FMC Chapter 2857

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2857 Civilization restarts, Nüwa makes people! Floating astronomy
“A million years of emotional extinction!”

Lu Qingchen whispered, “Do you actually say ‘temporary’?”

“The lifespan of a star can reach tens of billions of years, even if single-cell life evolves into multi-cell life and it takes hundreds of millions of years.”

Fuxi lightly said, “Compared with the birth and death of the universe, the rise and fall of Civilization, ‘millions of years’ is indeed a short moment, at least in my opinion, one million years and one second, there is not much difference. ”


Lu Qingchen said, “In the end, you really are not Human Race. This is not the thinking of Human Race.”

“I wasn’t originally Human Race.”

Fuxi said, “You just asked me if I am ‘strong artificial intelligence’. If you mean ‘smart mechanical life like ‘Human Race’, then I am not. This concept is too narrow to explain my true existence. One ten thousandth.”

“But those Pangu Civilization’s to expert should be considered ‘people’?”

Lu Qingchen said, “Do they agree with your plan, or do you deceive and force them?”

“I didn’t deceive, nor could I force them. From start to finish, I only calculated, came to the conclusion, wrote plans and plans for their reference, and the final decision, of course, they – those fleet commanders and Civilization Commander Come and judge for yourself.”

Fuxi said, “However, all my plans and plans are calculated and derived in an absolutely rational way. Since they have sealed their emotions and are free from any interference, they think in an absolutely rational way. How can they disagree? My plan?”

“Also, I was so stupid. I even asked such a silly question. Those Pangu Civilization to expert have already castrated themselves. Alienation has become such a ruthless machine. You certainly don’t object, and even feel that there is no emotional state. It’s awesome, it should be promoted on a large scale.”

Lu Qingchen sneered, “Just, people who stay at home, they are willing, willing to give up their love and self-will, and turn themselves into a million-year-old machine?”

Fuxi has been silent for a long time, saying: “At the beginning of the reunification, there is no need to tell the public all the truth, especially the existence of ‘black screen makers’ and ‘Hong Chao’, which are the most high-level secrets, tell them in advance, only It will lead to the depression of the will, the collapse of the order, and the chaos of society.

“The Expedition Army reviled some truth and threw out some spoils to inspire people, and excused the second expedition of Organization, condensing power and resources. After nearly a thousand years, the ’emotional seal plan’ was slowly promoted. In the subtle, the water is everywhere.”

“It sounds very smooth, huh?”

Lu Qingchen said, “No one has found that no one is resisting? If someone finds and strongly resists, how will you deal with it?”

Fuxi said: “There is not enough information to answer.”

“Is the information insufficient, or the information is too cruel, can’t answer, or are you unwilling to answer?”

Lu Qingchen’s smile is getting stronger and stronger. “It’s ironic to think about it. The Pangu Expedition Army’s experts were originally to protect the Civilization and continue the hope, only to seal their feelings and freeze their will. They originally thought that This was just a temporary strategy. Unexpectedly, after the seal and freezing, their thoughts changed, and they became… ruthless, uncontrollable, deeper and deeper.

“And the people who are eagerly awaiting these “expedition heroes” in their hometowns did not expect that they would warmly welcome more than just a group of heroes who fought bloody battles, unrecognized martyrs, and a whole fleet of unrecognizable demons. !

“Do you know that there is a saying in my hometown that the vast dark starry sky is the deadliest poison that can ruin any hero and change the cultivator into Immortal Cultivator in less than a second.

“At the end of the day, the morals, order, and social laws on the ground are very different from the moral, order, and social laws in Starship Civilization. The moral order on the starship, the well-resourced Starship, and the solitary Starship drifting. In the depths of the Star Ocean, the morality, order, and laws that are completely out of control are different. When someone rides on a riddled, starred Starship, drifting in the dark for decades, they have to feed on their flesh and blood. And when encountering a variety of strange aliens, even if he was originally a good man of the first day of the word, the mind will be seriously distorted and become a demon of the evil.

“It seems that the remnants of this Pangu Expedition Army have been deeply eroded and alienated in the hundreds of years or thousands of years of the expedition, becoming some kind of…inhuman existence.

“They were originally the elite of Pangu Civilization and to expert, which condensed the most essential resources of the entire Civilization, and secretly contained the technology of ‘shadow maker’ and ‘Hong Chao Regiment’, to seize the supreme power of the homeland and establish their own dictatorship. Reigning is easy, and there is no obstacle to a large-scale emotional seal after the establishment of the dictatorship.

“That’s why Pangu Civilization will become what it looks like, it’s really… tragedy!”

Fuxi said: “Do you agree with such a means?”

“No, no, I really don’t agree with your original intention, but I really agree with your means.”

Lu Qingchen laughed. “Evolution has never been step-by-step and step-by-step. Evolution is less likely to be determined by the vast majority of ignorant and mediocre people. Evolution is stimulating, evolution is a leap, and evolution is a desperate adventure. The elite of the most sophisticated of Civilization decides!”


Fuxi said, “Since you agree with this, you will not object to the ‘Civilization restart plan’.”

“Civilization restart?”

Lu Qingchen’s divine soul is full of interest, “What is that?”

“Remember what I said at the beginning, the roots of Pangu Civilization’s ‘small sapling’ grew from the beginning, so that it missed the best development period, and when we left the mother universe, it was too mature.”

Fuxi seriously said, “Even if we now master the technology of ‘shadow maker’ and ‘Hong Chao Regiment’, it is difficult to make the qualitative change of Civilization and make a leap in the era.

“It seems that it has been smeared into a mess of books, and it is no longer possible to record valuable information. It is better to repaint than a piece of white paper.

“Civilization, which has been solidified by individual form, mode of thinking, social order and technology sequence, has reached the peak of the life cycle, and it is difficult to get rid of the law of ‘life, death and death’. It is incomparable to decline.

“Pangu Civilization is destined to be unable to fully absorb the technology of ‘shadow maker’ and ‘Hong Chao Regiment’. The obstacles and resistance in all aspects are too great. After the long-term calculation of ‘Fuxi System’, the only way is to break And then, Civilization restarts.”

“Understood, it is like a 180-year-old Golden Core Expert. The culmination, the bones, the meridians, the blood and even the divine soul have been shaped almost every time. Now, he is called to change his position. The singularity of the singularity, even if the qigong is perfect, it will not help the improvement of its strength, and even conflict with each other, cultivation deviation!”

Lu Qingchen said, “If this Golden Core Expert produces a child, let a child with a piece of paper inherit his experience and cultivate a new Cultural Technique, it is possible to get through and break through the higher realm!

“So, what do you specifically do?”

“Specifically, it is imperative to create a new carrier for the individual of Pangu Civilization.”

Fuxi said, “The Pangu Civilization Alliance at that time, a total of thirteen carbon-based intelligent life, each with different body types, communication and social composition is extremely inconvenient, adding a lot of unnecessary ‘friction costs’, and many ethnic bodies are to adapt Their Homeworld environment evolved and was not suitable for the development of the Great Universe Era.

“Therefore, a new, unified, low-energy, high-power, highly variable, easy-to-maintain and upgrade, and extremely powerful new body of vitality has become an indispensable unit of Pangu Civilization’s continued development.

“And wanting to rush out of the mother universe against Hong Chao, at least against Hong Chao Regiment, it is not enough to just combine the genes of thirteen carbon-based smart lives, so we put our eyes on the ‘shadow maker’ , the gene of prehistoric Civilization.”


This time, Lu Qingchen is really stunned. “Do you have the genes of the ‘shadow maker’?”

“Maybe it is a gene, maybe something else. In short, the shady makers have left a lot of inheritance in the shady hub. After thousands of years of research, they have gradually been analyzed and learned by us.”

Fuxi, of course, said, “If you just combine the genes of thirteen carbon-based intelligent life, what is the ‘restart’, only the gene of ‘shadow maker’ can be used to create a new generation, higher, faster and stronger? Smarter and more courageous Civilization.

“No, in fact, it’s not just a ‘black screen maker’, but there are also many ‘Hong Chao Regiment’ genes that are also added to the fusion sequence under layer screening and overall optimization.

“You should have heard the word ‘hybrid advantage’. The captives of Hong Chao Regiment are from foreign countries. Their genes contain new possibilities that we have never seen before. They provide countless different directions for evolution. valuable.

“After determining the big direction, we handed this mission to Nüwa Clan, who has a genetic talent, and named it ‘creation plan’.

“Now, you should understand what we finally created, what is it?

“Yes, this fusion of the ‘shadow maker, Hong Chao Regiment captive, thirteen native carbon-based smart life’ genetic essence, a new generation of Civilization carrier, you guys, Human Race!”

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