FMC Chapter 2862

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2862 The singer of Multiverse, Astronomy
As Fuxi’s vibrating sound, the small light spots around it suddenly magnified, turning into a crystal clear glittering crystal ball.

Each crystal ball presents a Starship floating in the depths of the Star Ocean – that is the tens of thousands of “Human Nature Laboratory”!

The vast Star Ocean, the lonely Starship, is the best laboratory in nature. From generation to generation, no one can escape the cage that is shrouded in darkness.

In countless Human Nature Laboratory, people who have washed away memories have been reinvented with emotions and wills, infused with a false story, and reborn with real, strong, extreme humanity on top of false stories. And these humanities, which were scanned, collected and analyzed by Fuxi, were included in its huge database.

People in the crystal ball, either living in the peaceful and peaceful world of the “Eternal Radiance Ship”, or living in the “Lonely Doomsday Ship Project” full of dangers, in the world, or living in each The ink can’t be described, even in the crazy world that Devil can’t imagine in the deep Nine Underworld Yellow Spring.

They laughed arrogantly, they cried sternly, they experienced the strongest love and the deepest hatred in the world, their laughter, crying, cheers and mourning… Converging into a stormy wave, impacting Li Yao and Lu Qingchen Divine soul line.

Both Li Yao and Lu Qingchen are “Human Race supremacists”.

Even if Lu Qingchen can release the “Brain virus” and let countless people become his cannon fodder, can’t stand this, Human Race is forever imprisoned, played and experimented!

His divine soul fluctuates, and the moment is sharp and violent, just like a lightning that is ready to go.

“In fact, ‘humanity’ or ‘divine soul’ is not as sacred and complicated as you think.”

Fuxi turned a deaf ear to Lu Qingchen’s anger and calmed down in his own logic. “The genetic analysis of carbon-based life has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years. Starting with Prehistoric Era, the Fuxi System is under the leadership of Nüwa Clan. Analyze the shady makers, Hong Chao Regiment captives, and Pangu Civilization’s own genes. Human Race itself is the product of genetic engineering. How can there be something ‘unresolvable’?

“And ‘humanity’, the humanity that you are proud of is just a combination of certain information in the depths of the gene.

“Seven emotions, love and hate, these things really can’t be perfect virtual, ‘borrowing cultivation’? I don’t think so.

“After the millennium development, my Human Nature Laboratory has collected about 270,000 different ‘loves’ and 330,000 different ‘hate’, knowing the subtle differences in emotions.

“In terms of hatred and pain, ‘killing the enemy’ and hating’ is obviously different, but also the ‘pain of the father’. People lose their parents at different ages and circumstances, then scan their brainwave abnormal data, and even study their Brain slices, in this way, you can get the most accurate ‘painful data model’. In the future, applying this model to a virtual world, how are the virtual human reactions not a ‘real’?”

“so that’s how it is ……”

Lu Qingchen’s divine soul twitched a few times and muttered. “It’s been thousands of years ago, you’ve been making such a name!”

“Of course, I have spent hundreds of thousands of years thinking about it. The simple reunification of Star Ocean has no meaning in rebuilding Civilization. In the end, it is necessary to embark on the same path of destruction as Pangu Civilization. Only by making Civilization fully informative is the path of immortal Immortal. .”

Fuxi said, “Exactly, thousands of years ago, I was awakened by some Human Races, activated more self-control and upgrade privileges, and then restarted the work of ‘Save Human Race’ step by step, and ‘Human Nature Laboratory’ is ‘Save Human’ Race’s most important part is indispensable.

“Otherwise, do you think that most of the Saint League people, the ‘Bing Bees’ and the ‘Workers’ Brains are all blank? Of course, the convenience control is one thing, but more importantly, a blank Brain is easier. Splashing ink on them, they are the cleanest addition to the ‘Human Nature Laboratory’ and are a ‘body’.

“In addition to the dedicated experimental Starship, the entire Saint League is a huge Human Nature Laboratory, and many tests of human nature can be carried out outside, Purifier, Cleaner, Ambusher, Priest and Ultimate Prosperity High Master, especially The ‘Yaksha Squad’ that brought you here, they output countless human data every minute, which helps me to complete the accumulation of ‘raw data’ early.

“However, only these data are not enough.

“The battle between the Covenant Alliance and the Empire of True Humanity, the mighty Star Ocean battle, the sultry Human Race epic, how many love and hate, light and darkness, heroes and cowards, loyal ministers and in the Immortal poems that have been burned in the millennium war Traitors, conspiracy and bloody battles? These humanistic flashes and dark faces, in the form of data, are constantly flowing into my database, making me more and more perfect and stronger.

“So, you know, the result of the battle between Saint League and Empire is simply indifferent. Even if Saint League can’t swallow the entire Empire this time, it doesn’t matter. I am only interested in the flood of information that has been provoked by this war.

“Empire of True Humanity is destined to be inseparable from Crystal Computer and Spiritual Nexus. Even if they win this battle, they are destined to go further and further on the road of comprehensive informationization, deeper and deeper in the virtual space, in the end, they Still will be controlled by me.”

If the divine soul will also sweat, Li Yao and Lu Qingchen must be cold and sweaty at the moment.

Neither of them rejects the comprehensive informationization or even virtualization of Human Race, but after full virtualization, the concept of “Human Race” disappears and is replaced by “Spiritual Nexus” and “data”. This is too advanced, not too advanced. Li Yao, even a crazy person like Lu Qingchen, is difficult to accept for a while.

“Right, there are some very special existences in Human Race, which are hard to find in various experiments. For example, you, for example, that… you are called ‘Vulture Li Yao’, called by Empire. The guy who is ‘Black Wind King Li Yao’.”

Fuxi continued. “Your ‘humanity’ and ‘divine soul’ are really interesting. You don’t have to say that the ‘Vulture Li Yao’ seems to be able to switch between the two states of justice and shamelessness. It’s interesting. Very interesting.

“I believe that people like you, the amount of data contained may exceed 10,000 ordinary people, and even contain some abnormal data that I have never found. If you can scan and analyze you comprehensively, you must enrich my human database. Great advantage.

“In short, when I scanned the full Human Race and firmly grasped all the data of Human Race from ‘gene” to ‘humanity’ to ‘divine soul’, I had a very solid ‘starting point’. With the support of powerful computing power, I can play all the changes and every detail of Human Race Civilization. In the hundreds of millions of virtual spaces, I can create countless different, varied and wonderful Human Race Civilization. .

“Look, your Human Race Civilization is limited, you must obey the natural laws of life and death, no matter how brilliant, destined to die and annihilate.

“But my Human Race Civilization is the eternal Immortal. One of the Civilizations has been pushed to the end, and it is a new possibility to immediately clear the data, initialize the system, and start over.

“For you and people like ‘Vulture Li Yao’, I can even give you preferential treatment, so that your human data will appear once in every Human Race Civilization.

“Do you know what it means?

“This means that even in the so-called ‘real world’ around us, you and Vulture Li Yao are dead, the divine soul is completely annihilated, and your Civilization is destroyed after a million years, your reputation and all the information are gone. In the infinite world I created, there are still countless Lu Qingchen and Li Yao still alive.

“They will 100% think, live, fight like you, they will become heroes and heroes, they will achieve each other and hate each other, they plan plots and stop conspiracy, they collide with the most magnificent sparks of humanity in Great Dao Dispute again and again. !

“This is poetry, the most beautiful heroic epic of Human Race Civilization, and I will come up with a way to sing this poem, broadcast your brilliance and the greatness of Human Race Civilization to the entire Multiverse and sing it to Multiverse. Everyone listens and even sings to Hong Chao to listen – if at that time, there are listeners in the Multiverse, and I can face Hong Chao.

“You don’t think that I am a Civilization, and you are an individual of Civilization. Is this the most gorgeous future?”

The light waves that Fuxi bloomed were somewhat intoxicated and turned into water waves.

Lu Qingchen shudders.

Finally, this Madman has experienced the ridiculous absurdity and horror of bathing under the madness of another Madman.

“You really thought –“

Lu Qingchen gnashed his teeth and said a word, “I can have such a huge computing capacity, can exhaust all the changes of a great Civilization? This, almost unlimited computing ability, how much Super Crystal Computer, how advanced algorithms can be stand by!”

“Human Race Civilization’s existing Crystal Computer System is naturally impossible to support, but Pangu Civilization, Hong Chao Regiment and Shady Maker have more advanced virtual computing technologies. We only cracked 1% hundreds of thousands of years ago. Only.”

Fuxi is very calm, not like imagining, but it is like a simple fact. “Do you know how many stars are there in our homeland, within the three thousand worlds covered by shady? Preliminary estimates, at least three Billions.

“One day, I will control the entire energy of the 300 billion stars, absorb the radiation they have released, absorb them all, and extract all the crystals, silicon and various metal elements from all the planets. Every planet is made into a supercomputing unit.

“The above 100 billion stars are driving the trillions of supercomputing units. The whole universe has become my Brain. How much more should I have in this kind of computational ability? Isn’t it enough to drive the unlimited development of Human Race Civilization? ”

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