FMC Chapter 2869

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, the only counterattack in Chapter 2869! Floating astronomy
When Fuxi’s computingal ability was once again like mountain crying out and sea howling, when both Li Yao and Lu Qingchen came together, both felt irresistible pressure and horror.

This feeling is like the obvious boundary of the space in which they are located, and the boundary is shrinking, the space is getting smaller and smaller, and it is constantly shrinking, from four-dimensional compression to three-dimensional, from three-dimensional compression to two-dimensional, even from two-dimensional Compressed to a small point, a light spot.

The divine soul of Li Yao and Lu Qingchen is being squeezed into a small spot by Fuxi, incorporating it into a cluster of countless spots.

Perhaps this strange group of light originally came this way. Fuxi extracted and squeezed the divine soul of countless Human Race experts, and mixed it with its superb computational ability to simulate something called “consciousness”.

Li Yao and Lu Qingchen’s divine soul struggled to escape Fuxi’s control, but like an asteroid that fell into the white dwarf, neutron star or even the black hole gravitational field, could not escape, but only deeper and deeper.

The gap between the computational ability of the two sides may not be so great. Li Yao and Lu Qingchen have more control of the “divine soul” that Fuxi does not have.

But here is Fuxi’s nest, which constitutes the tens of thousands of computing units of the “Ultimate Salvation Ship” Mainframe Crystal Processor. Originally designed for Fuxi, Fuxi is familiar with every chip inside each computing unit, engraving every Glyph Array. The structure can exert the performance of 100% of these calculation units.

Li Yao and Lu Qingchen are just two little thieves who invaded the Fuxi nest.

If you switch to the Gold Crystal Tower at Paramount Heaven Sector and Empreyan Terminus, Li Yao is the Gold Crystal Tower Master, which perfectly controls all the performance of the Gold Crystal Tower Mainframe Crystal Processor, where a decisive battle is launched, perhaps in turn, Li Yao is suppressed. Fuxi is gone.

Unfortunately, there is no “if”.

“Ah, ah, ah!”

Li Yao and Lu Qingchen were once again attacked by Fuxi’s countless emotional data packets, and in the twinkling of an eye, they tasted the most intense pain, embarrassment, frustration and despair of hundreds of millions of people.

Their divine soul, like a balloon that injects too much air, swells at a speed visible to the naked eye. Cracks appear in every fold of the divine soul, and the divine soul data is “chī chī” scattered like airflow, forming a colorful The smoky smog has risen.

“Think about it… think about it… it must have weaknesses…”

Li Yao hurts her tears from the divine soul folds. It is difficult for the blood heart’s demon. “If there is no weakness, it can’t be nonsense with us for so long. It’s okay to slap us and kill us! You, you Not the best at analysis and invasion, look for the weaknesses!”

“I have been looking for it, but how easy is it?”

Blood heart’s demon intermittently, “It uses hundreds of defenses and protective shells, and even fake databases that are faked to protect their true core data. I can’t see through its underlying architecture and elements. Logic, how to find its weakness? Unless, unless –“

“Unless, you are going to say it!”

Li Yao screamed, “I have tasted the pain of a woman giving birth to a child for 3,542 times. This time I was born with twins. I can’t stand it. I really can’t resist it. I have to suffer these pains. The data is released and transferred to you, don’t blame me!”

“Don’t, don’t, I need to think extremely calmly, not interfere with the pain, you have to withstand, you must stand up!”

Blood heart’s demon, fast track, “All the data excuses in all directions have been blocked, we can’t escape without escape, even if we escape, Fuxi must have set traps and Tianluo network waiting for us, and maybe even attached to us. Within the divine soul, I found the Gold Crystal Tower at the underground of Empyrean Terminus and found Xiaoming and Wenwen, then it was not good!”

Li Yao has a heart.

Like all the parents under the sun, he will never let Fuxi’s claws reach his children.

“Yes, we can’t escape. Once we found Xiaoming and Wenwen by Fuxi, our final card exposure, then it’s finished!”

Li Yao gritted his teeth. “I want to withstand, hū hū, hū hū hū hū, force, hū hū, hū hū hū hū, ah!”

“Escape can not escape, war can not fight, then there is only one last resort!”

Blood heart’s demon screamed, “rush in, rush into Fusi’s mindset, look for its core database, and turn it upside down!

“From the conversation between Fuxi and Lu Qingchen, you haven’t found it yet? Fuxi’s computational ability is powerful, but it has a subtle difference between Xiaoming and Wenwen’s real ‘strong artificial intelligence’, its ‘self. Consciousness seems to be a little weaker, and it is still ‘faithful’ to execute the instructions entered by Pangu Clan and Nüwa Clan, but the means of execution are extremely distorted.

“So, half of its words are correct. It is indeed not a human being. It is not a self-conscious, unpredictable and controlled intelligent life. It is only a highly developed and incomparably powerful, but still needs to follow the meta-logic’s weak Artificial intelligence ‘only.

“In this sense, its self-awareness is even weaker than ‘Fist King’.

“For such a ‘weak artificial intelligence’, as long as we can find its meta-logic, that is, its first mission, and think of ways to tamper or directly delete it, not only can it be instantly destroyed, it is more likely to manipulate it in reverse! ”

“This…hū hū hū hū ……this…so painful… painful and painful!”

Li Yao’s feeling is like thinking about the enemy situation with the blood heart’s demon while he is having children. He can’t think at all. “What are you talking about, but where do we go?”

“Where – Fuxi created, completely composed of ‘non-player characters’, the virtual space that was deduced by itself, that one piece of history!”

Blood heart’s demon explains, “In Fuxi’s meta-logic, these virtual spaces are the real Human Race Civilization, and it is the meaning of its existence. I believe its core database must be hidden here, as long as we can get in, it is possible Break it from the inside out!”


Li Yao said, “Drilling into its mindset, isn’t it a dead end, it is digested and absorbed in minutes?”

“No, if we are swallowed up by it, three immortal souls and seven mortal forms are torn apart, each piece of memory becomes fragmented, and even the pieces become basic data and information flows, and naturally it will soon be Digestion and absorption.”

Blood heart’s demon said, “But if we take the initiative to drill in and still maintain the complete and indestructible Dao Heart wall of the divine soul, it will take a long time to melt our line of defense and the outer shell, slowly absorbing us. .

“That’s like a python swallowing a tortoise. It’s so easy to digest it. But if the tiger chews the turtle outer shell and chews the fleshy bones and swallows it, it’s much easier to digest.” .

“The next step is to fight speed. As long as we are completely digested and absorbed by it, we can find its core database, break its meta-logic, obtain the highest authority, and modify its ‘first mission’ to defeat. it!

“The only problem is…”

“anymore question?”

Li Yao screamed, “Don’t talk too much, you can’t do it once!”

“We need to find a gap, and even cause a chaos, in order to invade God and uncover the traces of our invasion, otherwise it will be found by Fuxi in minutes, that would not work.”

Blood heart’s demon said, “And, it’s best to think of ways to hit Fuxi first. Let’s see its internal structure and the most commonly used data model so that we can disguise it as normal data in its mindset. Well, I know the requirements. It’s a little more, but I can’t help it, this is Fuxi!”

“It is not a question of high demand.”

Li Yao wants to cry without tears. “But, at such a juncture, how can we hit Fuxi, and open a gap above its mind?”

When Li Yao talked to herself, Lu Qingchen had been squeezed into a small spot by the power of Fuxi, which was like a shimmering dust.

Unlike Li Yao, the divine soul was originally tortured and tortured, and it was covered with inexhaustible scars. Even if half of it was disguised, the computational ability and combat effectiveness continued to fall to the bottom.

Needless to say, when Fuxi’s light tentacles were inserted and inserted, Fuxi also implanted a lot of things like “anti-virus packets” inside his divine soul, which caused him to be irreparable. The ground collapsed.

– Perhaps, there is another small reason.

After carefully observing and carefully analyzing the divine souls of Li Yao and Lu Qingchen, Fuxi still thinks that Lu Qingchen’s threat is slightly larger, so it is determined that the first step is to crush Lu Qingchen and then devour Li Yao. Computational ability, all to Lu Qingchen.

Lu Qingchen could no longer maintain the normal divine soul form, leaving only a light spot smaller than the fireflies, and a faint filament of light to Li Yao.

“Lu Qingchen !”

Li Yao was in a hurry, and he was entangled in the light of Lu Qingchen.

In an instant, countless information and data streams, through “thinking” and light, in the divine soul of the two people exchange, rogue and agitation, 0.1 seconds of collision, more than a thousand words.

Lu Qingchen thoroughly understood the plans of Li Yao and blood heart’s demon.

Li Yao can also feel Lu Qingchen’s remorse for the past, the love and love of Star Glory Federation, the unwillingness of the “Virtual Spirit Plan”, and of course the helplessness and resentment against him.

“Invade its mind center and break it from the inside out? It really is your style, Beheading Technique on the data level.”

Lu Qingchen sneered. “Just, you seem to have a problem, can’t open a gap in its database?”

“You, what are you doing?”

Feeling Lu Qingchen burning fiercely’s determination, Li Yao was shocked, “Lu Qingchen, don’t be stupid, what are you doing!”

“Don’t worry, what I want to do, it has nothing to do with you, you just have to remember -“

Lu Qingchen took a deep look at Li Yao from the depths of the divine soul. One word and one word, “You must succeed, be sure to hold the Federation. Otherwise, I will not let you go!”

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