FMC Chapter 2908

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, the nickname of Chapter 2908, Astronomy
Song Bugui can only say: “I want to hear it.”

“Now the returning fleet is not really united and united. The four respective forces are still ill-conceived and their own politics. This, as Commander, should be the clearest?”

Song Lixing said, “What is even more hateful is that the pigs of Yun Family, Li Family and Dongfang Family can’t understand that our Song Family is holding the military power of the returning fleet. There are many criticisms in the DPRK, father and me, I don’t know. How many guns and arrows are blocked for you!

“And now, these selfish, unscrupulous guys can’t take back the command of the fleet. They even proposed to cancel the preparation of the returning fleet. The four fleets still sent troops back home to defend their nests, so as not to be rear. People sneak attack.”


Song Bugui was shocked. “It’s impossible to get back to the sky. It’s hard to build up. It’s going to fall apart so soon. It’s not a change, it will definitely bring morale down!”

“Moreover, the rebels are temporarily in a big position. We must concentrate all our strengths to deal with them. If the four divisions are divided, they will only be defeated by the enemy!”

“Moreover, our Song Family has the strongest power in the four homes. Even the emperor is here. Innovating the rebels wants to win more people’s support. It is necessary to attack the Song Family. How can we put valuable troops into it? The other three vast and innocent hinterland? They can’t afford it, it’s impossible!”

“Oh, I know that it is impossible. This is just the trick of the other three bargaining, but continue to let these guys and their fleets lie in the heart of our Song Family. After a long night of dreams, I don’t know how much to make up. The chaos, so my father and I mean, to find ways to kill their prestige and consolidate the core position of Song Family.”

Song Lixing was full of blackmail and lowered his voice. “Looking at the present, we have some control over the returning fleet, launching the ‘Jade Cauldron campaign’, and killing a rebel army. It is of course the best, even if it wins. Slightly frustrated, it doesn’t matter. Just put the remaining three fleets in the front and let them taste the suffering of ‘War God ‘Lei Chenghu. These guys are honest. So, you understand… Father and me mean it. ?”

Song Bugui was dumbfounded, and there seemed to be a big clock “wēng wēng” in his head.

Understand how he doesn’t understand, this is a trick to kill people by sword. It is the top of the Song Family who wants to use Lei Chenghu, the sharpest unfortunate sword, to give the last three elite Emperor Selecting Marquis in addition to the Song Family. Blood!

Song Bugui just didn’t think that the situation was ruined to such a degree. Seeing that everyone would die without a place of burial, the princes on the temple, even thinking about intrigue, swearing!

“This is impossible.”

Song Bugui blurted out, “The remaining three commanders of the fleet are not stupid. How can they obediently rush to the front and go to the fire and go to the ‘War God’?”

“This is just the father and my strategizing, and your command.”

Song Lixing said, “You are the highest commander of the returning fleet, and all the jump information of the Yellow Dragon Sector and Jade Cauldron Sector are in our hands. It can be said that we want the fleet to jump where the fleet will be. Obediently jump Where is the fleet that has just left the Star Ocean jump state, still in a state of rotation, a state of paralysis, a bit of magnetic interference, communication interruptions, etc. It is not easy for your highest commander to do something. ?

“In short, we don’t want our friends to die in vain. I just hope that they can learn a little longer. They know that unity is the truth of victory. In the Imperial Court, you can be honest. Don’t drag your legs all the time. Then you throw it again. What is the strategy of ‘Decisive Yellow Dragon Sector’ is much easier to accept, isn’t it?

“No return, I told you that if this matter is done well, you are the biggest hero of Song Family, the mainstay of Imperial Court, and the whole backyard fleet can be firmly controlled in the palm of your hand, with father and My full support, what are you afraid of?”

“I am afraid that you are the one who kills people and does not see blood, and eats people who don’t spit bones!”

Song Bugui cursed in his heart.

He admits that he is a mediocrity, but “parity” does not mean “stupid”! According to Song Lixing, the returning fleet took the initiative to attack, and the result was defeated. Who will bear the responsibility of defeat? Not to mention, according to Song Lixing’s plan, the remaining three Emperor Selecting Marquis fleets will be ruined. No one is stupid. They can see the clues. At that time, the rest of the three Emperor Selecting Marquis are raging. Who will bear it?

Needless to say, of course, he is the coach of the returning fleet!

He estimated that he was lightly head-to-head, but he also blamed his relatives. Even if he had his head, the other three Emperor Selecting Marquis would buy him to murder his family!

Of course, if you win, it is another matter.

But in the face of “War God” Lei Chenghu and the newly emerging “Star Pirate’s King” Bai Xingjian, is there a chance of winning 1%?

Song Bugui’s eyes flashed red in an instant, and the calm was restored in the next moment, as if the intention of Song Lixing was not seen at all, and the consequences of doing so.

I can struggle in the Long Family Tiger Cave of Song Family for nearly two hundred years, and several of them have kept the head on the head. Song Bugui certainly has his own way.

“Three days.”

Song Lixing, opposite the communication channel, is still immersed in his wonderful future picture, without paying attention to Song Bugui’s reaction. “Give you the full support of family resources and personnel for the last three days, no matter what method you use, Jade Cauldron campaign. Must be launched!”

Without waiting for Song Bugui to answer, he unilaterally interrupted the communication, leaving only the dark shadow of the returning team coach.

Song Bugui has been watching the shadows for a long time.

On several occasions, the blue veins of his forehead must jump out, like a sword, tearing the shadows.

But after all, the blue veins will still go down.

He is not alone. There is also a family of people who want to rely on the family. Most of his wife and children are now on the Yellow Dragon star. They are under the control of Song Lixing and his son. He has a thorough understanding of how to make a difference. No!

Song Bugui sighed, closed his eyes and slammed the faint nose.

I was trying to clean up my mind, and I tried my best to plan the Jade Cauldron Sector strategy. The light curtain that had just been extinguished was shining again. Song Lixing’s shiny face appeared again, and the eyebrows also had a happy color. It seems that I just received good news from Tianda.

“The plan has changed, Song Shuai Shuai, you only have twenty-four hours.”

Song Lixing was so excited that the voices were sharpened. “In twenty-four hours, the returning fleet must be dispatched, and the remaining support fleets of the Yellow Dragon Sector will also be attacked together, and they will defeat the rebels. This is, This is the real victory, the rebels are finished!”


Song Bugui is completely confused. “Chairman, what happened?”

“I just received three new pieces of information, one is better than one. First, the rebels who attacked the Jade Cauldron Sector were guilty. The rebel Force-Commander Bai Xingjian was transformed first, and then completely separated from the control of Lei Chenghu. Ocean jump, escape, and fled back to Star Ocean’s hometown!

“In this case, Lei Chenghu’s strength has been greatly weakened, morale has fallen into Abyss, and even the most basic formation can not be done!

“Our defenders on the Jade Cauldron Star and several satellites have already launched a counterattack, dragging Lei Chenghu into the chaotic vortex, waiting for the return of the fleet to give a fatal blow!”

“White, Bai Xingjian has changed and defected?”

Song Bugui chewed the news and couldn’t react for a while. “How is it possible, why?”

“Because the next two messages.”

Song Lixing, “First of all, an Assault Fleet of Saint League has just appeared in Paramount Heaven Sector, Empyrean Terminus, and attacked Imperial Capital. It took a Revolution Faction and was caught off guard. It also caused Revolution Faction to fall into a deadlock, almost no return. Power.

“Second, Black Wind Fleet Star Glory Federation, which was highly anticipated by Revolution Faction, just decided to refuse to send troops to the Star Ocean Central.

“You know, Bai Xingjian’s miraculous ‘Star Pirate’s King’, and Black Wind King Li Yao, which is Star Ocean’s Star Glory Federation, are inextricably linked. We don’t know yet, the so-called ‘Black. The bottom of Wind King’s territory and ‘Star Glory Federation’, but they are certain, they are the third force outside the Revolution Faction, and there are even rumors that they are a country entirely composed of cultivators.

“In any case, the Revolution Faction is now defeated. The Star Glory Federation can never let the Warriors go to the center of Star Ocean to be buried, and Bai Xingjian, the guy of Star Pirate, knows the importance of preserving strength. Sex, nature is even less likely to be bloody.

“So, Bai Xingjian led his fleet, with a lot of supplies looted from the Jade Cauldron Sector, fled back to his hometown to watch the wind, what’s the problem?

“Bai Xingjian’s defection is equivalent to cutting off an arm of the rebel army, and the rebel army’s heart is under the pressure of the Saint League. The people’s hearts and morale are even lower, and this is a godsend. Is our best opportunity to recover the orthodox Empire’s, Song Shuai, what questions?”

“The end will only feel that it is too embarrassing.”

Song Bugui quickly browsed a piece of information sent by Song Lixing. Although all the information was eloquent, the alarm bell in his mind was still “dīng dāng” and it was an intuition. He said that he was Lei Chenghu. It’s a complete fear. “Mr. Chairman Ming Jian, the most important thing for the rebels is time. The rebels have no time to work with our army. But they are eager to find our main force, that is, returning to the sky fleet. In the decisive battle, in the past two weeks, a series of bluffs and arrogance of the rebels were for this purpose.

“And our army did not send it, but it was easy to wait. Although it was not very good-looking on the scene, it really tightened the seven-inch rebel. Even though Lei Chenghu’s art of commanding was ten times better than the end, we could not keep it, such as What is it?

“Now, the Saint League people have slashed from the back of the rebels. The situation of Lei Chenghu is getting more and more dangerous. Does he return to help? Without returning, Imperial Capital is very likely to fall, returning aid. Then all the results of the previous period will be lost, and countless forces, resources and time will be wasted.

“So, at the end, it will be judged that now that the rebels are most impatient and want to fight against our army, our army will be a little more sloppy, and after a delay of ten days and a half, there is hope that the rebels will be dragged to death.

“At such a critical moment, there was a rebel guilty, and the news of the four-and-a-half split seemed to deliberately lure our army to attack. Isn’t it…somewhat?”

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