FMC Chapter 2922

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Latest chapter, Chapter 2922 Old Jiang, Astronomy
“Yes, father!”

The eldest son’s entire face turned red-red, and the pores were doubled in an instant. “Clang” completely pulled out the sword and put it back in his hand. He looked around the dead man in a circle and whispered. “You, the situation is corrupted.” The degree is that it’s time to change the way and go, let’s do it!”

“and many more”

One of the crouching in the shadow of the deepest, wearing a light blue fish scale Battle Suit, the skin is crystal-clear, the age is not recognized, but the breath is extremely strong, push the crowd, walk out, stare at Song Bugui, no Politely asked, “Fellow Daoist Song, before I started, on behalf of everyone, I finally asked you once again that Song Chenglong and Song Feibao, two elders, really won over?”

This sapphire-like mysterious and powerful Immortal Cultivator is called Yun Zhongyan. In a strict sense, it is not the death of Song Bugui, but the guest who paid a great price to recruit. This guy is the internal struggle of Yun Family. The loser, who is said to have been savage before the escape, killed hundreds of Yun Family’s own masters, and was a wanted man of the Yun Family’s heavy reward. He fled to the Song Family’s site without any intention, and was inadvertently discovered by Song Bugui.

Song Bugui saw his potential, and he didn’t even hand him over to the Yun Family or Song Family, but he secretly hid it, helped him hide his name, disguise camouflage, and spared no expense in taking out a lot of resources. Help him cultivation to make up for the shortcomings of his small group’s high-end force.

Yunzhongyan is also very hard. In just a few decades, cultivation has reached the peak of the peak of Nascent Origin Stage. Looking at the entire Star Ocean center, it is called “first-class expert”.

Song Bugui and Yun Zhongyan are basically a cooperative relationship of sorrow and sorrow. One is a money, one is a person, not a simple master and a slain.

Such a stunt, unruly customer, Song Bugui also raised a lot, always treated with courtesy, in order to attract, it is impossible to force them to change.

What’s more, Yun Zhongyan’s concerns are also very reasonable.

As the Supreme Flagship of the Returning Fleet, Song Family is unlikely to be 100% confidently handed over to Song Bugui without any defense. At this moment, they are in the close-kept workshop, where two Song Family elders are stationed. Nascent Origin Stage is the realm of the peak, the other is even the Spirit Transformation Old Monster, and more importantly, both of them have the Giant Divine Weapon!

In terms of position, they are naturally loyal to the Song Family Family Lord and Song Lixing, not Song Bugui.

Only the two elders are pure Martial Combat Department, and they are ignorant of the formation of the troops and the confrontation of the big regiments.

Song Bugui has painstakingly rushed to a Nascent Origin peak. As a guest, it is already the limit of luck and strength. Naturally, it is impossible to change a Giant Divine Weapon out of thin air.

Two Giant Divine Weapons are the key to determining the defeat of this soldier.

If the two elders support Song Lixing and Song Family Family Lord as always, then Song Bugui can control the bridge and the highest joint operations conference, and will be quickly annihilated; on the contrary, because Song Bugui tells all the dead and the guest, He had already said that he had moved two elders and drove two Giant Divine Weapons together with them to “join the righteousness”, which gave the courage of the dead and the guest.

“Of course, Fellow Daoist Yun, you shouldn’t be there, don’t you believe me?”

Song Bugui’s eyebrows are raised high, as if to hear the most ridiculous jokes in the world. “My family’s life is more than a thousand, depending on the uprising. Of course, I have already contacted Song Chenglong and Song Feibao. Elder, or else, do I have to find a way out?

“Reassured, everything goes according to plan. Fellow Daoist Yun, you lead the family squad and guest to attack the joint operations conference and fight for the bridge. I will go to two Song Family elders and their Giant Divine Weapon. Quickly occupy crystal, fuel and ammunition warehouses for up to half an hour, and we can take complete control of this Supreme Flagship.

“After the incident… Lei Chenghu is a credit-worthy person, and the Giant Divine Weapon that is good for you will not be able to say anything!”

“That’s good!”

As soon as I heard the words “Giant Divine Weapon”, Yun Yan’s eyes shone brightly, and when he gritted his teeth, he also pulled out the waist knife and stirred the Crystal Armor in the Universe Ring. He waved a big knife. “Brothers, the rich and the rich are in In front, kill!”


In the highest joint operations conference, the ignorant aristocrats were still shouting and attacking each other, or screaming at the silent communication Magical Artifact, eager to contact the collapsed fleet, and unaware of the ventilation from the four corners. The mouth, a large number of invisible high-concentration gas is released.

Until a few nobles were dizzy, and there were gradually scarlet dots in front of them, they were shocked, and they got up, but they fell asleep and fell to the ground.

“what happened?”

“No, it is miasma!”

“Some people are poisoning, fast”

Before they put on the Crystal Armor, the door has been smashed by a strange force, flying in with the fragmented gate fragments, there are hundreds of powerful Thunder Palm, “hōng hōng hōng hōng bang”, a series of deafening After the explosion, the entire conference room was filled with a dragon-like arc.

Such an arc is not enough to tear the strong body of Immortal Cultivator, but it is enough to power them up and seriously interfere with the operation of the Universe Ring, interrupting their actions to extract Crystal Armor and other Magical Artifacts.


In the sound of a series of armor rolling, Yun Family traitor Yun Zhongyan led a large number of guns, armed with dead soldiers, like a fierce rhinoceros, rushing in, “哒哒哒哒哒”, a series of squally Spiritual Energy bombs A few of the guards were hit on the wall and turned into a bloody group.

An unlucky Yun Family aristocrats jumped up and fled, but they were screamed by the clouds in the clouds, screaming and smashing their brains, and they became two halves!

“Song Shuai Shuai has orders, in order to prevent the escape, and ruin the military, no one is allowed to leave this room, the offender, kill!”

In the clouds, Yan Yan smashed the viscera of the unlucky one, and the sword was randomly inserted at the conference table. He was stunned at the full house, and the aristocrats, who were stunned, pulled apart their breastplates and revealed that they were full of stuff. The deadly crystal, “The old man is full of the highest purity crystal essences bombs. You pigs and dogs will dare to move halfway, everyone will die together!”


On the narrow ramp leading to the workshop, Song Bugui’s father and son were in a hurry.

“Ginger is still old, and the baby knows now that his father has been for so many years, just waiting for Soars Toward Sky in a Leap today!”

The eldest son is full of admiration. “I didn’t expect my father to be able to divine to the extent of this. Not only did he get in touch with Liaoning Marquis Lei Chenghu, he reached an agreement, and even got to the Supreme Flagship, two homes with Giant Divine Weapon. Patriarch is old, everything is in the hands of my father, and the baby is really bitter!”

Song Bugui walked two steps and didn’t say the first thing: “You are my dear son. What can I do for you? To be honest, I have neither reached an agreement with Lei Chenghu nor won the two elders to win us. The most powerful forces on the two Supreme Flagships, Song Chenglong and Song Feibao, are still ignorant!”


The eldest son almost didn’t have a soft leg, and he was so scared that he was so mad. “Dad, you mean, Dad!”

“Look at how you look like this.”

Song Bugui took advantage of the eldest son’s neck collar, the speed did not change, and continued to walk towards the preparation workshop. “Even if you are so timid as a mouse, if you don’t make this decision, how can the dead and the guest and the guest go out of their lives?” ”

“Yes, yes, but”

The eldest son was completely dumbfounded and did not come up in a hurry. “The two elders don’t even know that we want to be mutiny. Then, then, then what should I do next?”

“What is panic?”

Song Bugui sneered, “Don’t we just tell them?”

During the talk, Song Bugui has taken the eldest son and strode into the workshop.

In the workshop, the two giants, the Giant Divine Weapon, have long been ready to go, like two mountains full of blades.

There are also a large number of Crystal Armors that follow the Giant Divine Weapon, and they also complete the loading and final inspection of fuel ammunition, like a sword that is ready to be squirted.

The two Song Family elders who were deeply and violently surrounded by the stalwart of the martial arts were sinking like water, with their hands on their backs, and they trembled back and forth as top martial artists. Although they did not participate in the fleet-level strategic decision, they still relied on intuition. The faint perception is not good.

“Song Shuai Shuai, you are coming right, why Starship’s speed has suddenly slowed down, and the connection between us and the highest joint operations conference has been cut off. What is going on here is the enemy’s Death Squad sneaking up. Yet?”

Seeing Song Bugui, besides the shivering eldest son, there is no second person. The two elders did not care, and asked.

“It is a mutiny.”

Song Bugui looks around the two elders and the apprentices of the hundreds of magnificent dragon and ferocious tigers around them. They are not humble and mean. “I have controlled the bridge and the power cabin, powered Lei Chenghu, and the battlefield uprising.”


The eyes of the two Song Family elders were round at the same time, and some looked at Song Bugui with a blank look.

They have seen the battlefield uprising, but Song Bugui’s single-handed battlefield uprising is too… ridiculous!

Song Bugui kicked the eldest son to the ground and slammed it down. He said, “The two elders know that I just killed the power cabin and killed my ship at least 50%.” 24 can’t be repaired within hours, it will be caught by the enemy.

“In addition, I also dispatched a large number of squads to capture the highest joint operations conference. With a little turmoil, my slain will be with all the senior officials and the princes.

“Also, I have already sent the key data of the military’s communication password, Spiritual Energy Protective Shield oscillation frequency and so on to Lei Chenghu, so we are so defeated!

“The two elders have only three roads in front of you.

“Either, let’s take the heads of our father and son now, and then try to personally clean up the defeated soldiers, and then fight for the ability to only command the fleet, as strong as your invincible force!

“Either, kill me after venting anger, run away, I hope you can find another fast-speed Starship, not caught up by the enemy hundreds of Giant Divine Weapon, and successfully escaped to Jade Cauldron Star, no, it is Yellow Dragon Sector !

“Either, with me, the battlefield uprising, I sent a letter to Lei Chenghu a few days ago, I pointed out that the two of you are firmly on my side, the biggest hero of this battlefield uprising, Liaoning Marquis Lei Chenghu is a I love Empire, the big picture is heavy, even if you want to stabilize the hearts of the people, you will never be ill-treated.

“Come, come here, the head is here, oh or not, please decide two speeds!”

Song Bugui pulled out his Marshal suit neckline, and his strength was too great. He pulled off the buttons of the Three Star Lightning War Emblem, and the “Ding Zero Clang” rolled around.

He stretched the neck of the blue-skinned dew, crossed his fingers, “pā pā pā 啪”, and made his neck red, shouting at two invincible experts.

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