FMC Chapter 2916

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2916 I will take the lead! Floating astronomy
In the face of Ding Lingdang’s anger, Bai Kaixin has nothing to say, in vain for the final resistance: “But, but if we take reckless and fall out of the nest, then the emptiness to the extreme, every Greater Thousand Worlds portal When the cave opens, the enemy only needs a light sneak attack, and it can easily occupy our nest!”

“Even if we don’t go out of the nest, all the people are huddled in the home, and when the enemy is under pressure, can it resist?”

Sure enough, Ding Lingdang laughed indifferently. “In the three-way game, for the weakest side, the offense is the best defense. The number of Starships is the least, and evenly distributed to eight or nine Greater Thousand Worlds. Everywhere, it is a living target in the eyes of the enemy. Only by bringing all the forces together and turning into an invincible Iron Fist, if you beat it out, you will be able to win a chance and survive!

“I have decided, the White Chief of Staff, is there any problem?”

No more.

“It’s… it’s too messy!”

Bai Kaixin once again sent a helpless low-key from the bottom of his heart, but still carried out the duties of his Federation Army Chief of Staff. As Ding Lingdang demanded, almost every ship of the Federation Army could be carried out in just a few days. The small slabs of the Star Ocean jump have been caught, and the situation of the armed and crew is no matter what, at least the momentum is amazing.

Not only because of the strength of Ding Lingdang, but also because it is a decision of the parliament, Soldier is obedient to obey orders, and the more important reason is…

Bai Kaixin narrowed his eyes and stared at the flank of the returning fleet.

With the fourth line of Ringworld around the orbit of the star as the reference plane, on the left wing of the returning fleet, a shiny scimitar is flying fast, and thousands of destroyers spurt the shattered light, like The stars of the stars were smashed by the sword.

That is the fleet of Bai Xingjian.

Bai Xingjian was one of the original proponents and one of the main planners in this daring military adventure.

“Boss Bai… I will trust you once.”

Bai Kaixin clenched his fists, and a frowning face suddenly stretched out. The corner of his mouth smacked a curve that could not be described by pen and ink. He muttered with a voice that only he could hear. “After all, you guys are pitted again. Don’t you hurt your son so much?”


“Here, is the Star Ocean Central?”

The flagship of the Second Expedition Army of the Federation Expedition Army, which is excavated from the depths of the ancient Saint Sector, is more advanced and powerful than the Prairie Flame Ship, Peng Hai, Fire Ant King, Wuma Yan,… …Federation Almost all battles, Nascent Origin and the familiar expert, all come together, and are deeply shocked by the infinite scenery of the center of Star Ocean, and the ups and downs of the heart can not help but sigh.

Don’t blame these adventures, which have been born and died for many years, feel a little nervous. The Star Glory Federation is the most magnificent and exciting military adventure ever. It has almost all the Starships of all the Federation, all the experts and most of them. Elite officers and men, 30% of the members of the law are engaged in the battle, and even the Federation Speaker Ding Lingdang are on the front line.

There is no victory or defeat, only life and death. If the Expedition Army breaks down the sand, the rear Federation home is like a hedgehog that peels off the skin. It needs to tremble in the cold Star Ocean Storm, freeze and die, and no rebellion. force.

Despite several prior strategic deductions, the results were not too bad, and the enemy was attracted by the Lei Chenghu flagship bait, which entered the trap very well, but it was, after all, the powerful fleet of the Star Ocean Central, which ruled the Empire five hundred. The ultimate strength of the year’s Four Great Emperor Selecting Marquis Families, if the enemy dog ​​jumped to the wall, the death of the counterattack, the Labour expedition of the Federation, can hold this test?

Whose heart has no bottom.

“Hey, you don’t have to be so nervous. Isn’t this a time we have been looking forward to?”

Li Yao’s Senior Brother, “Fiend Blade” Peng Hai snorted with his hard-lined scorpion, “Hey Star Ocean, trample the universe, let every star in the center of Star Ocean hear our name.” – This is the greatest glory of the cultivator! I have always imagined such a scene, but I can’t dream of it. It can be realized in me. I thought it would have to wait for at least my son or grandson. For generations, they can make a great battle to the center of Star Ocean.

“Take the blessing of Li Yao, thanks to the support of hundreds of millions of people in the whole Federation. Now, we are standing here and enjoying the scenery that we dream of. Do you want to shame your hometown father!

“Hey, in the eyes of the nobles and Immortal Cultivator in the center of these Star Oceans, we are just the barbarians of Star Ocean’s ridiculous land. So, everyone, we will come up with some barbarian warriors, the wind and the clouds will kill. Go up, just like them!”

Peng Hai pointed to the light curtain.

The light curtain shows the depth of the “Kunlun Ship” and the situation of the Giant Divine Weapon workshop.

Yan Liren, Han Baling, Master Kuchan, Qi Zhongdao… The “barbarians” from Ancient Saint Sector, a hundred percent, have no slight nervousness on their faces, and are undergoing final overhaul and commissioning of their respective Giant Divine Weapons. Load the last Flying Sword, fill the last drop of fuel, and then drill into Giant Divine Weapon’s Spirit Mansion.

“Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!”

One Taiwan from the hundreds of thousands of years ago, the long-lasting weapons of the ultimate war, sat up, the gap between the steel joints, issued a low-pitched excitement.

They are not afraid of fear.

Anyway, they originally came through the ancient “crossing”, Federation and Empire people, in the eyes of these Ancient Cultivator, there is no difference.

In the words of Yan Liren, “Immortal Cultivator in the center of Star Ocean can grow two heads, waiting for me to go?”

In this situation, Peng Hai and many Federation members expert laughed.

“Let’s go, let’s go prepare, don’t forget, take the Ancient Saint Sector and Kunlun Secret Territory’s blessings, we Star Glory Federation is the highest density of the Giant Divine Weapon in the entire Star Ocean, let these ignorant Immortal Cultivator Meet the hurricane of Giant Divine Weapon!”


“Here, is the Star Ocean Central?”

Not only the Federation Top-Grade expert like Peng Hai and Yan Liren, but even the unremarkable Federation grassroots officers on every unremarkable “small seesaw” are also looking at the starring Ocean Ocean. Sighing, “It’s really the heart of the universe. The stars are much more gorgeous than our world!”

The mouth sighed, but the movements under his hand were not slow. All the officers and men knew that they were rushing to fight. Many Starships and carrier aircraft were not ready. Even one third of Starship did not fill the fuel and ammunition completely. It is a “bluff”.

Only with a hundred times of courage and skill can we make up for the shortage of equipment and materials.

A group of fighters who were so excited that they could not wear their own Crystal Armor and made a heavy gasp behind the steel Battle Armor.

One and another space-specific vacuum Battle Shuttle was placed in the catapult pipeline, ready to be launched like a cannonball.

The damage management team, the medical team, the maintenance team… all the logistics support groups are also in place.

Of course, the staff and communications officers on countless Starship bridges, like wild bees flying, are so busy.

Among them, Meng Jiang’s grandson, who just graduated from the military academy, joined Meng Xiaolang of the Expedition Army as a “trainee of the trainee”.

Meng Xiaolang, a trainee’s staff, knows more about the complexity and difficulty of this military adventure than anyone else. In just a few days, the Federation Army will come out and cross the billions of stars, Precise jump to Star Ocean. The central government is almost a “miracle.”

Including his unremarkable little staff, and also for this miracle, he burned almost every brain cell of his own.

Now, he can only hope for silence, another bigger miracle.

Suddenly, cheers came from all over the ship.

It is the Federation Speaker Ding Lingdang who is on the front line and is presenting all the Expedition Army officers and soldiers with the final battle before the army’s assault.

Unexpectedly, Ding Lingdang in the 3D 3D light curtain did not follow the Federation tradition, wearing a uniform that nominally represented the Commander of the Three Commandments, but instead wore a set of Mustard Seed Battle, as thin as a cicada’s wing. Suit, her tall bodybuilding, full of explosive power figure, sketched out.

Meng Xiaolang was suddenly attracted by Ding Lingdang’s momentum – this year’s Federation Speaker, but the national idol, especially the bloody young people, almost no one does not like her.

“All the soldiers of the Federation Army, here is the Star Ocean Central. It was the place where the first Modern Cultivator created the Star Ocean Empire under the leadership of Emperor 10,000 years ago. It was also the Star established by the cultivators a thousand years ago. Ocean Republic is falling and falling into the dark.”

In the picture, Ding Lingdang slowly clenched his fists, raised his arms and smashed the railroad. “Today, we came here as the orthodox successor of the Star Ocean Empire, the angry avenger of Star Ocean Republic, and the undefeated Human Race Civilization. Come to the center of Star Ocean and come to the heart of Human Race Civilization. It will imprint our eternal glory in this ancient and sacred land!

“Look, the enemy is in front, we have been stunned by our appearance, shivering, and even the most basic formation can not be maintained.

“So, pull out your swords, hold your steel guns, and cheer up your courage – Immortal Cultivator is not the most important thing about ‘the weak are prey to the strong, the winner is the king’, let these proud Big, eye-catching guys, their dog eyes are clear, who is the real ‘strong’!

“All the artillery preparations, the third attack formation, the speed to the limit, I will control the ‘Great Flame Dragon Bird’, with the hair charge, Federation Army, forward, crush all the enemies blocking our future!”

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