FMC Chapter 2907

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2907 Military and Politics, Astronomy
“Why not attack yet?”

In the three-dimensional 3D light curtain, Song Lixing was covered with clouds and stared at Song Bugui. It was covered with thorns and barbs. He had to puncture the surface of the planet all the way to the synchronous orbit, and smashed the backbone of Song Bugui. “Song Shuai Shuai, His Majesty and his father are very concerned. The revolutionary thieves have already entered the heart of our Song Family for so long, and even entangled in our most important resource and heavy industry base ‘Jade Cauldron Sector’, plundering Hey, seeing the entire Jade Cauldron Sector is going to be destroyed!

“The head of this dangerous life and death, you hold the most powerful fleet of Empire, why not reinforce the Jade Cauldron Sector, and fight against the revolutionary thieves, what are you still honing, hesitating, afraid of what!”

Song Lixing looks like a bell, even when blowing his beard, he is a bit loyal and angry.

However, Song Bugui is very clear that his future Patriarch is a golden jade, smashing it, a hundred percent of straw bags, and even a shameless villain who “leads me to come and die to you.”

He is the kind of person who was born to regard himself as a chess player, to treat others as pigs, and to think that the whole world would naturally turn around him.

Unfortunately, because of his strong background, his idea is not wrong for most of the time.

He does not have any military abilities. The battles he personally commanded are stupid. In addition to his head rushing forward, there is no more tactics. He advocates “dedication, sacrifice, and long live”. And to seize the merits, eliminate dissidents, shirk responsibility, and harm the subordinates and comrades in this aspect, but have the talent of no teacher.

He relied on the blood and corpses of countless people, coupled with his father’s powerful brilliance, to build his own advanced path step by step. Song Bugui saw his robes and he was sent to the fire pit several times, even he was almost He used it as a shell and he didn’t know how to die.

The ridiculous guy thinks that everyone in the world is a blind man. He doesn’t know or has forgotten his streaks. He often boasted that he pulled Song Bugui back to the top commander of the SkyFront and the position of the Empire’s second coach, to Song Bugui. Do not forget day and night, thank you to him!

Although the heart is full of frustration and disdain, Song Bugui is still a cautious and dull appearance on the surface, but only promised: “The chairman, the returning fleet is still in the drill, you know, our fleet is equipped with a lot of new Warship, However, there are four… The remnants and the reserve are put together, and the coordinated operations between them have not been polished to the extent of perfection. The morale of the officers and men is not high, and the revolutionary rebels are just the opposite, winning two wins in a row. After entering our hinterland, another road is like a broken bamboo. It is a time of morale and arrogance.

“As far as the end is concerned, since the enemy is in good spirits, it is better to avoid its edge. There is no need to rush to launch a decisive battle. The returning fleet and the reserve troops from all over the country will stick to the Yellow Dragon Sector and even fight in the Yellow Dragon Sector and the enemy. Well, the Yellow Dragon Sector is the core of our Song Family’s painstaking efforts for hundreds of years. It is not so easy to be overcome. The innovative thieves are really dare to come. It is called the Yellow Dragon Sector and becomes the dead place of their burial. Slaughterhouse!”

This seems to be heroic, but in fact it is extremely cautious, and it has not been satisfactory to Song Lixing. The future members of Song Family have eyes like copper bells. They have looked at Song Bugui for a long time. This is: “This is What? The revolutionary thief’s army is like a broken bamboo, and it is invincible. Isn’t this still your problem? Why didn’t it stop in the enemy’s territory when the enemy just entered the Song Family territory?

“Now, when you see the enemy, you will be so scared that you will not even dare to go out to fight.”

“Hey, in the Yellow Dragon Sector, it’s a good idea to wait for the thieves to innovate! I’ll ask you, what about Jade Cauldron Sector, our Song Family’s most valuable resources, heavy industry base and Shipyard, that’s it. No, now, the Yellow Dragon Sector is where the celestial priests are, and the palace of the next is located here. Do you want to watch the thief army attack the Yellow Dragon Sector and expand the strength with the resources of the Yellow Dragon Sector, then It’s a long way to go straight into the arms of the Majesty and the Manchu dynasty. Is this what the Song Family is like to defend the Majesty and the Imperial Court?”

Song Bugui would like to say that when Lei Chenghu and Bai Xingjian all the way into the heart of the Song Family, they were just the top commander of the unfortunate returning fleet – just because of the messy Four Great Families Dare to confront Lei Chenghu, it’s his turn to be a hapless person and a sinister singer. In a short period of time, he can make the Four Great Families’s defeated soldiers and a bunch of virgins not ready for the reserve. “Essence” is already a miracle of the big day. How come now, the black pot that Lei Chenghu has brought in has to be buckled on his head?

He took a deep breath and secretly warned himself not to be angry – how to think about how to work with Lei Chenghu in these few days, has been drained, divine soul is extremely fragile, and then violently angry, it is very likely that cultivation deviation, tolerance to explain Road: “Chairman, Jade Cauldron Sector is not so easy to fall – now it’s just that the Jade Cauldron Sector’s garrison fleet has been swept away, but Jade Cauldron Star and several Resources Planet still control the hands on the ground. As a heavy industry base, Jade Cauldron Star also has a very complete ground and underground defense system. As long as Song Jun does not act rashly, he will stick to the support, and support for three years and five years is no problem.

“On the other hand, our returning fleet is not necessarily an innovative thief in the frontal battlefield…”

“You want to say, are we not the opponents of the revolutionary thief?”

Song Lixing squinted, coldly asked.

“No, no, the end will mean that when the sword is not sheathed, the threat may be even greater. It is not necessary for the returning fleet to compete with the revolutionary thieves. As long as they crouch in the Yellow Dragon Sector, they will not move, and they will be the biggest innovating the thieves. Deterrence!”

Song Bugui said, “There is a returning fleet in the dark, and it is impossible for the revolutionary thief to invest 100% of its troops to attack the surface of Jade Cauldron Star and several resource satellites. So, we are each other. The line of defense is foolproof.

“Innovative thieves seem to have taken advantage of the battlefield, but its disadvantages are also very obvious, that is, it is a lonely army, lack of supply, can not convert the advantages into a winning position, as long as they can not attack for a long time, morale is bound to languish, the rear is also Inevitable turmoil, when the time, our army will give the Thunder a blow, it is bound to be able to slam down!”


Song Lixing’s face still has a thick haze, and the proposal of Song Bugui is irrelevant.

“The chairman, at the end, will think that this is the safest way to play in the military.”

Song Bugui put his heart on the ground and simply slammed his head. “There will be no fear of the enemy like a tiger. However, Lei Chenghu is far superior to the last in many aspects, such as strategy, tactics and military prestige. This is also In fact, since there is an opportunity to stay at ease, why bother to rush?”

“Song Shuai Shuai, what do you mean is that you understand the military, and the chairman does not understand the military?”

Song Lixing’s eyes are bigger than before, and the nostrils are bigger than the eyes. Coldly said, “You and I know military, but I know more than you, that is politics!”

“I don’t care what the military looks at the situation at hand, but politically, the Jade Cauldron Sector must be taken back, and the war must not burn to the Yellow Dragon Sector!

“First, the Jade Cauldron Sector is the most important resource and heavy industry base of our Song Family. It is the biggest capital of our Song Family to fight for Star Ocean. We must not watch the fire and the ground and the ground of Jade Cauldron Star. Our biggest capital is a torch! Father is the meaning, I mean this too, I think, as a member of Song Family, should this also mean this?

“Secondly, there are a lot of noises in the Imperial Court. I think that the revolutionary rebel army is driving in, it is unstoppable, and it is very likely to threaten the safety of the Majesty. Therefore, we must move the place where the emperor is from our Song Family to the rest of the territory. Go up, hey, these pigs with light eyes, burn their eyebrows, and play the trick of ‘Small Emperor to make the princes’. You think that we have finally established a new emperor, and it is easy to use the Yellow Dragon Sector. What about people?”


Song Bugui’s eyes widened, but he didn’t think of it, or didn’t have time to think about it.

Obviously, on which site Sovereign Emperor is located, which is the overlord in Four Great Emperor Selecting Marquis, basically the Imperial Court is the one who has the final say.

But this does not mean that the other three are tied together and cannot compete with this hegemon.

Now, Song Family is the leader of the Four Great Families, and naturally it has become the target of the public. The other three are united to fight against each other.

Song Bugui doesn’t think that at this moment, the other three are really trying to touch the hot hand of Cheng Wu Emperor. It is obvious who Sovereign Emperor is in the hands of the rebel army, except for Song Family. In addition, which one has been robbed by the fierce god of Lei Chenghu to the heart of the heart to make a big noise?

However, with the “fear of safety, it is recommended to move the palace”, and the Song Family game, more pressure on some of the benefits, but the normal operation between the aristocratic gate valve.

“Father and grandfather are under great pressure in the Imperial Court. They have already promised to the Majesty and the Manchu dynasty. They will never let the rebel army’s squadron invade any Star Field in the Yellow Dragon Sector, and will definitely annihilate the enemy. At Jade Cauldron Sector !”

Song Lixing is smashing the railroad. “Song Shuai Shuai, this is the end of the matter, what do you mean?”

Song Bugui opened his mouth and only felt confused, but had nothing to say.

“Return to people…”

Seeing him in the dilemma, Song Lixing changed his tone, his face was a little more active, whispered. “Everyone is a Song Family child, interrupting the bones and ribs. I tell you the truth, the meaning of Imperial Court now. It’s definitely going to be played, but how to fight it, there’s a lot of attention inside, do you want to listen?”

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