FMC Chapter 2891

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2891, Rebellious Psychology, Astronomy
Meng Lichuan is speechless, without a word, and quickly browses the relevant forums and exchanges of “Dark Invasion”.

Unsurprisingly, like her, she was full of shock and fear of this new piece of information, and many people were there.

Thousands of players have been entangled in the super-difficult and desperate atmosphere of this piece of information, just like being caught in a thorny swamp, almost breathless.

Many people spent a day and night to experience the bloody sorrows, tremors and deaths. No matter how many times they tried, they were still dead, and they all ended.

There are complaints everywhere in the forum:

“Is there a mistake, this game is too unreasonable, it’s crazy? Is the Federation Army so fragile? Under the indiscriminate bombardment of the enemy, there is no way to fight back?”

“Which game is designed by Madman, no matter what role or script is chosen, there is no half-pass path. No matter how hard we try, we can only die and die badly!”

“Federation is completely gone, and above the wreckage of the Federation, the survivors are still in the dark evolution of tens of thousands of years, become a freak freak that is not a ghost, what is this, it is simply a whip The corpse ‘ah, it’s too sullen for this game!’

“You said, is this game simulation scene really happening? If the Federation loses, will our descendants really fall into such a situation, and become a sly and lizard deep in the ground?”

“Short, how is it possible!”

“The Specialist and expert of the Federation will always come up with a way to come. It is impossible to watch the strong enemy in the center of Star Ocean kill it?”

“But on the other side of the virtual battlefield, the ‘Moon Demon Team’ representing the Federation Army did not perform well and was being hoisted opposite. If the Federation Army really collapsed, who else can protect us?”

“But, according to the deduction here, even if the Federation Army is not far from the center of Star Ocean, the strong enemy there already knows our existence, and it is impossible to let us go with ease. Isn’t that still a dead end?”

“In any case, I will never look at my family and fall into this kind of end. It really is a day. Our family will pick up Chainsaw Sword and pick up Arrow Exploding Cannon. It will also be hōng hōng. Hurry and die on the battlefield!”

“That is, what ‘dark invasion’, the world view presented is too disgusting, too evil, too abnormal, our Federation people, death will not fall to such a end!”

Meng Lichuan also opened hundreds of light curtains at the same time, reaching the computing limit of Jiang Baitao’s portable Crystal Computer, while quickly browsing the voices of thousands of ordinary people.

Is it an illusion? At first, she smelled a very strong panic and fear from the voice of the people, but the closer the posting time is to the present, the weaker the panic-stricken atmosphere is. Instead, the volcano is about to explode. If the real qualitative sulphur breath!

It seems that all the people of the whole Federation are deeply irritated by this quirky, desperate, and sultry little game!

“In the beginning, in the games of these two sisters, the ‘Glorious Expedition’ was the main one, and the ‘Dark Invasion’ was just a turning point for leisure and entertainment.

Jiang Baitao said, “But the ‘dark invasion’ is like the fiercest virus. It spreads and explodes in a geometric progression. Within two days, it becomes the focus of the whole Federation.

“At this time, the peak match between the Moon Demon Team and the Blood Shadow Team is coming to an end. We are already going to the team, but not many people are still concerned about the outcome of the ‘Glorious Expedition’.

“Now, the issue that people are most concerned about becomes the ‘end of Star Glory Federation and cultivation Civilization once the Federation Army is defeated’, and hundreds of millions of Federation people are eager to know how the ‘Dark Invasion’ piece is made. Out, based on what kind of data and initial conditions to create such a crazy world view, is this the official prediction of the defeat, is the highest authority there is no way to deal with it?”

Meng Lichuan Take a look at Jiang Baitao, look at the hot porridge-like forum, and think about it for a while.

Ice and snow clever genius girl, smelling a hint of conspiracy.

It’s too exaggerating to say that “conspiracy” is at least a special game like “Dark Invasion”. The choice is bound with the “Glorious Expedition, the Peak Match”. With the popularity of the latter, the anti-customer is the main factor, and the entire Federation is swept in an instant… Things are interlocking, and it’s like someone is pushing in the dark. Isn’t it a pure coincidence?

“This is the first thing I want to tell you. However, the launch of the ‘Dark Invasion’ will not completely reverse the results of the polls. In fact, when our Team was beaten, the polls turned out to be the result of the polls. At the end of the valley, only those who supported the immediate dispatch were 35%.”

Jiang Baitao spread his hands and said, “The general trend has gone, the victory and defeat have been divided, and it is boring to continue to linger. Even if the rest of the players want to fight hard, the director and the referee team unanimously decided that we lost.

“And just in the moment when the results came out, not only the forum of the “Glorious Expedition”, but even the entire Spiritual Nexus, there were comments on hiding the sky and covering the earth. Many articles are related to the Civilization game. Professional players, seniors, and even the military and all major Sects have their own name and expert name, written by themselves.

“You know, there are countless Specialist and expert real-time reviews of such a sensational Super-Federation super event. After the outcome, it is not surprising that there are tens of thousands of extremely professional review articles.

“The strange thing is that most of the game expert, strategic specialist and critics have changed their objective and fair tone, but they have greatly scorned the performance of our Moon Demon Team and are pessimistic about the future of Star Glory Federation.

“In any case, the critics and the strategic expert’s remarks are tied together, and the water is wrung out. It is nothing more than saying – with the fighting force of the Federation Army in the virtual confrontation, there is no hope of a little victory. We are finished. I can’t beat it, I can’t escape, I don’t have any hope, I can only obediently wash my neck and die!”


Meng Lichuan blinked, regardless of dizziness, sat up again, angry. “How can these Specialists say this? Three-year-olds know that there are too many uncertain factors that can affect the outcome of strategic deductions. Such virtual confrontation can only be used as a reference. Ah, the so-called ‘winning defeat is the common cause of the military’. Now it is not a real failure. But if a virtual confrontation fails, it will completely lose confidence. It will also ‘wash your neck and die.’ It’s ridiculous!

“The simplest reason, the accuracy of the strategic deduction, is greatly disturbed by the initial data. The Saint League fleet battle value we set this time is only the data that is transmitted to us by the Empire, multiplied by the approximate coefficient. And the battle data of the Empire people, as they say, we use the data of Black Wind Fleet to fine-tune, how can this be done?

“Immortal Cultivator’s scams are well known. Revolution Faction Immortal Cultivator, also Immortal Cultivator, how can they tell us the true fleet combat power? Perhaps the strength of the Saint League fleet is not so strong, and Revolution The combat power of Faction Immortal Cultivator is not so weak? The result is completely different!

“Also, I firmly believe in the flexibility and resilience of the Federation cultivator. If we really face the threat of the demise of Civilization, our dear Federation Army and our friends will definitely burn life to the limit and inspire 120,000 points. Do you create a miracle?

“In the past few hundred years, the Federation has relied on the miracles created by countless heroes to stand on the edge of Star Ocean. Is this the exception?

“I don’t believe, I will never accept the result of this war, these shit Specialist, just nonsense!”

“Don’t be excited.”

Jiang Baitao said with a smile, “Look at your appearance, where is the patient who has just been in a coma for three days and three nights. It is like a little wolf dog. It is going to bite the Specialist bite!”

“Hey, if the shit Specialist who wrote these shit comment articles appeared in front of me, even if I didn’t go to bite him, at least I would have to lick him!”

Meng Lichuan went straight to the sleeves. “No, I can’t help it. The peach sister helped me with Crystal Computer. I have to retort online now, and I want to send out the voice of our ‘Moon Demon Team’ players!”

“No, in fact, these Specialist scholars and commentators have been squandered in the day when these articles were published.”

Jiang Baitao moved to Crystal Computer and changed a few new pages – this seems to be a newly opened area on the “Glorious Expedition” forum, specifically for the public to vent their anger, you can see that every second has Several hundred new posts popped up, just as spectacular and horrible as a volcanic eruption.

“What shit Specialist, just the result of a virtual game, arbitrarily determines the future of the Federation? It’s ridiculous, who do you think you are!”

“I paid attention to this so-called ‘peak matchup’. I have to say that the rules are too unfair. The Blood Shadow Team has locked the morale. The hundreds of thousands of Starships are fighting like a Starship. On the Moon Demon Team side, the whole process was weakened by various injustices, the morale was weakened, the command was weakened, and the friendly forces collapsed… This is not to bundle the hands and feet of our Federation Army, so that people can hang it? What is the reference value of the rules?”

“What’s more, the Moon Demon Team is not the main force of the Federation Army. It’s just the two sub-fleets of Prairie Flame Fleet plus some patchwork local fleets. It’s not the two big stars in the center of Star Ocean. It’s normal, I don’t believe it, the whole Federation will come out and it will be so bad!”

“The creators and planners shouldn’t explain it. Why is this set up? Anyway, the Federation Army is still dead at home. It’s better to attack the whole army at the beginning, so desperate!”

“Mom, even if it is a death, Laozi will die on the battlefield, instead of falling into the ‘dark invasion’, those miserable, the result of death is not good – cultivation is not afraid of death, afraid of death is not cultivation, what is our Federation? Are you afraid of being dead?”

“It’s these Specialist and commentators, too, throwing the face of the Federation, and also ‘washing the neck obediently waiting for death’? The bones, their bones? I am!”

“In my opinion, these Specialist should wash their ass, obediently waiting to serve their new master, those Saint League chop!”

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