FMC Chapter 2919

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 2919, three monks, no water, floating astronomy
On the overall strength, in the previous battle, the returning fleet did not suffer too much damage, the formation is not scattered, the Spiritual Energy Protective Shield is also quite strong, fuel and ammunition are sufficient.

On the expert, the returning fleet is not without its own Nascent Origin, Spirit Transformation and Giant Divine Weapon, and even in terms of top-level combat power, it is also above the “barbarians” opposite.

But on the battle will or the mysterious “Dao Heart”, compared with the enemy’s 120% crazy explosion, they are simply “0”, even negative.

As the last hope of the Empire of True Humanity orthodox government, every nobleman has seen his life as extremely expensive, and he is not willing to repeat the mistakes of Yun Xuefeng, Song Yushi and Sovereign Token Fleet.

They are taking advantage of the Revolution Faction and the Saint League people sandpiper and clam war together, the fire robbery, the fisherman catches both, never thought of going with a bunch of crazy like barbarians!

Seeing each other’s momentum, the whole army’s raids, even if they are barely winning in the attack, they must also kill a thousand, self-destructive 800 wins, then how to maintain the Imperial Court and the family’s glory, how and Innovating the rebel struggle, how else… Recapture the entire Empire and relive the comfortable life of the past?

They must not die, can not die in such an inexplicable encounter!

When such thoughts appear, they are like thorns of madness growing up, smashing their crumbling Dao Heart and tearing them apart.

At this time, the Four Great Families were full of ghosts, and the consequences of the extreme lack of solidarity were fully revealed.

If there is only one fleet, perhaps in the case of nowhere to go, there will be a narrow road to meet the brave and win, and then die.

But now there are four fleets. If one of them resists the front, perhaps they will have to flee and escape to the Yellow Dragon Sector to make plans.

This is another version of the “three monks have no water to drink”?

In the earlier charge against the Lei Chenghu remnant, the Yun Family sub-fleet responded the fastest, rushing to the forefront, the first to penetrate the enemy, and at the moment is also the first to be, the first to face Ao Ao shouting Ding Lingdang and Many Federation cultivators.

The other three fleets were originally at the highest speed, sliding towards the end of the “gravity slingshot” track. At this moment, most of the Starships were sprayed with numerous reverse flames, and the brakes were slower and slower. The Yun Family sub-fleet was thoroughly exposed to the attack of Arsonist United Fleet and the Federation Expedition Army.

There is a lack of effective firepower coordination between the Four Great Families, and there is no plan to cover the vulnerable side of the Yun Family.

It seems that they don’t care at all. Bai Xingjian’s bloodthirsty scimitar will not give the Yun Family a fleet of crisp and dagger “daggers”, and the arrogant Ding Lingdang will swing down her burning fiercely Iron. Fist, the Yun Family sub-fleet from start to finish, banging through!

“What does this mean, what do you mean, your loyalty to Imperial Court, your Wu Yong as Immortal Cultivator, why your fleet is not going to stop, what do you want to do, what to do!”

At the highest joint operations meeting of the returning fleet Supreme Flagship, the military from the Yun Family was going crazy, and wanted to jump to the conference table and smash the savage colleagues. “We have this.” Multi-maintenance Warship, and so many Giant Divine Weapon have not been dispatched at all. Do you think so quickly that we will lose? Giant Divine Weapon, why is your Giant Divine Weapon not moving, why!”

In all fairness, the rampage is like the Lei Family, but it is a bit strange.

Because of the retreat, the decision to stop is not the order issued by the military giants who are in the Supreme Flagship, but the respective commanders of the fleet, the independent judgment of the same, similar to some… instinctive tacit understanding.

The so-called Immortal Cultivation Great Dao is “the war of everyone for everyone.” Every Immortal Cultivator knows the importance of retaining strength on the other side of the bank. The idiots who are not proficient in this road have been eliminated hundreds of years ago.

After all, most Immortal Cultivators, at least the High Rank Immortal Cultivator, will only listen to their own inner commands, and will only consider the issues from their own interests. These families are yelling at the sub-fleet commanders below, even for each The captain of the Starship is also very weak in control.

Not to mention that those experts who are qualified to control Giant Divine Weapon are not painstakingly practicing for a hundred or two years, only cultivation to the realm of Nascent Origin and Spirit Transformation, they are all overwhelming, the hegemony of the dominant side, even if… What are three long and two short, others have a wealth of family wealth, and some are the way out, why do you want to fight with so many barbarians Giant Divine Weapon for a four-five returning fleet?

Centennial cultivation, countless intrigues and intrigues in exchange for today’s realm, a little bumpy, can you afford it?

If there are a lot of exploits and resources to gain, these Nascent Origin and Spirit Transformation experts will of course rush to attack, but now, people really come to Give your life, they can’t fight Ding Lingdang and they have to say two, even if they fight Dropped the Federation Speaker and was completely overwhelmed by the barbaric storms of the barbarian – what?

Anyway, as Nascent Origin and Spirit Transformation, and Giant Divine Weapon, they have the greatest chance of survival on the battlefield. The situation is so unclear, or… Xu Xutu, let’s discuss it again!

In this way, Yun Family jumped up and down for a long time, no one is willing to take care of him, the rest of the big eyes all eyes, nose, mouth, mouth and heart, into a silent silence.

After a long time, Song Bugui once again plunged his head from the door and gave an explanation: “The cloud minister is not safe, the enemy’s combat power may not be as weak as they show, the so-called loose formation and gloom. It is very likely that the illusion of deliberately showing weakness is to lure our army to go to the battle–otherwise, how can the Federation Speaker be single-handedly rushing to the front?

“She is nothing more than a bait, just like the flagship of Lei Chenghu, so the enemy is more arrogant and mad. The more we have to be calm and cautious, the better it is to ask the Yun Family to go to the fleet to test it first, if it can pierce the enemy’s mask. We can catch up with the wave of firepower support, and we will catch up!”

Song Bugui’s words are like a spring breeze, blowing all the frozen faces of the big cockroaches.

“Right right, Song Shuai Shuai said yes, the enemy must have a trap, there must be a conspiracy – how can there be a leader of the military squad, and if you don’t say anything, you will rush to the forefront of the fist?”

“She is a bait. Like Lei Chenghu, we have just gotten it, and we can’t repeat the same mistakes!”

“Yun Family is like a cloud, and a hero is like a rain. It has always been the most formidable among the four. The younger brother is also admired. The Yun Family won the first thing for granted. No one dares to compete with your brother!”

“Song Shuai Shuei sees it, the situation is so bad now, the returning fleet is in need of caution, caution, and then be cautious!”

“Killing and killing, Yun Family is not a few Nascent Origin and Divine Capital equipped with Giant Divine Weapon, then please immediately dispatch, kill [ed] this crazy crazy woman in front of the two fronts, soar me The morale of the military, completely shred the prestige of these barbarians! As for my family’s Giant Divine Weapon, in the urgent overhaul and equipment of ammunition, immediately, can also attack, giving the cover of the topping the mountains and overturn the seas!”

The big brothers have slammed their chests and flattering.

Yun Family stunned his face and sat down, almost sitting on the chair.

He was gnashing his teeth and was about to issue a new order to the Yun Family sub-fleet. In the battle light curtain, rushing to the front, representing the dense spot of the Yun Family sub-fleet, has deviated from the predetermined orbit, and it has made a strange difference. The arc, from the edge of the Arsonist United Fleet and the Federation Expedition Army, has passed around!

This is… escaped!

To be honest, the Yun Family sub-fleet has rushed to the end of the “gravitational slingshot”, and the speed has reached its limit, almost hitting Bai Xingjian and Ding Lingdang.

In this case, they also risked that Starship was completely shredded by inertia acceleration. It gave birth to a 180-degree turn and even exposed its fragile flank completely under enemy fire. It must be resolutely escaping, and it can be considered quite adventurous.

Sure enough, the Yun Family sub-fleet commander calculated the distance between each other to be subtle, just right. When he completely completed the steering, he accelerated again in a direction perpendicular to the plane of the battlefield. When he fled, he was effectively attacked by Bai Xingjian and Ding Lingdang. Distance is about 70,000 kilometers.

It seems that if the enemy does not pursue him, his sub-fleet will have the opportunity to evacuate the battlefield intact.

Of course, this kind of emergency braking and super turning is not without cost.

Not only does it consume a lot of fuel, Starship’s outer shell and internal structure are also fragmented by the gravity of the 4th planet and its own inertia, and the defense is greatly reduced.

The formations that were still fairly rigorous were also smashed, and all Starship couldn’t take care of their position anymore, dragging them into a long-snake snake, and escaping wildly.

As for the blow to morale… Well, for what I didn’t have, I couldn’t beat it anyway.

As a result, the remaining three fleets will face Bai Xingjian and Ding Lingdang in about 1.5 million kilometers and just a few minutes later.

The highest joint operations conference was silent, and the other aristocrats even rebuked the Yun Family for their shameless time. They issued the most determined order to the subordinate fleet at the fastest speed – retreat, 180-degree retreat!

In front of them, there is an amazing number of barbarian troops.

Behind them, they were the victims of Lei Chenghu who had just been smashed by them and still in a state of chaos.

Fools know which one is easier to deal with.

“Fast, attacking in the direction of Jade Cauldron Star, we, we will return to the Jade Cauldron Star’s synchronized orbit, join the Jade Cauldron Star garrison, and rely on Jade Cauldron Star’s defense system to fight the enemy!”

On the Supreme Flagship of the returning fleet, the screams of such a grandiose, screaming and screaming.

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