FMC Chapter 2910

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, the 2910 chapter is also angry! Floating astronomy

Song Lixing, “What advice?”

“At the end of the day, the chairman should think of ways to bring all the senior systems of the Four Great Families, the military command, the military, the base camp, the National Defense Commission, and the military commission… to find ways to bring them to the front.”

Song Bugui said, “The chairmen should know that these guys are very disturbed by the returning fleet, especially the sub-fleets belonging to the other three families, which are not completely under our control.

“In case these guys are stuck in the Yellow Dragon Sector, or simply enter the flagship of their own fleet, it is really on the battlefield, do not obey the orders of the last, and will be helpless!”

“So, in order to ensure the success of the ‘Jade Cauldron Battle’, these people must be tricked into the Supreme Flagship, but only then, we can ‘drive the tiger’ and let the other three families finally , and Lei Chenghu’s remnants fight for your life, but it is our Song Family, the final result of the harvest.”


Song Lixing narrowed his eyes and greedy light in the depths of the eyes.

“At the end, I will say that they may not be willing, so I still want the chairman to come forward and join them in the Supreme Flagship of the last. For the reason, even if… the joint command is good.”

Song Bugui said, “Despite the reassurance, our Supreme Flagship, even if it jumps to the Jade Cauldron Sector, is sure to remain at the core of the battlefield. Lei Chenghu, who faces a chaos, will never be in danger.

“Once the victory is achieved, the propaganda can be said that you are the chairman of the committee, and you are defeating War God. This is a golden glory, but it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. At that time, the chairman will even become our Song Family. The first person in the year!”

“This one……”

Song Lixing snorted a few times, but the corner of his mouth was involuntarily pulled open. He looked at Song Bugui deeply. “Why, you don’t want to beat War God yourself, do you enjoy this glory alone?”

“There will be self-knowledge at the end, and I know who brought everything to me.”

Song Bugui bowed his head deeply, not letting the boss see the secret light and shadow of his eyes, and humbly said, “The chairman is the last hope and the greatest reliance. The chairman will win the genius, and the end will follow. One point, this is enough.

“After all, the chairman is our entire Empire of True Humanity orthodox Government. Everyone knows the best of the three champions. If you don’t support you in the back, you will not dare to do it. I really don’t dare to put it with Lei Chenghu. .”

“Okay, what you mean, this chairperson understands all, rest assured, you are so loyal to the family, the family will never be ill-treated.”

Song Lixing still wants to stand on the shelf, but can’t help but curl up the corner of his mouth, but he is deeply betrayed him. He waved his hand and smiled. “I have this idea, the Imperial Court.” Pigs and dogs are dealt with by me. Your mission is to get the returning fleet ready for a 24-hour raid. Empire is in this battle, execute the order!”


Song Bugui’s legs are close together, and the waist is straight, respecting the most powerful military gift in this life.

The light curtain faded again, and the dark mirror was like a dark swamp, reflecting the face of the coach of the day.

However, compared with the confused troubles just now, his face is calm, calm and secret.

Song Bugui gently rubbed the sides of the bridge of the nose, sinking for a long time, and summoned his eldest son as a communications officer.

“Juncai, now in the entire fleet, how many of our soldiers are there – at least Foundation Establishment Stage High Rank?”

Song Bugui half closed his eyes, his fingers still pressed on the bridge of the nose, holding half of his face and whispering.


The eldest son couldn’t understand the meaning of the old man, and cautiously said, “Father, more than one-third of the soldiers in the returning fleet are the people of our Song Family. Don’t you know?”


Song Bugui leaked cold eyes from his fingers, and some angered his staring at the eldest son. “I didn’t ask Song Family, I asked them!”

“Let’s…not the Song Family?”

The eldest son’s eyes are not slow, but Song Bugui’s impression of being inside and outside the family has always been a mediocre, unassuming and mediocre person. The Company Commander often complains that the father is sometimes too honest. For a moment, I didn’t feel the edge between Song Bugui’s words.

“Song Family is Song Family, let’s be ours!”

Song Bugui aggravated the tone, and the anger that Song Lixing had just vented out, all burned to the eldest son. “Are you a Song Family Family Lord? Are you Emperor Selecting Marquis? You talk, you can be in the entire Song Family. A word of it!”

The eldest son squatted and took a deep breath. He finally perceived the murderous aura flowing from the finger of Song Bugui. He took a nap and some understood.

“Really, our own blood relatives, together with our hometown of more than one hundred years, will probably be able to make up five hundred warriors who are not swaying.”

The eldest son paused and added, “They are all children who practice on the weekdays, dare to keep their heads on their belts, and put a scorpion in the caves. There are a lot of Foundation Establishment Stage High Rank and Core Formation Stage. Plus the battles Nascent Origin that few outsiders don’t know…”

“Enough, don’t elaborate, give you twelve hours, no matter what means and excuses you use, all of them are mobilized to Supreme Flagship. No, there are too many five hundred, really do big things, you can’t use so many people. Choose three hundred loyalty.”

Song Bugui said, “They are full of them, as well as the Crystal Armor and weapons and ammunition, and then one of the Crystal essences and Heavenly Material and Earthly Treasure of the Universe Ring, and after the event, Ten times the reward, let them wait!

“Of course, this is the words of the ordinary slain, Golden Core and Nascent Origin. I will bring it directly, I will personally say it.”

“Yes, father, no, father…”

The eldest son’s nasal cavity is a bit hot, like the first day to know his father, stuttering, “You, what are you doing Ah?”

“Nothing, no preparation.”

Song Bugui lightly said, “Listen, within twenty-four hours, the returning fleet will complete the final battle, the whole army will kill the Jade Cauldron Sector – according to reliable news, Lei Chenghu’s deputy, Bai Xingjian, has been transformed and defected, Lei Chenghu The fleet was in a state of complete chaos, not in a state of self-defeating.

“If this is the case, we will make a slap in the face, and we will fight the battle, completely smash the ‘War God’ sign, become the Empire of True Humanity, the greatest hero!

“In this case, we don’t need these three hundred dead soldiers. Let’s just let them protect the safety of us and all of you. After all, hey, if I didn’t guess wrong, we will be very busy on our Supreme Flagship. There are a lot of adults coming to ‘joint command’.”

“What, the deputy of Lei Chenghu has defected? I, I understand!”

The eldest son still didn’t understand it. He chewed his father’s words carefully and frowned. “My father seems to have something in his words. You said, ‘It’s really like this.” We just do it. Is there a second possibility?”

“There is no second possibility, you have to plan ahead, or you will be shot in vain, and you will not know how to die!”

Song Bugui said hard, “Have you heard clearly? If you are clear, go ahead!”

“……Do not.”

Knowing the father, Mo Ruozi, in a short moment, the eldest son flashed thousands of thoughts in his mind, and gradually realized that his face showed excitement, fear and the expression of entanglement, and trembled. “But, but father, mother, mother. My grandfather and so many of my brothers and sisters, and my wife and children, including so many grandchildren and grandchildren, we have thousands of people in this vein, and stay in the house of Yellow Dragon Star, subject to the family. Keep in control, what do they do?”

“I know, I know, I originally wanted to retreat in the position of the Empire Fleet Education Director. If there is a choice, who would like to be the stubborn ‘back to the fleet coach’, go to the rear of the pig Dog and War God in front!”

Song Bugui Silence for a moment, said, “Juncai, do you think that the father is usually too good to be deceived, so that anyone can ride on the neck of the father, and treat the head of the father as a dough.” Round?”


This question, the eldest son is naturally not good to answer.

“Hey, Yun Xuefeng, Song Yushi… So many of the Immortal Cultivators and the old tycoon’s Immortal Cultivator have fallen, but the father can stand for a hundred years. What is my Song Bugui’s good-hearted girl who eats the Buddha?”

Song Bugui finally took the hand that covered half of the face, clenched his fist, and hammered it into the console in front of him, and screamed a loud bang and smoke.

The shadows that have lost their shadows, his bloody eyes, and the deeper eyes of the eyes than the blood, are exposed in front of the eldest son.

“The arrow is on the string, and it has to be sent. When it is broken, it is against the chaos. Everything done for the father is forced. It is better to let go of the door, and let the relatives stranded in the Yellow Dragon star Escape alive, just look at their…made!

“Go, Juncai, I believe you will once, this may be the only way to save your wife and children!”


The blood of the eyes of Song Bugui is like a flame burning to the eldest son. The eldest son also feels that the eyes and the neural field are burning fiercely. If the volcano erupts, he salutes a military ceremony with Song Bugui and hurries away.

Looking at the figure of the eldest son gradually disappearing into the darkness of the road, Song Bugui once again sat back to the handsome position, while smashing the blood that he had just smashed the console, while summoning the combat staff and other members of the bridge group, one side Thinking without expression.

Before the entire fleet and fleet command had arrived, the battle-ridden Empire veteran, the returning fleet coach, the Four Strong Emperor Selecting Marquis coalition, the little strategically minded Immortal Cultivator, a bitter smile With a subtle voice, I said to myself:

“This Empire… is over!”

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