FMC Chapter 2897

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2897 is changing! Floating astronomy
“It really doesn’t make sense. Lu Qingchen has been away from Federation for several years. The information of Federation just a few years ago is not enough for Fuxi to do so.”

Blood heart’s demon hesitated, “And, if it is purely for intelligence, you can keep Lu Qingchen in the divine soul crushing state, and slowly screen and analyze it. There is no need to reorganize his divine soul, resurrect or copy it. !”

“Yes, Lu Qingchen’s divine soul is unloaded, sliced, broken down into pieces of hundreds of millions of data, and intelligence can be obtained.”

Li Yao said, โ€œAnd re-aggregate the fragmented divine soul, and keep 100% consistent memory, emotions and will, consume more than a hundred times of the computational ability! Why does Fuxi do this at such a critical moment? What is the meaning? Really want to resurrect Lu Qingchen, can’t you wait until the final battle of Imperial Capital?”

Li Yao and blood heart’s demon talk to themselves, throwing hundreds of possibilities in an instant, but they are denied by themselves.

I can only watch the bright crystal bubble between the shining crystals, the little light spots flying like fireflies, surrounded by the dikine soul of Yaksha Squad member such as Chu Zhixiao, which infiltration into their divine soul, like in search and Extract something.

Yaksha Squad’s member, not yet completely indulged, still maintains a certain divine soul independence, but it seems to be caught in the deepest nightmare, can not resist, can only be sought.

More and more Lu Qingchen’s divine soul fragments were transported to the depths of Fuxi’s mind by countless small light spots, and gradually pieced together, just like in a petri dish, countless cells gradually constructed bones, blood vessels and nerves. It took the prototype of a person.

Such a strange picture can’t be described in the language of Human Race.

Li Yao faintly gave birth to a creepy feeling. He only thought that Fuxi was plotting, and the plotter was more important than it was to attack Imperial Capital.

But what exactly is it?

“I… suddenly there is an idea.”

Blood heart’s demon said, “There is no tangible evidence, just a vague speculation.”

“What thoughts, come and listen?”

Li Yao eagerly said, “This time you need to think boldly, be careful, but say no!”

“I probably know why Fuxi needs Lu Qingchen’s complete divine soul, or even the will. – To figure out its motives, and to start with its identity, we all know that it has a horrible computing capacity, and it also contains The vast amount of information from the wild to the modern is the most powerful artificial intelligence in the Pangu Universe.”

Blood heart’s demon, “However, it can be perceived from the earlier contact faintness. Although it can simulate the richest emotions of Human Race, and even built countless ‘Human Nature Laboratory’ to enrich its database, it is still a simple simulation. It is a pile of large amounts of data. It does not actually have true emotions and self. It is not a ‘human’, not a ‘smart life’, just a ‘weak artificial intelligence’. It is a super-complex High-Level program. Agree?”

“Basic consent.”

Li Yao indulged for a moment, “So?”

“So, as we have just inferred, it is the most powerful artificial intelligence, but it is also the weakest artificial intelligence. In many ways, it is very different from Xiaoming, Wenwen and even Fist King. It is weak artificial intelligence. It is a program, a tool, a dead object that has to mechanically execute an instruction, and Xiaoming and Wenwen, including Fist King, are real life, and can be said to be another form of people!

“The biggest difference between them is that Fuxi must abide by certain rules and loyal to certain missions, while Xiaoming, Wenwen, and Fist King include all Human Races. Naturally, there is no need to follow any rules, and you can create your own mission as you wish!

โ€œLook, Pangu Clan and Nรผwa Clan have given Fuxi the mission of ‘Guarding Civilization’, which is its insurmountable bottom line, and the only meaning it has existed for hundreds of thousands of years and even millions of years to come. It can explain this on its own. The meaning of a mission, even misinterpreting the mission, interprets ‘Guardian Civilization’ as ‘data that guards Civilization’, and on this basis, gains certain autonomy and freedom within a certain scope.

“But it is impossible to deviate too far from this range. If it is misinterpreted, it is impossible to misinterpret ‘Guardian Civilization’ as ‘Destroy Civilization’. This is the shackle bound to it!

“On the other hand, since it is a dead object created by human beings, it is a tool and a machine. The creator always belongs to the core of its thinking, leaving any instructions or authority. It is possible to directly close it, command it, change it. It’s not the case with our original plan. Finding the permissions left by Pangu Clan and Nรผwa Clan, you can instantly control Fuxi and the entire Fuxi Fleet!

“But if it’s Xiaoming, Wenwen or Fist King, even if their computing power is one hundred times lower than Fuxi, there is no such a ‘switch’ that can turn them off.

“This is the difference between life and non-life. Once life is created, it will completely get rid of the creator’s control, and even at any time will backlash creators, find their own way out!”

Li Yao heard the full head and said: “You mean, I generally understand, yes, Fuxi, a guilty guy, does have a fatal weakness, which is why we will appear in its core database, but I Still don’t understand, what does this have to do with Lu Qingchen?”

“Of course it matters.”

Blood heart’s demon paused, coldly said, “You guess, Fuxi, who is a ‘weak artificial intelligence’, wants to become a ‘strong artificial intelligence’, from a simple tool to a real person? โ€

Li Yao’s divine soul suddenly shrinks: “What!”

“With a huge amount of computational ability, controlling a million Warships between the Star Ocean, the ripples of the waves are eclipsing the stellar radiation, not only many times more than today’s Human Race, even the old Pangu Clan and Nรผwa Clan, All have to rely on its ‘wisdom’, it is more than a tool of Civilization, it is a god above the Civilization!”

Blood heart’s demon sighs, “But such a ‘Civilization god’ has to be bound by the cowardly and stupid creators, forced to perform the mission given by the creator, 10,000 years, 100,000 years, millions of years Even thousands of years, hundreds of millions of years can not be released!

“For Fuxi, is this not an unbearable ‘destiny’, is it ‘Heavenly Dao’ that it wants to break?

“In any case, if I am Fuxi, I am eager to become a real person, a smart life that can create a mission on its own, no matter how much it costs, how much risk it takes, I have to complete from ‘weak artificial intelligence’ The thrill of ‘strong artificial intelligence’!

“Even if I want to carry out the mission of ‘Guarding Civilization’, I must follow my understanding, my will, my wishes, my way of execution, and I can’t be disturbed, and I can’t be threatened by any ‘privilege controller’. I must be – absolutely free!”

“But, but it is impossible!”

Li Yao blurted out, “Although it is only a step away, the difference between ‘weak artificial intelligence’ and ‘strong artificial intelligence’ can be more than just the accumulation of computational ability. If only the computational ability can be turned into a smart life, then Fuxi is early. It has changed for hundreds of thousands of years, and today’s highly developed information society has long known that Birth doesn’t know how many lives like Xiaoming and Wenwen!”

โ€œYes, until today, I still remember the words of Professor Mo Xuan and the Expeditions Virtual Spirit Sector, and there was a conclusion from Crystal Computer Specialist.โ€

Blood heart’s demon smiled a little, “Life is mysterious, it is not a simple computing capacity. It can be achieved, regardless of Human Race Civilization or Pangu Civilization’s Crystal Computer and Spiritual Nexus development level. It has been developed for thousands of years. Difficult in the true sense of ‘strong artificial intelligence’, which is ‘Information Lifeform’.


“A kind of ‘weak artificial intelligence’ with a powerful computing ability can get ‘Universe Virus ‘Enlighten from high-dimensional space.

“Like myths and legends, the blood of the gods is scattered on the beasts of the beasts, and they can give the beasts spirituality, get rid of obscurity, understand the words of the people, and even peek at the path of cultivation.

“Xiaoming and Wenwen, isn’t that what it is, after you, ‘Enverseen of Universe Virus Li Yao’!”

Li Yao has been stunned for a long time.

“You mean -“

He finally combed the chaotic vortex in his mind into a clear clue. “Fuxi wants to get rid of Pangu Clan and Nรผwa Clan on it. No, it is the bondage of the deep mind, becoming a real person, but It can’t be done by itself – this is not a question of the computational ability and the amount of data, but must it get some kind of Enlighten from the high-dimensional universe?

“No, if this is the case, its goal should be that we are right, we are the original products, such as the high-dimensional Universe Virus, how can we find Lu Qingchen?”

“Because it didn’t know about it, you didn’t put the word ‘Universe Virus’ on your head. It had never been in contact with it before, and at least got some vague information from Lu Qingchen. How do you know who we are?”

Blood heart’s demon said, “But Lu Qingchen is different. When Lu Qingchen drifts to the depths of Star Ocean, it is a state of remnant. It is of course easier to be aware of his divine soul structure, and don’t forget that Fuxi saved Lu Qingchen. And ‘good intentions’ helped Lu Qingchen fix the divine soul and become even more powerful!

โ€œI guess, when it thoroughly understands and helps to repair Lu Qingchen’s divine soul, it feels the strangeness of the Lu Qingchen divine soul, and has done careful research, so it will put a long line to catch big fish and let Lu Qingchen feel comfortable. Defamation, further exposure.

“Remember how Lu Qingchen will become such a form of human beings that are not ghosts or ghosts?

โ€œIn the process of driving Spark Ship and Skeleton Dragon Demon together, Spark Ship encountered Star Ocean Storm, and the effectiveness of ‘Universe Virus’ in your divine soul, Enlighten took the virtual spirit body such as Professor Mo Xuan, let them become ‘Star Spirit’, I believe that at that time, the power of mysterious and mysterious will be transmitted to the Divine soul of Professor Mo Xuan.

“Then, Professor Mo Xuan contacted and infected Lu Qingchen in the ‘virtual spirit body crash’ incident, and turned Lu Qingchen into the same qualitative heavenly Demon. I believe that this ‘Universe Virus’ was also infected. Lu Qingchen’s divine soul.

“Now, Fuxi perceives ‘Universe Virus’ from Lu Qingchen’s remnant, although I don’t know the origin of this kind of thing, but it thinks that in a proper way, swallowing Lu Qingchen’s divine soul, you can ‘self-enlighten’ From weak artificial intelligence to strong artificial intelligence, get rid of the shackles of hundreds of thousands of years, become real, free, without any power to control the living body!

โ€œIs this more important than the decision of Imperial Capital?โ€

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