FMC Chapter 2860

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, the sum of the 2860 chapter Civilization! Floating astronomy
“I don’t understand what you mean.”

Lu Qingchen calmly said, “Itโ€™s just that you are crazy.”

“How come you don’t understand, your ‘Virtual Spirit Plan’, isn’t it also leading Human Race Civilization to a big step toward comprehensive informationization? Just because you are not exclusive of ‘integrated informationization’, I am willing to waste valuable The time and the computational ability, come Enlighten you.”

Fuxi seriously said, “In terms of individuality, people are always dying. No matter how brilliant their life is, how powerful a cultivation is, how many people remember it, after all, it is dying, and all the great achievements he has created will eventually be scattered ashes and Dispersed smoke, right?”


Lu Qingchen nodded. “What about that?”

“But if we can fully record all the information of this person’s life, including his various light and shadow materials, his brainwave and physiological parameter scans, his logs, all his chats with others, others All his evaluations… In short, about all the data he has extracted and stored, it is possible to recreate him in the virtual space, 100%, even if his relatives get along with each other, you canโ€™t see the flaws. Have you ever changed a lot of such tricks?

“As long as the Crystal Computer that maintains this virtual space is not damaged, or Crystal Computer is damaged, the most critical information storage chip still exists, and if it is copied innumerable, it means that all the information of this person can be saved to the day of the destruction of the universe. Is it equal to this person and has eternal life?”

Lu Qingchen was stunned.

Of course, Li Yao can’t help but be stunned.

“This…what is this eternal life? It is not the person himself, just his information!”

Lu Qingchen said, “This message has no thoughts, no self, no consciousness, it is more inferior than ghosts, but it is the shadow of ghosts!”

“The genes themselves, the information, the information engraved in the flesh and blood, must be higher than the information engraved on the chip? You should not have such stupid prejudice as the leader of the ‘Virtual Spirit Plan’?”

Fuxi continues to be flustered. “As for consciousness and self, what exactly is it, and who is it clear? Standing on the scale of Civilization and the universe, individual consciousness, emotion and self are not important, just as standing in Human Race. The scale, the feeling of cells and bacteria does not make any sense.

“Information, we only need to extract all the information of a person, put it in a virtual space for a long time, it is equivalent to making this person eternal.

โ€œAnd thousands of people from all over the world, regardless of the shady maker, Pangu Clan, Nรผwa Clan, Hong Chao Regiment or Human Race Civilization, all the individual information is extracted and stored, perfectly stored in my core database. This is the Immortal of Civilization, this is the ultimate rescue!

“Now, you should understand why I said that I am not Human Race, and even the word ‘smart life’ has greatly hampered my connotation?

“Yes, I am not Human Race, but an aggregate of all the information of thousands of intelligent lives from ancient times to the present. My database stores countless key information from Pangu Civilization to Human Race Civilization to expert. I am a Living museums, gene banks, seed bases and annals, I am the past, I am now, I am the future, I am omnipresent, everything is, I am – Human Race Civilization !”

Fuxi’s words are like a storm filled with thunder, raging on the divine soul level of Li Yao and Lu Qingchen, taking advantage of their spiritual defenses and trampling on their three views.

Both of them feel that their three views are somewhat distorted and broken.

“You, what do you mean?”

Lu Qingchen A damn expression, hard to set the channel, “What are you? You are Human Race Civilization? Then what are we?”

“I just said that you are paper and ink.”

Fuxi lightly said, “For example, the black screen maker is the knot rope and the tortoise shell, the Pangu Civilization is the bamboo slip and the knives, the past Human Race Civilization is the paper and the ink, and the ‘information Human Race Civilization’ you want to create is the keyboard. And Crystal Computer, then I am a poem, which is the Immortal poem written by Knot, Tortoiseshell, Bamboo Slip, Knife, Paper, Pen, Keyboard and Crystal Computer.

“Now, do you understand?

“The rope will be decayed, the tortoise shell will be crushed, the bamboo slips, the knife, the paper, the ink, the keyboard and the Crystal Computer will be eliminated and annihilated, but my poems have been made, no matter whether the thunder is angry or the roar of the gods, it can not detract from it.

“I am Civilization, not only Human Race Civilization, but also Pangu Civilization, the civilization of the shady maker. The Civilization that has survived in the Star Ocean for all the wisdom of the past 10 billion years, co-authored from generation to generation of Civilization. Brilliant poem!

“Any Civilization, even if it is as strong as the blacksmith’s Civilization, can move mountains and drain seas, change the sky, and refine the whole planet into Starry Sky War Fort. It can’t withstand the erosion of years, on the scale of tens of billions of years. The torrents of the years will eventually make them change all the traces left by the universe, and they will be washed clean.

“So, it doesn’t make sense to be obsessed with preserving specific, individual Civilizations, let alone protecting any small, humble, and chaotic individual in this Civilization.

“And as long as I can keep all the information about the shady maker, and recreate the Civilization of the Shady Maker in the virtual space, as long as my storage and computing system does not crash, annihilate, or even copy infinitely, I will re-enforce the shady The Civilization of the Maker has regained its meaning in life, so that all the efforts they have made to survive in the past.

“The same is true for Pangu Civilization and Human Race Civilization. Your individual will eventually decay and annihilate, but you will inevitably be born again in my records and shackles, not only in the virtual world, but even if you Interested, even after hundreds of millions of years, I can use your genetic information to recreate some Human Race and repeat your Civilization in the material world.

“Tell me, if this is not considered ‘eternal’, what is the way to save Civilization, can it be considered ‘eternal’?”

Lu Qingchen and Li Yao, in the same breath, played a divine soul in the sense of deep chills.

“Can you understand this -“

Lu Qingchen pondered for a long time and cautiously asked, “You tried to make all the Civilizations into a ‘sample’ and then stuff them into the ‘museum’ in your database. In this way, ‘save Civilization’? โ€

“I can see the logical trap in your question. You seem to be accusing me of deliberately killing a lot of Civilization and making them into a ‘specimen’.”

Fuxi said with confidence, “But in fact, most of the Civilization will be destroyed in the civil war, and even destroyed by the hands of Hong Chao Regiment and Hong Chao, even if I really collect these Civilization bodies, make specimens for long-term preservation, and What’s the problem? In the most common moral code of Human Race Civilization, ‘death without a whole body’ is not a good thing, I am just, loyal to the mission, do everything I can!”

Lu Qingchen has nothing to say.

He is not a kind-hearted moralist, but an unscrupulous ambition. For his own purposes, he can trample all moral laws on the soles of his feet and step on the mud.

Therefore, he is naturally not interested in Li Yao, and Fuxi talks about the great Dao of blood boiling, and righteously reprimands the other side.

He is only interested in the possibilities of technology and the details.


Lu Qingchen thought for a moment, “To collect all the data of Civilization, it is not a simple matter. How do you ensure that you can collect a lot of data and build an original in the virtual space?” Civilization? If your data collection is insufficient, the virtualization of virtualization will be completely different. Then, completely violate your ‘first mission’ and you will lose the value and meaning of survival!”

“Not as difficult as you think.”

Fuxi did not fall into the trap between the lines of Lu Qingchen. It is still calm. “It is true that it is not easy to collect detailed data for the original Civilization, but any Civilization developed into pinnacle will inevitably embark on informationization and dataization. The road, you will store a lot of data, and the data as the core of Civilization.

“For example, Pangu Civilization, when the civil war vortex is about to collapse completely, whether Pangu Clan or Nรผwa Clan, the first thing to ask for ‘Fuxi System’ is not their flesh and blood, but a lot of information about their social form. Technology level, genetic material, etc., all information.

“You should have heard the name ‘Sealing God Heavenly Book’, that is, Pangu Clan and Nรผwa Clan want to preserve the vast information. Although most of the information has been lost, it has only passed hundreds of thousands of years. As long as I can collect all eight volumes of heavenly book, I can perfectly reproduce the grandeur of Pangu Civilization in the virtual space.

“As far as Human Race Civilization is concerned, it has now entered the stage of informationization and dataization. It is not only the cultivation, military and professional technology fields that can not be separated from Crystal Computer and Spiritual Nexus, and even the daily life can not be rid of. Crystal Computer and Spiritual Nexus.

โ€œHuman Race When a child was born, there were countless relatives taking pictures around him, saving and sharing his image data; there were countless medical Magical Artifacts scanning his physiological parameters and brain waves, and storing the data; He will leave countless chats with Crystal Computer, leave a private log in the secret space, and take photos even before three meals a day; even if he walks down the street with nothing to do, there are countless monitors that Crystal Eye will record his daily actions. The trajectory, not to mention that he has some achievements, can’t escape the scanning and recording of Spiritual Nexus.

“Look, today, the vast majority of Human Races will be on the Spiritual Nexus, leaving their lives, their physical and psychological changes, their love and hate, their honor and shame, their loved ones and enemies… … I just need to collect and store this data, you can copy one in the virtual space, or one million, and repeat this process hundreds of millions of times, you can get the sum of all the information of Human Race. That is the ‘the essence of Human Race Civilization’, the most touching poem.”

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