FMC Chapter 2915

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, Chapter 2915 determines our destiny! Floating astronomy
Four Great Families The long-running generals did not see the large-scale Star Ocean jump, and even they often shuttled between the four-dimensional storms, sputtering beautiful space.

But the short-haul jump and the ultra-long-distance Star Ocean jump, especially from the Star Ocean side to the “super jump” in the center of the Star Ocean, are two very different concepts.

It seems that the farther away the stone is from the higher, the farther it is, the easier it is to splash the spectacular water.

At this moment, the Jade Cauldron Sector’s star and the 4th planet show a very small angle, and the Starry Sky Gate shines, taking most of the light. At first glance, it is like Starry Sky Gate Opened the door of the blood basin, swallowed up more than half of the stars, leaving only a ring of golden rings.

Against the background of the gorgeous “Solar Eclipse”, numerous golden “rain spots” blasted on the Star Ocean, exploding a circle of pale gold, silver and white enamel, each ๆถŸๆผช when it blooms to pinnacle In the darkness of the original, there will be at least hundreds of shiny spots in the birth, just like a fierce beast that has been hungry for a long time, though tired and more hungry, opened his eyes.

That’s Starship’s Spiritual Energy Protective Shield and the power unit that is boosted to the limit power and ignited.

Tens of thousands of light points, thousands of Starship, coming to the air, coming to the center of Star Ocean!

Even more frightening is that this is not the first Starship to come from Star Ocean.

Around Star Gate, three dense arrays of light spots have been gathered. The distance between each spot is uniform, just like a precise cube. In silence, it reveals the shock of being angry.

Each dot matrix represents a sub-fleet that has completed the assembly and readiness and can be put into battle at any time. This ultra-large-scale Starry Sky Gate has been running at least one day and one night before, guiding a group of uninvited guests to come. Here, with the shadow of the No. 4 planet, complete the … deadly jump and assembly!

Differs not much, that is when Lei Chenghu falls into chaos and begins to “crash”.

“This, how is this possible, why we couldn’t detect it, and there is such a huge Starry Sky Gate just a stone’s throw from Jade Cauldron Star!”

Numerous aristocratic generals have issued painful whimpers. Rather than trying to explore the reasons, it is better to find an scapegoat that can shirk responsibility.

The other party just played a small trick to let a group of less important auxiliary Starships and captured Starship perform a jump near the No. 4 planet, pretending to be the illusion of fleeing, and disturbing the surrounding space, so that the defenders could not touch Clear and false.

This is not a clever trap. As long as the defenders and the returning fleet commanders can be a little bit patient, sending scouts to the back of the No. 4 planet to investigate, it will not be so easy.

Even if they can’t stop the enemy’s jump, at least rely on Jade Cauldron Star to open up a battle.

Unfortunately, the โ€œbaitโ€ of Lei Chenghuโ€™s flagship is too fat and attractive, and all the nobles have lost their sense of reason and vigilance, ignoring the most basic tactical reconnaissance.

The “highest joint command conference”, which has just been in full swing, is now dead like a ridiculous cemetery. All the directors, ministers, presidents, and chairmen are speechless and can only stare at the unpredictable The light curtains, especially the data that keeps beating on the light curtain.

That is, that is the estimated total quality of the other party’s crazy expansion.

From the space that the other party splashed out, it is estimated that the total quality of all the Starships of the other party turned out to be close to or even surpassed the size of the returning fleet.

This has not counted the fleet of Lei Chenghu and Bai Xingjian.

Although the quality and combat effectiveness of Starship cannot be equated, in general, the higher the quality, the more powerful the power, the thicker armor and more turrets, the carrier combat unit and the Crystal Armor.

The total quality of the other party is easier than that of the returning fleet, and there is no sign of stopping the jump. There are still countless Starships constantly coming over and joining the fourth flashing dot that will be formed. This is the enemy of the returning fleet. Words are not worthy of the disaster.

Not waiting for the nobles to make the most effective response, the extremely dangerous uninvited guest has moved.

First of all, Bai Xingjian’s moon scimitar, the destroyer and the assault ship sprint at full speed, towing hundreds of thousands of kilometers of narrow flames, really like the film afterimage when the sword is swinging down to the limit speed.

The three flashing cubes that are ready to go, like the three-handed Warhammer, come from different directions and head back to the sky fleet.

First, Bai Xingjian’s elite, smashed back to the battleship of the SkyFighter, and then three ruins of Warhammer, devastating strikes, very simple, even unreasonable tactics.

Going back and forth to the fleet, suddenly made a mess.

The two sides have not yet joined the ship, and the vain wars of the nobility have been ruined by the raging waves of the Star Gate.

“How is it possible, why the other side will drop a fleet of such a large size from the sky!”

“Isn’t the main force of the revolutionary rebels to be Lei Chenghu plus Bai Xingjian, and the old Imperial Troops? These guys are by no means Imperial Troops, Imperial Troops is still against the League League people at Imperial Capital! Who are they, who are they? ?”

“The quality of the other party, the sum of the other party’s quality is still increasing, God, how many Starships are going to jump out of this damn Star Gate, we, we fall into trap?”

At this point, there are countless aristocrats who are dizzy, tangled in meaningless questions, as if they know the identity of the other party, they can recite the spell and smother the other.

However, it seems to be in order to satisfy their “wish”. Before the high-energy particle flow, super-radiation and crystal armor-piercing projectiles have not yet arrived, countless channels of communication ripples with information, first hit the Starship of the returning fleet at the speed of light.

“I have received the plaintext communication of the other party. What do these daring traitors want to say? Hey, say, itโ€™s useless to say anything, they, they are just bluffing, they will be defeated!”

The nobles trembled and said that they did not believe in the ghosts, and opened up the information sent by the other party.

Although the communication frequency of the two sides is not consistent, the serious interference on the battlefield also seriously distorts and distorts the information. However, because the other party transmits the same extremely simple information through dozens of different channels, this hot information is still On the countless light curtains of the returning fleet, it began to unfold.

The other party’s information is just a pattern, more accurately, it is a war emblem.

The lower part of the emblem is an embed with nine stars, symbolizing the entire sea of โ€‹โ€‹stars.

However, there is a dragon and a dragon with a claw and a hovering circle on the golden dragon. Each scale shines with the blood of the martyrs. Under the influence of the blood, the posture of Soars Toward Sky in a Leap is made.

่ฟ™ ๆ˜ฏ

Nine Star Thang Long Battle Emblem.

Star Glory Federation !


โ€œIs this the legendary, central of the sea of โ€‹โ€‹stars?โ€

Bai Kaixin, chief of the Federation Army, is on the bridge of the Prairie Flame Ship. Through the wraparound 3D 3D light curtain, he gaze at the slightly swaying returning fleet, which has been added to the face that is always frowning. A little bit of distress and helplessness, “Really, itโ€™s too messy!”

He had long felt that under the leadership of Ding Lingdang, an “unprecedented, maverick” speaker, Star Glory Federation gradually developed in the direction of “unscrupulous, barbaric growth”, but never thought that the entire parliament even The whole country was crazy with Ding Lingdang, and made a desperate attempt to invest in all mobile forces and the decision of the Star Ocean Central.

Not only the Kunlun Fleet, but also the main force of the Federation, Prairie Flame Fleet, and even a large number of old Starships that are not suitable for the long-distance Star Ocean jump, or have not completed the maintenance upgrade and enhanced modification, all barely completed in the shortest time. Join the Star Glory Federation’s most incredible military adventure ever.

As the Chief of Staff of the Federation Army, Bai Kaixin is duty-bound to remind Ding Lingdang: “Speaker Ding, you are so risky, this is simply whimsical! We can’t finish the highest in just three or five days. -Level Other war mobilizations and fleets, a large number of Starships are still in the docks! There are also serious shortages of soldiers and grassroots officers. Many of the young men who have just come out of the military academy have never seen blood, how can they fight? ?”

Ding Lingdang said indifferently: “How much can be assembled, how much can be assembled, and more than the past ten people can be lost. The most important thing is speed, speed, speed! Even if Starship does not complete the modification or ammunition and fuel shortage. It doesn’t matter, our goal is Jade Cauldron Sector, which is the famous resource and heavy industry base in the center of Star Ocean. When it completely occupied the Jade Cauldron Sector, it will be regarded as a forward base, on-site maintenance and replenishment!”

“This is too messy!”

Bai Kaixin still insisted on his own opinion, “the labor expedition, the military taboo, not to mention the rush of the expedition, a little careless, the Federation Army will be wiped out!”

“The White Chief of Staff, you still haven’t figured out, isn’t it the question of whether the Federation Army is completely annihilated? Is it the question of whether Star Glory Federation survives or destroys!”

Ding Lingdang’s “stubbornness” is better than Bai Kaixin’s “persistence” ten times. “This is not an ‘expedition’, but a war to defend our homeland. Is it that the enemy has come to the doorstep? You have to entangle the troops. Are you ready, are the nationals ready?

“This is the real battle against the country. The direction of the Star Ocean Central Warfare will determine the life and death of Star Glory Federation and cultivator Civilization. Do we have to decide the fate of our own fate to the Immortal Cultivator and the devil?

“The overall strength gap between Federation and Empire and Saint League is here. If the enemy is attacked all the way to our door, even if your Federation Army is ready, the Starship modification will be useless again. The only chance, bet on all our belongings, bet on the glory of the entire Federation, and have a chance to win back valuable!

” Needless to say, this is not my personal opinion, but the decision of the parliament and the millions of Federation citizens, so execute the order.

“Three days, up to three days, Prairie Flame Fleet, Kunlun Fleet, and Starship with super-long-range Star Ocean jump capabilities in the Greater World garrison fleet… If possible, don’t let a small seesaw All together, let’s go to the center of Star Ocean and go to Jade Cauldron Sector to decide us and the fate of this universe!”

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