FMC Chapter 2913

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2913 Live Lei Chenghu! Floating astronomy
“From the very beginning, you can’t avoid the war, watching the revolutionary rebel raging, you are about to kill the squatting, and you are still indifferent! If you can still use the ‘small cautiousness’ to explain at that time, now our army is comprehensive. Dominant, the enemy is escaping and fleeing, but also timid, delaying the warplane, Song Shuai Shuai, what is your mind?”

“The defenders of Jade Cauldron Star have already recorded the recent battles, and all of them have been sent. From the battle data and even the video data, Bai Xingjian is indeed out of the control of Lei Chenghu. Ocean jump, disappeared in the depths of the Star Ocean, and the remaining Lei Chenghu remnants, morale also instantly fell to the bottom, in the day and night of the melee, the loss was extremely heavy, and even lost two Diamond Grade Super Arsenal Ship! Is this also false? Is it?”

“If it is a trap, the other party is too willing to pay the cost. Even if Lei Chenghu has the means to reunite the chaotic soldiers into a solid battlefield, it is impossible to compete with our army with such a weak force – not to mention, no People can pack up such remnants in an instant, and the gods can’t do it!”

“Don’t think about it, Lei Chenghu must want to run away, and the fighters are fleeting. Once Lei Chenghu’s remnants flee to the jump point, start the Star Ocean jump, and flee back to Imperial Capital, it’s hard to think about them!”

“Song Shuai Shuai, do you still have the courage of being an Empire’s Army person, and your loyalty to your Majesty? If not, why do you want to be the coach of the SkyFront!”

Such a sniper full of smoke, won the blood of Song Bugui, and did not dare to scream.

The data transmitted by the intelligence and strategic analysis department also verified the words of the military.

The defenders of Jade Cauldron Star sent a large number of clear pictures and videos, including monitoring of space plaques, proving that Bai Xingjian did take away at least one-third of Warship and almost all of the spoils that innovated the rebels, those that had just captured.

Moreover, the process of leaving is not pleasant. The unruly Star Pirate head seems to have some friction with Lei Chenghu. It can be said that it is forcibly evacuated, completely exposing Lei Chenghu’s most vulnerable flanks – Lei Chenghu is deployed The flank, the undefended symmagnetism ship and the Comprehensive Supply Ship, all confessed to the most violent artillery of the defenders.

One day and one night of the fierce battle, Lei Chenghu lost a lot of magnetic warships and almost all Comprehensive Supply Ships, including two Diamond Grade Super Arsenal Ships. In other words, he lost all the war preparations used for continuous operations, and then did not retreat. It is estimated that each Starship will be exploding!

The military squads of the Four Great Families are replaced by their own words, and it is impossible to cast such a large sum of money for a trap.

Therefore, Lei Chenghu is really defeated, and it is defeated and defeated!

This view is also supported by the scanning and analysis of the Starship tail trajectory.

Starship relies on a working fluid furnace and is propelled by crystal fuel. During normal navigation, the flame flow from the power nozzle embosses a large amount of radiation and high-energy particle flow, which will remain in the vacuum for a long time, behind Starship. Form a track that is hundreds of thousands of kilometers, millions of kilometers, invisible to the naked eye.

It’s like the ancient war, where the chariots crushed the muddy land, leaving a distinct rut.

Although it is invisible to the naked eye, Immortal Cultivator’s perception and sophisticated scanning of Magical Artifact clearly reveals the presence of colorful trajectories.

Through the analysis of the “rutting”, it is possible to accurately lock the enemy’s rout, and even to a large extent, to know the internal situation of the enemy.

Now, from the Jade Cauldron Star to the planet of the 4th planet, there are scattered trails of flames everywhere, just like countless headless flies, even colliding with each other.

This shows that Lei Chenghu’s control over the fleet is at a minimum, and it is impossible to make a neat formation, orderly retreat, and all Starships are rushing to flee toward the jump point.

More importantly, the defenders have been firmly locked in the flagship of Lei Chenghu.

The power unit settings of each Starship are different. Even with the same model of Warship, there are subtle differences in the tail flames that are continually fought, repaired and upgraded. The difference between the tail flames can determine the other side. The model is even the ship’s number.

Lei Chenghu’s flagship is the target of public opinion, and naturally it is the primary analytical goal of the defenders.

When the returning fleet arrived, the defenders reported the tail flame and trajectory data of Lei Chenghu’s flagship to the superiors.

After a full-scale scan, the Returning Fleet quickly locked in the flagship of Lei Chenghu, which analyzed the flagship of Lei Chenghu and other Starship’s tail flames. They came to the striking conclusion that Lei Chenghu’s flagship seems to have been hit hard. Can’t escape at 100% cruising speed, slower than other Starships, and gradually fall behind the entire fleet.

β€œLei Chenghu is stunned!”

“His Starship is left behind, dragging the entire leg of the fleet!”

“His flagship has been hit hard, not only speed, it is very likely that even firepower and defensive power are greatly reduced. If you can catch up with him, it is very likely to blow up his flagship, and even… live to catch Lei Chenghu!”

Such a message, like an excited drug with the addition of a combustion improver, was injected directly into the Brain Center of every nobility, causing their heads to squeak and almost explode.

Neither Song Bugui nor the “Supreme Joint Operations Conference” issued an order, but a sub-fleet belonging to the Yun Family in the Returning Fleet has taken the lead and rushed out of the big force.

“This, this, noisy, noisy!”

At the joint operations conference, the military from the Yun Family screamed and blinked. It seemed to be so angry with his generals, but he did not recall his men.

So, the other big aristocrats looked at each other in dismay for half a second, and they didn’t have time to blame Yun Family’s shamelessness. In various ways, they hinted that their men and women were rushing out in a mess, and they had to rush at other places. Before, the first to intercept Lei Chenghu’s flagship is not available.

For a time, 100,000 Starships suddenly accelerated, leaving a colorful tail flame behind them, like a string of arrows near the planet No. 4, being radiated, turbulent, starship wreckage and the darkness of the gravel belt Star Field.

There is no unified command, lack of effective coordination, and even secretly squatting on each other, pulling the hind legs, not disturbing the sound and blocking the channel of the friendly army. When the jump is completed, it is still a strict formation, even in a few hours of high speed. After the pursuit, it became seven and eight, and it was uneven.

But they finally caught up with the remnants of Lei Chenghu.

“Have you seen it, that is the ‘War God’!”

The nobles screamed with excitement.

It’s like a hyena when the lion is dying.

The situation of Lei Chenghu’s department is really not good.

His fleet consumed too much armor and fuel in the endless high-intensity operations for nearly a month, and the power units were also scrapped, so that most Starships could not play 100%, in the escaping, some Fast, some slow, and gradually dragged into a winding thin line.

At this moment, the Starship at the forefront of the thin line has circled behind the fourth planet’s synchronous orbit, and there is a strong space there, which seems to have entered the jump state.

Including the flagship, Super Arsenal Ship and Comprehensive Supply Ship, many huge and clumsy Starships are still far behind, like a bloody, breathless bull.

In theory, if the Starship is intact and the fuel in the Star Ocean jump unit is sufficient, the jump can be expanded at any coordinate, which is nothing more than the probability of success and the amount of fuel consumed.

However, if Starship has just undergone a fierce battle, the whole body is full of cracks that are barely repaired, the overall structure is severely deformed, the metal fatigue is sharply increased, and if the fuel is seriously insufficient, it cannot be jumped casually – unless it wants to be completely shredded by the 4D storm, or Half of the jump loses all fuel and falls forever in the sea of ​​four dimensional space.

In this case, you can only find the most unstable area of ​​the three dimensional space, the most dense area of ​​the natural Wormhole, the so-called “jump point”, in order to maximize the chance of retreating.

This is why Lei Chenghu had to travel long distances to escape to the fourth planet.

“Launch, launch, all Magical Artifacts that can be launched, all launched, with our most powerful firepower, covering our ‘War God’!”

The nobles danced with great enthusiasm, and despite the fact that they had not yet reached the effective killing distance, countless glare-like beams of light pierced the entire Star Ocean like javelins and spears, and turned into thousands of swells around the remnants of Lei Chenghu. Bubble.

Of course, such a tactic can not be wrong.

Although it was impossible to effectively kill enemy ships, but the gunfire was raging, and Spiritual Energy swept the whole space, which caused the entire space to be in an extremely unstable distortion state. It not only delayed the escape speed of Lei Chenghu, but also made him unable to jump into the wall and forced the Star Ocean to be launched. Jump.

In other words, thousands of beams of light are like thousands of barbs, hooking the remains of Lei Chenghu, and there is nowhere to escape.

It seems that Lei Chenghu is also aware that he is dead end, unable to get rid of the chase behind him, simply gather the formation, the whole army turns, trying to back against the No. 4 planet, backwaters.

But morale is so low that it is a “War God”, and it is easy to gather a remnant of a long snake and discharge a solid battle.

“Haha, even the most basic formations can not be completed, can only put such a remnant, Lei Chenghu, you have today!”

“Don’t care, then it is Lei Chenghu, and then give him an hour, maybe you can gather all the soldiers, and gather effective combat power – must be before that, the whole army will charge and completely disperse his remnants!”

“Chong, as long as a sprint, Lei Chenghu and the rebels are all over!”

The momentum in the “Highest Joint Operational Conference” is like a fireworks that blooms and shines to the extreme.


As a communications officer, Song Bugui’s eldest son brought the latest news, his face was very ugly to the conference room, but at the door of the conference room, was blocked by the gloomy father.

“what’s up?”

Song Bugui asked faintly.

“We further analyzed the space from the back of the No. 4 planet. It seems that something is a bit wrong. The data is very confusing. It is not like the ripples left by Starship. It seems to be… it seems to be some kind of interference!”

The eldest son anxiously said, “It seems that someone on the back of the 4th planet has set up some kind of large-scale interference with Magical Artifact, deliberately disturbing our monitoring of space defects, but there is no reason if Lei Chenghu’s fleet is fleeing.” There is no reason to waste time setting up a very large-scale interference Great Array!

β€œDon’t there be anything on the back of the 4th planet? The warfare of the Bewildering Mist is too strong, we don’t know anything about the existence in the dark, should we send more scouts and no one to monitor the Crystal Eye, scan carefully around the past Let’s make a decision again?”

Oh .

Song Bugui glanced at the meeting room of the smoked miasma and looked back at the eldest son. He calmly said, “I know, go on, I have to pay attention to this matter. All you have to do is… firmly control Supreme. The communication room on Flagship, intercepting all the information, understand?”

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