FMC Chapter 2856

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2856, a one million year temporary strategy, astronomy
This is actually the reason!

Li Yao can’t help but think of a story.

It was a story told to him by Master Kuchan in the Ancient Saint Sector.

The Ancient Saint Sector is wisely open. When Master Kuchan travels around the world, he often uses the truth in a simple and easy-to-understand story to tell the people of Limin to inspire the minds of the people.

Master Kuchan told Li Yao that a long time ago, the ancient Saint Sector’s humanity, even the chaotic Era that was not established in the Yun Qin Empire, once had a very daring aristocrat.

This nobleman was so timid that when he heard the roar of the thunder in the sky, he would hide at the bottom of the table and tremble. In the chaotic Era, known as Wu Yong, he naturally became the laughing stock between the nobles.

However, once I heard that his monarch was in trouble and needed help, the timid aristocrat, though afraid, did not hesitate to stand up and rectify the horse and horse to rescue the monarch.

The family discouraged him, saying that he couldn’t even keep the sword, and the chariot couldn’t stand, how could he fight.

Other nobles laughed at him more, and people like him were afraid of going to the battlefield. When they heard the drums of the two armies, they would have to soften their legs and move, and they would have to rescue others. Why bother?

The nobleman responded in a positive voice: “The timidity is my nature, it is my personal business, but saving the monarch is a national event, a matter of the public, and can you be a private waste?”

Therefore, this timid aristocrat finally refused to listen to the dissuasion of his family and other nobles, and insisted on killing. As a result, the horse lost his forefoot and fell from the chariot, and he was so scared to death.

At that time, Master Kuchan and Li Yao and “Ancient Saint Top Ten Experts” said that the background of this story is that they are negotiating whether they should assist Star Glory Federation, and they will join the chaos with their ancient Saint Sector. Can you compete with Black Wind Fleet?

The ending of this story is not so complete, it seems that it has nothing to do with the “courage” in the usual sense.

Even Li Yao was not able to understand the protagonist of this story. The timid aristocrat was brave or embarrassed, and should not go to the battlefield, so he died ridiculously.

But at the moment, when he heard the choice of Pangu Civilization to expert hundreds of thousands of years ago, he suddenly understood the choice of “can’t be private.”

As individuals, these Pangu Civilization to expert have a reason to be confused, fearful, desperate, disheartened, and even mentally broken in the face of more powerful billions of times.

However, in addition to their personal identities, they are also the Commander, Commander and Elite Warrior of the Pangu Expedition Army, or the strongest barrier that must guard the entire Civilization, or the Pangu Civilization, which has been condensed for 100,000 years and resources. The sword is still the biggest and only hope of hundreds of millions of compatriots!

They have no room for confusion, no reason for fear, and no power of despair!

Even if you delete your love for your loved ones, even if you block your perception of goodness, even if you cut off your emotional swings and hopes, you will alienate yourself from a flesh-and-blood person into a tool that is ruthless, insensitive, and mechanically executed. They all have a mission that must be completed. They all have to continue fighting. Even if the enemy is a shady maker or Hong Chao, they must stick to their teeth.

What kind of spirit is this?

Li Yao deeply feels that any Civilization that has the ability to rush out to the mother universe is destined to be great, brilliant and noble. Such Civilization will never lack the heroes and philosophers who are willing to give everything and sacrifice.

“Don’t be fooled, pay attention to the moisture in the Fuxi words.”

Blood heart’s demon is a little calmer than Li Yao, reminding, “Even as a temporary strategy, ‘seal emotion’ has a certain effect on the Pangu Expedition Army’s remnants, but this temporary strategy is maintained until they will ‘Hong Chao Regiment wrecks and ‘black screen technology’ are brought back to their homes, can you stop?

“Why, not only did it not stop, but it continued to expand. From a small part of the elite who went to the outer domain to all the individuals of the entire Civilization, they were deprived of their emotions and castrated their will.

“It can be seen that Fuxi must have concealed many details, and these details are its conspiracy, pay attention to distinguish, do not believe in all.”

“I know.”

Li Yao said, “Now I am not in a hurry to distinguish. When it is finished, the highest lie is a true and false one. It wants to deceive Lu Qingchen, a thoughtful and intelligent person. It will definitely throw a lot of truth. Quite bait!”

Sure enough, Lu Qingchen’s divine soul also flashed a touch of emotion, but soon recovered calm and sharp, not moving: “And then?”

“After all the emotions were sealed, the Pangu Expedition Army’s remnants finally recovered their ability to work normally. They worked day and night and devoted themselves to the analysis of ‘black screen technology’ and ‘Hong Chao Regiment’, and after hundreds of years, with a lot of The result is back to the home.”

Fuxi said, “And my predecessor ‘Fuxi System’ has also been given a vital ‘highest mission’, which is what I just said about ‘meta logic’, that is to exhaust my computational ability to think, how Save Civilization, how to preserve our Civilization for a long time, and at the most appropriate time, in the most perfect form, rush out of the dark and enter the outer world.”


Lu Qingchen glimpsed, “Pangu Civilization has not given up plans to enter the foreign domain?”

“of course not.”

Fuxi said, “Although emotionally, no one can resist the fear of the outer domain and the despair caused by the smallness of the self, but at this time, all fears are sealed and deleted.

“Thinking in the model of ‘absolute rationality’, the turtles will never have a future in their hometown, the shady scenes will be stricter, and there will be a day of being found and torn. The left and right are lingering and waiting, 10,000 years and 100 million years, there is a difference. ?

“So, after Civilization developed into pinnacle and entered the foreign domain, the Expeditions Multiverse was the only choice, even if the end of the choice was ruin.

“The only problem is the right time and the perfect shape.

“We have to choose the most appropriate time. It is best that ‘Hong Chao’ and ‘Hong Chao Regiment’ leave the farthest time of our dark-wrapped universe, and our Civilization must also reach its limits. All the resources and information in the shady scene are integrated, and the pinnacle is used, and even a little extra energy can be squeezed out. At this time, the chance of survival is greatest.

“Along these two paths, I began to think long, thinking about the ‘ultimate salvation’ problem, and along with the returning Expedition Army remnants, the entire Pangu Civilization, the ‘social surgery’ of the big move, gradually sealed a lot Unnecessary technology, and… people’s emotions.”

“Hey, the fox tail has finally leaked out!”

Lu Qingchen sneered, “Even if you just said that the remnants of the Pangu Expedition Army had to seal their emotions in order to obliterate the fear and complete the mission, why bother to seal the emotions of the whole people?”

“You don’t understand the social form of Pangu Civilization and the spiritual needs of the people. This is the result of the exact calculation of the ‘Fuxi System’.”

Fuxi explained, “Pangu Civilization has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years, and the level of Civilization has reached its peak. People are not like the Human Race, but they are also plagued by rice and oil. They are attracted by the sound of dogs and horses. No, these low-level things are far away. Can’t satisfy the ordinary people of Pangu Civilization.

“For 100,000 years, Pangu Civilization existed for the purpose of ‘going into Multiverse’. All the people got rid of the low-level interest and thought about the philosophical issues such as the development of ‘Civilization, the truth of the universe, the meaning of existence’, Expedition Army It is their only hope, the only fun, the only answer.

“Everyone is looking forward to the news that the Expedition Army can bring back the Multiverse. It tells them how to make the Civilization leap. If this time, the Expedition Army brings back such a bad news that all of the Civilization will collapse, at least Will be disheartened, no interest.

“Our mission is so difficult. It is necessary for each individual to continue to perform their duties and dedication, and continue to burn fiercely for 100,000 or even millions of years before they can see the vitality of the first line.

“And after decades of sophisticated calculations and logic deductions on the return path of the ‘Fuxi System’, I found that once the truth of these unprepared people is told, the entire Pangu Civilization has the potential to fall apart and even collapse suddenly. Extremely desperate, what can be done with madness and madness.

“Famine, riots, civil war.

“Blood, violence, and mutual destruction.

“In the most optimistic future, people will completely lose the courage to ‘enter Multiverse’ because of fear and despair, and re-indulge in the low-level tastes of sensuality, eating, drinking, gambling, variety entertainment, etc. Millions of years, eventually disappeared, disappeared, like, from the ‘black screen maker’ to ‘Pangu Civilization’, there have been countless Civilization.

“This kind of future has a great conflict with my ‘meta logic’. For the ultimate rescue, I will never allow such a future to happen.

“So I wake up some of the Expedition Army commanders who are hibernating and show me the many futures – civil wars, crashes and endless lives, show them to them, and point them to them, ‘seal emotions’ are the only ones that keep the entire Civilization Efficient operation, let everyone continue to work hard, contribute silently, sacrifice one hundred generations or even one thousand generations, 10,000 generations, and finally save the entire Civilization.

“No, I didn’t want to slash all the emotions of the entire Civilization forever. This is still a temporary strategy, but the ‘temporary’ scale has been scaled up to hundreds of thousands of years or even millions of years.

“After millions of years, when Hong Chao retired, and our Civilization also has the ability to travel across the Multiverse, it is natural to release the seal’s emotions a little bit more.”

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