FMC Chapter 2876

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2876 Kunlun Fleet, Astronomy
To this end, the experts from Star Glory Federation’s nine Greater World did not gather in the capital, Heaven Origin Star – it was so sensitive, but came to the Federation’s most important Industrial World, Heaven Ring Sector, far from the capital.

Even Federation Speaker Ding Lingdang came here with a low profile in the name of “inspection troops.”

Of course, the fleet that is being remodeled, remodeled, and upgraded in the ring-shaped star-rail dock on the Heaven Ring Sector and the Heaven Ring Star is indeed worth a good inspection.

This is the third Deep Space Fleet with the long-range Star Ocean jump capability after the “Prairie Flame Fleet” and “Great White Fleet”.

At its core is the Nüwa Warship, which was excavated from the depths of the ancient night of the Ancient Saint Sector.

This Warship and the Pangu underground palace buried deep under the Warship contain infinite Secret Treasures and secrets, just in line with the many technologies in the Kunlun Secret Territory that the Federation has studied for centuries, one-to-one correspondence, unlocking each other, and making the Federation’s technology reserve And the ability of the frontier Expeditions, a thousand miles, leaps and bounds.

The Federation used a large number of Kunlun technology to repair and transform the Nüwa Warship, and even directly dismantled a large number of Kunlun Secret Territory’s Magical Artifact unit, installed it on the Warship, and finally restored the Warship to Star Ocean in the shortest possible time. The ability between the two, conservative estimates, can play its former 30% combat effectiveness.

Prehistoric Era’s 30% combat power is also a very impressive number, far exceeding the Federation Army’s original Supreme Flagship “Prairie Flame Ship”.

Therefore, after the Nüwa Warship was named “Kunlun Ship”, it did not directly join the Prairie Flame Fleet, but became the core of the new fleet.

According to the convention of the Federation Army, the flagship is called “Kunlun Ship” and the entire fleet is naturally named “Kunlun Fleet”.

This is a fleet of experimental and Expeditions, and a new fleet of technology fusion from ancient Saint Sector and Kunlun Secret Territory, Empire technology from Black Wind Fleet, and the original technology accumulation of Federation. And the biochemical technology of the Blood Fiend Sector, which is condensed in the new fleet, makes it look different from Prairie Flame Fleet, Black Wind Fleet and any Federation, Empire and Saint League fleets. Facing the future, the ultra-fleet is flying infinitely.

The Prairie Flame Fleet is at the heart of the Federation Army. It has only been a bloody battle with Empire’s Black Wind Fleet in the past few years. The entire fleet of officers and soldiers still have a deep hatred of Immortal Cultivator. On whether to support Empire’s problem, It is impossible to express the attitude easily.

Kunlun Fleet’s source is complex, advanced technology, personnel integration, and there is not much historical burden, nor is it known to the public. Therefore, if you want to expedite the center of Star Ocean, Kunlun Fleet is a suitable choice.

But on this issue, there are still many contradictions that need to be resolved.

At least, the Federation Army Chief of Staff, on behalf of the military, always frowns on the Bai Kaixin in the depths of Star Ocean.

“Our military is not against the expedition to the Star Ocean Central. Although we have had a bloody battle with Empire’s Army in the past few years, we have paid a very painful price. We are still in the stage of licking wounds and recuperating, but… the truth of the cold, we More than anyone knows, it is never blinded by hatred.”

Bai Kaixin hangs his eyebrows and looks around the conference table. His eyes are from Ding Lingdang, Guo Chunfeng, Jin Xinyue, Meng Chixin, Han Baling, Di Feiwen, etc., etc., which is enough to influence the fate of the Federation. A meal, continue, “Just, I hope that the princes can seriously think about it and weigh it again and again. Is it the best time to send troops now?

“The first question, ‘Federation defending war’ has been less than five years old. The Federation suffered huge losses in that battle. Countless elite troops have not recovered their vitality until today. The people are not very keen on war. The kind of ‘Federation has been saved, and the war has ended forever.’

“At this time, we must start the battle again, let countless children of the children go to hundreds of millions of Lightyears to shed blood, regardless of folk opinion or morale of the troops, including the economic operation mode from Peace Era, suddenly switching to the state of total war. There are big problems.

“Federation is like a balloon. Over the past 100 years, it has been under the pressure of Black Wind Fleet. The balloon has been inflated, and every inch of the surface is tight, but in the ‘Federation Battle’ a few years ago, ‘砰’, released all the pressure, and suddenly deflated.

“Now, this balloon will be inflated to the limit again in just a few months or even a month or two. This tone can’t be drummed anyway!

“The second question, I believe that after you have visited the transformation, refining and practical exercises of the main forces of ‘Kunlun Fleet’, it has also been seen that this federation’s latest Deep Space Fleet is far from complete. Convergence and upgrade, the unlimited potential of Empire technology, Federation technology and unraveling technology has not been fully explored! If you give this fleet ten years, no, five years, no, even three years, its combat power will The increase has doubled, tripled and more than five times!

“The time is too short, and the time for us to set up and run-in is too short. If we rush into battle, it would be tantamount to let the future generals become child soldiers. It is a great waste and crime. It is a sacrifice.” The unlimited potential of Kunlun Fleet!

“So, we are not against the expedition to the Star Ocean Central, but if the time can be postponed for another two years, let the Federation’s propaganda machine be fully activated to explain the significance of the expedition to the people and grassroots officers, and to complete the Empire technology and the flood technology. Digestion and absorption stimulated Kunlun Fleet’s strongest fighting power. At that time, if you reinforce Empire, will you grasp a bigger one, and the negative impact on Federation will be even smaller?

“All of you are the people who know the soldiers. Although there are ‘the soldiers are too fast, they must not delay the fighters’, but in the vast and innocent Star Ocean, it is commonplace to play a battle for three or five years, and say ‘ Federation defends the war, although the battle will be decided in just a few days, but the whole battle did not take nearly a year to come to a close, this is still the result of … General Di deep sense, the ‘battlefield uprising’.

“Saint League and Empire, each with hundreds of Greater Thousand Worlds, countless Resources Planet and Starry Sky War Fort, this strategy battle lasts five years or more, is it normal?

“So, if our army can bury its heads, build up strength, etc… When the edge of the Covenant Alliance is exhausted, then suddenly it will kill, a sword seals the throat, isn’t it better?”

The Chief of Staff Bai is not considered to be dishonest and not unfair.

But the very ruthless hidden under sincerity and fairness is also everyone here, and I can understand it with my ears.

He said nothing more, the troops must be sent to the army, the Star Ocean Central played so lively, the Federation did not send troops to go to the water to fish and bonfire how to do?

But I really want to send troops, not now, but let Empire and Saint League two Starry Sky Behemoth go to fight first, to bite each other, lose both sides, drain the last drop of blood, wait for each other only the last drop of blood The Federation Army is going to clean up the mess. Isn’t it better than rushing into the flesh and whet?

No way, although Bai Kaixin is also a real cultivator, but it is so cruel and ruthless.

After all, every part of his “kindness” is likely to sacrifice the precious lives of countless children.

Bai Kaixin finished, many different faces appeared on the face of expert.

The experts from “Old Federation” are mostly convinced that they cherish the chips and are not willing to take risks.

The experts from the new world of “Ancient Saint Sector” have a more calm response – the development of the new world, there is no core world to come, the ancient world of Ancient Saint, Heaven Ring, Crystal, etc., in the Federation system The rate of climb inside is often slower than that of the Old Federation system.

They are not opposed to a massive expedition, for the rich national interests of the Federation, by the way to break the old structure, so that they also rise up.

Especially the “Ancient Saint twelve expert”.

Headed by the Spirit Transformation Grade’s Ghost Cultivator “Meng Chixin” and “Wu Suiyun”, these twelve experts are in a very awkward position within the Star Glory Federation system.

On the individual strength, the twelve of them add up, it is definitely one of the strongest force groups of Federation, especially the realm of the two Spirit Transformation Ghost Cultivators, and the unreasonable strength of “Sword Mad” Yan Liren.

However, on the comprehensive strength, the entire “Ancient Saint Special Administrative Region” is still in feudal state. All aspects of technology and social development are thousands of years behind other Great Thousand Worlds, and even the weakest desert world “Crystal Sector” is far away. Far worse.

On the resources, the Ancient Saint Sector has a well-preserved wild Starship and various ancient treasures. The ancient Saint cultivator’s melee ability is also far above the community. Now their “Kunlun Ship” is also excavated from the Ancient Saint Sector. from.

But on technology, they have no ability to repair and use the wild technology, ancient treasure and Giant Divine Weapon. Without the support of Federation’s technology, they can only watch the countless ancient treasure embed in the depths of the earth’s crust.

Even countless people in the country will be displaced, starved to death, and immersed in the tens of thousands of years of the law of the rise and fall.

Although the Federation gave the Ancient Saint Sector a very generous treatment and all kinds of assistance and support, but the peer-like expert such as Meng Chixin, Han Baling, and Yan Liren, is the one who is awkward and polite.

They certainly hope that they and their hometown fathers can make a greater contribution to the Federation, and by the way can expand their voice and truly become a part of the Federation.

A magnificent war, let Star Glory Federation truly stand at the peak of the sea of ​​stars, is it the perfect opportunity for them to prove themselves and make the Ancient Saint Sector develop rapidly?

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