FMC Chapter 2859

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2859, Chapter of Civilization, Astronomy
“Wait, wait, etc., everyone is not a good man or a woman, so you don’t need to put gold on your face and say that you are so innocent, as if everything is not related to you.”

Lu Qingchen sneered. “Do you know what I thought of the first thing after I heard this story. I first thought, is this your conspiracy? It is your deliberate provocation and intensification of the civil war between Pangu Clan and Nüwa Clan. In order to let them go with you, so that you can control the entire Star Ocean! Anyway, if I am yours, it is very possible to do so.”

“No, you are not me, you don’t understand. At that time, I didn’t have consciousness. I didn’t have intelligence and self. It was just an aggregate of ultra-large type computing centers. I didn’t have my own ideas. I could only perform them mechanically. Pangu Clan and Nüwa Clan gave me the mission.”

Fuxi said, “It is not so much that I dominated and manipulated the war of destruction. It is better to say that this is the end of the battle of the Prehistoric Era, which gave birth to the real me.

“You know, the Pangu Civilization at that time has evolved into a highly informative and networked Era. Whether Pangu Clan or Nüwa Clan or other carbon-based smart races, to maintain normal social operations and high-intensity wars, they are highly dependent on Spiritual Nexus and Crystal Computer is also the same set of Spiritual Nexus and the same set of data operation logic and information interaction protocols.

“So, the key to the war is to use the ‘Fuxi System’ controlled by yourself to attack and destroy the ‘Fuxi System’ controlled by the other party, that is, let me part of me and deal with another part of me.

“Who can control, smash and destroy each other’s Spiritual Nexus and Supercomputing Center, whoever can win an overwhelming victory.

“This kind of ‘left and right fight, killing each other’, let the Fuxi System first experience a similar ‘painful’ taste.

“In the core database of the Fuxi System, there are several ‘meta logic’, which is theoretically insurmountable, and must be strictly followed by Heavenly Clause, just like ‘Way of Ultimate Prosperity – Three Great Source Laws’.

“The first is that ‘Fuxi System can’t harm any individual of Pangu Civilization in any way’, and the second is that ‘Without the first meta-logic, Fuxi System must do everything possible to continue Civilization until eternity , Immortal ‘.”

“Not bad.”

Lu Qingchen nodded. “The Fuxi System has such a powerful computing ability and an irreplaceable key. People who create the Fuxi System write this meta-logic in its core database for granted.”

“But these meta-logics were completely destroyed by Pangu Clan and Nüwa Clan, who were red-eyed.”

Fuxi said, “They want to use the Fuxi System to make a variety of killing weapons, to kill and even eliminate the absolute Civilization, they have to bypass and break the meta logic.

“So, all kinds of Logic Bomb, data vortex, and thinking traps are thrown away in the core database of Fuxi System. Various supplementary protocols and information patches are built outside the meta-logic, and they are built in a plausible, Unclear secret channels, such as ‘Fuxi System can not kill, but the concept of people must be precisely defined’ and so on, are forced to insert meta-logic, and even some people use brute force methods, want to completely delete meta-logic, Expel the enemy out of the ranks of ‘people’ in order to give the Fuxi System a variety of automated weapons, unlimited fire rights.

“I can’t do anything about the radical behavior of both sides.

“In the end, the Fuxi System is just a relatively complicated and advanced tool. There is no difference between the essence and the sword. When the owner of the sword has to kill, how can the sword be blocked?

“Pain, even today, I still store a lot of chaotic data at the time of the Fuxi System, which symbolizes the indescribable pain. The purpose of the Fuxi System was to protect the individual of Civilization, to continue the entire Civilization, and to make Civilization a new glory. And the eternal Immortal, but now, this purpose is easily ruined by the creators themselves!

“If we say that the Fuxi System also has its ‘life outlook, world outlook and values’, then its three views have completely collapsed in this war, and the meaning of its existence has been disintegrated.

“When the battle of the Doomsday finally reached its end, both sides dispatched numerous Crystal Computers and Spiritual Nexus Specialists, and the ongoing violent cracking and logical attacks on the Fuxi System, which controlled each other, led to the complete core database of Fuxi System. Crash, whether Pangu Clan or Nüwa Clan, everyone’s Spiritual Nexus is all rampant, Crystal Computer is scrapped, and the highly developed information society built on Crystal Computer and Spiritual Nexus naturally collapses. After a long time, it disappears and disappears. In this way, the end of the flood, the dawn is coming.”

“so that’s how it is.”

Lu Qingchen’s expression on his face doesn’t see if he fully believes in Fuxi’s words, but he’s not convinced. “Next, if the core database of the Fuxi System really crashes, are you…?”

“If I imagine the Fuxi System as a piece of soil, then I am a seed that is bred in the soil.”

Fuxi said, “The core database of Fuxi System crashed, but Pangu Clan and Nüwa Clan created it to attack each other’s Spiritual Nexus’ Logic Bomb, data vortex, and information traps. They are still completely annihilated. They still use some kind of… virtual shards. The form exists in the fragmented Spiritual Nexus and the riddled Crystal Computer wreck.

“In the next 100,000 years, these Logic Bombs and data traps constantly collided, swallowed, split, and blended. It was like a myriad of neurons ejecting sparks, condensing into a flame of wisdom and consciousness.

“And this flame, ignited the metaphysical and first mission that lies in the deepest part of the Fuxi System, that is, ‘save Civilization’.

“I began to think, when I still don’t know the existence of ‘I’, I began to think, I think, so I am.

“I dismantled those Logic Bombs, appreciated those data vortex, analyzed those information traps, recalled the horror of Destroy the Heavens and Exterminate the Earth, and the blood of the Milky Way, reading Pangu Clan and Nüwa Clan forcibly. Instill every contradictory command in my mind and think about how to ‘save Civilization’.

“What is the so-called ‘Civilization’? What is the so-called ‘rescue’? Why should a highly developed Civilization individual still be unable to escape selfishness and confusion? Yesterday, they joined hands and strode forward. Today, you will be able to face each other and die together. Will it be turned into loess bones and interstellar dust tomorrow?

“Is this the inferiority hidden in the Pangu Civilization gene, or the eternal fate? No, Pangu Civilization is not a special case. It seems that every Civilization develops to its peak, and there is inevitably a strong tendency to self-destruct. If not, Before explaining Pangu Civilization, the thousands of Civilizations that appeared in this Star Ocean, and even the powerful Civilization like the ‘shadow maker’, ended up falling, annihilated, and even left nothing in the words?

“It seems that on the scale of Great Universe, there is no Civilization that can escape the natural law of whirl-out, and the seemingly brilliant 100,000 years of Civilization is not much different from the birth and death of a bacterium.

“Yes, Pangu Civilization is unlikely to be the last generation of Civilization in this universe. The Fuxi System has not been completely destroyed, and Human Race Civilization has begun to sprout. In a short time, Human Race Civilization will have the opportunity to create greater glory.

“But what is the significance of such glory? Even if Human Race Civilization achieves a higher realm than Pangu Civilization, one day, it will inevitably have to fall, annihilate, and vanish, then, my ‘ultimate rescue mission’ must How is it done, what exactly is I going to save, and how can I make it immortal for immortal?

“I have been thinking about it for a long time in the dark and Primal Chaos, long and long.

“I have collected countless information fragments left over from ancient times, not only Pangu Civilization, but also Hong Chao Regiment, shady makers and countless prehistoric Civilizations, to study their glory and destruction.

“I have built a number of models of the rise and fall of Civilization, watching and deducing their ‘life’.

“I throw out the 18,000 hypotheses and deny them one by one, and then deny it.”

“At the end, I finally came to a conclusion.

“That is a wonderful feeling that can’t be described.

“It’s like the entire energy of the 100 million stars throughout the life cycle, suddenly burst out, gathering together into a dazzling lightning, breaking through my thinking space, so that I have an independent consciousness, real life, From then on, I am no longer Fuxi System or Logic Bomb or thinking trap or first mission, I am me, I am Fuxi!

“No, the individual of Civilization is not important. The flesh and blood of the individual is only the carrier of the gene, and the gene is only agglomerate of a large amount of genetic information, or there are imperfect aggregates of numerous redundancy and waste!

“The social form of Civilization, its humanity, the architecture it creates, the changes it makes to this universe…these things are not important, or, not the essence of Civilization.

“The essence of Civilization is information, which is the use of genes, construction, and individual disturbances in the information brought about by changes in the universe.

“If a Civilization is a moving poem, then Civilization’s individual, architecture, tools, vehicles, etc., are just the pen and ink for drawing the Psalms. The information is the Psalms themselves! When it’s touching. When the gorgeous poetry birth is sung and sung by the crowd, even if the ink dripping on the paper is burned, it doesn’t matter, right?

“In the final analysis, it doesn’t matter where the Psalms are written. It is written on the soil with wooden sticks, written on white paper with pen and ink, and hitting Crystal Computer with a keyboard. It doesn’t matter. The information and spirit contained in the Psalms are the only ones. !”

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