FMC Chapter 2902

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2902 goes beyond reincarnation, floating astronomy
“so that’s how it is.”

In the depths of Li Yao’s divine soul, another lightning strikes the darkness and illuminates his consciousness. “The so-called ‘reincarnation’ is to be a proud and reluctant divine soul in the depth hypnosis. Digestion and absorption ‘?”

With such a vision, and then to observe Fuxi’s game, Li Yao will be able to clear the essence of dozens of times and hundreds of reincarnations.

In the initial reincarnation, it seems that a thousand years ago, the Super Crystal Computer “Fuxi” was just awakened by the Dark Star Great Emperor Wuying Ji, and it constantly produced a lot of horrific scenes.

The virtual person who combined the bince souls of Lu Qingchen, Chu Zhixiao, etc., spent the whole life as “Battle Puppet”, receiving all kinds of excitement and giving ever-changing feedback.

Numerous precious and secret data overflowed from his divine soul core stream and was further mastered by Fuxi.

Fuxi also took the opportunity to inject a lot of its data into his divine soul core.

——If you inject too much data in a hypnosis, let the other party completely forget that you are Lu Qingchen, but ask him to believe that he is Fuxi, the difficulty is too high, it is easy to cause Lu Qingchen’s awakening and resistance.

However, the process of “data injection” and “deep hypnosis” is decomposed into dozens of times and hundreds of reincarnations. Each time only a little change is made, it is possible to subtly change, step by step, without causing a slight resistance. Take up the nest, to fake the truth.

In the next reincarnation, time jumped to the Star Ocean Empire Era 10,000 years ago, the loyalty to Emperor’s fleet and the Mad Armageddon Blood God Son’s rebels fought in the Star Ocean, dyeing every orange and milky white star Reddish red.

At this point in time, Lu Qingchen was reincarnation many times. Sometimes he was a cultivator loyal to Emperor, and sometimes became a rebel loyal to Mad Armageddon Blood God Son. He fought in the Star Ocean, he was deep in the earth’s crust. Expeditions, he has been killed from the Star Ocean Central to the Star Ocean side, experienced countless times of love and hate, conspiracy and betrayal, repeatedly torn body and crushed bones, once again fell to the ground, wow wow.

In the process, he has experienced several times of life, and has a subtle connection with the Super Crystal Computer “Fuxi” from the wild.

“Hey, from these scenes, Fuxi was just around the corner of the Star Ocean Empire 10,000 years ago, and I want to be resurrected!”

Li Yao concentrated on Fuxi’s core database and suddenly found some very interesting historical data. He thought about it and changed it. “Yes, Wuying Ji wakes Fuxi. This is not a coincidence, but a deliberate one.”

“It is estimated that Mad Armageddon Blood God Son 10,000 years ago had a certain degree of relationship with Fuxi, and even with the help of Fuxi, can completely get rid of Emperor’s control, become an independent individual, and have the ability to compete with Emperor. !

“Why should Fuxi upgrade Blood God Son to ‘Mad Armageddon’? The answer is also obvious, just to completely resurrect yourself!

“Just, 10,000 years ago, its conspiracy did not succeed, Emperor and Mad Armageddon Blood God Son died together, naturally no one can activate it.

“So, this work was postponed for 10,000 years, until the remnant of Mad Armageddon Blood God Son, found Wuying Ji, only by the hand of the Dark Star Great Emperor, completed the ‘Wake Up Fuxi’ mission!

“When the Star Ocean Empire civil war 10,000 years ago, how magnificent it is and how many secrets are hidden, the so-called ‘Emperor’, where did it come from, and where is it now, his ‘Golden Saint Throne – High Heaven Sector’ Is it really a God Tomb that is more ancient than the wilderness? What is the answer to all this!”

Li Yao forbears the divine soul boiling, and continues to observe and analyze quietly.

After about a dozen reincarnations, Lu Qingchen’s divine soul gradually returned to “ancient”.

In one reincarnation, he became Fiend Clan in Star Ocean’s “The Great Dark Age”, a resistance-stricken Human Race fighter who had been gnashing his teeth in the dark for decades.

In another reincarnation, he became a Fiend Clan ruler, swinging down the butcher knife and chasing the resistance fighters between Star Ocean.

In the collision of blood and iron, the interlacing of conspiracy and betrayal, he became more and more confused, more and more embarrassed, and involuntarily leaked more secrets of the divine soul.

When his divine soul finally “reincarnate” to Ancient Cultivation World, it seems completely lost.

Li Yao watched him go through several reincarnations, as a refugee, as an Imperial Court official, as a soldier and a general, or as a Sword Immortal singer, or as elegant or bitter. Unspeakable, or Jin Ge Iron Horse, or indulging in a life of luxury – no matter what his identity, he rarely looks back at the stars, rarely think of a very distant past, he used to be Lu Qingchen, dare to All Heaven’s Gods and Demons fired Lu Qingchen!

In countless reincarnations, his divine soul is like an onion, peeled off by Fuxi, revealing the most important and most vulnerable core.

Fuxi injected countless and complicated data into it, completely burying and tampering with the real Lu Qingchen.

In the end, Fuxi’s entire core database is deeply inserted into Lu Qingchen’s divine soul core through a mysterious and mysterious way. A large amount of raw data and core logic are inrush, and will be merged into an inseparable whole.

Devouring, is about to be completed.

This is the true meaning of reincarnation.

Li Yao looked at the red dust in the sea, in the infinite reincarnation, and could not follow his own Lu Qingchen, as if through a turbid pond, watching his twisted reflection.

Earth, countless earths, countless reincarnations, countless cycles of infinite loops!

“shuā shuā shuā shuā !”

Numerous new and extremely painful Memory Fragments have emerged from the surface of the divine soul, allowing Li Yao to feel his non-existent head and suddenly become two big.

He suddenly felt that he was not just as simple as “Li Yao”.

No, it should be said that he is indeed “Li Yao”, but the earth man Li Yao has also experienced countless cycles, not just a maintenance worker and racer who lives in the modern earth.

In some Memory Fragments, he saw his face covered with spotted mud, holding his own dagger, like a soldier in the jungle.

In other Memory Fragments, he, like Lu Qingchen, returned to a quaint Era, turning into a sunrise and a sunset farmer.

There are countless different memories, different life, different love and hate, and seven emotions, the same and unequal worldview, countless chaotic Memory Fragments, completely shattered his mind.

“This, what does this mean? Is it like Lu Qingchen, I have experienced countless cycles, even though my reincarnation is many times more complicated and complicated, but it is essentially the same?”

Li Yao didn’t dare to think about it. “If you say that the reincarnation in front of you is that Fuxi is studying, analyzing and dissecting Lu Qingchen’s divine soul through repeated hypnosis, and gradually digesting and absorbing it, then my reincarnation, What is the cycle of thousands of people around the world?

“My source, who am I originally?

“And thousands of people on earth, what is their original appearance?”

No wonder to implement Vulture Plan.

No wonder to destroy the earth!

“Focus on concentration, it’s useless to think about it at this time!”

Just as Li Yao fell into the infinite loop of thinking and couldn’t be freed, blood heart’s demon sighed. “Here, it should be the end of the cycle, the last world!”

Li Yao’s heart glimpsed and scanned the past. I saw that the world of Lu Qingchen’s divine soul is about to be put into the world. It is composed of endless golden data streams. Its shape and structure are more refined than the previous dozens of reincarnations. many.

It is like a shiny golden apple, Fuxi must consume the ultimate computational ability to create and maintain it.

“This virtual world involves several of the most critical ‘meta logic’ in the Fuxi core database, which should be its source!”

Blood heart’s demon said, “Fuxi all the most important meta-logic, underlying architecture and initial data, of course, including the highest authority to control it, should be hidden in this virtual world!

“Lu Qingchen’s divine soul has been parsed and stripped into differs not much. As long as the last reincarnation is completed and he is completely digested and absorbed, Fuxi will be completely awakened and become absolutely free, without any control, no one can block Strong existence!”

This virtual world, the time has suddenly regressed hundreds of thousands of years, it is the end of the wild war, Pangu Clan and Nüwa Clan are about to burn out the well, Civilization extinct Era.

It is also that Fuxi has gradually deviated from the original mission in countless self-attacks and privilege opening, or Era, who can explain and distort his mission.

“We can’t watch Fuxi devour the divine soul of Lu Qingchen and Chu Zhixiao and so on. Now it’s too late to stop it!”

Li Yao is rushing.

“Yes, but here is the core world of Fuxi. It’s more difficult to make waves here than in the hundreds of ordinary worlds. It’s a little bit of wind and grass, and it’s discovered by Fuxi.”

Blood heart’s demon hesitated, “Unless… something happens, Fuxi’s computingal ability is further reduced, unable to maintain the perfection and sturdiness of this core world 100%, there are loopholes that can be exploited by us.”


The voice of blood heart’s demon has not fallen, and there have been a wave of thunderous waves in all directions. The perfect golden world on the surface of the world has also appeared in pieces, and many parts are faint.

“this is–“

Li Yao glimpsed, ecstatic, “It’s Star Ocean jump! Fuxi has taken away most of the computational ability, and is doing a huge Star Ocean jump that is hiding the sky and covering the earth. It can’t help it, right. Imperial Capital launched an attack! Perhaps the reinforcements of the Federation came, or Lei Chenghu and Boss Bai won a decisive victory. In short, Fuxi had to fight, it was on the string and had to be sent!

“It is now, go on, go beyond reincarnation, and fight with Fuxi, wake up Lu Qingchen and Chu Zhixiao, and wake up… ourselves!”

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