FMC Chapter 2890

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2890 Sisters: Dark Invasion, Astronomy
Meng Lichuan’s brain is a mess.

She knows the influence of this peak matchup.

Before the war, the captain and even some of the seniors in the Dark Moon Foundation explained to them very seriously that the victory or defeat of this strategic deduction would not only affect the reaction of public opinion, but even affect the voting results of the parliament.

The future of countless people is in their hands.

Therefore, Meng Lichuan is so desperate, he will burn his own Brain, and he must squeeze out the ultimate computational ability to complete the mission.

And halfway through the battle, the results of the forum are also true, and the polls are closely related to the course of the war.

When the “Moon Demon Team” was slightly superior, there were more people supporting the sending of troops. When the “Blood Shadow Team” gradually formed an overwhelming victory, there were more people who opposed the sending of troops.

Now, their Moon Demon Team is defeated, representing the Federation Expedition Army, and the results of the polls should not be plummeted. How come, the number of people supporting the troops is increasing, showing a one-sided situation?

“What on earth happened?”

Meng Lichuan asked sillyly, “Peach sister, are you wrong, or am I getting it wrong?”

“I didn’t make a mistake. You didn’t get it wrong. The result was really unexpected. I am still dizzy now, and I haven’t figured out the famous ones!”

Jiang Baitao smiled and said, “However, the results of the polls are obviously not like this for no reason. In the three days of your coma, no, it happened from the beginning of the peak confrontation five days ago. I have a lot of things. Let me explain it to you.

“First of all, there is a small game on the forum.”


Meng Lichuan frowned, “What do you mean?”

“You know, the peak match between the Moon Demon Team and the Blood Shadow Team has received official support and even become an official tool for explaining the situation and policies to the public, regardless of the Dark Moon Foundation or the military or the Federation of the Glorious Era Group. Big Sect has opened a propaganda machine, and almost everyone in the entire Federation knows and participates in it. With tens of billions of people watching it online at the same time, it has created the most exaggerated record in the history of the Civilization game, and it has become the focus of attention. The heat broke through the sky.

โ€œIt can be said that every Federation person knows this. In the past few days, even if they donโ€™t watch the live broadcast, they will pay attention through forums and news.โ€

Jiang Baitao said, “But, in all fairness, the professional level of the ‘Glory Expedition’ is too high. It is more boring and complicated than the military’s war chess and simulation sandbox. It is all data, information and icons. It took a long time and it was not enough for three or five days to fight down in a battle.

โ€œOrdinary people simply donโ€™t understand what we are doing, and itโ€™s even more difficult to spend a few days and nights on such boring things. Then, in order to attract attention, alleviate the fatigue of the people and increase their participation, the organizers โ€“ That is, the Dark Moon Foundation behind us, in conjunction with the production team of the “Civilization” game, launched a small game.

“No, I later learned that this ‘small game’ is not small at all, and can be regarded as a sister piece of the ‘Glorious Expedition’, called ‘Dark Invasion’.”

“Dark invasion?”

Meng Lichuan murmured, “New piece of information?”

“Yes, the target group of ‘Glory Expedition’ is the professional talent, cultivator and military personnel. Because of the confidentiality level, the ordinary players can’t touch the key data. The ‘dark attack’ is approachable. Its target group is thousands of ordinary users, it does not have too complicated calculations and operations, and the sound and light effects are also delicate and real, making people feel immersive and indulge in the darkness.”

Jiang Baitao from the portable Crystal Computer called the “Glorious Expedition” sister article “Dark Invasion” introduction interface, the characteristics of this game one by one to Meng Lichuan to see, and then, “the quality of the game itself is extremely good, and The gimmicks of the ‘Glorious Expedition’ sisters, and the fact that all the Federation people are paying attention to our peak matchup, advertised in relevant forums and live channels, and even pushed directly to the users, and sure enough, once launched In a few hours, it attracted countless eyeballs and became the most popular expansion piece on the “Civilization” platform of the day.

“The audience originally came to see our peak matchup, but after reading it for a long time, I couldn’t understand it. When I was impatient, I was suddenly pushed by the official ‘sister’s article. Anyway, I am still idle, so give it a try. Hey, what do you say?”

Meng Lichuan thought about it very seriously and nodded. “Yes, it is me. If you have such a small game, you will definitely try two. Then, what is this little game? What is the relationship between the results?”

Jiang Baitao smiled and opened a detailed introduction of “Dark Invasion”.

Meng Lichuan was suddenly attracted by the scene of a corpse, and the blood flowing into the river, and even scared.

“Since it is a sister story of the ‘Glorious Expedition’, there is certainly a certain internal connection. The setting background of ‘Dark Invasion’ is the success of the Star Ocean Central after the failure of the ‘Glory Expedition’. , a big attack on the Star Ocean side of the Federation, and the complete disappearance of the Federation before and after the story.”

Jiang Baitao said, “Although it is a small game, but the degree of freedom and realism are very high, you can choose to become an admission soldier of the Federation Army, facing the hiding the sky and covering the earth, the dense enemy, the enemy blocking the stars, fighting Until the end of the battle, the blood will drain; you can also play a free-spirited Federation civilian, try to keep your family in the post-war purgatory; you can also play the captain of a civilian Transport Ship, with Thousands of people and limited supplies fled and fled to the deeper and busier Star Ocean.

“And the most interesting story, the source of the name of this little game, in the ‘Dark Invasion’, you can play as a refuge manager, in order to avoid the raging of the central enemy of Star Ocean, you and your people It has been hidden in underground refuge for thousands of years or even tens of thousands of years. After tens of thousands of years of lapse, under the extreme harsh environment, your humanity is constantly peeling off, your emotions are gradually distorted, and even appearances are unrecognizable. The distortion, you are like a lizard and a viper, enduring the never-ending … dark invasion.”

Jiang Baitao said that he opened a video ad for the game “Dark Invasion.”

The ad is not long, but it is very extravagant to use a full ten seconds of darkness and silence to attract attention.

When Meng Lichuan suspected that the video was stuck, there was a sharp and sharp scream in the depths of the darkness. Then, a seemingly inhuman, ghost-like, ghost-like monster wrapped in a black carapace, slammed from the darkness. The ground rushed out, and under the setting of three-dimensional special effects, almost hit the face of Meng Lichuan.


Meng Lichuan was shocked and his heartbeat suddenly accelerated half a beat. “Peach sister!”

“Hah, scare it. When I first played it, I was shocked. Basically, this game was made out, as if it was going to deliberately scare you, anger you, make you extremely depressed and desperate. โ€

Jiang Baitao said, “No matter what role you choose, what kind of plot line you take, the result is a dead end.

“You choose to be a member of the Federation Army, even the Commander of the Federation Army or the move mountains and drain seas. The omnipotent cultivator is good, what is the use, facing the integration of all the resources of the Star Ocean Central, millions of Starship strikes, even if you give dozens of units, a hundred Giant Divine Weapon, there is no, crush, it is thoroughly crushed!

“People, let alone, whether the enemy is a Saint League or an Immortal Cultivator, will not let go of even a civilian. If the Federation is large and can escape, the result is not artificial, it is my fish. Was it devastated by the enemy?

โ€œEscape to the depths of Star Ocean, ha, we are already at the end of Star Ocean, and then fleeing to the distance, it is even more impossible to find a little resource. The size of one or two Starships is not enough to support a society. Operation, in the end, is the tragedy of killing people and eating people. In this case, is there still too little Meteor Sector in the past?

“Escape to the refuge in the depths of the earth, for hundreds of years, thousands of years or even tens of thousands of years? Yes, regardless of Saint League or Empire, pay attention to the rate of return on resources, it is indeed not worth hundreds of civilians The whole crust is turned over – but the ending is the theme of this piece of information, ‘Dark Invasion’, the darkness is not only the body of Human Race, but also our most precious emotions and hearts. When tens of thousands of years later, when our descendants were once again out of the darkness, would anyone admit that they are real Human Race?”


Meng Lichuan looked at the video of the “Dark Invasion” game uploaded by countless players, especially the ending of pain, horror and despair. The more I watched the chill, the more I watched and shivered. “This is not like this.” game.”

โ€œItโ€™s not like a game. Itโ€™s like a history that has happened countless times, and a future that is inevitable and coming.โ€

Jiang Baitao’s smile on her face didn’t know when it was gone, but it was replaced by a faint haze. Her eyes were filled with black Bewildering Mist. Bewildering Mist might be unwilling, maybe fear, “If we don’t send troops.” , or sent troops but lost, this is us, all our loved ones and the entire Civilization, have to face the end.”


Thousands of videos of “Dark Invasion” flooded into Meng Lichuan’s mind and turned into a stormy wave, bombarding her fragile beliefs, and let her subconsciously say, “This is impossible!”

“How is it impossible?”

Jiang Baitao spread his hand. “Do you think that after Saint League swallowed Empire, it is impossible to continue to advance to the Federation, or do you think that Saint League plus Empire’s resources are not enough to crush the Federation?

“Please, even now, Federation and Empire’s power may not be able to beat Saint League, let alone twice, Saint League, destroying a small Federation with isolated and without help!”

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