarked on an unknown journey.

“It’s hard to say that the difficulty of crossing the black wall. The vastness and cruelty of the Multiverse are as early as you expected. Even the encounter with the ‘Hong Chao Regiment’ can’t destroy your mind, because you found Hong Chao. Although the fleet is strong, it is not invincible.

“Finally, after Hot Blooded, courage, wisdom, indomitable will and the sacrifices that have gone on and on, you have finally triumphed in a terrible victory. It is a battle that will eventually go down in history. You feel that all the soldiers are under the arm. Play to the limit, even your own art of command has climbed to the peak, the realm that can’t be copied!

“Although the loss is heavy, the harvest is more abundant. Countless people are sacrificed in the cold darkness, but they leave their incomparable hopes and encourage survivors to continue to triumph. You think you can see the gap between yourself and Multiverse’s most expert. I saw the twisted but clear evolutionary direction ahead.

“It’s like, a legend that can be sung, just kicked off, and will eventually dominate the king of Multiverse, and take a solid first step, right?

“It’s a pity, not.

“On the way back, you found the switch and last words left by the ‘shadow maker’ and knew the truth about one billionth of the Multiverse.

“When you realize that even the ‘shadow maker’ is so powerful to the incredible prehistoric Civilization that you can only shrink the tortoise, the whole world collapses before your eyes.

“You and the shady builders are 10,000 times different, and the shady builders and the real Hong Chao have a 10,000-fold gap. Even the shady builders dare not fight with Hong Chao. You and your brave compatriots. Isn’t it a joke that all the efforts we have made?

“You have been fighting for life, even your entire Civilization has struggled for 100,000 years. The cause has collapsed. It doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t make sense. Now you know that before your Civilization birth, there is Hundreds of more powerful Civilizations have done the same, and the only ‘correct answer’ is to build a black curtain, when the turtle is shrinking, and your Civilization is only a million years old, and it is only in ‘ The stage of wanting to be a tortoise and not a tortoise.

“Ask, what is the meaning of your existence, what is the significance of the existence of Pangu Civilization, and what is the significance of the existence of this universe!

“Deeply understand all of this, ask, in addition to a complete collapse, do you have a second choice?”

Under the fuss of Fuxi, Lu Qingchen’s divine soul was once again dimmed, swayed and twisted.

It is like the ray of light that is about to burn out in the storm, and the light disappears with the scattering of sparks.

Even Li Yao was eavesdropping on the side, the divine soul was greatly shocked and shaken, almost indulged in the dark and desperate macro Great Universe, and drowned.

For today’s Human Race Civilization, Pangu Civilization’s cutting-edge technology has been advanced for at least tens of thousands of years, at first glance, like a real demon.

In the eyes of Pangu Civilization, the shady makers are many times more advanced than them, and that is the “God of the Devil”.

Even the “God of the Devil” dare not face Hong Chao, can only create a dark area to hide themselves, like a child scared by a ghost story, hiding in the bed and shivering!

So, for today’s Human Race Civilization, for Li Yao, who is a member of Human Race, what does the so-called Hong Chao mean?

If Hong Chao is really related to the Earth, and Vulture Plan asks him to destroy the earth, can he really do it?

In the face of the resurrection of Pangu Clan, Li Yao can also cheer for himself. “Everyone is carbon-based, who is afraid of who!”

However, in the face of mysterious and unfathomable Hong Chao, even facing the “shadow maker”, Li Yao is hard to say such a boast, because the other party is very likely to be a higher level, three-dimensional carbon-based life can not The existence of understanding.

On the other hand, Fuxi’s words also solved a mystery that has been lingering in Li Yao’s heart for a long time.

That is the meaning of the existence of Ancient Saint Sector.

In the Prehistoric War hundreds of thousands of years ago, why did Pangu Clan make a large dark nebula out of the periphery of the Ancient Saint Sector?

At the beginning, including the personal experience of Long Yangjun, many analysts of Specialist pointed out that Pangu Clan wanted to use Ancient Saint Sector as a “rejuvenation base”, but in the process of planning, he made a scorpion, making Ancient Saint All Pangu Clans in the sector are extinct, and the Human Race is booming today.

But Li Yao always feels that this statement is too embarrassing, and many joints are unreasonable.

To this day, he realized that the Ancient Saint Sector is most likely a “reverse engineering test base”. After Panmu Civilization got the relevant technology of “shadow maker”, he chose a Star Field from Star Ocean. , trying to copy and parse the “black screen technology” place.

Therefore, the dark nebula surrounding the Ancient Saint Sector has a very subtle similarity to the black wall of the entire Pangu Universe.

Of course, Panmu Clan’s analysis and reversed “black screen technology” is far less advanced than the “shadow maker”, so the dark nebula around the Ancient Saint Sector is not absolutely undetectable, just a little thin and bleak.

This in turn proves that Fuxi’s words have some credibility – at least, the existence of “shadow makers” should be unquestionable.

“Stop, don’t say it!”

Li Yao was sinking into the room and suddenly heard Lu Qingchen’s roar. “Put up your set, Fuxi, I finally know why you are guilty, and tirelessly tell me the past few hundred thousand years ago.” Hehe, you want to use this way, let me fall into the same desperate situation of the past Pangu Civilization Expedition Army Commander, so that my divine soul defense line also completely collapses, so that you can easily swallow and merge me?

“I am sorry, I will not be fooled, not to collapse and give in.”

“Even if everything you say is true, even if there are really Top-Grade predators that we can’t imagine, hundreds of millions of years ago and billions of Lightyears, it’s not that we should give up our passion, curiosity, The reason for enterprising and hope.

“What’s wrong with ants? The evolution of countless planets has proven that ants’ survival is far stronger than dinosaurs, and countless seemingly powerful dinosaurs and reptiles are extinct in times of catastrophe, but thousands of species The ants are all stubborn and survive to this day!

“How about bacteria? Is it like Pangu Civilization or today’s Human Race Civilization, can it completely eliminate all bacteria? Oh, it’s impossible, Pangu Civilization is extinct, maybe one day Human Race Civilization will be extinct, but as long as this universe is still One day, bacteria, such things, will never be extinct?

“So, even if we are really just ants, just dust, just insignificant bacteria and viruses, what about it? That doesn’t mean we are destined for a brilliant Civilization, we can’t have a place in this vast universe!”

The powerful, vocal rhetoric made Lu Qingchen’s divine soul shine for the third time.

Sealing his dark barrier, it was like tearing and burning like a paper-filled shell. Under his scorching heat, he was like a remnant of a helmet and abandoning his armor and fled back to Fuxi.


Blood heart’s demon couldn’t help but say, “Lu Qingchen is awesome. Even if I listened, I couldn’t help but boil blood. Indeed, everyone is wandering around Star Ocean, time is unlimited, space is unlimited, and a mountain is taller than a mountain. I will definitely encounter countless Civilizations that are more powerful than myself. If there is no such fear, I will not be afraid of it, and my brain will lose the spirit of a big bowl. How come out?

“Inch is long, the ruler is short, and the strength of Civilization cannot be generalized. Who says dinosaurs must be stronger than ants or bacteria?

“When I was, my predecessor, Blood Mark Clan, was not the most primitive thing like bacteria, cells, spores or viruses. I still rode on the meteorites, floating in the universe, and I was not found by Hong Chao. Hong Chao also has restrictions or loopholes. Otherwise, it does not need to support the ‘Hong Chao Regiment’ minions!”

“Yes, Lu Qingchen, although the child has gone the wrong way in the future, but this point is unyielding and unyielding. It is really like a heavenly person.”

Li Yao is also very impressed. “I really don’t care when he was still young. I was subtly and ignorant of him!”

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