FMC Chapter 2899

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, 2899 chapter of the evil spirits invasion, floating astronomy
But Li Yao also has his own advantages or “handcuffs.”

First, most of Fuxi’s computational ability is used to harness the “Fuxi Fleet” to harden the steel defenses of the Paramount Heaven Sector and Empyrean Terminus, and may even face the Empire of True Humanity and Star Glory Federation. Coalition.

Millions of Starships, tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of Crystal Armor and Universe Battle Shuttle, staged the most frustrating Star Ocean battle since the 10,000 years of Emperor and Blood God Son civil war, even if Fuxi’s almost unlimited computing ability Will it be stretched and even the oil well lamp will dry up?

Second, Fuxi doesn’t know that the enemy it faces is the “computational ability”, although it is inferior to it, but the life form is better than “Xiaoming”, “Wenwen” and “Fist King”.

Li Yao doesn’t know what happens when Fuxi’s tentacles invade Imperial Capital’s Spiritual Nexus system, even into the core of the Imperial Capital defense network, and collide with Xiaoming, Wenwen, and Fist King.

The third is Li Yao himself, more precisely, the “Earth” hidden in the depths of Li Yao divine soul.

When Fuxi meets the Earth – what changes will it bring to Li Yao, to Pangu Universe, and even to the entire Multiverse?

However, the premise of all this is that Fuxi must not complete its “fusion”, and it must not be swallowed up by Lu Qingchen’s divine soul, let Fuxi wrap the Lu Qingchen’s will, Nirvana rebirth.

Once Fuxi completes the upgrade, it becomes the same level of intelligent life as Xiaoming, Wenwen, Fist King and even Li Yao. With its superior computing ability, it can be easily crushed, even turning Xiaoming, Wenwen, Fist King and Li Yao one by one. Devouring.

At that time, there can be no weaknesses to subdue it, the horrible future it depicts – the entire Pangu Universe becomes part of its body, and it can use all the resources, including the radiation of each star, 100%. It is indeed possible to come true!

“Lu Qingchen, is your life really clean?”

Li Yao muttered to himself, “Thinking” staring away from the scene, divine soul remodeling the scene.

As the infinite data stream continues to flood like a flood, a large number of Lu Qingchen’s divine soul fragments, as well as the large pieces of the souls extracted from the divine souls of the four members of Yaksha Squad, all come together and gradually outline A network of bones, blood vessels, and nerves.

This is a very strange scene, it is like… Li Yao crouched in a “mother body” and peered into the whole process of implantation and development of embryos into fertilized eggs.

I saw that the “divine soul of the divine soul” is getting fuller and more rounded, and it looks like a crystal clear, curled fetus.

With the “divine soul embryo”, Li Yao seems to be able to sense the memories, will and atmosphere of people from Lu Qingchen, Chu Zhixiao, Guan Qixing, Yuan Kou, Yun Haixin.

“Looks like Fuxi is going to focus on Lu Qingchen’s divine soul pieces, supplemented by the divine soul of the four members of Yaksha Squad, which combines a new divine soul, using this new divine soul as a carrier of its self-consciousness.” Blood heart’s demon road.

“No, it’s ok, can you combine the divine souls like a dough?” Li Yao snarled.

“A divine soul can be split into two personalities, such as the relationship between you and me, of course, multiple divine souls can also be combined together, just like ‘Guan Qixing’ is not the seven remnants of the soul together, it can be seen that Fuxi early Just doing research in this area.”

Blood heart’s demon said, “The mystery of the divine soul is still an unsolved mystery. Everything is possible. Let’s compare it with you. Whether you are ‘Earth Li Yao’ or ‘Heaven Origin Li Yao’, or more accurately Said, is the product of ‘Elite Li Yao and Heaven Origin Li Yao’ together?’

Li Yao gave a slight glimpse, somehow, the words of blood heart’s demon seemed to expand the crack in the depths of his divine soul a little, so that he could sense more secrets from the earth.

Divine soul combination…

Countless to expert’s divine souls come together to become new, ignorant individuals…

Forever reincarnation, from every corner of the Multiverse, countless to the virtual divine soul of the expert, like the ripples of the vortex, will inevitably be completely combined, can no longer find the original road, can not find the true self ……

“Familiar, I always feel that this scene is familiar.”

Li Yao is soft.

“what did you say?”

This time it’s round to blood heart’s demon.

“I… I seem to think of something, but I can’t grasp it. Those damn memories are like the smog in the wind. The head hurts, it hurts!”

Li Yao snorted softly.

“It hurts a big man, now we don’t have a ‘head’ at all!”

Blood heart’s demon anger.

“… Don’t pay attention to these details. In short, I think everything around me is very familiar. It seems that similar things have happened once, or countless times. I feel that the divine soul is deep into the gap of the earth, and there is another force in the air. Ah, ah, crispy, there is something to be, it’s going to spew out!”

Li Yao tried to control the waves of the divine soul and continued to observe the remodeling divine soul scene of Fuxi not far away.

At this time, the new “divine soul embryo” has been bred, but this embryo still has the characteristics of strong Lu Qingchen and Yaksha Squad member, with strong independence and exclusivity, at least, not compatible with Fuxi’s huge database. .

Fuxi’s “brain ditch” is deep and turbulent, and crystal bubbles containing countless data float around, surrounded by crystal clear divine soul embryos, each crystal bubble sticking out a thin, long light, deeply inserted Divine soul in the embryo.

Each crystal bubble represents a virtual world that Fuxi uses big data stacking and real-time calculations. The huge data stream from these virtual worlds instantly wraps the divine soul embryo and continuously injects it into the nascent embryo.

Li Yao can clearly see that the crystal clear divine soul embryo originally showed a translucent texture, but it was gradually eroded by the colorful data in the crystal bubble. Some chaotic data continued to peel off, dissipate and annihilate, and other data. It gradually fills the bones, blood vessels and nerves of the divine soul embryo and completely transforms the embryo into a core database.

From the perspective of blood heart’s demon, it is possible to penetrate the image of the surface such as “crystal bubble” and “divine soul embryo” and directly understand the essence of the whole thing – Fuxi is constantly stripping the divine soul embryos, those Unnecessary and annoying parts, such as Lu Qingchen, Chu Zhixiao, etc., too strong self-awareness, and meaningless Memory Fragments, extract the most core Universe Virus from Li Yao, and put their own Huge data, wrapped in layers.

In short, Fuxi is “digesting” Lu Qingchen, Chu Zhixiao and others!

“It seems to be very cautious, a cautious look.”

Li Yao said.

“This is of course. After all, Fuxi has already eaten Lu Qingchen’s bitterness earlier. It really wants to completely devour Lu Qingchen’s divine soul, upgrade and regenerate with Lu Qingchen’s self-awareness, but it does not want Lu Qingchen’s self. The consciousness is completely awakened. In that case, it is hard to say who is swallowing up. Even if the upgrade is really completed, is the ‘thing’ after the upgrade, Fuxi, or Lu Qingchen?”

Blood heart’s demon said, “So, Fuxi wants to ensure that Lu Qingchen’s past memories are thoroughly cleaned up before they can load their huge database. The real process is of course 10,000 times more complicated than I said, but a Central Plains said that you won’t understand it, so you can barely play such a rather decent analogy. For such a simple analogy, you always understand?”

“… Of course, do you think I am a fool!”

Li Yao whispered. “It seems that we have no choice but to go through the damn virtual world that Fuxi has just reshaped.”

There are not many choices left for them.

Drilling into the deepest part of the enemy’s core database to go to the big palace is also the planned tactics from the beginning.

Although there is a risk of being discovered and even swallowed by Fuxi, it is also awaiting the hustle and bustle of Fuxi and Lu Qingchen.

Li Yao and blood heart’s demon are once again entangled, like a nearly transparent snail.

They pretend to be the most common Human Race emotional data, silently close to a brightly-coloured crystal bubble.

It is a whole world, a world that is also illusory and true, lifelike and vibrant.

“shuā shuā shuā shuā !”

As they get closer and closer to the virtual world, the virtual world’s beautiful front-end images are all peeling off, revealing the truth of the endless stream of data, like the beauty of the beautiful man burning fiercely, in the flames Exposed Baisen’s cheekbones.

For a moment, Li Yao and blood heart’s demon got the key data of this virtual world and stolen some of the permissions to open and modify the world.


Li Yao and blood heart’s demon drilled in and merged with the virtual world.

This is a quiet and peaceful world under the blue sky and white clouds. The scale is probably a habitable planet and its galaxies. There is not much confusion and suffering. Fuxi has not arranged any thrilling and bizarre “drama”. It seems that Fuxi just created such a world of ordinary ordinary, but has not yet thought about using it to play “games”, and put it aside for the time being.

This is why Li Yao chose to infiltration first such an ordinary world to act as a “transfer station”.

Li Yao’s current feelings… very wonderful, wonderful.

His eyes are blue sky and white clouds and green hills and clear water, as well as the Human Race town dotted with mountains and rivers, as well as virtual people full of laughter and laughter.

However, as long as he “squints his eyes”, he can penetrate the skins of the world, the mountains, the towns and the Human Race, and see the hidden behind the virtual world, endless, like a waterfall, like a vortex-like data stream.

Even, he can invade and modify certain key data, change the basic characteristics of the world, call the wind and summon the rain, move mountains and drain seas, and even open up the world, like the “god” of the world.

Of course, Fuxi, the creator, is the “righteous” of this virtual world, and Li Yao, the invader, is just the “evil” of the world.

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