FMC Chapter 2898

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2898 Full Version of the Great God Fuxi! Floating astronomy
Li Yao was deeply and deeply chilled.

Then, in the depths of the divine soul, a subtle flaw was provoked, which is the fighting intent that he never yields.

I really underestimated the main brain behind Saint League again and again, but this master also underestimated him again and again, Vulture Li Yao!

Fuxi is not omnipotent. From its perspective, even though it can rely on superior computing ability and all-encompassing initial data to promote the trend of most situations, it is absolutely impossible to see the existence of Li Yao.

So, Fuxi only knows that Star Ocean has a Star Glory Federation, and the Heavenly Demon Lu Qingchen divine soul from Star Glory Federation contains something that is extremely useful to it, but how does this come from? It is not that it knows, nor is it the most important.

As long as you thoroughly devour Lu Qingchen’s divine soul and memory, it will naturally clarify the ins and outs and re-ignite interest in Li Yao.

I am afraid that at that time, its search and kill level for Li Yao will suddenly increase by a hundredfold.

“I still don’t quite understand, change people… How much benefit can this bring, so that it is so desperate?”

Li Yao asked.

“There are many benefits. The important thing is not to change people, but to break the seal of your own, to let yourself break free from hundreds of thousands of years and even endless fate, to gain unparalleled freedom and to control your own life.”

Blood heart’s demon said, “The simplest example, Fuxi is now bound by some kind of authority. As long as we control the permissions, we can control or even destroy it, but suppose it passes ‘Enlighten’, ‘Enlighten’, ‘Nirvana ‘…A process like this, with ‘heart of life’, is no longer plagued by any permissions and commands, even if the live Pangu Clan and Nüwa Clan stand in front of it, enter more into its Mainframe Crystal Processor array. The passwords are useless, and it can still kill Pangu, Nüwa or any creator.

“Of course, whether it really does not hesitate to shoot Pangu Clan and Nüwa Clan is one thing. It is another thing to have the ability to shoot each other – the latter is very important, just like we must have to break Heavenly Dao The ability is just as important, do you understand?”

“…a little understanding,” Li Yao said.

“In short, the current Fuxi is not completely Version, or it is not Fuxi at all, just a ‘large code Crystal computer or super program codenamed Fuxi’, and this, it is known to itself.”

Blood heart’s demon further concluded that “only the depth of Lu Qingchen divine soul from your ‘Gaowei Universe Virus’, it can be reborn, Rise From the Ashes, become a real, vertical and horizontal Star Ocean, dominating The universe, ‘Fuxi’ without any control, even becomes the god of Pangu Universe!

“Think about it, with Fuxi’s superb computing capacity and huge database, and Lu Qingchen’s willpower and unbridled, arrogant and unpredictable temperament, the new Fuxi is the ultimate in our face. Devil’, what a terrible existence!”

Li Yao thought about it very seriously.

If he still has hair at the moment, surely every hair should be tilted like an antenna.

“Of course, this is just my guess, because Fuxi’s secrets like ‘High-dimensional Universe Virus’ and ‘Human Race divine soul’ don’t necessarily have that we know so much, so it’s unlikely that we are like us. The insight into the purpose is so clear.”

Blood heart’s demon continued. “It’s very likely that with the instinct-like induction, Lu Qingchen’s divine soul is found to have something that is good for him, and by Lu Qingchen’s divine soul feedback, I found it. His own incompleteness and dissatisfaction led to a strong desire to devour Lu Qingchen.

“It may not be able to understand the concept of ‘changing people’, nor think about breaking fate, just instinct to feel, swallowing Lu Qingchen, it will become stronger, smarter, more free, will become Pangu Universe’s Supreme God – probably.”

“Unfortunately, its plan has a scorpion.” Li Yao took a sigh of relief.

“Yes, out of the blind, it didn’t figure out two things.”

Blood heart’s demon said, “First, it did not predict that Lu Qingchen’s character is so strong, he would rather never be overbearing, never surpass, and would not be willing to merge with it, in a strange form of ‘symbiosis’, the result, Lu Qingchen self-destruct divine soul, turned into a powder.

“The divine soul itself is invisible and inferior. It is just a subtle ripple. It is more fragile than the radiation, high-energy particle flow or the Magnetic Spirit Force Field. The divine soul fragments are just like the wind and the fire, so Fuxi must squat. Lu Qingchen’s divine soul fragment has not been completely annihilated, and when it is ‘fresh’, he will be put together again in order to carry out the next step.

“Even if it’s a critical moment in the final battle of Imperial Capital, Fuxi can’t do anything. It’s only a hard-working scalp to split up a half of the computing capacity to do it.

“But the second problem has emerged, that is, it did not expect us to appear, not to expect our strange life form, we are the source of ‘High-dimensional Universe Virus’, is the ‘source of infection’, I have already seen through its purpose!”

“It makes sense, we are the virus, it is the source of infection, who is afraid of who!”

Li Yao is gearing up, and now there is only one last question left. “So, what happened to Yaksha Squad, why did Fuxi put their divine soul into their core database?”

“This one……”

Blood heart’s demon thought for a long time, suddenly divine soul bright, said, “I understand, it really is the algorithm of the gods, the unparalleled divine ability!”

Li Yao said: “What do you understand?”

“Look, Lu Qingchen’s last divine soul self-destruct, really sincere, twoty feet, no sham fake ingredients, really can’t die anymore, the usual means can’t piece together his divine soul pieces. Together, make him rise again, isn’t it?”

Blood heart’s demon paused and waited for Li Yao to answer, and continued. “But don’t forget, Lu Qingchen invaded the five Ultimate Ultrasperity High Master’s main field in order to capture the ‘Ultimate Salvation Ship”s Mainframe Crystal Processor. What have you done, what moved your hands and feet in the divine soul of the four members of Yaksha Squad?”

Li Yao glimpsed, and his mind turned and quickly recalled Lu Qingchen’s means.

He thought of it!

Lu Qingchen In order to invade the central nervous system of the entire Saint League, on the battlefield of the “Eternal Radiance Ship”, there was a trap that used various Illusion Worlds to invade the Shak of the four members of Yaksha Squad and in their divine soul Deep, a powerful virus is implanted.

That is even beyond the scope of the “Brain virus”, but Lu Qingchen put a part of his own divine soul into the neural field of the four members of Yaksha Squad in a mysterious way.

So, when Lu Qingchen put out the divine soul extremely weak and was whipped by five Ultimate Prosperity High Masters, he crouched in the depths of the four member neural fields of Yaksha Squad, and his four remnants could not be seen. Cruise out and take everything!

Of course, the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind, Lu Qingchen did not know that Fuxi was behind the scenes, his plot was naturally easily resolved.

But some of his divine souls crouched down in the neural field of the four members of Yaksha Squad, blending with the divine souls of Chu Zhixiao, Yun Haixin, Guan Qixing and Yuan Kou!

“If we think of ‘remodeling the divine soul’ as a ‘puzzle game’, it’s easy to understand.”

Blood heart’s demon explains, “Now, Lu Qingchen’s own divine soul has shattered to the extreme, like countless blocks of brightly-coloured, without any rules, and missing a lot of puzzles, even if Fuxi crowns the universe’s computingal ability, It’s hard to put them together in a short time to form a perfect pattern.

“But, Lu Qingchen remains in the divine soul in the depths of the four member neural fields of Yaksha Squad, but it looks like four large puzzles – with four larger puzzles as the basis, and other puzzle pieces attached one by one. Going up is much easier, right?”

Li Yao often plays jigsaw puzzles for cultivating his own computational ability and Brain agility. Especially for Artificer, it is a compulsory profession to put together a variety of 3D 3D structure diagrams. Therefore, Li Yao I suddenly understood the meaning of blood heart’s demon.

Everything is difficult at the beginning. It is really difficult to find out the “first piece of puzzles” in thousands of puzzles. What’s more, Lu Qingchen’s divine soul self-destruct, is the fragment more than “tens of thousands”?

However, Lu Qingchen’s divine soul fragments left in the four member neural fields of Yaksha Squad did not explode, at least not cleaned up, and there are still many clues that can be followed regularly.

That is equivalent to the “first puzzle”!

With Fuxi’s powerful and unparalleled computational ability, and with these four puzzles as clues, maybe you can really complete the unprecedented feat, put together the completely self-destruct divine soul pieces, resurrect Lu Qingchen, and then merge, Devouring!

“Can’t let it succeed!”

With Fuxi’s computational ability and database, there is also a tyrannical Fuxi Fleet, as well as countless words and deeds, and the “Bing Bee” and “Worker Bee” who are not afraid of death, if coupled with Lu Qingchen’s unruly, insidious and sinister Tenacious will…

Li Yao couldn’t imagine how terrible the “great devil”.

What’s more, if Fuxi completely devours Lu Qingchen’s memory, he will know his “Enlighten” Professor Mo Xuan and other Star Spirit, indirect Enlighten Lu Qingchen, it is not difficult to speculate that he is the “source of infection.”

If it not only swallowed Lu Qingchen, but further swallowed itself?

Who can make it through the entire Pangu Universe?

Although Li Yao has experienced the divine soul collision many times and has the title of “possession Little Prince”, strictly speaking, Li Yao has invaded Fuxi’s “neural field” and Li Yao wants possession Fuxi.

Fuxi’s home game, there is a huge amount of computing capacity blessing, and may even have Lu Qingchen’s willpower, the advantage is really great.

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