FMC Chapter 2889

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2889 is powerless to return… days? Floating astronomy

Every word in the forum is like a hot steel nail, stinging Meng Lichuan’s eyes, piercing her chest and burning her palm.

She does not necessarily stand at a high strategic height, and she firmly believes in the Great Dao, such as “the lips are cold.”

It was just a natural reluctance that she couldn’t stand the failure—especially in her first important strategic debut on behalf of the “Moon Demon Team”.

“dī dī Beep! ”

When the cooling time is up, she can join the battle group again.

Taking a deep breath and concentrating on the soul and divine soul, Meng Lichuan sank into Nerve Interaction Fluid again, and the closed eyes saw a series of brightly-coloured data streams, and she once again entered the strategic deduction.

This time, she played the role of a High-Level staff member supporting the fleet, or was responsible for transporting fuel, ammunition and the Universe Battle Shuttle to the front line where it was most needed, and if possible, towed the broken Starship with the wounded. In the rear of the large type repair bastion for emergency repair, at least restore 30 to 50% of combat effectiveness.

For a moment, the torrent of data, the vortex of information, the various forms, charts and curves of the meteor shower, the skull cover the brain into her mind.

In this special strategy grade of the Specialist Grade, there is basically no such thing as the audience’s favorite “Starship battle line lined up, the Universe Battle Shuttle and the Crystal Armor battle group intertwined with blood, and the Giant Divine Weapon opened up the belly and destroyed the dead.” In such a scene, the war is extremely simplified or reduced to its original face – countless cold data changes, each data represents a Starship or tens of thousands of lives, the disappearance of data is more than the annihilation of the pieces Minor, Meng Lichuan must try to squint as much as possible, not thinking about the numbers or the meaning behind the pieces, and sending them to the place where they should die as accurately as possible.

This is not an easy job.

She is under even more pressure than the true Star Ocean fleet staff and commander.

Because in the real Star Ocean war, she will never be allowed to master so much data alone. With so many Starships, there will be many staff officers, captains and commanders at all levels to help her share the pressure. A simple screw is just fine.

Here, Meng Lichuan had to deal with the rhythm of hundreds of messages per second, and accurately distributed the last batch of supplies of the Federation Army to the most needed front.

Have several According to what can be handled is still good, more often, when the enemy launched a high-intensity magnetic interference, cut off all her data sources, she is like a blind man, galloping on the cliff, can only rely on “intuition “,” “talent” plus a little “lucky” to determine the placement of materials.

Under the double impact of the calculation of the super-load and the violent animal-like mental pressure, Meng Lichuan’s Brain once again broke through the limits of fatigue and reached the edge of collapse.

Hey, she can’t tell, whether she is carrying out a virtual strategic deduction, or she is really in the cruel battlefield, watching her fleet and breaking into the ruinous Abyss.

The boring data and the intricate figures of the line all turned into lifelike illusions.

Meng Lichuan seems to see that countless Federation Starships are burning on the edge of the Paramount Heaven Sector and become a screaming butterfly.

It also seems to see that the dark starry sky was torn apart by a bloody wound. More, faster, and more ferocious Saint League Starship crossed the Wormhole and descended over their heads.

Under the disturbance of stellar radiation, the invisible waves ignited by the two sides of the guns exudes a magnificent and horrible brilliance, light interlacing, twisting, blending and entanglement, just like the numerous appearances in the Star Ocean. The mottled and gorgeous snakes bite each other and swallow.

The great snake representing the Federation, but unstoppable, was swallowed up by the big snake representing Saint League.

“No, never!”

Meng Lichuan gritted his teeth, I don’t know where the power broke out, the computational ability actually increased five times in an instant, and every supply ship under her arm was like her nerve endings, which was put in place by her Precise.

On the front line that she is responsible for, the strength of the Force Army’s fire output has doubled in an instant, and countless Saint League Starships have been annihilated in the blazing fire. Many senior members have sent “Appreciation” to her Beginner in the communication channel. Expression.

Unfortunately, in the magnificent confrontation of nearly one million Starships, the individual’s power is ultimately small. No matter how strong the Meng Lichuan line is, it will not be able to recover the remaining dozens of fronts.

What’s more, the clever woman is hard to be without rice. When Meng Lichuan runs out of the last batch of supplies, and all her supply ships have become empty iron cans, she is completely devoid of it!

“Lichuan, your brainwaves are not in the right direction, just quit, and exit the strategy deduction!”

Vaguely, Meng Lichuan heard a voice crying anxiously in his ear.

“Abominable, hateful, hateful, how can we lose, this deduction is a mess, chaos!”

Meng Lichuan stunned his eyes and turned a deaf ear to the warnings in his ears. His eyes penetrated the chaotic data and shot at the Saint League fleet that did not exist.

“Lichuan, you are going to develop deviation, quit, fast!”

The voice continued to cried.

Meng Lichuan heard the sighs, ridicule, screams and frustrated sighs on the forum.

“Fart, we won’t lose, I won’t admit defeat like this!”

Meng Lichuan bites his teeth, every brain cell is boiling, burning and exploding.

“Forced exit, forced exit!”

The sound in the ear screamed.

Meng Lichuan’s data jumped, showing that a Saint League fleet had discovered her little supply fleet.

The acceleration and steering flexibility of the other Warship is much higher than her Transport Ship, and she has nowhere to escape.

Meng Lichuan coldly snorted, without hesitation, manipulated the supply ship under his arm to make a positive formation – but because of the setting of the director group, her fleet’s “moral value” and “command” fell to the bottom. Even the “total destruction” gesture is difficult to put out.

So, she is not ready to “generate to death”, the enemy is like a hungry tiger rushing into her fleet, Meng Lichuan’s figures are turned into shining meteors, meteors gather into a bleak white light, will her Divine soul was completely suffocated, and she didn’t even finish the last swearing, and she just passed away.


Meng Lichuan sleeps the deepest feeling in my life.

Also done the most, the most horrible, the most absurd nightmare.

Most of the nightmare is related to the Star Ocean war. She is like being caught in a thick swamp. The swamp is full of grease. Then, the grease is ignited. She looks at herself and her companion’s head and burns fiercely.

Such a nightmare didn’t know how many times it was repeated. Meng Lichuan barely opened his scarlet eyes and slammed the ceiling for a long time before he confirmed that he woke up.

But she still had a splitting headache, and it hurts like someone opened her head and stuffed it into a Starship.

The smell of disinfectant water floating in the air, as well as the monitoring instrument next to “dī dī dī dī”, let her confirm that she was lying in the medical cabin of the hospital.

Time should have passed for a long time. After a long time, she thought hard for a while before she remembered what she was doing at the last moment.

“The game, I am in the game!”

Meng Lichuan was in a tight heart and sat up fiercely. She only felt a whirlwind, and the Starship in her head opened fire, and she slammed her back again. By the way, she still screamed and stared at Venus.

“Hey, what are you doing? I want to lie for another three days and three nights!”

A round roll, looking at some “squeaky” faces, appeared above the medical cabin and looked at her with a smile.

“Peach sister!”

Meng Lichuan was a pretty girl, and she was embarrassed to say something.

“Peach Sister” is named Jiang Baitao. She is the first-line player of the “Moon Demon Team”. She is also the predecessor who brought Meng Lichuan into the door. According to the rules of Cultural World, even her “leader”, the two naturally The relationship is very shallow.

“The head hurts, I, what happened to me, peach sister?”

Meng Lichuan pressed the temple and took a few deep breaths. “The game, we are still playing, how come you?”

“There is a bad news and a good news.”

Jiang Baitao laughed. “The bad news is that you are desperate to stir up brain cells, arrogant computing ability, almost all of your own cerebral vasculature, into the most serious cultivation deviation, have been lying in the hospital for three days and three nights, really do not want The little girl who lives.

“The good news is that ‘the more ‘cultivation deviation’ means no cultivation deviation, not only will not leave a little bit of sequelae, but you also ‘breakthrough’, and even if you are not aware of it, even rose several levels! Of course, the specific situation of the Brain, but also a series of tests to know, wait for you to raise, and slowly say it!

“In short, your performance three days ago is ‘Celestial’, and now the entire strategic deduction center knows that you have such a bad little girl, not only many experts in the Dark Moon Foundation have taken your details. If you want to focus on training you, even the military, Glorious Era Group and the major Sects are very interested in you. You think that you have endless potential. You want to dig you up, feed you, you will not leave. Are you so good ‘Peach Sisters’?”


Meng Lichuan was a little embarrassed, her cheeks were slightly red.

In the past, such good news is enough to make her sing and dance.

However, after such a fierce Star Ocean war, she suddenly did not care much about the level of personal realm.

“The game – is it over?”

Meng Lichuan Sees Jiang Baitao, a pair of serene, smiles like a smile, and there is a hint of shimmer in my heart. “Don’t we, the last moment, the miracle reversal, actually – won?”

“Reversing the ghosts, they all hit the bombs, the whole army was over, and how to win, of course, lost, lost and defeated, smashed huā lā, created our ‘Moon Demon Team’ and the opposite ‘Blood Shadow Team’ Entangling about a dozen years of the biggest defeat, hey, it’s a shame, shame!”

Jiang Baitao said very simply.


Meng Lichuan was puzzled and muttered. “Let’s lose, we actually lost. Then, why does the peach sister feel so relaxed, even happy?”


Jiang Baitao licked his fat face and smiled. “Probably I am very happy to see you safely and awake.”

“Hey, what’s the use of waking up, let’s lose after all, now the forum must put us in the blood of the dog?”

Meng Lichuan said, “Is there still a poll, and how many people are left to support ‘immediately send troops?’ 20%? 10%? Not even 5%?”

“Oh, what about this…”

Jiang Baitao’s expression suddenly became very strange, and he coughed, “The comprehensive polls of the three authoritative forums now show that those who support ‘immediately send troops’ account for 68%, and 17%, which is uncertain, should be considered as long-term. The number of people who think twice is only 15%, and as time goes on, the proportion of people who support ‘immediately send troops’ is still rising.”


Meng Lichuan was dumbfounded, and sat up again, and went straight back. She didn’t want to be dizzy, but she screamed, “Is it wrong, how can it like this!”

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