FMC Chapter 2867

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2867 you are surrounded! Floating astronomy
Every word that Fuxi said is like a red-hot steel needle, which is deeply nailed into Li Yao’s divine soul, and each of Li Yao’s divine soul ripples is fixed in the air.

“Yes, there is nothing wrong with it, we have been discovered again!”

Li Yao is like a thunderous thunder, and the square is in chaos. “Hey, why should I say a ‘word’?”

“Don’t worry, don’t be nervous, don’t take the initiative to expose yourself.”

Blood heart’s demon screamed, “Who knows if Fuxi’s enemies are deliberately deceiving us, even if it really perceives our existence, it may not be able to lock our position!”

“Vulture Li Yao, I know you are here.”

Fuxi stared at the Crystal Eye, which was invaded by Li Yao, and continued. “You want to keep the dignity of the ‘Federation Founding Father’, show up in your own body, or continue to be a tortoise, then be embarrassed I am coming out?”

Li Yao indulged in a moment and acted off.

Nonsense, of course, is to continue to bear, when the head turtle!

Even if it is not Fuxi’s scam, his existence is really exposed, but to lock his position and force him out, it will definitely consume Fuxi’s large amount of computing ability.

Experts fight, the outcome is between a few cents, can consume more of the enemy’s computing capacity, no matter how good.

As for the “decent” thing, if a decent person can sell ten dollars, Li Yao will definitely tie all his decents together and sell them all at least!

Lu Qingchen seems to know that Li Yao has been crouching in the near morning, full head foggy, looking into the void.

“Don’t you die?”

Fuxi waited for a moment, not seeing Li Yao appearing, and the thousands of light points that condensed into a group suddenly spread like stars, fluttering across the entire “Ultimate Salvation Ship”, and finally, they condensed into the place where Li Yao divine soul crouched.

“shuā shuā shuā shuā !”

Numerous small spots of light came to the head of Li Yao, like a meteor shower that hit the earth.

Li Yao feels like a fish that has been smashed out of the water, a bird that has broken its wings, or a three-dimensional life that has been flattened by a slap and hard into a two-dimensional plane.

Divine soul naturally does not need to breathe, but he is faintly suffocating, the computational ability is falling off the cliff, the strict logic is falling apart, the thinking and deductive ability is gradually frozen, and he is alive and dead.

Under the interference and suppression of Fuxi, Li Yao could no longer hide her own existence, had to slam, release a strong divine soul ripple, and provoke a dazzling flame to counter the pressure in all directions.

Naturally, it also exposes its own existence clearly.

Li Yao, Lu Qingchen, Fuxi, three… erratic, flashing and flashing, some look at each other.

Lu Qingchen looked at Li Yao with a stunned look and couldn’t believe his feelings for a long time.

For a moment, he seemed to think that this was the illusion that Fuxi virtualized.

However, the next moment, you can confirm that this is indeed Li Yao.

Because super characters like Li Yao always have a unique temperament that no data or algorithm can simulate.

“Oh, Virtuous Nephew Lu.”

Li Yao smiled reluctantly. It was like an amiable uncle. “So smart, I didn’t expect to meet you here, really, what, don’t you come here?”


Lu Qingchen has been silent for a long time.

The intricate divine soul folds show his inner five flavors and tangles that cannot be described in pen and ink.

After tangling for a long time, he muttered, “You have been there all the time? From the beginning to the end, you have been hiding and sneaking around, seeing that I am tortured by it? If it is not discovered in time, you still have to I kept peeking until my divine soul was torn apart by it, completely swallowed and wiped out?”

“No, it is not like this, you listen to me!”

Li Yao is really arguing, and the divine soul is rushing to surges. “Say you don’t believe it. Actually, I was deeply touched by your Hot Blooded and courage. I am ready to rush out to save you, really, even if it doesn’t find me. I have to rush out after a few minutes, I am just, hey, I am just waiting for the reinforcements!”


Lu Qingchen will be suspicious, divine soul is very vigilant, I do not know is wary of Fuxi more points, or be wary of Li Yao more.

“Yes, it is the reinforcements!”

Li Yao’s divine soul turned into a flashing little man, with his hands on his hips, laughing at Fuxi, “Fuxi, or ‘self-proclaimed Fuxi’s out of control artificial intelligence’, do you think that only you will calculate the deduction and delay time? When you are calculating, I am also calculating. When you are delaying the time, I am more than happy to succumb to you and delay the time!

“You absolutely can’t think of it. I have mastered the super algorithm that is far above you. As early as ten days and a half ago, I have already got close contact with Empire, waiting to find your nest, will be Five Great Ultimate. Prosperity High Masters and you are all in one place!

“Do you think that you can really close the ‘Ultimate Salvation Ship”s have several interfaces? Oh, naive, childish, stupid!

“Tell you, I have already used my super invincible and unpredictable algorithm to quietly open a secret data interface on the ‘Ultimate Salvation Ship’, which will happen here, including the coordinates of the ‘Ultimate Salvation Ship’. All sent to Imperial Capital.

“Now, the coordinates of the Ultimate Salvation Ship and Fuxi Fleet are already in the hands of the ‘Federation and Empire Alliance’.

β€œIn fact, the Empire Revolution Faction annihilated the Four Great Families. The civil war was settled half a month ago. The fierceness of the Four Great Emperor Selecting Marquis Families has long been in turmoil. All the Immortal Cultivator troops have been integrated and got With the help of Federation, a magnificent, invincible, far better than Fuxi Fleet’s ‘Empire, Federation Alliance’ has been formed, waiting to get your coordinates, completely smashed you into scrap metal!

“As for all the information you received, what Empire is still in the civil war, the Federation is still indecisive, etc., are fake, deliberately confuse you, delay your time!

β€œLike you can use big data to create the illusion of ‘Decisive Capital Capital’, we can also send false information about astronomical numbers to disrupt your judgment!

“So, everything is in my strategizing, do you think you are really in an absolutely safe ‘interstellar desert’? The truth is that you and your Fuxi Fleet have been surrounded by more than five million Starships. All the Starships in the center of Star Ocean are coming over to you. You have finished playing, really, you are defeated, you are defeated, you are defeated, you are completely defeated, you can only accept the neck or obediently surrender, you believe Do not believe?”

Fuxi listened in silence, and was too lazy to interrupt Li Yao until the end, only lightly said: “Do not believe.”

“Will you die, are you still so hard?”

Li Yao gritted his teeth. “Well, God has a good life. This Founding Father will give you another chance. Five million Starships. If you don’t believe it, one million Starship believe it or not?”

Fuxi: “Do not believe.”

Li Yao: “Fifty thousand, no, 100,000 of the most elite attack ships plus 5,000 Giant Divine Weapons. Does this sound reasonable?”

Fuxi: “Do not believe.”

Li Yao: “Three thousand Starships plus three quick-response fleets of Giant Divine Weapon, this is my bottom line, no more!”

Fuxi: “Do not believe.”

Li Yao: “Okay, okay, it’s really the best super artificial intelligence of the entire Pangu Universe’s historical computing ability. Even if I am so realistic, I can’t lie to you. I really have a set! OK, I admit that I just cheated. Yours, in fact, I didn’t even bring half of the Starship, just relying on my fascinating Artificer technology and my magical divine ability, I don’t know the crystal warehouse and power cabin of the ‘Ultimate Salvation Ship’. Set a powerful super bomb, as long as my mind, the ‘Ultimate Salvation Ship’ will explode, scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

“If you don’t believe it, you can ask Lu Qingchen, am I Star Clory Federation’s most famous bomb Specialist? You ask, although you ask! I guarantee with dignity, character, honor and pride, once I choose total destruction, ‘Ultimate Salvation Ship ‘will never have more material than gravel, including the computing unit that you have spent thousands of years collecting hard! The so-called ‘skin is not preserved, the hair will be attached’, there is no 10,000 crystals With the help of Brain, I can see what else you can think about!

“I said so sincerely, you should always believe it?”

Fuxi can’t listen anymore.

He looked at Li Yao and looked at Lu Qingchen.

Lu Qingchen gave it a very helpless expression.

β€œThis is the greatest hero of the Star Glory Federation, and has saved the Federation many times, the man known as ‘Three Sectors Supreme, Federation Founding Father’?”

Fuxi asked Lu Qingchen.

“I am afraid, yes, sorry.”

Lu Qingchen really wants to sigh. .

“Then, the Federation people treat you as a demon, destroying you without breaking the way. In the end, success exiled you, but he took him to the altar and honored him as ‘Founding Father’?”

Fuxi launched all the computational ability, thinking very seriously for a long time, still can’t figure out, “This Star Glory Federation, what is wrong?”

“I don’t know. I have been thinking for a long time between the vast stars. I have figured out almost all the problems. I have nothing to understand.”

Lu Qingchen said, “I can only remind you, don’t underestimate this guy who looks like a clown. Countless people are deceived by his appearance, despise him, ignore him, don’t take him seriously, and finally confuse him. Lost in his hands, including the old me.

“I can only say that he is a typical ‘insufficient thing, more than a ruin,’ but only every time, he will invade the enemy’s heart, entangled with the enemy, and then defeat the enemy.

“So this time -“

Lu Qingchen’s divine soul suddenly disappeared.

The next moment, his divine soul appeared behind Li Yao’s divine soul, and there was a tidal force that pushed Li Yao’s divine soul to Fuxi’s light group.

He used the reaction of two divine soul fluctuations to shoot at the tail of the “Ultimate Salvation Ship”.

“You play slowly, don’t die with him when you die!”

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