FMC Chapter 2885

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, 2885 chapter 100% of life! Floating astronomy
“That was not what I meant!”

Meng Xiaolang said with a red face, “I just thought, I just thought, wow, let me calm down. That is to say, if Grandpa invites Li Yao, this ‘Three Sectors Supreme, Legend Legend’, it is really possible to come to our house. Eat?”

“It’s not ‘possible’, it’s really coming, of course it’s here, not your dad’s magnificent mansion.”

Meng Jiang smiled. “Itโ€™s just that Li Yao has been in Hibernation Cabin for nearly a hundred years. According to the age of the face, he is nearly a hundred years younger than me. My white hair looks like his grandfather. Everything is more than enough, everyone gets along, very… strange.”


Meng Xiaolang imagined Vulture Li Yao eating in his unremarkable barbershop, maybe he was in the place where he is now, he gave up thinking, he didnโ€™t know what to say, just a hard ,”Wow!”

“Why, you are not the most incomprehensible of this ‘Federation legend’, and it is more than ten times more powerful than him.”

Meng Jiang deliberately said, “How is today, the attitude is a hundred and eighty-degree turn?”

“That is because I thought that Li Yao is the enemy that my grandfather can never beat,” so I wanted to help my grandfather revenge. Otherwise, who would not be used to the hero of the Federation for no reason, or the symbol of our hometown! โ€

Meng Xiaolang first smiled, suddenly thought of something, eyebrows curled up again, nervous, “not good, if Li Yao and Grandpa did not have any contradictions, do not need me to help the grandfather to report any hatred, find what the scene, then the grandfather still Can you support me to the center of Star Ocean?”

“This question, ask yourself, ask your heart, why do you want to join the army to fight?”

Meng Jiang looked at Meng Xiaolang, lightly said, “Is it for money status, or thrills, or herd mentality, others are going so you have to go, or some kind of mentality that is strong and competitive, others can’t choose, you are I chose it, so you have to go?”


Meng Xiaolang reveals hesitant color and falls into distressed thinking.

“Actually, you don’t have to ask, Grandpa has been thinking about this for a long time. In the last two weeks, the outside publicity has become more and more lively. It seems that the Federation is likely to fall into a new war, even if you have not joined this mystery. The new fleet, but joined the Prairie Flame Fleet or other ordinary fleet, is very likely to get involved in the war vortex.”

Meng Jiang said, “Your dad is embarrassed to see me, but your mother has sent me several Spirit Crane Mail, so I have the opportunity to persuade you not to serve in dangerous troops – they know, You only listen to me.

“But, huh, your parents and you, including those who are suddenly boiling in the streets outside, and those who are downcast, you are all a new generation of Federation, but Grandpa is coming from the ‘Old Federation’ of Heaven Origin Era. New and old generations of Federation people, different, too different, our mentality, you will never understand, and each other’s understanding of ‘war’ is also far away.

“Your new generation of Federation people have grown up in a safe, stable and thriving environment since childhood. They have never experienced anything that is precarious, what is meant to be destroyed, what is going on in escaping, you have experienced a hundred years of peace, even three Ten years ago, the ‘Heaven Ring War’ and the recent ‘Federation Defend’, the war was only swept in the stars, only limited to the Federation Army and cultivator, and did not have much impact on people living on the planet. .

“So, these ‘New Federation people’ look at war, often with unrealistic romance and over-exaggerated panic, it is too… naive, like uncontrollable emotions, like any child.

“In a word, you don’t have the pain of war. You don’t know what it’s like to burn the butcher’s knife into the internal organs.

“And what about Old Federation a hundred years ago?

“You must be hard to imagine. At that time, we only had the Heaven Origin Star planet, and there were Wormholes connected to the Blood Fiend Star. There was no difference between the ‘front line’ and the ‘rear’, especially the Great Wasteland. Above, the animal tide that hides the sky and covering the earth will appear at any time, and every minute will be connected with the fierce enemy.

“In such an extremely harsh environment, we have no intention at all, like today’s New Federation people, to care about what benefits and losses, what timing and cost of the expedition, what the enemy is strong and the conditions for negotiation… These things are not there. Whether it is cultivator, Soldier or civilian, it is a word, the head of the trousers belt, dry!

“At that time, it was easier to die than to kill an ant. There is no difference between the destruction of a city and the withering of a weed. Even our Civilization has been struggling for five hundred years in blood and flame. Star Glory Federation is also likely to die at any time.

“In the face of all this, we have no time and no energy to fear, to hesitate, to weigh, we just numbly advance, kill all the enemies blocking the front, or one day, be killed by the enemy, survive or destroy, it’s not a big deal.

“Grandpa said these things, I want to tell you, Grandpa will never stop you from going to the battlefield because of your security problems. We are already dead, and we are already obsessed with the ‘Old Federation’. Even the death of the Federation is more than a hundred years. Before we have thought of things countless times, it is still the same sentence, living alive, dead, no big deal.

“But I still hope that you can think clearly, can think very calmly for a few days, listen to the deepest voice in your heart, find the answer that belongs to you, why do you want to go to the battlefield, what do you want to be? People, what kind of life do you want to live?”


Meng Xiaolang was so helpless that he didn’t expect Grandpa to become so serious and say something like this.

“I don’t want you to say that Grandpa has been lost in the age of being with you. When you say it, it is a bit influenced by ‘Vulture Li Yao’. When you have a high school buddy like Li Yao, your heart. Itโ€™s hard not to turm, itโ€™s hard not to be affected by him.โ€

Meng Jiang grinned and said, “Although I am embarrassed, Grandpa still wants to tell you. At that time, Grandpa was very envious and even jealous of him, ๅซ‰ๅฆ’ ‘Vulture Li Yao’.”

“This oneโ€ฆโ€ฆ”

Meng Xiaolang took a breath, thought about it, nodded. “Well, if I am a high school student of Li Yao, I am afraid it is hard not to marry him.”

“Oh, but our relationship is still very good, and I also know that my talent is limited, it is impossible to compete with him in the cultivation way, then I will think, I want to excel in my career, than Anyone is strong, ‘Federation first’, so that he can stand tall in front of him.”

Meng Jiang took another sip of wine, letting the hot taste linger in the throat, whispering. “The later things, you probably know, my career is getting better and better, regardless of the day and night. Big, ‘Inspur’ brand has expanded to the entire Federation, even across several Greater Thousand Worlds, and even our franchise stores on the most remote Resources Planet, I am getting closer and closer to the goal, but neglecting my family, and The distance between the wife and the child is getting farther and farther.

“In those years, my relationship with your grandmother and your father was very stiff. In fact, your father will become like this today. It is hard to say that it was not affected by my early years. I am still obsessed with it. I only want to think about it. The vows buddy made, completely drilled into the horns.

“Until the serious illness that your grandmother was born, it took a whole year to sway on the gate of the ghost, and it made me wake up like a dream and repent.

“What is the most important thing in my life? Is it just a promise from the past buddy, not the people around me? Is it more important to be taller in front of buddy than to be an old little happiness? Li Yao is not that kind of person at all. I donโ€™t care how big my career is. Is it the ‘Federation first image design master’? We are all buddy forever! I, I am not competing with Li Yao at all, but I am competing with myself, and I am more competitive with my heart’s demon, and my own vanity, inferiority, and embarrassment. As a result, I almost gave my wife and children less!

“From that day on, I realized it.

“How Li Yao has lived his life has nothing to do with me. The first label of my life is ‘Meng Jiang’, not ‘Li Yao’s buddy’, Li Yao has his rare opportunities, and I have my rare. Opportunities, my rare opportunity is to meet your grandmother, and you have your aunt and your father this … dog things, of course, your sister and you.

“Compared to God’s rare opportunities for Li Yao, I feel that the rare opportunities that God has given me are more precious. I already have my own rare opportunities. Why bother to compare with Li Yao?

“Aware of this, my life has opened a new chapter. After that, although my career has not reached a peak, I can be very proud to say that I have spent the next day honestly and happily. I have not I lived up to my rare family, I cherish my family and enjoy the happy life now, I lived my true self, I did ‘100% of Meng Jiang’, just like Li Yao lived out ‘100% Li Yao ‘is the same.

“I understand, you are the grandfather’s most loved grandson. Grandpa supports all your decisions. I only hope that you are not a hot-headed person, or be tempted by media propaganda, or to become a super ten times stronger than Li Yao. A ridiculous reason like a hero, but a voice in your heart, every second is encouraging you to fly to the center of Star Ocean, no matter how many setbacks or even death threats, you will never give up.

“Everyone has their own way of life. If you hear such a voice, it proves that you have taken the right path. God will prepare your own rare opportunities on this road and bravely welcome it. And live into ‘100% of Meng Xiaolang’, remember, you are you, you are Meng Xiaolang, not the grandson of ‘Li Yao’s buddy’, let alone live as ‘1000% Li Yao’, That’s boring, I just want to see ‘100%’ Meng Xiaolang’, understand?”

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