FMC Chapter 2871

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2871 Chapter Federation, my Federation…, Astronomy
Su Changfa, Professor Mo Xuan and Lu Zui alternately appear, and their Great Dao is also flowing, flowing into Lu Qingchen’s memory and divine soul.

“The true patriots don’t need flowers, cheers and medals, nor do they need anyone, any form of recognition, or even misinterpretation forever. They are forgotten by the people they guard, and it doesn’t matter if they are buried in the dust of history.”

Lu Zui said deeply, “The power of the motherland is the best compliment to him.”

“Lonely yin is not born, the yang is not long, and the yin and yang are harmonious. It is the perfect coexistence form of cultivation and Immortal Cultivation Great Dao.”

Su Changfa said, “Light dust, when can you realize this truth, you can switch between cultivation and Immortal Cultivation, and even completely abandon the shackles of ‘cultivation’ and ‘Immortal Cultivation’, that is you Breaking through, the day of True Self!”

“Human Race has been bound by this rudimentary, cowardly and short-lived naked form for too long, too long and too long, this is the perfect form of the planet Era’s intelligent life, even within Three-Thousand Greater Thousand Worlds, Latitude Star The perfect form of the Ocean, but if we want to break through the three thousand worlds one day and go to the universe beyond the Expeditions universe, this form must be abandoned mercilessly!”

Heavenly Demon Mo Xuan said, “Great Dao is ruthless, broken and standing, and abandoning the form that lasts for hundreds of thousands of years. It is indeed not an easy task, and even if it becomes cold and ruthless and evil, it is possible to do it!

“But no matter how evil and cold this mission is, there must always be someone to do it. Someone has to play a dark role to bring a new light to Human Race Civilization!”

“Little Chen!”

Lu Zui’s voice is getting louder and louder. “If one day, you are destined to do something that is good for the country and your compatriots, but it is against the law and morality, don’t hesitate, let go, and then stand up like a man. The court is facing the legal sanctions and moral judgments!

“In this way, the national interest is guaranteed, and the law, morality and the so-called ‘justice’ are also maintained!

“Let those self-righteous ‘justices’ accept the flowers, cheers and medals in the sun, we just need to quietly watch the increasingly powerful motherland in the dark, and we are satisfied!”

“Light dust!”

Su Changfa’s voice is getting more and more fanatical. “Ha ha ha ha, I really didn’t expect it! I thought that my life and the Great Dao that lasted for hundreds of years will be silently annihilated in the backcountry of Star Ocean. I didn’t expect that I am here. I can find you like a piece of jade!

“Believe me, I will never look at the wrong person. You are unique. You are the son of destiny. It is a person who is destined to integrate cultivation and Immortal Cultivation Great Dao to balance light and darkness and bring new hope.

“Don’t let go of your potential, don’t forget your mission…”

“Lu Qingchen, that’s it!”

Heavenly Demon Mo Xuan’s voice is even more anxious and excited. “Don’t hesitate any more, think about it! Now that Black Wind Fleet is in the air, Star Glory Federation is absolutely no match for this Tiger Wolf from the center of Star Ocean. Even if the ‘Virtual Spirit Plan’ is not launched, the only ending of the Federation will only be destroyed. Countless compatriots will die in vain, even become slaves of Immortal Cultivator, live a life that is not as good as death, oppressed and smashed for a hundred years, one thousand Year, 10,000 years!

“There is a dead left and right, what else can be tangled?

“Don’t it be that the ‘original person’ is the end of the death of Immortal Cultivator, is it better than the full-new student form of ‘integrated information’?

“This is an opportunity. It is our only chance. Only by launching the ‘Virtual Spirit Plan’, swallowing Black Wind Fleet, and then fully informatizing and virtualizing Star Glory Federation, the Federation can rise to make it possible to compete with Empire of True Humanity. And Star Ocean like the Covenant Alliance is strong!”

Lu Zui says: “Little Chen!”

Su Changfa said: “Light dust!”

Heavenly Demon Mo Xuan said: “Lu Qingchen !”

Lu Zui said: “…”

Su Changfa said: “…”

Heavenly Demon Mo Xuan said: “…”

These three are measured according to normal standards. They are definitely not experts of good people. In this way, all of their Dao Hearts are ground into powder, soaked in the strongest effort, as Strengthening Medicine, injected into the mind of Lu Qingchen. After a hundred years of hardening, the complete form of “Heavenly Demon Lu Qingchen” has finally been refined!

At the moment, “Heavenly Demon Lu Qingchen” deep in the soul, every section of the most secret, in front of Li Yao, let Li Yao thoroughly understand his growth experience, the three-view process, and the most subtle changes in mood.

In the face of Lu Qingchen’s life, and his final decision to launch the “Virtual Spirit Plan”, Li Yao can only sigh, but I don’t know how to evaluate it.

Is Lu Qingchen guilty?

Absolutely there is.

If you don’t say anything, he said that at the last moment of the “Federation Defend”, he hijacked the Mainframe Crystal Processor of Black Wind Fleet’s flagship “Black Vortex Ship” and triggered a huge range of Heavenly Demon, bringing countless Empire soldiers. They were all possessed by Heavenly Demon, and they became Demonic Cultivator. The instantaneous increase in combat power killed them and did not know how many soldiers were involved.

If Lu Qingchen’s original intention is only “patriotism”, so should not be too low and reprimand, what are the mistakes of these freely sacrificed Federation soldiers?

They could live, reunite with their loved ones, have a happier family, and be able to squander valuable sweat and blood in a more worthwhile place. They can have wonderful life and create endless possibilities instead of becoming Star Ocean. Cold skeletal bones, crushed stardust!

Therefore, Li Yao will never forgive Lu Qingchen for this matter. He insists that no matter what reason and excuses are useless, Lu Qingchen must obtain a fair ruling in order to comfort the lost spirit.

However, as Lu Qingchen’s mental journey and Memory Fragments continue to be exposed, and after understanding every aspect of Lu Qingchen’s mind, Li Yao is increasingly able to “understand” his choice.

Perhaps, Professor Mo Xuan said yes, in the situation at the time, the Federation will be defeated, they have no choice at all.

The reason why the federal defense can win is largely dependent on a series of unexpected factors.

Including Li Yao led the Ancient Saint twelve expert, driving the huge “Giant Divine Weapon Cluster” from the sky and appearing in the middle of the battlefield.

Including Bai Xingjian suddenly tearing down the understated centuries of camouflage, from “White Mouse” to “Boss Bai”, showing the commanding art of Spirit Transformation Grade, turning Great White Fleet into a sharp and unobtrusive machete.

Even the “mad dog” Helian Lie and other Federation Army, the most ordinary grassroots officers and soldiers, the fearless sacrifice!

Many unexpected factors have come together to create the ultimate brilliant victory.

And these – at least the return of Li Yao and the rise of Boss Bai – are impossible for Prospect Mo Xuan and Lu Qingchen and everyone to foresee.

Even Li Yao himself, at the time, was not sure that he could convince Long Yangjun and so on, twelve experts, standing on the Federation side.

Without these unexpected factors, Star Glory Federation will definitely lose the hand of Black Wind Fleet, the best ending, but the Federation is rather unyielding, bloody in the end, the entire Federation is scorched, and the delay of one or two hundred years of air transport.

Then, countless Federation people, as Professor Mo Xuan said, are dying in vain, and even die.

So, did Lu Qingchen have a choice at the time?

Li Yao doesn’t know if he puts himself in the position of Lu Qingchen, has a unique growth experience like Lu Qingchen, and faces such a difficult choice, what kind of path he will take.

He could only watch quietly. Looking at the countless Memory Fragments, Lu Qingchen was defeated and became a remnant soul. He reluctantly lingered around Star Glory Federation for a long time, but he resolutely launched “Star.” Child’s instinct, through the four dimensional space, plunged into the deepest part of the Star Ocean.

Then, Lu Qingchen’s remnant was discovered and captured by Fuxi.

Li Yao can feel Fuxi’s temptation, deception and transformation of Lu Qingchen.

Can also feel Lu Qingchen in all kinds of temptations and repression, tenacious resistance, the will to die.

In the end, it was just the shouting of vibrating.

“Even if I am just a negligible dust between Star Ocean, those gods above the universe will not want to control the trajectory of my flight!

“Who do you think I am, I am Star Glory Federation, Lu Qingchen!

“Hahahaha, if you want to play the idea of ​​Federation, then even if you try it, even if I am dead, thousands of Federation people will rise up against you, let you pay a heavy price, destroy you like you did!”

“Li Yao, you must guard the Federation, otherwise I will not let you go!”

“Federation, my Federation…”

Lu Qingchen’s divine soul ripples and Memory Fragments come to an abrupt end.

Just as all the light and heat and radiation and high-energy particle streams were released in the supernova explosion, he left it to Li Yao, leaving only a complicated and incomprehensible entanglement.

I haven’t waited for Li Yao to hold on to this shackle, and it will be completely annihilated, as if Lu Qingchen couldn’t help but sigh.

Star Glory Federation, Lu Qingchen, fallen!

“Lu Qingchen ……”

Li Yao is low-lying, divine soul detonation.

“Look, Fuxi’s Crystal Computer wall was blasted by Lu Qingchen self-destruct, which plunged into a temporary data chaos and logical contradiction, innocent defense and tracking us!”

Blood heart’s demon screams, “Li Yao, right now, rush in!”

Sure enough, even after the small light of Lu Qingchen’s emotions and wills exploded, even if Fuxi’s Crystal Computer wall constructed with astronomical computational ability could not withstand his attack, there was a ridiculous gap. Even exposed a portion of the core data and logic loops.

It seems that the shells and exoskeletons of the beasts are blasted, exposing soft internal organs and intricate neural networks.

“This is impossible……”

Fuxi’s voice was so erroneous and furious at first, and the tentacles of Wan Qianguang frantically swayed down and wanted to fix their own data and logic holes.

But, late!

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