FMC Chapter 2866

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2866 shrewdness Very deep Old Demon Li! Floating astronomy
boom! Hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng !

Lu Qingchen’s powerful roar, turned into a million-ton super-heavy-type Crystal Bomb, blasted deep in Li Yao’s divine soul, and smashed some of the most restrictive seals that sealed his divine soul.

Hey, fluttering, Li Yao faintly sees the past floating on the blue earth, swearing against this mysterious and unfathomable, imaginary planet: “One day, I will return. , complete the Vulture Plan and destroy the earth!”

Then, it was Lu Qingchen’s cry at the moment.

“Even though I am just a trivial dust, the demon above the universe can only control the trajectory of my flight. If the universe is really a destiny, then I will destroy the universe!”

Destroy the earth!

Destroy the universe!

Destroy the earth!

Destroy the universe!

Destroy, destroy, destroy, earth, earth, earth, universe, universe!

At this moment, Li Yao, who stood on the earth, and Lu Qingchen, who stood proudly in front of Fuxi, came together. The illusion of the two condensed into a key, which opened the secret of Li Yao’s memory and long-standing secrets.

“Break this indefinite cycle of hundreds of millions of years, liberate the millions of people who have fallen into the endless cycle of reincarnation, destroy the earth, and welcome new students. This is the Vulture Plan. This is the mission that I will carry through to the end! Ah ah ah ah ah!”

Li Yao feels that her divine soul is like a broken butterfly. Some new power is rushing from the deepest part of the divine soul, like the infinite flames licking every divine soul, to reconstruct His divine soul makes him reborn, Rise From the Ashes!

Li Yao roars silently, almost unable to contain the surge of ripples, to present a red-red flame in the real world.

“What are you doing, want to be discovered by Fuxi?”

Blood heart’s demon screams and tries to contain Li Yao’s divine soul fluctuations, but can’t stop Li Yao’s impulse like a flood, and screams, “Resist, don’t hold back!” ”

“I know, but it’s really unbearable!”

Li Yao screamed, “I didn’t expect that I had a day that was touched by Lu Qingchen. I felt that I was expanding uncontrollably, expanding and expanding, as if for the next second, I was going to be!

“No, my Hot Blooded and sense of justice are rushing, I can’t help it anymore. I have to make a move anyway, blow Fuxi’s head and rescue Lu Qingchen!”


Blood heart’s demon A moment of silence, perhaps feeling the sense of justice that Li Yao has swelled to the limit, sighing, no longer stopping, just saying, “Well, if you really want to make a move, you have to be patient!”

Li Yao said painfully: “Well?”

“Now is definitely not a good opportunity to make a move, it will only waste us for so long.”

Blood heart’s demon reminded, “Wait a moment, waiting for Fuxi to consume a lot of computingal ability, swallowing Lu Qingchen seven 7788, just like the python that swallowed a large type of beast, the belly is almost bursting, it takes a long time Digestion and absorption, that is the time when he is the weakest, and it is the best time for us to launch!

“No matter how deeply you are moved by Lu Qingchen, you must not make a move. Otherwise, you will not be able to save people, you will only put yourself in, and then harm everyone, understand?”


Li Yao stared at Lu Qingchen, who was unyielding, and nodded reluctantly. The divine soul was like a poisonous snake that was deeply crouched and could fly out of the wound at any time. He gnashed his teeth. “Then wait, wait…”

Lu Qingchen’s roar was accompanied by the divine soul’s waves, but the wave was quickly suppressed by Fuxi’s light group, which turned a blind eye to his rhetoric, only lightly said: “It’s good, quite encouraging, but I don’t know, When all the Federation people are in hell, can you say the same eloquent words as you?”

“No, don’t use the Federation to threaten me. Do you think I am like eating this kind of good man?”

Lu Qingchen struggled in extreme pain, and shouted out, “If everyone’s destiny is in your hands, you can let you create, arrange, and manipulate, no matter what comfortable paradise you create for them, it’s another The form of hell, like the ‘Eternal Radiance Ship’.

“I firmly believe that any true Federation person will not bother to live in such a hell, will rise up against you, and finally break the hell and completely destroy you!”

“In the past, I made a mistake. My mistake was not to plan and promote the ‘Virtual Spirit Plan’. It was wrong not to believe in my compatriots. Those compatriots with unlimited courage and wisdom did not find more people to discuss and Communication, and did not get the help of the vast majority of people, rash action, the result fell to the same end as my grandfather.

“But when my remnant drifted in the depths of the vast Star Ocean, I repeated everything about the ‘Virtual Spirit Plan’. After countless unforgettable self-analysis, I finally realized the problem and saw my compatriots. The power of possession!

“Oh, if you want to play Star Glory Federation’s idea, then let’s try it. The Federation is small, and it is very different from Empire and Saint League. If you dare to put your claws into the Federation, my compatriots will definitely stop it. You are like they have stopped me!”

“Interestingly, your evaluation of your compatriots is so high that I am very interested. In the Federation cultivator, what heroes are there, it is worthy of your trust.”

Fuxi said, “For example, the ‘Vulture Li Yao’? Do you think he can avenge you and completely destroy me?”

Lu Qingchen’s expression is obviously awkward.

After a long time, I was reluctant to say, “Okay, I am very angry. His shortsightedness, stupidity, hypocrisy, no head and no woman, but… yes! If I can’t destroy you I believe he can replace me and destroy me!”


Li Yao and blood heart’s demon sigh at the same time.

This may be the most touching comment Li Yao has ever heard.

The praise from the old enemy is always extraordinarily intoxicating.

Even he is not ashamed of it, no, it is a person who regards his reputation as a cloud, and he can’t help but feel embarrassed.

“so that’s how it is.”

Fuxi’s light group shimmered with subtle ripples. “I can’t understand this.”

Lu Qingchen glimpsed: “Do you know anything?”

“I don’t understand. You are so high on the Federation cultivator, especially the guy who is called ‘Federation Founding Father, Three Sectors Supreme’. So confident, I believe he can beat me.”

Fuxi said without hesitation, “Why did he behave like a tortoise from head to tail, and squatted in the corner and peeked at the corner, until now, no one dared to show up?”

Lu Qingchen: “What!”

Li Yao: “What!”

Blood heart’s demon : “What!”

Fuxi’s light clusters condense two particularly bright spots, facing the Li Yao divine soul, or more accurately, the Crystal Eye, which was invaded by the Li Yao divine soul.

The Ultimate Salvation Ship’s bridge is full of hundreds of monitors of the Crystal Eye, covering every inch of space, but Fuxi “gazing” at the Crystal Eye controlled by Li Yao, explained by coincidence, it is too self-deception.

Li Yao Rugao, the divine soul freezes.

Lu Qingchen is also stunned and overwhelmed.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t tell you this earlier, but at first I was only skeptical. I couldn’t confirm his existence, and I couldn’t lock his position, so I wasted so much time with each other.”

Fuxi apologizes to Lu Qingchen. “You guessed it. I am really delaying the time, but it is not for you. You are already a fisherman. There is nothing to delay, even if I need you to surrender.” Anxious for a while.

“Just a few days ago, I received two accident reports at the same time. Together, you released ‘Gluttony Virus’, the other one happened on Black Castle Star, and the ‘Demon Child Project’ was destroyed. It doesn’t match your usual style of writing. It shouldn’t be what you do.

“Since then, I have been very skeptical that in addition to you, there are people who sneak into the Saint League and even invade our Spiritual Nexus. This person is not at the same level of danger as you, and has some vagueness with you. Contact is like a source of the same.

“The two conditions are crossed, and the identity of this person is also coming out.

“And I don’t hesitate to consume a lot of computational ability. After repeated deductions and rigorous calculations, I guess that this person is very likely to follow the line of your ‘Puppet King’ and sneak into the ‘Ultimate Salvation Ship’. I am hiding behind you and me.

“If you think it’s incredible, it can be regarded as my ‘intuition’.

“Intuition is of course not counted, so I did not hesitate to throw a lot of intelligence and wanted to arouse his divine soul disturbance to lock his position.

“I didn’t expect that I would throw out the earth-shattering intelligence of ‘Red Tide Legion, Shady Maker, Cosmic Egg and Cosmic Brain’ and so on, and I couldn’t induce him to divulge the chaos of One Star.

“After that, I deliberately threatened you to turn Star Glory Federation into a hell on earth – I thought that such an evil plan would definitely force this righteous man known as ‘Federation Founding Father’. I didn’t expect him to turn a deaf ear and huddle. in the end.

“At this time, I was almost desperate. I thought that the ‘intuition’ was wrong. I was too suspicious. He didn’t sneak into the ‘Ultimate Salvation Ship’, but he fled back to the Empire of True Humanity – in my deduction. This possibility also exists.

“I am about to give up scanning and locking on him. I didn’t expect that when you said the words “Destroy the Universe”, his divine soul finally overflowed with a tiny ripple, which made me clearly aware of his existence.

“Look, even I have made the cause and effect so clear, he is still guilty, and wants to kill all the way to the end, not willing to take the initiative to show up.

“To be honest, I analyzed the character of thousands of Human Races, but I have never seen such awkward person. You Star Glory Federation, the Founding Father, is really…shrewdness is very deep, good at forbearance!”

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