FMC Chapter 2912

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, the 2912 chapter is biased towards Hushan! Floating astronomy
“The old ‘War God’ is now old, and it’s been played by a deputy star from the Star Pirate in the district. It’s horrible, what a terrible thing!”

“The rebels have been caught in the chaos of self-sufficiency. As long as the soldiers are killed, the Thunder strike will inevitably turn the rebels into powder, scattered ashes and dispersed smoke!”

“We ruined the rebels in the Jade Cauldron Sector, and the rebels of Paramount Heaven Sector and the Saint League people lost their lives together, and the final victory was so effortless!”

It is said that it is self-proclaimed, saying that it is to cheer for yourself, to anesthetize your own nerves, and to force yourself to erect “the belief that you must win.” In short, within half a day, set up inside and outside the Palace of Yellow Dragon, such arguments have been flying all over the sky. It’s very dusty.

Four Great Emperor Selecting Marquis Below, almost all the nobles are eager to fight, such as Song Bugui, who are cautious, not half.

There is another layer that is not enough for outsiders. Lei Chenghu At the moment Commander’s rebel fleet, there are a large number of Starships and soldiers from Diamond Fleet and Sovereign Token Fleet, attacking and defending at War of Seven Seas and Imperial Capital. In the battle, captured by the Revolution Faction.

In other words, these Starships, originally the Four Great Families, took hundreds of years and effort, and worked hard to build them!

Soon after these Starships joined the Revolution Faction camp, the officers and men who manipulated the Starship could not be cleaned up. There are still a large number of retained personnel in the old system. Many of them will not see the situation. It is not necessary to switch to the old master.

At least, Four Great Emperor Selecting Marquis is full of confidence and thinks so.

Therefore, of course, they have to win the first prize. It is also very good to get back from Lei Chenghu, to get back some of the Starships that they have left, and even to collect other Starships.

— Driven by such a complex and unpredictable mentality, the fleets stationed in the Yellow Dragon Sector completed the battle as quickly as possible.

Not only the single-powered returning fleet, but also several low-Earth orbital defense fleets that are not suitable for the large-scale Star Ocean jump, and even the semi-armed Transport Ship’s supplementary fleet are all full of ambitious and want to smash. Immortal Cultivator, Ao Ao shouted to “defend the glory of His Majesty.”

In the other hinterlands, there are also a large number of rushed Starships, requesting the Jade Cauldron Sector’s jump coordinates, and directly jumping past, “cooperating.”

These Starships are truly disorganized mobs. When you hear the name of Lei Chenghu on weekdays, you have to run away. At this point, you want to go to the end.

In the face of such chaos, noisy, all walks of life, self-proclaimed chaos, Song Family has a headache, but there is nothing to do.

Song Lixing is a proposal for Song Bugui, and it is increasingly recognized. It seems that it is really necessary to find ways to bring together the military squadrons and monitor them nearby. Otherwise, the ghosts know if they will cross Song Bugui. Directly issue orders to their respective sub-fleet teams, take the initiative to play, and steal the headwork?

Song Bugui’s words have completely burned the mind of Song Lixing. He is now thinking about how to defeat Lei Chenghu and become a new generation of “War God”.

Of course, Song Lixing will never force the military to board the Supreme Flagship under their own control. This is too obvious and stupid.

Song Lixing knows the mentality of these people, but just releases the news. He will take part of the senior members of the military committee and board the Supreme Flagship, “going forward and personally fighting with Lei Chenghu”, the military command, the military and political department, the base camp, The staff of the General Staff and the National Defense Commission surrounded each other like flies that smelled sweetness. They rushed to join Supreme Flagship with him, and they had to “jointly command. Anti-War God “No.

It seems that the Four Great Families, who regard “honor as life”, are not willing to let go of the great opportunity of “defeating Lei Chenghu”. They are not willing to watch Lei Chenghu’s head fall into the hands of others. Together, monitoring each other, leaning against each other, I can’t get Lei Chenghu’s head, you can’t think of it!

When a lot of high-spirited, confident military squadrons and big nobility boarded the Supreme Flagship, returning fleet coach Song Bugui had been waiting at the boarding gate.

These strong backgrounds are disdainful to him, and they have swayed from him.

Indeed, now Lei Chenghu is in a mess, and the victory is at your fingertips. When you recapture your own Starship, you will naturally rebuild your own fleet. The returning fleet is just a deformed product of the transition period. Is there any need to continue to exist?

When I chose Song Bugui, the “Empire Fleet Education Director” to act as the returning fleet coach, it was just because he was always mediocre and cautious, without too much ambition and strength. It was a way to reassure all parties, even if the black pot was on his head. Not a half-sounding character.

Now, or after a maximum of two or three days, there is no use for it. What do you care about?

Only Song Lixing exchanged a meaningful look with Song Bugui when he boarded Supreme Flagship.


When there was no one, Song Bugui whispered, “So many high-level members have boarded our Supreme Flagship, but it seems that there are not too many guards?”

“Because there are too many high-level members attached to each Faction, many people have had deep grievances in the past. No one is worried that others will bring too many guards, so simply, I take the lead and everyone does not bring them.”

Song Lixing explained, “Moreover, the elites of the various divisions, the highly competitive Golden Core and Nascent Origin, all attached to the first-line Arsenal Ship and the assault ship, ready to smash into Lei Chenghu’s In the battlefield, I went to harvest the head. Even if I was lucky, I directly harvested Lei Chenghu’s head. Which expert could watch the big battle in front, but was taken away by others?

“You are not very safe here. It is not always necessary to let Lei Chenghu’s Starship hit our Supreme Flagship all the way?”

“How can this be?”

Song Bugui laughed awkwardly. “The chairman has thought too much.”

“That’s it.”

Song Lixing took a deep breath and looked at the star-studded Starship group through the 360-degree wraparound virtual porthole. “When you start, Lei Chenghu’s head must be ours!”

The tail flames spurt, the stars sway, and 100,000 Starships shred the three dimensional space and smashed the waves, covering the entire Yellow Dragon Sector, causing many planets and stars to be covered with a colorful gauze, reflecting the incomparable brilliance. .

The impatience of the returning fleet and the nobility coalition forces, the momentum rushed toward the Jade Cauldron Sector.

The war of Jade Cauldron Sector has been burning fiercely for more than half a month. Jade Cauldron Star and several Resources Planet are in the midst of a revolutionary rebel siege. The entire Star Field is full of Starship’s fragmented wreckage and strong magnetic interference field. A lot of battlefield data can’t be transmitted.

Until the returning fleet and the nobility coalition jumped to the Jade Cauldron Sector, they could fully scan the entire Star Field, establish a tactical communication chain and battlefield data model, and get in touch with the ground defenders.

The distance between the Yellow Dragon Sector and the Jade Cauldron Sector is not far. This is a fairly smooth short-distance jump. The returning fleet has even maintained a fairly complete formation, and there is no such thing as a “blind jump”. Starship is blown by a four-dimensional storm. Everywhere you get, there are things scattered in the tens of billions of kilometers.

The latest information received in succession has greatly encouraged the morale of the nobility.

First of all, the surface of Jade Cauldron Star and several important Resources Planets are still firmly in control of their own side and have not been broken by the rebels.

This means they have a solid defense and supply base.

Secondly, in a certain coordinate near the Jade Cauldron Sector fourth planet’s low-earth orbit, there is a very strong space, much like the traces of the fleet’s massive jump.

It is the most vulnerable of the entire Jade Cauldron Sector, the most natural Wormhole, and the busiest jump point in the tradition – this is the “iron proof” of Bai Xinghe’s escaping!

Third, the defending commander personally reported that after a day and night of intense slaying, his low-Earth orbital fleet failed to intercept Lei Chenghu’s remnants, and even the opponents knocked out 90% of combat power.

However, Lei Chenghu did not chase after the victory, and smothered the defending fleet and occupied Jade Cauldron Star. Instead, he chose to clean up the mess, turned and ran, and led his fleet remnant, along the old road of Bai Xingjian, fleeing toward the No. 4 planet. go with.

According to the commander of the defending army, Lei Chenghu performed very well, even the battlefield was not cleaned, and even dropped a lot of slower Starship, regardless of the situation, resolutely withdraw from the battlefield.

“Lei Chenghu knows that the trend has gone and is ready to escape!”

“He must know that we are coming, his end is here!”

“Catch up, never let him run away!”

On the Starships of the Returning Fleet, there is a fearless optimism.

On the Supreme Flagship, the Zhugong, who participated in the “Supreme Joint Operational Conference”, was to celebrate the most brilliant “great”.

Now, the situation is very good, leaving only the last question.

First Bai Xingjian, now Lei Chenghu, they are in the direction of the escape, which is the best jump point of the Jade Cauldron Sector. Near the 4th planet, it is also the center of the tug-of-war between the two and a half months. The entire Star Field is flooded. Strong magnetic interference, Starship wreckage and unexploded cosmic mines are equivalent to a layer of heavy warfare Bewildering Mist. Now, no one can scan the situation there, I don’t know if Lei Chenghu is left. How many remnants are there, and how the morale, damage, and combat effectiveness of these remnants are.

As the nominal coach of the returning fleet, Song Bugui’s performance can be described as “benevolence and righteousness.”

He suggested steady and steady, first sent a small scout, carrying a large number of scans of Magical Artifact and Scouting Crystal Eye, to find out the situation near the fourth planet’s jump point, and the big forces to do more care.

Such a cautious proposal was immediately attacked by many military squads.

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