FMC Chapter 2877

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2877, selling umbrellas on a sunny day, floating astronomy
However, although the ancient Saint experts think so, they lack sufficient theoretical level to express their opinions and interests. They are directly from the “Feudal Era” to the highly productive information society, just a few years ago. On a piece of land, for the feudal kingship to fight the bloodshed, it is now difficult for them to make unpredictable Star Ocean hegemony.

They, including the “New Four Worlds” experts who agree with them to send their troops, have turned their eyes to the same person – the original Black Wind Fleet Vice-Commander, now the “King Bones – President of the Ultimate Crime Development Committee”, Di Feiwen.

If there are so many experts in the audience, only one person is sincere and willing to help Empire’s at all costs, it is undoubtedly the original Empire Immortal Cultivator Di Feiwen.

No, this “original” word is superfluous. Until now, Di Feiwen has not given up his identity as an Empire and Immortal Cultivator, and still retains a very awkward “dual citizenship.”

Di Feiwen’s experience and his status today reflect the ups and downs and unpredictability of fate.

More than a hundred years ago, he was only an ordinary deacon of the Ten Thousand Sectors Merchant Alliance – the then Ten Thousand Sectors Merchant Alliance, and only a business alliance of Empire in the world, a countless small businessman in the imperial power. And the aristocratic claws shivered under the shiver, and the group was warm and loose.

He was only the blood of his own Black Wind Sector, first to become the liaison between the Black Wind Sector and the Ten Thousand Sectors Merchant Alliance, and gradually took control of the Ten Thousand Sectors Merchant Alliance to the Black Wind Fleet. Changed to become the Wind-Commander of Black Wind Fleet.

But his Vice-Commander was really not the time – it was the Black Wind line that was riddled with the Saint League, and the massive Starship of the Black Wind fives fled, and the situation was ruined to despair.

If this is not the case, he will not be able to find his little businessman and logistics officer, and the guy who knows nothing about the fleet command and the Star Ocean hegemony will become the Vice-Commander of the squadron.

When Black Wind Fleet wraps a lot of resources and rushes to—or “escapes” to Star Ocean, no one is optimistic about the future of the fleet, and certainly no one is optimistic about Di Feiwen’s future.

The unruly “King of Black Wind” Heiye Ming will never be willing to be manipulated by anyone, even the then Divine Military Sovereign Emperor will not want to order him, let alone Ten Thousand Sectors Merchant Alliance and Di Feiwen.

Di Feiwen is at most Heiye Ming and the night family is in the palm of his hand, and a loyal and wealthy god, including Di Feiwen himself, thinks so.

He only needs to manage the resources of the entire fleet. As for the specific strategies and tactics, he will not be able to interrupt him. Of course, he does not have too many private soldiers to take greater power.

When Black Wind Fleet smashed his head in front of Star Glory Federation, and almost all the troops were wiped out, Di Feiwen’s fate fell to the bottom, and it was about to die between the dark stars and die.

At this moment, fate and him opened a big, almost absurd joke.

Heiye Ming – All the most fanatical militarists and militants in the Black Wind Fleet are dead, and the remaining wreckage will be broken between the Star Oceans, losing all will to fight, all in the six gods, holding the straw In the situation of dying, even Di Feiwen, the god of wealth, who has never had much prestige, can easily gather and order them.

Star Glory Federation didn’t have such a big appetite. He ate Black War Fleet’s remnants and had to give him the power of “battlefield uprising”, ushered in a decent peace, and a resource-rich planet – the original Skeleton Dragon Star, now the Ultimacy Star, is the base for their rejuvenation and recovery.

This is the beginning of Di Feiwen’s good fortune, but it is far from the end of his step into the sky.

According to the general logic, Di Feiwen’s move is a complete betrayal of Empire, even though his “deficient army” can control the Black Wind Fleet remnants to live in the Federation, gradually integrated into the Federation, becoming the High-Level general of the Federation, however In the Empire of True Humanity, he is an unforgivable traitor, to be nailed to the column of shame, cramped and cramped.

But that is the logic under the control of Old Empire – Four Great Emperor Selecting Marquis Families.

The “New Empire” ruled by the Revolution Faction clearly has a different perspective.

In order to consolidate his power, Revolution Faction had to find a strong ally of Star Ocean. Even the authentic cultivator could cooperate. Even the identity of “Vulture Li Yao” and Dao Heart could be turned a blind eye and officially awarded him “Black Wind King”. The title of the title, and the accounting of the past by Di Feiwen and Black Wind Fleet?

In fact, as the only middleman between Empire and Federation, the role of Di Feiwen and Black Wind Fleet is increasingly important day by day, and his status is rising every day.

The official of New Empire and New Federation has intentionally and unintentionally ignored the distressed identity of Di Feiwen and Black Wind Fleet. The new Sovereign Emperor, the young lion who just fell into the throne and is in desperate need of foreign aid, even gave a privilege Di Feiwen Empire “Second Rank Marquis” title, praised the “loyalty” and “Wu Yong” of this former small trader.

Second Rank Marquis, the secret Rank Marquis of the Empire of True Humanity!

A hundred years ago, countless Four Great Emperor Selecting Marquis Families came out of the expert, squandered for a lifetime, countless times intrigue and fight with you, and I would like to get the title of Second Rank Marquis.

Even in Empire’s Counterattack, the special period of the lottery is like a hat. In order to wear the sword of the Sun Moon Sword on behalf of Second Rank Marquis on the chest, it is necessary to use the tons of iron and blood to cast!

If all the Second Rank Marquis of Empire have known for the past three or five hundred years, Di Feiwen is only led by the Black Wind Fleet, and on the Skeleton Dragon Star, the high-hat of the “Empire Second Rank Marquis” will definitely come from the sky. The gas has to climb out of the coffin, even if it burns to ash, the ashes must be re-condensed and furious.

However, just because I knew my identity was very subtle and my position was quite embarrassing, Di Feiwen became more and more understated after getting the title of Empire Second Rank Marquis, and it became more and more “loyal” to the Federation. On several occasions, Federation and Empire’s In the long-distance negotiation, he stood firmly on the side of the Federation, slashed the Empire’s negotiator several knives, and helped the Federation to squeeze a lot of Empire’s precious technology.

Di Feiwen knows very well that he and the Black Wind remnant’s life and wealth are in the Federation, not Empire.

The stronger the Federation, the more important they are to Empire and the higher their value.

If you help Empire to deal with the Federation, or even completely eliminate the Federation, then when the rabbit died, and Empire was held accountable for these “shameless rebellious” guilt, Second Rank Marquis waited for the head to land.

Di Feiwen puts his position very positive, and the sensitive topic of “Expedition Star Ocean Central” is not such a double identity, he can easily interfere.

Therefore, at the beginning of the meeting, Di Feiwen was sitting in danger, looking at the nose, nose and mouth, a look of old-fashioned, the mouth is like a zipper, making up his mind to silence.

Even the unrequited gaze of Ancient Saint expert Han Baling, he turned a blind eye.

In fact, Di Feiwen and Ancient Saint experts, especially with the king of Gui Qin grassland, “Han Baling”, have a very good relationship.

The Ancient Saint expert is mostly not a pure cultivator, especially Han Baling, an ambitious “Classical Militarism molecule” with a strong interest in Empire’s Immortal Cultivation Great Dao, far better than the seemingly tender cultivation system of the Federation.

In order to heal the ancient Saint Sector’s famine, plague and other ills caused by the population explosion, and for the large-scale development of the Skeleton Dragon Star, the Federation transported a large number of immigrants from the Ancient Saint Sector to the Skeleton Dragon Star to live, which made Di Feiwen and Han Baling Have a very close job contact opportunity.

Han Baling is different from Yan Liren and Master Kuchan. He is very ambitious in politics. He is keenly aware of the relationship between Federation and Empire. He knows the reason why Di Feiwen is quieting, and the two are really like each other. In just a few years, it will become a rebellious, politically certain kind of Alliance.

Now, Ancient Saint expert is eager for a brilliant war to further enhance its position in the Federation, but there is no clear reason to refute the many problems that Bai Kaixin throws, and naturally pin their hopes on Di Feiwen.

Di Feiwen doesn’t necessarily have the courage to make a few new worlds, such as Ancient Saint Sector, to check and balance the “Old Federation system” to achieve greater independence and a brighter future for the Black Wind remnants.

But at this moment, the public witnessed, this thought is even more inconvenient and straightforward to expose.

Until Federation Speaker Ding Lingdang shot his knife-like gaze on his body, his mouth swayed a bitter smile until he couldn’t escape anyway.

“General Di, Empire is your home. If the Federation really sent troops to the Star Ocean Central, you will have to play an important role, including the synergy between the Federation Army and the Empire’s Army, the safety of the Federation Army, and the conclusion of the covenant after the victory. And many conditions of business, you need to contribute a lot.”

Ding Lingdang bluntly said, “What do you think about the many concerns that Chief of Staff Bai has just thrown?”

This is forcing him to tear up the disguise of undecided and unclear.

Di Feiwen sighed softly in the bottom of his heart, somehow, remembering the life of his home in Empire more than a hundred years ago.

That may not be how warm, how beautiful memories.

But no matter how dark or cold, the home is a hometown after all!

“I haven’t commanded the fleet for a long time, no, it should be said that I have never commanded the fleet, probably the most incompetent ‘Fleet Commander’ between Star Oceans? Military decision-making, naturally with the advice of Chief of Staff Bai Prevail.”

Di Feiwen smiled and said, “From the bones, I have always been a businessman, just a small businessman who buys and sells high and cares.”

“Standing in the position of a businessman, I want to ask you a question. If a businessman wants to sell an umbrella at a high price, when should he choose a clear sky, is it still when the rain falls?”

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