FMC Chapter 2863

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, the 2863 chapter is poor, Fuxi’s conditions, floating astronomy
The little light spots that make up Fuxi’s body dance and gather into a light curtain that hid the sky and covering the earth.

Above the light curtain, after hundreds of millions of years, it is magnificent and encompasses the universe.

The flicker of countless stars, every beam of light, every ray of radiation, and every wave of ripples are absorbed by some unspeakable mysterious force.

The crust of countless planets has been hollowed out, and even the mantle and the core have undergone incredible transformations. The hard-won force has resisted the power of collapse, but it has turned into a crystal-clear super giant type Crystal Computer.

With the supply of infinite energy, the planet flickers and carries out incomparably crazy calculations.

Even when this “brain of the universe” encounters an unsolvable problem, it needs to further enhance the computational ability to overcome it, it will directly detonate a star, and use the “supernova explosion” to make the computational ability rush into the sky and break through the limits of the universe!

In such a highly controllable universe, every planet that is transformed into Super Crystal Computer is in the hundreds of millions of virtual spaces, Human Race Civilization, or the Pangu Universe represented by Human Race. Possibly, they are all blooming, repeated deductions, and extremely good.

This is the future that Fuxi wants to create!

Lu Qingchen looked at this future look, like… In the past, he was talking about Li Yao’s face, saying that to deprive all of the Human Race’s flesh and blood, just keep the Brain and the reproductive system, Li Yao looks at his eyes. .

Li Yao is very contradictory.

“I suddenly want to laugh a little.”

Li Yao said to blood heart’s demon, “Well, I know that it is a very serious and dangerous moment. Fuxi is also the most extreme Madman we have never seen before. I should be shocked and angry, but, but Seeing Lu Qingchen’s face, ‘Is there any mistake, how can there be a guy who is more crazy than me in the world? I didn’t think I wanted to blow such an exaggerated cowhide’, so I was very worried about the expression of serious constipation. This is called ‘retribution is not good’?”

“Maybe it’s true that the retribution is correct, but it’s hard to say who’s retribution.”

Blood heart’s demon said, “You didn’t listen to Fuxi’s words. He didn’t just kill us and Lu Qingchen, but also extracted our memories. The divine soul completely resolved, and created hundreds of millions of virtual us and Lu Qingchen. Let us always fight in the virtual world, 10,000 years, 100,000 years, 1 million years or 10 million years, can not get rid of such fate, even death is impossible – even if it is not true People, is it a little abnormal?”

Li Yao sighed for a moment and shuddered.

Well, he didn’t want to be entangled with people like Lu Qingchen forever.

Even his shadow and the shadow of Lu Qingchen can’t be done. This kind of eternal entanglement of billions of years is too…wonderful.

“If the bacteria have a look -“

Fuxi told Lu Qingchen, “Then a mushroom looks at the eyes of a Human Race, that is, you look at me at the moment.

“Why, I think that I am a logical collapse, data is confusing, completely crazy, and it is impossible to evolve into a form like ‘cosmic brain’? No, maybe, life and Civilization have unlimited possibilities, since bacteria can evolve into higher carbon. Why can’t we further refining into a cosmic life? Anyway, for me, time is infinite, even if it takes hundreds of millions of years to complete this magnificent project.”


Lu Qingchen’s divine soul gloomy is like a swamp. Apparently he realizes that Fuxi has already seen it. No matter what conspiracy or preparation he has, even if the ultimate picture of hundreds of millions of years is presented, it will be tightened. At that time, “I still want to rush out of the dark?”

“Of course, that is my first mission. I am Human Race Civilization. If you want to save Human Race Civilization, you will save yourself. To save my own words, I can’t stay in this seemingly safe but very closed. In the universe.”

Fuxi said, “I call this dark-sealed universe a ‘cosmic egg’. Perhaps every highly developed Civilization will eventually break through the cosmic egg of their mother universe and have the ability to travel Multiverse. Evolution.

“Even if I couldn’t compete with Hong Chao at that time, I could at least fly freely in the Multiverse. I would like to devour other cosmic eggs in addition to hundreds of millions of Lightyears. I will continue to strengthen myself. One day, I, our Human Race Civilization, can Conquer Hong Chao and replace it.

“Surely, the current mission is to devour all the nutrients in the cosmic egg and use 100% of the entire cosmic egg resource efficiently. When the last star and all its planets are included in my thinking array and computing system day That is, when we rush out of the cosmic egg and enter the Multiverse!”


Lu Qingchen said, “In your so grand and long plan, what can you do with a small Human Race like me, and what can you get from you?”

“Very well, you finally understand your situation, give up the sense of pride and obsession, and prepare to fully integrate into my array of thinking?”

Fuxi’s tentacles of light slightly curved and expressed his gratitude and approval to Lu Qingchen. “Information is the most valuable asset, far better than the most magnificent gem. I just provided you with so much vital information. , enough to express my sincerity.

“Now, I will give you two choices.

“First, you can be my assistant and disciple.

“Although our future is infinitely brilliant, as you can see, I am not perfect now – the large number of Super Crystal Computers that used to support the ‘Fuxi System’ are scattered all over the Star Ocean, mainly the Star Ocean Central, especially In the depths of Paramount Heaven Sector and Empyrean Terminus, there is also an ultra-large type of computing center, which is very well preserved and will not collapse unless the planet is devastated.

“I spent a thousand years collecting a large number of Prehistoric Era’s Crystal Computer wrecks on the side of Star Ocean, constantly fixing and incorporating into my thinking array, but the quantity is too small and the quality is too low, so I can only play 1% of the computing capacity. There are a lot of advanced and complex algorithms that cannot be implemented.

“So, I need an expert like you. You are so talented, thinking mode and different smart people from different people to help me share some of the problems that need to be calculated, even in a mode of thinking that I don’t master, from another angle. Provide the answer.

“And, I still need you to do the work of ‘checking the gaps’.

“As mentioned above, I built a lot of ‘Human Nature Laboratory’, and from a myriad of different angles, I applied the most extreme stimuli to Human Race to extract a lot of precious data.

“But I don’t know if the existing ‘Human Nature Laboratory’ is enough, the various experimental conditions are unreasonable, and it is impossible to build more, richer and more varied ‘Human Nature Laboratory’. In terms of aspects, you can make valuable comments based on your own experiences and feelings.

“Of course, your ‘humanity’ and ‘divine soul’ are very rare and have high research value. I also need your cooperation to extract all your data perfectly. Don’t worry, as long as you cooperate, there is no Pain, it will not destroy your trace of ‘humanity’ and ‘divine soul’, you are still you, not even any feeling.

“Finally, if this strategic battle is able to completely overcome the capital of Empire of True Humanity, it is estimated that the Millennium Empire will completely collapse. I need to end the ‘Empire Era’ chaos as soon as possible and restore a certain order so that it can be in the universe. Create more ‘Human Nature Laboratory’, and if you like, you can also act as this ‘order restorer’. Your position in Empire and Federation is like the position of Ultimate Prosperity High Master in Saint League. This will be the case in time.”


Lu Qingchen seems to be thinking seriously. “Is this a requirement, or is it good? If I agree, what good is it?”

“There are a lot of benefits. If you incorporate my thinking array, you can share the valuable information that I have accumulated for hundreds of thousands of years, even including the black screen maker, Hong Chao Regiment, the key technology of Pangu Civilization, like ‘Sealing God Heavenly Book’. s things.”

Fuxi said, “I think you know very well that just half a roll of Sealing God Heavenly Book’s fragment, it is possible to pick up the entire Star Ocean reign of terror, and you just have to nod and everything is at your fingertips.

“Also, I can transform your data processing model to help you minimize the accumulation and interference of redundant data, which means that your ‘lifetime’ is greatly extended, and you don’t have to worry about falling into death for at least a few thousand years. Loops, data overflows, and complete crashes.

“Look, I have created countless virtual spaces without real Human Race. All the creatures in these virtual spaces are all called “non-player characters”. I use them to simulate Human Race Civilization from origin to development. Today’s scenes are used to test my deductive ability and the degree of coincidence with real history.

“I just set up the initial data and a series of rules based on real humanity, and did not interfere with any action of any ‘non-player character’, but the behavior they naturally manifest, and the history of these behaviors, and the true history It is quite consistent.

“You can think of it as a re-enactment of the most brilliant or dangerous historical footage of Human Race Civilization in the virtual space. If you want, you can also enter the history and go to life, call the wind and summon the rain. Change the land, change whatever you want, do whatever you want, conquer, rule, enjoy, think, go poetry, wind and snow, Jin Ge iron horse… Anything can be!

“You will be the witness and creator of the glorious history. You can even seal part of the memory and turn yourself into the most famous hero in the history of Human Race, such as ‘Emperor’, to experience the magnificent, sultry and infinite life. This kind of game, you can repeat it countless times, never will be annoying.

“This is what I can give you, for the time being, and wait for your computing ability to improve further. After getting rid of the so-called ‘Human Race’ shackles, I have more ‘fantasy of thinking’, can share with you, how? ”

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